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This podcast is about being present. It is also about playful creativity and other things like curiosity and connection. I’m your host Stacy Julian. I am a life enthusiast, a storyteller and a believer! Helping people document life in doable ways is my jam. I love to talk about people, places, things and solutions and I want YOU to be a part of the conversation. I produce these episodes to inspire you to live life and tell your story—because you have exactly enough time!

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This podcast is about being present. It is also about playful creativity and other things like curiosity and connection. I’m your host Stacy Julian. I am a life enthusiast, a storyteller and a believer! Helping people document life in doable ways is my jam. I love to talk about people, places, things and solutions and I want YOU to be a part of the conversation. I produce these episodes to inspire you to live life and tell your story—because you have exactly enough time!

    Time, Life & Self with Marla Beech

    Time, Life & Self with Marla Beech

    My friend Marla is a memory keeper, podcaster, self-connection coach and overall champion of living with intention and I’m tickled she is on my show today. Marla does many things, but the thing she feels most called to do right now is to teach tools of self care and improvement and she does this in an experience called Camp Connection.

    Marla helps women put together a first aid kit for life—and I love how each item in this visual kit represents powerful concepts and practices. Listen for how a compass, binoculars, a magnifying glass and a field notebook can help you create the life you want and then show up as your best self to live it!
    AND, be sure to download your FREE Connection Planner at hunkeedori.com/stacy and you can also save 50% off any class that Marla offers at Hunkeedori.com/courses—just use code STACY at checkout!


    To learn more about and from Marla, you can listen to her podcast: Overburdened No More (I’m her guest with her in episode 71) and follow her on Instagram.

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    Janine Adams: Share with Confidence

    Janine Adams: Share with Confidence

    Why do you think genealogy and family history are so popular? My guest today is Janine Adams and her answer is that it’s so much FUN, plus it connects us to past history in general and it invites you to play detective! Yes to all of that. Janine is a professional organizer, family historian and podcaster and we’re talking today about how to get started and stay organized when it comes to discovering and documenting family stories!

    Here are my BIG take aways from our conversation. I can’t wait to hear what you learn …
    Talk to your oldest living relatives. Ask them anything and press record on your smart phone.
    Use FamilySearch.org or other online resources to verify the dates and information they share with you.
    When you find verifying documents, download a copy to your computer. Name these file in a way that YOU can easily find it again.
    Consider purchasing genealogy software designed for your computer’s operating system, so that you can keep, collect and organize all that you are learning and gathering. Janine uses Reunion, which is designed for use on a Mac.
    Mine the documents you find for stories—there are MORE stories available than you might think and their lurking in all sorts of documents!
    The important thing—even if you just dabble in this effort—is to be accurate. After our conversation, Janine wrote a blog post, called Sharing with Confidence.Track and record your sources and then generously share what you find, as often as you can! But don’t just share, share with confidence 🌳❤️

    Reunion for Mac

    You’ll want to learn more about Janine. You can do that on her family history website, Organize Your Family History and on her Peace of Mind Organizing site too. Janine also produces the Getting to Good Enough podcast with friend and life coach, Shannon Wilkinson.

    Podcast listeners are invited to experience 30 days of my membership, Live Your Story for FREE. Use code LISTEN and let me help you do something with some of your photos—and tell your story!

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    Colette Can Help!

    Colette Can Help!

    I can’t wait for YOU to hear how I met Colette Hokanson, because it was a truly memorable moment. Colette is an absolute JOY to know AND, she can help you find and connect to your roots—because she is an expert when it comes to research, records and roots! If the word genealogy just feels overwhelming to you then the next 30 minutes could change your life.
    You and me and everyone on this planet wants to know how they belong and it’s people like Colette than can help get you started on an amazing adventure to a more vibrant family tree and a deeper sense of knowing who you really are.

    What if you learned that your great, great grandfather didn’t want to help build the wall around the church—a decision that ultimately led him to die in prison, leaving his (pregnant with twins) wife at home to raise their family. Trust me, there are stories available to you that are better than any Netflix series and they are your stories. Stories that will create in you and your kids resilience to keep doing your own version of hard.

    Find, Follow & Connect Colette’s website is Find My Genealogy and you can follow her on Instagram HERE. I would sign up for her newsletter and schedule a FREE consultation. You’ve got nothing to lose and LOTS of family to find!

    Colette also recommended …A FREE account at FamilySearch.org and the opportunity of using and helping Billion Graves

    As a podcast listener, you’re invited to experience your first month as a Live Your Story member at no charge. Use the code LISTEN and come and be a part of us.

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    Kobi Yamada and Ideas

    Kobi Yamada and Ideas

    Today on the podcast I get to tell the story of how I discovered Compendium, the makers of amazing, inspirational books, cards, and products. Far more important than that, I get to share with you the story of how Kobi Yamada—the President and CEO of Compendium—discovered and helped build into Compendium the inspiration that we all need and love.
    YES.For reals. Kobi Yamada is on my show today!
    As I listened to Kobi, I was reminded that idea people are super curious. They aren’t afraid of questions—in reality they put questions at the very center of what they do. Kobi clearly works hard, but I didn’t sense that he has a master plan as much as he chooses to live in gratitude with the constant reminder that we need each other. What is clear is that he and his company prioritize people, relationships and authentic connection and out of these values grows a whole lot of FUN and new ideas.

    “As much as you can blend what it looks like to work and play; That’s going to be a wonderful place to spend your time. ”

    — Kobi Yamada

    I’ve always been intrigued with inspiration and ideas and Kobi deals in both—on the daily.
    One of my take aways is that inspiration is fuel for aspiration. Powerful words create new thoughts and new ways of thinking about the world and our potential in it. Here’s another … practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes progress (so true.)
    I know you’re going to enjoy listening and learning from my conversation with Kobi. I also believe you will feel encouraged to do something with your ideas. We spend too much energy wondering and worrying about what will happen to the idea when our true opportunity is to simply let our ideas go and watch how they can and do change the world.
    Please thank Kobi for sharing his wisdom by visiting live-inspired.com and learning more about books he has authored, co-authored or published.

    What Do You Do With an Idea?



    “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

    — Ever Wonder, Kobi Yamada

    Additional mentions and resources:
    Illustrator, Mae Besom
    Illustrator, Elise Hurst
    Kobi on Instagram @livethegoodstuff
    Make sure you’re getting the Live-Inspired Newsletter, so that you won’t miss the release of Noticing and every other new book, gift or greeting card collection. I completely love my quote of the week emails from Kobi and his team!
    I opened today’s episode with words from How To Get Ideas, by Jack Foster

    Listeners of Exactly Enough Time can experience the Live Your Story Membership for 30 days at no charge. Use promo code: LISTEN

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    Slow, Quiet & Present

    Slow, Quiet & Present

    This month in Live Your Story we are asking, “How can I be more present with time?”
    Time to truly ponder such a question seems as rare as the quest it proposes and yet if we don’t at least try to better understand where and how we spend time, we fail to fully experience life. I’ll tell you one thing I know for sure: The world with its cacophony of noise isn’t going to help us slow down and be quiet without our choosing those things and I want the ability to do both, frequently.

    In today’s episode I want to dip my toe into the topic of time and the possibility that we can speed up or slow down our perception of it, that we can—even in a very noisy world—seek moments of quiet reflection and greater sensory awareness to more fully immerse ourselves in present moments.
    I’m asking whether a “good time” is really the goal, or is it a “mindful time” that would allow us to experience and remember moments with greater enjoyment.

    Join me for July or the full Summer season in Live Your Story! Use code LISTEN at checkout and you won’t be charged for the first 30 days. Come see what we’re all about.

    Here are some LINKS to explore:The Fluidity of Time Scientists Uncover How Emotions Alter Time Perception
    Gordon Hempton, The Sound TrackerMindful Adventure Travel with RecalThe Quietest Parks in the U.S.

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    Writing with Julia Ditto

    Writing with Julia Ditto

    Read Julia’s past columns at The Full Suburban

    I’ve been reading a column in our local newspaper, The Spokesman Review for over a year now and I LOVE it. The column, The Full Suburban is created weekly by Julia Ditto. Every time I read I think, “I want to learn to write more like Julia!” Her tone is conversational and her words are packed with accessible wisdom and so much wit. Finally I did the thing that might actually help me achieve this goal. I invited her on my podcast.
    I know. Brilliant!

    I think you’ll really enjoy our conversation and be able to take away encouragement to pay more attention to what you might consider mundane. Life truly is in the details and the pen is in your hand (shout out to Natasha Bedingfield who opened today’s episode) please don’t leave your life unwritten!
    Julia mentioned this column as one of her favorites.
    Here are some others that came up:
    If mothers were in charge, would wars ever happen?
    Refocusing on family time in honor of Adam England
    Selfless cowboy rancher comes with the territory

    “Finding the funny is better than crying all the time.”

    — Julia Ditto

    There is so much more to learn from Julia and her column and I sincerely believe that the more you read what you aspire to write, the more you will be able to.
    I’m actually doing a follow-up deeper-dive interview with Julia for my membership, Live Your Story. If you’re not yet a member, you can get signed up here.
    You can read Julia’s bio on her about page!

    • 29 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
238 Ratings

238 Ratings

YoDanYo ,


What a fun and inspiring podcast! I listened to Collette Hokanson’s inspiring story. Stacy is a master at asking the right questions to draw-out the very spirit of a story. What a great podcast

CNeilson30 ,

Stacy is magnetic!

Listening to Stacy is like listening to a friend. Her real and authentic self shines through. She is full of light and goodness and shares so many positive things on her show. Worth listening to!

April in Florida ,

I make a point to listen AT LEAST once a week!

Stacy, since your birthday was yesterday, I made it a *priority* to finally log into iTunes (I normally listen on Spotify) to write you a review.

I love Stacy’s voice, her upbeat personality, and the unique way she looks at the world. I also enjoy listening to all of her guest conversations and often being introduced to new personalities and other relevant information. (Hello, Be Good to People, Collectionaire, and Kindness Cards: I’m looking at you!) With all the turmoil going on in society, listening to Exactly Enough Time helps me reset and be grateful for all that we DO have.

I’m late to join in listening to this podcast due to about an 8 year hiatus from the memory-keeping world, so I am not only working my way through past episodes, but also keeping current with new releases each week. This makes the 3+ hour drives to visit my grown daughter way more enjoyable and yes, I’ve been known to listen to a few of the episodes more than once. I am so grateful I found this podcast!

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