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Expat experiences, information and advice for anyone moving or living abroad. Visit Expat Focus at expatfocus.com for more.

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Expat experiences, information and advice for anyone moving or living abroad. Visit Expat Focus at expatfocus.com for more.

    Transferring A UK Pension Abroad

    Transferring A UK Pension Abroad

    We’re all about providing practical tips and advice on this show, and in this episode I’m joined by Jake Barber, Founder and Advisor at SJB Global, who is going to talk through transfer options for expats with UK defined contribution pensions.
    Jake is based in Spain, and he’s worked with British expats - in fact anyone with a work history in the UK - for a decade. We’ll dive into how Brexit affected pensions, your options for transferring a UK defined contribution pension so you can access it abroad, and specific rules and transfer fees that you should be aware of.
    Now for the usual caveat - Jake is providing only general information in this episode. If you want advice more specific to your situation, you should get in touch with him, or another professional advisor.

    • 26 min
    Empowering LGBTQ Expats To Thrive Abroad

    Empowering LGBTQ Expats To Thrive Abroad

    Today’s guest, Jess Drucker, has made a career out of helping LGBTQ+ people and their families move abroad. In fact, she’s created the world’s first and only, global relocation resource for this expat community, called Rainbow Relocation.
    Jess is a seasoned expat herself, and we chat about some of the additional practical elements that come into play when you’re queer and moving to a new country.
    From choosing places that are safe, where marriage and children will be legally recognized, where you’ll be able to thrive in your career, and find your community.

    • 33 min
    Moving To Spain On A Digital Nomad Visa

    Moving To Spain On A Digital Nomad Visa

    If you’re lucky enough to have a job that you can do from anywhere, you’re now pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to the number of countries offering digital nomad or equivalent visas. UN Tourism reports that almost half of all global destinations now offer visas for at least a year. Spain is in the spotlight in this episode, as I chat to American nutrition strategist Aimee Gallo, who moved with her husband and young son to the Catalonia region.
    You’ll find out why Aimee and her family chose Spain, the telework or digital nomad visa application process, timeline to approval, what their remote working life is like, and why, if you follow in Aimee’s footsteps, you should get comfortable in the uncomfortable. Now, one point we didn’t cover in this interview is what the minimum income requirement is for Spain’s digital nomad visa. Tune in until the end to find out.

    • 1 hr
    Challenges Faced By 'Stuck' Expat Parents Due To International Child Custody Disputes

    Challenges Faced By 'Stuck' Expat Parents Due To International Child Custody Disputes

    Did you know that if you move abroad with children, or have them while living in a foreign country and then split from your partner, you may not be able to bring your kids back home? You may also find yourself ‘stuck’ abroad, in a country that you no longer want to be in. It’s a situation that my guest Roz Osbourne has personal experience with, and it’s why she founded the charity, GlobalARRK more than a decade ago.
    With Roz we’re going to deep-dive into how expats become stuck parents, why they’re so often mothers, and the risk factors that go along with their situations - for example, 81% report they have suffered domestic abuse.
    Keep listening until the end if you’re in an international relationship and have or are considering kids. Roz has some practical advice to share to help prevent an international custody crisis.

    • 36 min
    Returning To Study And Buying A Home As An Expat In Scotland

    Returning To Study And Buying A Home As An Expat In Scotland

    Some pretty big life events happened around the time Australian expat Rachael Kowald turned 30. She moved from London to Glasgow for the lower cost of living, returned to school as a mature age student, and then, she decided to buy a house!
    Rachael’s studying nursing, she also works as a carer for people with spinal cord injuries and - now she’s a homeowner.
    In this interview, we talk about how she got into college and then university as a foreigner, the different streams of nursing study that you can choose between in Scotland, the house-buying process and local living costs.

    • 25 min
    Where To Find Remote Work In 2024 To Achieve Location Independence

    Where To Find Remote Work In 2024 To Achieve Location Independence

    What does it take to become truly location independent? Do you have the qualities needed to thrive working remotely? And what boring-but-important admin elements do you need to think about if you intend to work from anywhere?
    Find out the top countries hiring remotely today, and the various ways you could go about sustaining a location independent life in my chat with Lucy Jeon. She’s an International Career Expert, founder of HeyGlobally, AND she hosts the podcast ‘Self-Made Expats’ where expat entrepreneurs share their stories.

    • 27 min

Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5
34 Ratings

34 Ratings

Crich2010 ,

Overall delightful, only small critiques

I have thoroughly enjoyed about 5 or 6 episodes so far over the past 2 days. Some of the older ones have volume discrepancies between the speakers, which can be a little annoying. Most of them have been great & relatively natural interview type conversations. Some feel a little too short, as it seems difficult to really explain all of the aspects of certain parts of moving or living in another country without rambling, but the grittty details are some of my favorite parts. I usually come away with more questions that I started, so this podcast can be a great instigator to spur deeper investigations into a variety of topics.

220volt1974 ,

Great content that is ruined with audio quality

The content is great but the uneven sound volume make it barely listenable. The host's sound level is always much higher than that of the guest so I find myself constantly fidgeting with the volume knob going up and down trying not to destroy my hearings. Not good while driving.
So if I could make any constructive criticism would be to invest in better editing, mic placement, and volume leveling software. Uneven sound levels are one of the biggest podcast killers.

dbertram1 ,

Living Abroad 101

This podcast has is crammed with a wealth of information pertaining to an expat experience. If you are even slightly considering a life abroad, then this is the podcast for you. My only wish for this podcast would be to have a higher frequency of episodes. 1-2 episodes per month just isn’t enough for me! :)

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