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English Outside the Box, formerly known as English Across the Pond is a podcast for non-native English speakers seeking more financial freedom and security to live a life filled with success and opportunities!

English Outside the Box Jennifer Nascimento: English Teacher and Success Coach

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English Outside the Box, formerly known as English Across the Pond is a podcast for non-native English speakers seeking more financial freedom and security to live a life filled with success and opportunities!

    S2 E7: Subconscious Fear and the Effects on your Success in English

    S2 E7: Subconscious Fear and the Effects on your Success in English

    🚀 Ready to breakthrough success in your English learning journey? Dive deep into your subconscious during this game-changing episode of English Outside the Box. Discover the hidden fears blocking your English success and unlock the secrets to conquer them using the magic (and SCIENCE) of visualization.
    🎧 Tune in now to break free from language anxiety, elevate your learning game, and finally reach the levels of success you've been dreaming of. Don't just listen; take charge of your English destiny!
    The English Success System is open for enrollment: take a peek inside: https://www.englishoutsidethebox.com/peek-inside-ess/ 
    Send me a message to learn more or get started on WhatsAapp: https://wa.me/message/ATIRTKSRZIVRC1

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    S2 E6: Interview with Denise Funfar - Your Brain, Stress, and Sel-Compassion in Language Learning

    S2 E6: Interview with Denise Funfar - Your Brain, Stress, and Sel-Compassion in Language Learning

    If you are leveling up your English to reach new successes, you have likely found yourself in stressful situations. Maybe you've felt stressed using English in a job interview, with colleagues, on an exam, or in any everyday situation. What can you do with that stress? What does the science and research show? Join the conversation with Denise Funfar today, giving 2 hands-on activities to reduce stress and find more self-compassion on your language journey. English is her 2nd language, learned as a child, and later also learned to live in another language in Sweeden as an adult.
    She's got a relatable story and amazing advice, don't miss this episode!
    Meet Denise:
    I bridge the gap for clients interested in combining traditional and spiritual interventions for healing and growth. 
    There is nothing I enjoy more than helping people develop a new way of relating to themselves that stems from an innate connection to their self-worth and belonging. I believe it is from this perspective that we find true fulfillment and authentic expression in both life and work.
    I created Conscious Core Compassion (CCC), a healing and coaching methodology to help motivated people take confident action to create a meaningful life through the use of evidence-based mind, body, and spirit intervention and intuition. 
    My approach uncovers what the client senses but may not be consciously aware of. By teaching them how to connect to their body, soul, and deepest wisdom, we unearth what is hidden beneath the surface, revealing sub-conscious negative belief systems, conditioning, and patterning, as well as suppressed emotions that are having a negative impact on their life. We access the unconscious influences, make them conscious and compassionately process them in the here and now. 
    Read more about my shiny credentials at www.denisefunfar.com/about
    Looking to connect with me, Jennifer about the English Success System or any of my online programs? Send me a message on WhatsApp here:  https://wa.me/message/ATIRTKSRZIVRC1

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    S2 E5: Are you Self-sabotaging your English Success?

    S2 E5: Are you Self-sabotaging your English Success?

    Struggling to achieve the success you desire? Feel like you've hit a roadblock or plateau? It's possible that self-sabotage is standing in the way of your success, meaning YOU are standing in your own way.
    Join us in this episode as we talk about the various ways we get in the way of our own progress. Discover the reasons behind self-sabotage and learn effective strategies to overcome these obstacles. 
    Whether you're looking to stop self-sabotaging behaviors, improve study habits, or establish positive routines, I’m here for you. Complete these trainings and get even more in The English Success System for comprehensive support in your journey towards personal and professional growth.
    Take a peek inside: https://www.englishoutsidethebox.com/peek-inside-ess

    Want to chat more about how my system can help you? Let’s connect on WhatsApp: https://wa.me/message/ATIRTKSRZIVRC1

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    S2 E4: 3 Reasons to AVOID "Speak like a Native" Lessons

    S2 E4: 3 Reasons to AVOID "Speak like a Native" Lessons

    Do you often see “speak like a native speaker” lessons and videos in your social media feeds and suggested posts? Do you want to know why you should avoid these lessons, and how they can actually be hurting your English progress and proficiency?
    On today’s episode, I talk about 3 reasons to avoid “speak like a native” type of lessons, the ones focusing on vocabulary you “should” use to sound more advanced or the “better” vocabulary to use.
    I talk about why these types of “use this instead of that” type lessons can actually do the opposite of what you want, easy conversations. I talk about why it’s a waste of time and energy, and I even share a little research I did on my own with family and friends…all native speakers.
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    Want to get your personalized success strategy? Book a strategy session here: https://englishoutsidethebox.as.me/strategyconsult 
    You can now take a look inside my program, The English Success System! Peek inside here: www.englishoutsidethebox.com/peek-inside-ess
    Finally, if you want to connect and talk more about what you heard today, and how to reach your own success, send me a message on WhatsApp: https://wa.me/message/ATIRTKSRZIVRC1
    Happy listening!

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    S2 E3: Do you FREEZE before SPEAKING in English?

    S2 E3: Do you FREEZE before SPEAKING in English?

    Do you ever feel like you get stuck trying to speak in English? Maybe you try to open your mouth and the words just can't come out. Do you ever wonder why you can understand movies or podcasts, but can't have your own conversations?
    If you answered YES to any of these, or you ever freeze before speaking in English, then this is the episode for you.
    This episode was inspired by a recent reel where dozens and dozens of people said they understood but still feel stuck when it comes to speaking in their own lives. I have heard this SO MANY times before as well.
    So today I am giving 3 reasons WHY you freeze before speaking in English, and then some suggestions on how to overcome the challenges.
    Ready to dive deeper with me, get your own strategy & success plan, start overcoming mental blocks, and/or get more focused and consistent speaking practice?
    Send me a message on WhatsApp to get started with a strategy session or my English Success System: https://wa.me/message/ATIRTKSRZIVRC1
    Happy Studying!

    • 28 min
    S2 E2: Teacher Paula Gabriela Interview - The Goal is Communication

    S2 E2: Teacher Paula Gabriela Interview - The Goal is Communication

    In season 2's first interview, I am so excited to chat with Teacher Paula Gabriela, a fellow English teacher, and a comedic genius using comedy and a lot of fun to support English learners. In this episode, we talk about using your native language as a tool, English being a bridge for connection, the myth of learning "like a native", trusting your teacher, and her tips for being successful in English. It's a longer-than-usual episode, but worth every minute of truth and fun we share.
    One of my favorite takeaways was her truth about the goal of language learning being communication.
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    If you want to learn more about my English Success System, send me a message on WhatsApp here: https://wa.me/message/ATIRTKSRZIVRC1

    And if you want more of Teacher Paula Gabriela, connect with her on Instagram @teacherpaulagabriela and learn more about her here:
    Paula Gabriela, a 27-year-old English teacher, is rocking it from Brazil! For almost four years, she’s been dishing out awesome online content that’s as fun as it is educational. Think 1.4 million Instagram fans and nearly a million YouTube subscribers hooked on her entertaining English lessons.

    Paula has a double major in education, literature, and linguistics (dupla licenciatura em LETRAS). Right now, she’s diving deeper into multilingualism and global education. Her main goal is mixing language with humor and turning learning into a blast for her students!

    • 48 min

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4.7 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

BoilerEsq ,

Best ESL Podcast!!

This is by far the best ESL podcast that I have come accross. It is incredibly helpful for learning english but is still entertaining and easy to follow. I am so happy that I stumbled across it!

Talking nematode ,

My favorite podcast for English studying

I love this podcast - funny and interesting dialogues, a lot of useful expressions. Always listen to in my car while driving!

Pauloleao ,

Helpful and interesting

I like hearing both English accents and I like the conversations and way they talk each other. Helpful expressions

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