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Celebrating baby boomers fifty and better who are on the move and transforming the spirit and style of aging!

Give me just fifteen minutes of your time and I’ll give you interviews with authors, actors, and experts who will inspire you to make significant and positive change in your own life.

Feisty Side of Fifty Feisty Side of Fifty

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Celebrating baby boomers fifty and better who are on the move and transforming the spirit and style of aging!

Give me just fifteen minutes of your time and I’ll give you interviews with authors, actors, and experts who will inspire you to make significant and positive change in your own life.

    The Full Body Fat Fix: Stephen Perrine

    The Full Body Fat Fix: Stephen Perrine

    Wouldn’t you love to conquer your weight issues and restore your youthful vigor? How about learning the foods and dietary strategies that will help you achieve optimal health and reignite your zest for life?

    If those goals sound good to you, you’ll want to make sure to listen to this interview with our guest, Stephen Perrine. Stephen is New York Times bestselling author and an AARP Executive Editor who joins us to share all about his highly regarded new book, The Full-Body Fat Fix: The Science-Based 7-Day Plan to Cool Inflammation, Heal Your Gut, and Build a Healthier, Leaner You!

    His life-changing information is based on cutting-edge science from the world’s foremost researchers. It focuses on the importance of gut health and the single, simple dietary practice that can heal the gut, reduce weight, reverse chronic inflammation, and help prevent the diseases of aging.

    If you care about looking and feeling your best now and in the future, you won’t want to miss this one!

    • 19 min
    Patricia Walsh Chadwick: Breaking Glass

    Patricia Walsh Chadwick: Breaking Glass

    Our guest, Patricia Walsh Chadwick, has led one heckuva remarkable life. Plus, she is one of our own—a proud and feisty Baby Boomer. Her early years, however, were anything but feisty as she grew up in a secluded, Catholic, cult-like group consisting of 100 inhabitants (39 of them who were children.) Although she was reared to become obedient, selfless, and subservient, Patricia left the group at the tender age of seventeen to create the life she wanted.

    In fact, Patricia went on to receive her BA in Economics from Boston University and enjoyed a successful 30-year career in the investment business, culminating as a Global Partner at Invesco. Today she sits on a number of corporate boards and blogs on economic, social, and political issues.

    Her life-story is one of triumphing over overwhelming odds and she joins us to share all about her just released new book, Breaking Glass: Tales from the Witch of Wall Street. You will both moved and motivated by her entertaining and inspiring memoir.

    So, if you enjoy a riveting story about a woman overcoming great challenges to live a life of purpose and meaning, you’ll want to make sure you catch this show!

    • 11 min
    Jennifer Donnelly: Beastly Beauty

    Jennifer Donnelly: Beastly Beauty

    Our guest, Jennifer Donnelly, is a multi-award winning, New York Times bestselling author of several highly regarded books. These include A Northern Light, which was awarded a Printz Honor and a Carnegie Medal; Revolution, named a Best Book by Amazon, Kirkus Reviews, and the School Library Journal, as well as many other books for young readers, most notably Lost in a Book, which spent over 20 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.

    Jennifer joins us to share all about her just released, new book, Beastly Beauty. Her story is based on a fairy tale that we all know… but there’s an engaging, gender related twist that is guaranteed to keep you captivated and turning pages well into the night.

    So be sure to tune in for this one and hear what Jennifer has to share about her delightful twist on an old fairytale!

    • 13 min
    Swedish Death Cleaning: Regina Lark, Ph.D.

    Swedish Death Cleaning: Regina Lark, Ph.D.

    Although age does have its advantages, we know all-too-well that becoming a senior citizen does have its share of challenges. One of the most challenging is facing our own mortality. Despite this rather formidable concept, however, there’s been an idea that’s been sweeping both Europe and the U.S—and that is the phenomenon known as Swedish Death Cleaning.


    Our guest, Dr. Regina Lark is a well-known entrepreneur, speaker, and author. In 2008 she founded A Clear Path, a professional organizing and productivity company whereby Regina and her team of “ninja organizers” provide professional physical, emotional, and psychological support for people who wish to clear clutter and chaos from their lives.

    Regina is joining us to share her thoughts on Swedish Death Cleaning and the ways that organizing our clutter can provide great benefits to multiple areas of our lives. Not only does clearing the clutter enhance our immediate living environment, it enhances our emotional health and overall wellbeing.

    If you want to find out more about the numerous benefits you will reap from the practice of Swedish Death Cleaning, you won’t want to miss this show!

    • 16 min
    Solo Female Road tripping Over 50: Beth Binger

    Solo Female Road tripping Over 50: Beth Binger

    It goes without saying that one exciting way we senior women can keep growing and thriving is to broaden our horizons and explore the wonders of the road through travel. Moreover, our worlds can expand even further if we choose to embark on those adventures as solo travelers.

    Our guest, Beth Binger, is on a mission to equip and inspire women to confidently step into a new season of life by planning and embarking on a solo road trip. Through her YouTube channel, blog, and now her new book, Beth shares the practicalities of solo travel for women of a certain age. But, more importantly, she shares how we can leave confusion and uncertainty in the rear view as we find the freedom and wonder travelling solo can provide.

    Beth joins us to share all about her soon-to-be released book, There's Wonder Around the Bend: An Inspiring Guide for Solo Road Tripping. Plus, she is offering afree bonus for people who preorder the book. It will be a "Meet the Author" Webinar on Monday, 5/12 @ 7:00 EDT filled with Q&A and storytelling as well as starter tips for women interested in taking their first solo road trip.

    So listen to what Beth has to say, and then start packing your bags. It’s high time we hit the road and explore the many exciting and life-enhancing adventures traveling solo can provide!

    • 22 min
    Navigating Hormonal Changes as We Age: Dr. Pooja Mahtani

    Navigating Hormonal Changes as We Age: Dr. Pooja Mahtani

    As aging women, we know that it’s high time we focus on making improvements to our health and wellbeing. Each of us wants to remain strong and fit for as long as possible, and Dr. Pooja Mahtani is an expert in helping us do just that.

    Dr. Mahtani is a registered pharmacist and integrative/functional nutritionist who is the new medical expert at Bodybio. She is joining us to discuss how women can navigate the hormonal changes as we age, and how our dietary and supplement choices can alleviate menopause symptoms and support hormonal balance.

    If you care about aging well and addressing the hormonal changes and challenges caused by menopause, you won’t want to miss this one!

    • 19 min

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Boomer Doc ,

Upbeat podcast about getting the most out of life

The Feisty Side of 50 podcast, hosted by Eileen Williams, is devoted to providing an uplifting way to look at the challenges of aging. The host, Eileen Williams, seems delighted with life as an aging adult and knows the important questions her audience wants answered. Eileen hosts a wide range of guests who fill knowledge gaps with important information and Eileen provides the enthusiasm.
David Bernstein,MD

Futurefamer16 ,

So good!!

What an amazing podcast. I did some research and recommended this to an aunt of mine a few months back and she has thanked me on multiple occasions for sending it to her. Just sent it over to my mom who is nearing the age of 50 as well and am hoping for her to receive the goodness and love that Eileen is providing for her audience!

Margo Lovett ,

Oh My!

Mary Eileen, I found your podcast quite by accident, but what a marvelous find. Being the boomer that I am, it was a joy to listen the the McCartneys (mom & daughter). Keep podcasting! Great stuff for us lifelong students! Margo Lovett

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