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Welcome to Fermented Adventure The Podcast. Meeting and talking to the creators of distilled spirits, beer, mead, cider and other fermented delights.

Fermented Adventure The Podcast Rich Shane

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Welcome to Fermented Adventure The Podcast. Meeting and talking to the creators of distilled spirits, beer, mead, cider and other fermented delights.

    Keeper's Heart Whiskey - Pip Hanson

    Keeper's Heart Whiskey - Pip Hanson

    This episode features Pip Hanson of Keeper's Heart Whiskey.

    Keeper's Heart was created at an O'Shaughnessy, Irish American family reunion in Minneapolis five years ago. The O'Shaughnessy's came to America during the potato famine. The reunion brought the family together to reminisce and converse over whiskey. The idea to start a distillery sprang to life. This family endeavor would pay homage to the ideals and traditions of their immigrant roots. Today a 30,000 square foot distillery, restaurant and bar has come to fruition. Brian Nation was brought onboard to be the head distiller and blender. Steps were taken to source the finest whisky from their favorite distilleries in Ireland and the United States. The plan is to continue to source their flagships and today they are laying down their own juice which is distilled in copper pot stills. Look for those iterations to please consumers in about two years. Pip is responsible for the bar, cocktail program and training. What you'll find when you visit are three different bars and full kitchen for your enjoyment of this incredible whiskey brand.

    600 Malcolm Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414 - www.KeepersHeartWhiskey.com - Facebook

    Highlights From our Discussion:

    Brian Nation

    Tales of the Cocktail

    Irish Distillers

    David Perkins

    Marvel Bar


    O'Shaughnessy Distilling Co.

    • 54 min
    Tales Of The Cocktail 2023 - Eileen Wayner

    Tales Of The Cocktail 2023 - Eileen Wayner

    This episode feature Eileen Wayner of Tales of the Cocktail.

    In 2001 Tales of the Cocktail began as a walking tour of the French Quarter in New Orleans. The desire was to have conversations, explore spirits and to learn. Twenty one years later TOTC is the leading drinks based cocktail/festival. This week long conference takes place at the Ritz Carlton. There are activations and parties that are scattered throughout the city as well. This year they offered 65 seminars providing education on a wide variety of topics. Attendees had their share of tastings and celebrations to enjoy and there was no shortage of libations to imbibe on. The featured bartenders showed off their amazing skills and creativity showcasing spirits, flavorings and a feast for the senses. The experiences are endless during this 5 day extravaganza. We hear from Eileen about the highlights of 2023 and what to look forward to in 2024.

    www.TalesOfTheCocktail.org - Facebook

    Highlights From our Discussion:

    The Ritz Carlton

    New Orleans, LA

    Singapore Tourism Board

    Cocktail Apprentice Program

    Johnson & Wales University

    YouTube Channel for TOTC

    Spirited Awards

    Tiffanie Barriere

    • 35 min
    Boochy Mama's Kombucha - Stacy Jurich

    Boochy Mama's Kombucha - Stacy Jurich

    This episode features Stacy Jurich of Boochy Mama's Kombucha.

    Stacy first learned how to make kombucha while living in Hawaii. She was house sitting for someone and they asked her to take care of their kombucha while they were away. She was hooked on the magic al tonic and she began brewing at home. Stacy continued to hone her craft and pretty much peddled into her business. In 2015 she opened the doors of her business. Boochy Mama's is full of character and flavor. It's creative and refreshing. Visit the website... type in Fermented at checkout for your 10% discount.

    23 N. Huron St. , Warehouse B, Toledo, OH 43604 - 567.318.2240 - www.Boochymama.com - Facebook

    Highlights From our Conversation:

    Toledo, OH

    Kombucha Brewers International

    • 52 min
    Spearhead Whisky - Calum Leslie

    Spearhead Whisky - Calum Leslie

    This episode features Calum Leslie of Spearhead Whisky.

    Spearhead Whisky is a 100% single grain malted barley which is distilled in a coffey style still. Finished in ex-bourbon barrels and then the liquid spends time in infrared toasted virgin American oak barrels. This creates a spirit that is sweet, light and super approachable for a Scotch whisky. Calum came to Loch Lomond distillery in 2019 as head of innovation. His desire was to introduce new consumers in the brand. This whisky is definitely spearheading a movement. They are doing things differently. Creating new fans one at a time. Pick up your own bottle or order it at the bar. Either neat or as a cocktail. This may become your new favorite and everyday drinker.

    www.SpearheadWhisky.com - Facebook

    Highlights From our Discussion:

    Bar Convent Brooklyn

    Dragons' Den

    Tobermory Distillery


    Hoot The Redeemer

    Better Bar Show

    Ghost Ice System


    Michael Henry

    • 38 min
    Cocktails and Spirits Podcast/Valor Spirits with Alfonso and Erik

    Cocktails and Spirits Podcast/Valor Spirits with Alfonso and Erik

    This Episode features Alfonso Esquivias Gonzalez and Erik Silva of Cocktails & Spirits Podcast.

    We spoke with Alfonso and Erik to discuss a plethora of subjects. Alfonso is a bartender who is dedicated to his trade. In 2021 he began a journey to discover more about cocktails. He experimented with different recipes. That's where Erik comes in. He and friends sampled the magic elixirs that Alfonso created. Tequila became a major focus of the next rabbit hole that they went down. Their podcast was created to speak with those that share their passion. We enjoy, taste and share Valor Spirits while meandering through our lively discussion.

    Highlights From Our Discussion:

    Drinks With Fonz

    Agave Thread's Co.

    Mama's Comfort Food & Cocktails

    The Agave Social Club Podcast

    Tales of the Cocktail

    Matt Pietrek

    Liberty Gin

    Ghost Ice System

    Valor Spirits

    Revel Spirits

    • 52 min
    Ghost Ice System - Tony Gonzales

    Ghost Ice System - Tony Gonzales

    This Episode features Tony Gonzales of Ghost Ice System.

    Ghost ice System is a way to make crystal clear ice cubes from tap water. This is perfect for bars, restaurants and home use. This is craft ice at its finest. This all came to Tony in 2013. He was set to do a cocktail competition and he wanted to add something that would help his cocktail stand out. It was then that Ghost Ice was conceived. This episode takes us into Tony's creative mind. He rarely stops thinking and looking for ways to perfect items at the bar or cocktails. Here we learn more about Ghost Ice... Simple... Clear... Endless

    info@ghosticesystem.com - 213-255-5473 - Facebook - www.GhostIceSystem.com

    Highlights From our Discussion:

    William Grant

    Hendrix Gin

    Coleman Coolers

    Biltmore Los Angeles


    Tales of the Cocktail


    The Ice Designer

    • 53 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

HouseofDudley ,

Mount Vernon distillery

I stumbled upon this podcast being a huge fan of the Mount Vernon Distillery. I was very thoroughly entertained with the questions asked by the host. I’m not even that much of a spirits enthusiast but this episode really stood apart with its history lessons as well. Looking forward to listening to some more episodes.

Bsalk ,

Just fun!

More of a wine drinker, then a sprits enthusiast. Enjoying the human stories behind the businesses. Rich can be a little campy, but he is a lot of fun to hang out with.

Boozedancing ,

A Good Old-Fashioned and Boozy Time was had by all!

Rich Baby! Thanks so much for having us on your podcast. You are a SUPERB and gracious host (i.e. you put up with our nonsense and didn't kick us off the air!), and we had a glorious time! Hope to do this again real soon. Cheers! - G=LO

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