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Neil and Claire read straight and LGBTQ+ Romance and Erotic Novels and then we play F**K, Marry, Kill with the characters. It is sexy and silly fun! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @FMKLitPod

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Neil and Claire read straight and LGBTQ+ Romance and Erotic Novels and then we play F**K, Marry, Kill with the characters. It is sexy and silly fun! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @FMKLitPod

    Quickie # 9: Tingle v. Rowling

    Quickie # 9: Tingle v. Rowling

    A certain Jaded Karen has gotten herself into a Harry situation being awful on Twitter, and Chuck Tingle won't let that stand! On this fourth wall-breaking episode, our hosts read and discuss Tingle's new novel, "Trans Wizard Harriet Porber and the Bad Boy Parasaurolophus." It's got magic, motorcycles, and sex with a dinosaur! Everything you could possibly want from a Tingle novel. And once you're done listening, go support trans people.

    • 54 min
    42. Magical Victorian London!

    42. Magical Victorian London!

    I saw you from across the society ball and I couldn't help but fall under your spell. So I have to ask: Your manor home or mine? Pick up your petticoats and get out your grimoires, because today we're doing Magical Victorian London!
    For today's titillating episode that will be the talk of the ton, we read "Firelight (Darkest London Book 1)" by Kristen Callihan and "The Magpie Lord (A Charm of Magpies Book 1)" by K.J. Charles. Our bewitching hosts discuss the perks of seduction in the dark, errant tattoos, and why sometimes - SOMETIMES - you want a flashback.

    • 1 hr 55 min
    Quickie#8: Black Lives Matter!

    Quickie#8: Black Lives Matter!

    On today's Quickie, we felt the need to break our "No Current Events" rule to share our thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement and the murder of black people at the hands of police across the country. But we're three white people, so listen to us if you want, but it's more important to listen to and support black people right now. Below are the organizations and media recommended in this episode to support black lives and black voices.

    The Okra Project - https://www.theokraproject.com/
    BreakOUT! - http://www.youthbreakout.org/
    Black Writers Collective - https://blackwriters.org/

    Black Book Releases - https://twitter.com/blackbkreleases
    1619 - NY Times
    Minority Corner
    2 Dope Queens
    Yo, Is This Racist?

    Go read books by black people! Demand it of the algorithms!

    • 28 min
    41. High School Bad Boys!

    41. High School Bad Boys!

    Meet me by your locker - we're cutting class! Who cares if we get detention? Because today we're doing high school bad boys! But, like, as a topic. Not actually. Today we read "Resisting the Rebel" by Lisa Brown Roberts, and "Collide" by J. R. Lenk. On this (after school) special episode, our spirited hosts discuss promposals, sex bracelets, and Neil discuss that he was, in fact, a high school bad boy.

    • 2 hr 13 min
    Quickie #7: Still in Quarantine!

    Quickie #7: Still in Quarantine!

    We're still sheltering in place here in the Bay Area, so our health-minded hosts recorded another quickie while we figure out the logistics of recording separately. Neil has an article to share, Claire brings some problematic nonsense from Twitter, and we play a new game! FMKocktail! Neil and Claire name a romance trope and they take turns deciding the perfect boozy beverage to pair with it.

    • 1 hr 10 min
    40. Male Nannies!

    40. Male Nannies!

    The dishes are done, the toys are put away, the kids are asleep....and now it's time for OUR bedtime *conspicuous wink* We hope you have some healthy snacks handy, because today we're reading about male nannies! In this episode we read "The Nanny" by Max Hudson, and "RAFE: A Buff Male Nanny (Loose Ends Book 1)" by Rebekah Weatherspoon. In this nurturing episode, our hosts discuss the horrors of bathtime, what *really* happens in the locker room, and why even men made out of cardboard deserve better.

    • 1 hr 32 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

'tastia ,

Reviewers with humor & honesty & sensitivity to the varied community

“Does the description _on_ the book match the actual content?” They do a quick check about this on every book, and it is so interesting to hear how the pitch and the book don’t always match up!
With humor and affection, the hosts do an excellent job of honestly recounting what does and doesn’t work for them in the various novels. I always have a great time listening to these folks talk about plot choices, character development, and what’s making them “hot and bothered” this time. (Hope they come back from vacation soon and feel ready to go again!)

UnassignedSarah ,

The best, most honest romance reviews

The best, most honest romance reviews. It's super fun!

Thesingingwriter ,

Love Everything About This Podcast

From episode one I fell in love with FMK Lit. I love the dynamic between Claire and Neil, and I love playing F**k Marry Kill along with the hosts at the end of the episode. Highly recommend if you like to laugh and have ever read a romance novel. :)

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