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An intersectional healing podcast for survivors of sexual assault and any/all abuse. When survivors share, they share strength. "Finding OK" helps people navigate this difficult healing process. The focus is on recovery, self-care, empowerment, and healing. You are not alone.

Finding OK - Healing After Sexual Assault and Abuse Hecate

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An intersectional healing podcast for survivors of sexual assault and any/all abuse. When survivors share, they share strength. "Finding OK" helps people navigate this difficult healing process. The focus is on recovery, self-care, empowerment, and healing. You are not alone.

    Did The Best I Could & Doing The Best I Can

    Did The Best I Could & Doing The Best I Can

    Ruth is a survivor who has been facing her past and doing the work. She's a listener who is sharing some of her story and discussing some of the steps she's been taking in her life to heal. She's been meeting her trauma with courage, humanity, and grace that I know others will find inspiring. We discuss her assault by a family member, how her recent meeting with him went, her experiences within the Salvation Army Church, how Purity Culture has affected her, her struggles with suicidal ideation, and her experience with EMDR therapy. Ruth speaks so honestly and openly about the struggles we all face as survivors and I know her words and experiences will resonate with others.
    Ruth is a Midwesterner who enjoys music, singing, painting, and taking walks in the woods. She has an interest in studying reptiles and amphibians in the future. She has a fluffy orange cat named Wesley Besley who keeps her warm and loved on. Ruth is still in the midst of her healing journey after multiple sexual assaults throughout the first 20 years of her life. She is sharing her story to let some shame go, and to help other survivors feel less alone.

    Salvation Army Rules "Soldier's Covenant"

    Salvation Army Sucks


    Me Too Many Voices Community Support Network - Love them! Give them a follow!


    Judith Slaying Holofernes by Artemisia Gentileschi

    Inner Decay - Where to find the patch! Let's start a gang! lol

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    Self-Care and Emotional Regulation

    Self-Care and Emotional Regulation

    My sister Chie joins me to talk about our evolving understanding of self-care and emotional regulation. We are both survivors navigating life and CPTSD. I hope you'll join us for some laughter and real talk.
    Chie  has a BA in Somatic Psychology. She is a harpist, Championship Irish Dancer, and singer. She and her partner live in the Midwest with their two puppies.

    Internal Family Systems Therapy

    Spoon Theory

    Assertive Communication - DBT "Dear Man"

    Curable App - Chronic Pain App (Chie recommends)

    TED Talk - Music and the Brain

    I Sing the Body Electric, Especially When My Power's Out - Andrea Gibson
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    • 1 hr 36 min
    The Recloseted Lesbian - Processing Trauma Through Art and Storytelling

    The Recloseted Lesbian - Processing Trauma Through Art and Storytelling

    Obelis is a Lithuanian Fantasy and LGBTQ+ comic artist. Her work includes War & Tea, Meow Are You?, and The Recloseted Lesbian. Obelis tried to come out as a lesbian but was forced back into the closet by her ultra-religious, homophobic, and abusive mother. In The Recloseted Lesbian she deconstructs and processes memories from her abusive childhood. It has been read by over 21 million people on Webtoon. As she does her own trauma work she is helping survivors feel less alone.

    Obelis Linktree

    The Recloseted Lesbian on Webtoon

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    • 1 hr 8 min
    Claiming Freedom - Letting Go of Shame and Blame

    Claiming Freedom - Letting Go of Shame and Blame

    Kalpashree Gupta joins me to share her journey in healing from childhood sexual abuse. We discuss letting go of shame and blame, what forgiveness means to her, breaking cycles of family trauma, and where she's found strength, grace, and empowerment.
    Kalpa is the CEO and founder of Knekxt Group, a consulting and coaching company helping her clients build trust, and mitigate risks while also creating internal awareness for the high achievers who, like herself, have used their achievements to deflect from dealing with trauma. Her mission is to impact 100 million lives in 10 years. Prior to that, she led several leadership roles with fortune 500 companies such as American Express, Zelle/Early Warning Services, in product and fraud risk management, including early career with GE in India, and brief stints with Bristol Myers Squibb, and Mayo Clinic in brand management and consulting.

    Knekxt Group

    Book of Forgiving

    The Body Keeps the Score

    Waking the Tiger

    The Drama of the Gifted Child

    ACE Test and Article

    TED Talk - Nadine Burke Harris - How childhood trauma affects health accross a lifetime

    Letters for the Fire

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    • 1 hr 21 min
    One Life One Heart

    One Life One Heart

    Michelle M. Kang is the founder and president of One Life One Heart, a nonprofit organization which helps underserved sexual abuse survivors by offering culturally sensitive community support. She has dedicated herself to creating safe spaces where survivors can feel heard, regain their self-confidence, and fulfill their purpose in life.
    Michelle was born in South Korea, she has PhDs in Linguistics and Education, and she is the current Dean of the School of Foreign Languages at Saigon International University in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. In this episode she talks about how the trauma of childhood sibling sexual assault affected her, and the powerful role that faith has played in her healing. She discusses the work that she does with One Life One Heart and shares her passion for supporting survivors.

    One Life One Heart

    Michelle's Story - She has a book!

    Learn More: Child Sexual Abuse

    Learn More: Incest

    Letters for the Fire

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    • 1 hr 14 min
    Reclaiming Power - Talking Shit With P

    Reclaiming Power - Talking Shit With P

    Paula Mulamula is the host of the Mental Health podcast, Talk Shit With P where she focuses on real talk and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Today Paula is breaking her silence and sharing her story of surviving sexual assault and reclaiming her power post-trauma.  She also shares how podcasting helped her find her way out of depression, how faith has re-entered her life and become a part of her healing, and how self-care helps her through the difficult times in life.
    Paula is originally from Tanzania, she has traveled and lived all over the world and now makes her home in Atlanta, Georgia where she talks shit and is fabulous.

    Talk Shit With P

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    Join Hecate on Twitch 11/29/22 @8p EST for a special Finding OK Livestream Q&A with special guest, Kaitlin Bellamy from episodes "Purity Culture is Grooming Parts 1&2". Join us in chat and ask us anything!

    Finding OK Letters for the Fire Project - Deadline for Entries is 12/31/22

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    • 2 hr 1 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
27 Ratings

27 Ratings

Ella_Loves_Cheesecake ,

Obilis is AWSOME!

She is my favorite WEBTOONs artist and anything she supports I will. I totally recommend her work as a personal survivor or sexual trauma and abuse.

arb1098 ,

An amazing person doing amazing things

This podcast means everything. 80% of these mental health podcast are so clinical and makes me feel like I’m at the doctor. Once I found Hecate and Finding OK, I felt like they were an anonymous friend trying to help others speak up. Sharing this space with survivors is magnificent. So excited to join the podcast here soon!

Kalpashree ,

Fantastic podcast!

Hecate asks very though provoking questions🔥 and I found very authentic conversations inclusive of the perspectives of the most marginalized people in our societies. Highly recommend this podcast (of course, I’m biased as I was a guest on this podcast😘). Take a listen or share with someone who this may help.

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