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The EntrePastors Podcast helps pastors think, act, and thrive as prosperous entrepreneurs.

EntrePastors Les Hughes and Jon Sanders

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The EntrePastors Podcast helps pastors think, act, and thrive as prosperous entrepreneurs.

    5 Obstacles to Becoming an EntrePastor (#67)

    5 Obstacles to Becoming an EntrePastor (#67)

    In this episode Jon and Les discuss five common obstacles pastors face as they’re thinking about jumping into some kind of entrepreneurial pursuit in addition to their pastoral ministry.  Here’s the list that Jon and Les address in this podcast:
    “I’m called to ministry…not business.”“It’s not ok for me to be wealthy.”“I don’t have permission.”“I don’t have any skills that could be rewarded in the marketplace.”“I’m scared.”If any of these roadblocks are standing in the way of YOU taking action and becoming an entrepastor, we invite you to reach out to Jon and Les for a conversation to help get you unstuck and moving in the right direction.

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    Common Traits of Successful EntrePastors (#66)

    Common Traits of Successful EntrePastors (#66)

    Success leaves clues. It’s possible to study the lives of others whom we look up to in order to discover some of those clues and then model our own thinking and actions accordingly if we desire to grow in a similar direction.  In this episode Jon and Les talk about some of the commonly shared traits among pastors who are thriving in their pastoral ministries and business ventures.  Here’s an overview of the big ideas you’ll hear about in this show.  Some of the common traits of successful entrepastors are:
    They have a growth mindset.They exercise gratitude regularly.They are habitual learners.They are generous.They are disciplined.After listening to this episode, we encourage you to take an inventory of how you might level up in one or all of these areas in your own life.

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    Leveraging Business for the Spread of the Gospel with Ryan Reger (#65)

    Leveraging Business for the Spread of the Gospel with Ryan Reger (#65)

    In this episode Jon and Les talk with Ryan Reger about how he has and continues to lean into the specific skills God has given him in the area of business to support and further the spread of the gospel around the world.  Ryan has been extremely successful in not only building his own ecommerce business, but has also helped hundreds of other people launch online businesses of their own.  
    In addition to his ecommerce success, Ryan is also the founder of Legendary Virtual Assistance Services.  He has a passion for connecting talented VA’s with pastors and other kingdom-minded entrepreneurs who could benefit from the services they provide.  
    Most recently, Ryan has also launched the Kerusso Podcast Network, a service that helps pastors, missionaries, evangelists, or anyone else who is trying to get the gospel message out to the world through their podcasts.  We’re confident you will be inspired by Ryan’s heart for the kingdom as well as the resources he continues to create to support those in ministry and business.

    Connect With Ryan:
    Email: Ryan@ryanreger.com

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    In the backstage portion of this episode Ryan talks about why it’s so important for God’s people (especially pastors) to have a right mindset around the subject of money and building wealth.

    • 35 min
    Impacting Lives Beyond Academia with Dr. Ivan Parke (#64)

    Impacting Lives Beyond Academia with Dr. Ivan Parke (#64)

    In this episode Jon and Les talk with Dr. Ivan Parke about the release of his new book “When Life Meets the Soul: Everyday Lessons from the Book of Job.” Dr. Parke is a professor at Mississippi College who has studied the book of Job extensively throughout the past two decades.  He has turned his writings over the years into a book that is the first to be published through EntrePastors Press.  Some of the themes we talked about in our conversation include:
    It’s awesome to get paid to do what you love!Dr. Parke shares his passion for the book of Job and the need he saw to create a book that is written for regular people…not just an academic text book.Whereas many commentaries on Job focus on the angles of human tragedy and suffering, Dr. Parke wanted to write from the perspective of helping us recognize God sees the big picture in our lives and knows what is ultimately best for us.Dr. Parke discusses his desire to impact the lives of people far beyond the borders of the academic setting in which he serves.We talk about what the experience was like working with EntrePastors Press and being published through Morgan James Publishing.Where you can find Dr. Ivan Parke:

    Register for the November webinar: https://www.entrepastors.com/celebrate
    Submit your book idea to us: https://www.entrepastors.com/book

    In the backstage portion of this episode Dr. Parke talks about how God has been working behind the scenes for many years to prepare him to write and publish this book about Job.

    • 50 min
    Secular Culture and Kingdom Opportunities with Wayne Prevett (#63)

    Secular Culture and Kingdom Opportunities with Wayne Prevett (#63)

    In this episode Jon and Les have a powerful conversation with returning guest Wayne Prevett.  Wayne was first featured on the EntrePastors Podcast in episode #55.  Born and raised in Canada, Wayne has witnessed first-hand what it is like trying to do church in a culture that is growing more and more secular.  About 20 years ago, Wayne and his wife Rosanne transitioned their role as traditional pastors to more of a marketplace ministry that specializes in serving people in some major life celebrations and rites of passage such as marriage, funerals, and child dedications.  Some of the big ideas discussed in this episode include:
    As the culture turns more secular, there are great opportunities to meet and serve people who do not normally attend any church if pastors are willing to take part in these major life celebrations.  This requires a major paradigm shift in which pastors see weddings and funerals as precious opportunities instead of dreaded obligations.People naturally have a “God-consciousness” in the midst of life celebrations such as weddings, funerals, and new birth.  This reality offers pastors a great opportunity to bring into those major crossroads of life.There is a right way and a wrong way for pastors to engage people around these life celebrations.Jon and Les announce that they are teaming up with Wayne to launch Life Celebration Ministries in the very near future.  LCM is a non-profit organization that will train and equip pastors and others to officiate life celebrations with love, professionalism, and excellence.  Register for the November webinar

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    Storytelling as a Profession with Kay Helm (#62)

    Storytelling as a Profession with Kay Helm (#62)

    In this episode Jon visits with Kay Helm about how her passion and heart for missions has turned into an entrepreneurial opportunity to serve missionaries all around the world.  After taking part in a life-changing mission trip back in 2005, Kay used her background in photography and television broadcasting to transition into “story telling from the mission field.”  She also began to help other nonprofits in their storytelling efforts for the purpose of fundraising.  Recently, Kay has launched Missions Writers, a course and community that helps missionaries learn to share stories of transformation rather than just information to their ministry partners.

    How you can find Kay:
    https://kayhelm.com/entrepastors https://www.facebook.com/KayHelm Register for our 30-Day $5K Challenge:
    In the backstage portion of this episode, Kay shares her strategies for how to “find the story” in everyday situations and then share those stories instead of just information.

    • 37 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

Gwen Rutz ,

High Value Podcast

This is among my never-miss-podcasts. The value is so rich that I download every episode and listen multiple times times.

The hosts aren’t presenting a theoretical experience. They’re presenting principles they are implementing in their own lives that enable them to live the dream.

Not only that, they tap into the wisdom and experience of other successful Christ-following entrepreneurs who unleash a wealth of information to listens.

Every episode drops nuggets of GOLD that inspire and give hope toward a brighter financial future.

Every morning I start the day with a grateful heart and thank God for something He has blessed me with. This podcast has made my gratitude list.

Thank you Jon, Les, and every interviewee. My life is richer because of your ministry!

Drew Grubbs ,

Entrepastors is a winner!

Love this Podcast! Pastors need to feel like they have options when it comes to providing support for their family. This podcast and this Community will help Pastors with the nuts and bolts!

Ryan@SynCap ,

Love the Wisdom and Exeperience

I love to learn from the hard fought experience of others, so I can sidestep pitfalls and to gather the right mindset to forge my own path. Les and Jon have walked the path and are walking the path of entrepreneur and pastor. Solid men of God sharing insights to help pastors to experience their best years of ministry.

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