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Sarah is a journalist obsessed with the past. Every week she reconsiders a person or event that's been miscast in the public imagination.

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Sarah is a journalist obsessed with the past. Every week she reconsiders a person or event that's been miscast in the public imagination.

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    Balloonfest ‘86! with Harmony Colangelo

    Balloonfest ‘86! with Harmony Colangelo

    The city of Cleveland will not be made to apologize for its balloons. Harmony Colangelo defends the mistake on the lake.You can find Harmony on This Ends at Prom. Support You're Wrong About:Bonus Episodes on PatreonBuy cute merchWhere else to find us:Sarah's other show: You Are Good[YWA co-founder] Mike's other show: Maintenance PhaseLinks:https://podpeople.me/this-ends-at-promhttps://www.teepublic.com/stores/youre-wrong-abouthttps://www.paypal.com/paypalme/yourewrongaboutpodhttps://www....

    • 1 hr 1 min
    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz audiobook!

    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz audiobook!

    Guess what? We made an audiobook for you. Something about telling the tales of George Michael and Britney Spears made me think about this tale of another kid in the big city. I loved recording an audiobook of A Christmas Carol for you last December, and this was a delight as well. This book is at least 25 times stranger than I remembered, and in the best way. Fandom theories and queer theory reads are very welcome below.

    Chapter Timestamps:

    Intro 0:00
    Chapter 1: The Cyclone 00:43
    Chapter 2: The Council with the Munchkins 7:10
    Chapter 3: How Dorothy Saved the Scarecrow 19:39
    Chapter 4: The Road Through the Forest 30:26
    Chapter 5: The Rescue of the Tin Woodman 37:52
    Chapter 6: The Cowardly Lion 48:33
    Chapter 7: The Journey to the Great Oz 56:50
    Chapter 8: The Deadly Poppy Field 1:06:31
    Chapter 9: The Queen of the Field Mice 1:16:49
    Chapter 10: The Guardian of the Gates 1:24:16
    Chapter 11: The Emerald City of Oz 1:34:50
    Chapter 12: The Search for the Wicked Witch 1:54:52
    Chapter 13: The Rescue 2:13:32
    Chapter 14: The Winged Monkeys 2:19:52
    Chapter 15: The Discovery of Oz the Terrible 2:29:29
    Chapter 16: The Magic Art of the Great Humbug 2:44:02
    Chapter 17: How the Balloon Was Launched 2:49:00
    Chapter 18: Away to the South 2:54:57
    Chapter 19: Attacked by the Fighting Trees 3:00:54
    Chapter 20: The Dainty China Country 3:06:11
    Chapter 21: The Lion Becomes King of the Beasts 3:14:09
    Chapter 22: The Country of the Quadlings 3:18:58
    Chapter 23: Glinda the Good Witch Grants Dorothy's Wish 3:23:53
    Chapter 24: Home Again 3:30:33

    Credits: Produced by Carolyn Kendrick, with editing help by Colin Fleming and production help by Miranda Zickler. Audio engineering by Karishma Kapoor at 25th Street Recording.

    Phones Are Good, Actually with Taylor Lorenz

    Phones Are Good, Actually with Taylor Lorenz

    This week, Taylor Lorenz fights our latest moral panic. Are phones really making kids anxious, or are kids just good at noticing what's going on? Listen to Taylor's podcast, Power User Read Taylor in the Washington Post ...and her book, Extremely Online Support You're Wrong About:Bonus Episodes on PatreonBuy cute merchWhere else to find us:Sarah's other show, You Are GoodLinks:https://podcasts.voxmedia.com/show/power-user-with-taylor-lorenzhttps://www.washingtonpost.com/people/...

    • 59 min
    Britney Goes Forth

    Britney Goes Forth

    Here it is: the fourth and final chapter of our Britney Spears saga, guided by the wonderful Eve Lindley. And Britney Spears is free to fly, fly away.

    Immigration with Alejandra Oliva

    Immigration with Alejandra Oliva

    Alejandra Oliva, author of Rivermouth, came by to catch us up on the last few decades of American immigration policy--and to talk about how the world as we know it is not the world as it must be.Alejandra's website: olivalejandra.comRead Rivermouth, out now in paperback:https://bookshop.org/a/10832/9781662602672Further Reading:Greg Grandin The End of the Myth (2020)Jonathan Blitzer Everyone Who is Gone is Here (2024) David Bacon The Right to Stay Home (2014) Dara Lind, "The disastro...

    • 1 hr 12 min
    The Tradwife Rises with Sarah Archer

    The Tradwife Rises with Sarah Archer

    Sarah Archer came by to make an episode from scratch. What's the real history of the American housewife? Where did the tradwife come from, and why? Is she okay? Will we be okay? And who is she churning all that butter for? Sarah Archer's accompanying Substack post https://open.substack.com/pub/saraharcher/p/going-to-businessSarah Archer's bibliographyClips:Mrs. Modern versus Mrs. Drudge from The Middleton Family at the 1939 New York World's Fair (produced by Westinghouse) https://youtu.b...

    • 1 hr 2 min

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4.6 out of 5
20.8K Ratings

20.8K Ratings

yassplease ,

Sarah Marshall is an icon

Having access to Sarah Marshall’s thoughts and opinions is an experience to be savored. I think about the way she phrases things for months on end. She is so brilliant, unendingly empathetic, and has an incredibly ability to convey complicated analyses with humanity and humor. It is a joy to listen to her.

mamcg005 ,

Completely out of touch

This podcast is not what it thinks it is. They do a light amount of research and decide they know so much about a topic that they actively dismiss people’s lived experience and the opinions/experiences of professionals who spend entire careers dealing with the topics at hand. I get they are trying to “debunk” what we all think, but it only works if they actually know what they’re talking about. From the few episodes I have listened to, they don’t know a thing.

KravMagaUC ,

What happened to the research?

The research for this show has dropped off a cliff in the last year or so. Truly awful and riddled with factual errors.

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