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This podcast is about being present. It is also about playful creativity and other things like curiosity and connection. I’m your host Stacy Julian. I am a life enthusiast, a storyteller and a believer! Helping people document life in doable ways is my jam. I love to talk about people, places, things and solutions and I want YOU to be a part of the conversation. I produce these episodes to inspire you to live life and tell your story—because you have exactly enough time!

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This podcast is about being present. It is also about playful creativity and other things like curiosity and connection. I’m your host Stacy Julian. I am a life enthusiast, a storyteller and a believer! Helping people document life in doable ways is my jam. I love to talk about people, places, things and solutions and I want YOU to be a part of the conversation. I produce these episodes to inspire you to live life and tell your story—because you have exactly enough time!



    Today I’m sharing a few changes in my life—new opportunities—that have and will require a shift in priorities.
    I have actually loved —for a LONG time—the idea of understanding values, creating priorities and using both to improve personal productivity. I often say that this podcast isn’t about productivity, but it is about being present in your life, because you create the time you need to do and share what you LOVE most of all.
    In a way, Exactly Enough Time is all about prioritizing what matters!

    Way back in 2007-ish, inspired by Todd Henry, I created a personal 6-word bio:
    Teaching Awareness and Gratitude, Sprinkled with FUN!
    It’s interesting how what I wanted to be known for then is still true today. These six words are in fact closely aligned with my top priorities. And now, as I am choosing to take on new teaching roles I’m working to remind myself of principles that have guided me in the past.

    I’m always curious what people “Google” about different topics. So, I googled “priorities” and I’m sharing here a screen shot of the most popular queries. I like the first one: What are your top 3 priorities in life?
    That does seem like something you might want to know and stick to doesn’t it? I do hope as I ramble on today with some recent personal experiences and decisions that you might feel inspired to think carefully about how you are investing your …
    Time & attention
    Money & resources
    Energy & focus

    “I can tell by looking at your bank account and your calendar what you care about. Because that’s where you spend your time and your money.”

    — Dave Ramsey

    In doing some learning and research (again) I’ve come across some “old” favorites, like Dave Ramsey, Stephen R. Covey and (already mentioned) Todd Henry—clearly you can learn more about these awesome humans, their influential work and philosophies on prioritization and solutions on your own, by their books and all, but …
    HERE and HERE for Dave RamseyHERE and HERE for Todd Henryand HERE for Stephen R. Covey
    I first learned Covey principle at a Franklin Time Management seminar—before Franklin become Franklin Covey. I’ll never forget the process we were all guided through as we determined our top priorities and finally our TOP priority. It was the first time I was introduced to the idea of urgent and important.

    For this episode I learned more about this idea and its genesis. It is originally the Eisenhower Principle and has now become one of the most popular and powerful time management tools in organizations and business.
    ⏰ You’ve likely seen this principle set up in a matrix—or quadrant—where you can visually see or list items on your to-do list as important and urgent (do these first), not urgent but important (plan to do these things), urgent but not important (delegate as many of these things as possible) and not urgent and not important (eliminate these things) 

    “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.”

    — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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    Audio Stories for Kids

    Audio Stories for Kids

    One of the main reasons I started a podcast is to share ideas. Sometimes these ideas just happen to also be products and today I have an amazing idea and story-based product to share with you. I am chatting with Drew Vernon, marketing director for Tonies, USA, but this is not a sponsored episode. Drew and I have similar passions for creative play and screen-free storytelling that develops a young person’s imagination. We both love inspiring creativity in kids and adults and of course for me, it’s always about stories and connection. I think you’re really going to enjoy Drew and this conversation which is a chance to learn about a product that should be championed and shared.

    So, what exactly is this product that promotes ALL of these things? It’s a Toniebox. In simple terms it is a box that even very young children can learn to use which plays audio when you attach a small figure, called a Tonie.
    There are content Tonies for dozens of beloved characters, from classic literature to Disney movies with more on the way. In fact, Winnie the Pooh was just added! And Tonies is continually partnering with companies—like Go Noodle and with expert personalities—like LeVar Burton—to provide top notch content and an inspiring and elevating listening experience.
    Even with all of this amazing content, I am still a BIGGER fan of the Creative Tonies (little pointy-eared figures) that work with a FREE app to allow a grandparent (or any other loved one) to send messages and stories to a child. The Creative Tonie also allows kids to create their own content. Drew talks about giving his kids some creative parameters that unleashed 45 minutes of imaginative play—so cool! And, I can just imagine recording my voice sharing a personal, family or family history story in my app and having that instantly made available and enticing to my granddaughter and future grandkids!

    “Audio stories take children on a journey from consuming to creating. First they create active listeners and then they turn those listeners into authors. ”

    — Drew Vernon

    IF you’re a teacher, learn more about Tonies for Teachers and sign up to be in the loop moving forward!
    🔴 Marketing from Tonies: Childhood is a sacred, precious time in life. Even long after we’ve grown, the memories we make in childhood have the power to transport us back to a time or place or person to re-experience what we felt in that moment long ago. The stories we fall in love with in the early days and years of our lives transcend simple entertainment, they seed powerful memories and spark nostalgia. They teach us about the world and about each other. They become a part of a narrative we carry with us throughout our lives.

    Meet the FoundersWe are Patric Faßbender and Marcus Stahl and we created tonies with one thing in mind: our kids. Childhood should be a magical time full of big adventures and loveable memories. We wanted to create a way for kids to experience storytelling in a digital age, that stimulates their imagination in ways that a screen can’t. We made the Toniebox for kids (and parents) who want to feel good about their entertainment at home and to bring back imagination in its purest form.We built tonies to be an immersive, wondrous experience you can feel good about, but more importantly a community you can be part of now and for many years to come.
    With quality screen-free audio, we can actually enable our kids as active le

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    Pioneer Day

    Pioneer Day

    I descend from pioneer stock. This means almost ALL of my ancestors on both sides of my family emigrated to this country as it was expanding west from colonies into territories and eventually states. Many of these ancestors were early converts to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and came to America in an effort to gather with other saints (or members). They came by ship and by train and then they worked their way across the west by covered wagon and handcart—they from Denmark, Scotland, England and Germany to the unsettled areas beyond the Rocky Mountains.
    July 24th is Pioneer Day. The day that the first group of “saints” reach what is today, Salt Lake City. In Utah, Pioneer Day is a BIG deal. It is also a day that members of my church love to celebrate—regardless of where we live.
    Today I’m going to tell you the story of Ann Temperance George—one of these pioneers. I’m also going to tell you about a local Trek event that my daughter and other teens participated in last weekend. I will also share a poem that one youth wrote.

    16 Miles, 233 SmilesGretchen Carter
    My feet sending up thick clouds of dust. Flanked by my family who held my trust. Sweat beading on my forehead, my tired legs feeling like lead. Muscles aching from pushing along. But the help of God has made me strong. The Spirit bonding us in unity, the youth of Zion a strong community.
    A powerful love for the pioneers, with their faith in God chasing all fears. Lifting my chin as I pushed the handcart, I felt the Spirit speaking to my heart.
    Women's Pull singing "There is Peace in Christ.” Tears in my eyes thinking of His sacrifice. Times when I thought I just might quit, I was reminded that I could do it.
    My ancestor's hand was on my back. Proof that He's there, keeping me on track. I strive to let go of all my doubt, all the times I thought of backing out.
    I realized I needed Christ to feel peace. I decided my doubt would now cease. Never in my life has God left my side, I must not leave Him, I complied.
    Trek has been full of great faith and great fun. Even through the dirt and dust and hot sun. In the place of my ancestor made me realize, the faith of the pioneers never dies.
    It sings in our hearts as we walk the trail. To our ancestors and Christ do we hail. Never forget the experiences we faced, don't let the Spirit we felt go to waste.
    Not after we trekked sixteen miles, angels watching our 233 smiles.
    After sharing my story, I have 3 take aways for YOU:
    Tell your story. Everything I know about Ann George Doney I know because of someone else. I have Ann’s story (gratefully) through other people, who knew her or shared experiences with her. I think often how amazing it would be to have even a few lines that she herself wrote.
    Do some family history. Who are your pioneers? Who pushed ahead to change the course of your family line’s story and future. Who was your first ancestor to get a college education or to travel for work or run for political office or serve in a war?
    Share the why behind your faith. A personal story based in WHY is always a powerful thing. People can question or criticize what you choose to believe, but they cannot argue with personal conviction or feelings that motivate your faith-based choices. Share your faith-filled why—especially with youth who are making their way in the world.
    Just for FUN and because I found it on YouTube, here is a short video that highlights statistics of early Mormon pioneers mixed with images that depict modern pioneers.
    It’s true that we all pioneer in our own unique ways and that is something to recognize and document!

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    I recently stayed at my brother’s house and picked up an issue of National Geographic and read an article titled, Why Travel Should be Considered an Essential Human Activity by author and speaker, Eric Weiner. I loved reading his thoughts on travel and decided I wanted to share some of my own go-see-do AND learn experiences in today’s episode.
    I started by opening my Notes app and adding to list I started last year of ALL the places I’ve been. Next to each I want to briefly describe an experience or take away from my time there. Of course anyone can do this, but most people never will. I get it. We’re busy. But I also believe there are ways to document—even personal ways—that can be worked into the busiest of days. At the end of the episode I’m inviting you to join me for a NEW online class, called Quick Trip Travel (so stay tuned).

    So, as I was doing a little digging for an opening song, I came across Brenda Tharp, her photography and blog. I loved this from her …
    Changes in latitude, changes in attitude … I have always loved that phrase in Jimmy Buffet’s popular song. When we move about the country or world, the changes in our latitude bring about changes in our attitude. How could they not? We are experiencing new scenery, new ways the light illuminates the land, possibly new birds and animals. We are meeting new people, having fresh experiences, and I don’t know about you, but this always opens my heart and soul to see and appreciate the places I visit.
    Look more about Brenda and her work here:Outdoor Photographer & Blogger
    My opportunities to travel a bit—both inside the United States and abroad—have changed me. What I have seen has amazed me and often challenged my thinking. People and cities and museums and historical sites help me shape new thoughts and beliefs. I’ve stood in Trafalgar Square and at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial. I’ve sat in the shade of the Golden Temple in Kyoto, Japan and I’ve been in Nelson Mandela’s house in Soweto, South Africa. I’ve floated a river in Belize that winds through dark caves and jungle. It doesn’t really matter where I go or what I do. Each time and in every place I understand more clearly what I do NOT know, and as counterintuitive as it sounds, I really like that. In fact, this is the main reason I still want to travel—a lot. Especially after a pandemic that has threatened our wanderings. I’ve admired too many people and cultures that I had previously only known in text books or on Wikipedia pages and I’m simply not done learning about and exploring this BIG, strange, beautiful and inspiring world that we live in.

    “Travel is not a rational activity. It makes no sense to squeeze yourself into an alleged seat only to be hurled at frightening speed to a distant place where you don’t speak the language or know the customs. All at great expense. If we stopped to do the cost-benefit analysis, we’d never go anywhere. And yet we do. ”

    — Eric Weiner

    My hope is that something I share today will inspire you to plan a trip—to the lake, to a national monument or park or to a new country halfway across the world.
    📸 Of course what I most want to do is help you document some of the travel-related pictures you’ve already taken and some of the thoughts and experiences you don’t want to forget. This is why I’m inviting you to join me for Quick Trip Travel —my latest online class. Unlike my yearlong courses this class doesn’t require tons of time and is totally affordable. In it I will share step-by-step my FAVORITE method for quickly documenting trips and travel. You’ll decide what size album you want to create and I’ll show you how to build your own kit from new purchases or your stash of pretty papers and embellishments. IF you don’t want to expand that kind of energy, you can purchase a Story by Stacy Short Story kit from Close To My Heart and know that you have everything you need.

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    Balance with Chanelle Neilson

    Balance with Chanelle Neilson

    I have a new friend to share with you today. She is Chanelle Neilson and she is a life coach who helps women and particularly moms with a side hustle who want to organize their day and find balance between family and personal goals. As a mom of 5 kids, Chanelle knows that motherhood has its challenges—that’s why she is passionate about helping moms simplify so they can prioritize what matters and define success for themselves. She is the former host and creator of the popular Moms Who Know Podcast and the author of Parents Who Know, which has been translated into Chinese.

    LOOK! I arrived home and found a small package from Chanelle. She sent me her favorite dark chocolate bar. You can learn more here.

    When I got home today from a long drive and found a package from Chanelle—with dark chocolate inside—I knew that I had done a very good thing in bringing her on the show, ha!

    But, in all seriousness, I’m a BIG champion of the recommendations that Chanelle makes during our conversation. Here are a few that really jumped out at me …
    You must begin any endeavor—especially where balance is important to you—with your own declaration and definition of what success looks like!
    Get rid of distraction. When you are working, work. When you are with your family, be with your family. Chanelle uses the Facebook News Eradicator which replaces your entire news feed with an inspiring quote—how cool and freeing is that?
    Create memorable moments with children and family members. No one can realistically be available to others 24-7, but you can in very intentionally ways create focused moments that send the message, “YOU matter to me!”

    “When juggling as much as you are, remember that some balls are glass and some are rubber. You can’t drop the glass balls. ”

    — Nora Roberts

    Of course the main take away—that I can’t seem to take away enough is that I need to take care of me first. Always. Not in a selfish way, but in a way that actually always and empowers me to be more generous and giving and better equipped to do the things I’ve been called to do. The things that I’m passionate about.
    I think after listening you’re going to want to get to know Chanelle even more and you can do that best over on her Facebook page, Chanelle Neilson Coaching. Chanelle also mentioned Jessica Jackson’s podcast, Thriving in Motherhood which I will be checking out very soon!

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    Tech Stories

    Tech Stories

    I have this cute air freshener that hangs in my car that says, “Do more of what makes you forget to look at your phone!” The other day I was thinking how absolutely absurd that would have sounded to someone living before the year 2000. I mean why on earth would they be looking at their phone or perhaps not wanting to look at it too much?
    As we daily navigate this constantly evolving and advancing digital and media-rich world, we are witnesses to unprecedented technological changes AND change is always the genesis for story.
    Today’s micro show is an opportunity for you to think about your personal tech story. What are the moments, events, purchases and interactions that are most memorable looking back now and what are the details you don’t want to forget in the future?

    📲 Does anyone else remember memorizing their phone number and actually “dialing” it on a rotary phone? How about when buttons replaced the dial, or the first time you experienced caller I.D.? Today I use my smart phone to pay for my groceries, to take amazing photos and capture and edit video, to listen to books and podcasts, to text family and friends and post to social media. I make all of my appointments—with reminders and alarms and keep notes on all kinds of topics. I also … oh yeah, make calls!
    My hope is that what I share might spark memories and ideas for you, so that you will open that Notes app and start documenting your tech story. What are the gizmos and gadgets have you geeked out over and what changes have you seen come and go? What tools, devices and modern conveniences have you lived without and yet now become dependent on? When is the last time you tried to explain something to a parent or had someone younger try to explain something to you?
    Here’s a little video flip-through of a layered story in my scrapbooks. I call this concept Extended Story and I designed and developed products with Close to My Heart that make compiling LOTS of photos and juicy details into a cohesive and interesting whole.
    The BEST way to learn more about Extended Stories is to purchase the Storyteller How-To book, which actually reviews each of the concepts in my Story by Stacy line. It’s full color and a steal of a deal at just $9.95.
    ❤️ Thanks for listening! Let me hear from YOU. I want to help you gather and document pictures and stories across time!

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
234 Ratings

234 Ratings

CNeilson30 ,

Stacy is magnetic!

Listening to Stacy is like listening to a friend. Her real and authentic self shines through. She is full of light and goodness and shares so many positive things on her show. Worth listening to!

April in Florida ,

I make a point to listen AT LEAST once a week!

Stacy, since your birthday was yesterday, I made it a *priority* to finally log into iTunes (I normally listen on Spotify) to write you a review.

I love Stacy’s voice, her upbeat personality, and the unique way she looks at the world. I also enjoy listening to all of her guest conversations and often being introduced to new personalities and other relevant information. (Hello, Be Good to People, Collectionaire, and Kindness Cards: I’m looking at you!) With all the turmoil going on in society, listening to Exactly Enough Time helps me reset and be grateful for all that we DO have.

I’m late to join in listening to this podcast due to about an 8 year hiatus from the memory-keeping world, so I am not only working my way through past episodes, but also keeping current with new releases each week. This makes the 3+ hour drives to visit my grown daughter way more enjoyable and yes, I’ve been known to listen to a few of the episodes more than once. I am so grateful I found this podcast!

AlyssaM09 ,

I love Stacy!!!

This podcast is amazing, because Stacy is amazing!!! I learn something new and wonderful from each episode and truly feel like she is my friend, just chatting to me in each episode. She is upbeat, so talented, positive, and INSPIRING. I only found this podcast a few months ago but have gone back and listened to every episode because her messages are just that good and so impactful in my life (memory-keeping related and otherwise!)

Thank you Stacy for all that you do!! ❤️

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