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The mission of Gank that Drank: A Supernatural Drinking Game Podcast is to curate the perfect drinking game rules, season by season, for the long-lived and much-loved television show Supernatural. Your hosts will bravely test all manner of drinking game rules, laugh, chat about the show we love and curate the perfect Supernatural drinking game!

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The mission of Gank that Drank: A Supernatural Drinking Game Podcast is to curate the perfect drinking game rules, season by season, for the long-lived and much-loved television show Supernatural. Your hosts will bravely test all manner of drinking game rules, laugh, chat about the show we love and curate the perfect Supernatural drinking game!

    Family Remains

    Family Remains

    In this chilling episode of Gank That Drank: A Supernatural Drinking Game Podcast, hosts Krissy Lenz and Nate McWhortor delve into the creepy narrative of "Supernatural" Season 4, Episode 11, titled "Family Remains." This episode, which pays homage to the iconic "X-Files" episode "Home," explores the unsettling tale of an incestuous family living in isolation and is considered one of the show's most disturbing installments.
    Krissy and Nate guide listeners through the episode's most harrowing moments, enhancing the viewing experience with a meticulously crafted drinking game. The game includes rules like taking a drink for each single man tear and the heart-wrenching moments leading to the demise of beloved characters. The hosts' engaging banter and insightful commentary add depth as they discuss key points, such as the Winchester brothers' investigation of what appears to be a typical haunting, only to uncover a dark secret hidden within the walls of an old house. The episode's focus on a creepy, incestuous family pushes the boundaries of the usual "Supernatural" themes, adding a layer of horror.
    Beyond the main plot, Krissy and Nate also touch on broader topics like the significance of "Family Remains" within the context of the fourth season and the memorable acting performances, particularly by the young actor portraying Danny. They also discuss the specific rules for their drinking game, including moments that trigger a drink for "sassy teen stuff" and "creepy moments," and the infamous "red rum" rule. Additionally, they speculate about the future of the family and the lingering effects of their traumatic experiences.
    The episode also includes an exploration of how "Family Remains" serves as an homage to "Home" from "The X-Files" and fits within the broader horror genre. Whether you're a die-hard fan of "Supernatural" or just looking for a thrilling podcast experience, this episode of Gank That Drank offers both entertainment and deep analysis, making it a must-listen for anyone eager to experience a unique take on this haunting "Supernatural" episode.

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    Clap Your Hands if You Believe

    Clap Your Hands if You Believe

    Grab your robe and slippers, night owls, because tonight we're dishing all the deets on the recent Supernatural episode that had more twists than a pretzel factory! Leave your disbelief at the door, because this week the Winchester bros battled freaky fairies masquerading as little green men. Cue the alien autopsy gags! But the real star of this show was Soulless Sam, whose sassy comebacks and snarky attitude delivered more laughs than a stand-up special. Watching Dean try to teach morality to his soulless sibling? Comedy gold! The creepy leprechaun trying to tempt Sam with getting his soul back provided spooky thrills, but the real horror came when Dean nuked a fairy with the microwave! Yikes. At least they stopped the nasty creatures by spilling salt and forcing them to count each tiny grain. As always, thanks for listening faithful fans! Until next time, remember – the truth is out there, but sometimes it's wearing green tights and pointy shoes!

    • 36 min
    Hunteri Heroici

    Hunteri Heroici

    This Week, Nate and Chrissy drink and discuss the comedic adventure where cartoon physics invades a small town.
    We're diving into a world where the Grim Reaper meets the Giggle Factory. Imagine Sam, Dean, and Castiel tiptoeing through a landscape of cartoonish calamities, complete with anvils and improbable escapes—yep, we're talking about that kind of episode! We're gonna appreciate the masterful mix of edge-of-your-seat drama and laugh-out-loud absurdity.
    Hold onto your hats because "Detective Cass" is on the case! Castiel’s side-splitting transformation into a gumshoe is nothing short of a comedic gem, and we're here for it. We'll also tiptoe down memory lane with Sam as he gets flashbacks to a slice of normality with Amelia, giving us a peek into the life that could have been.
    As we explore the whimsical world of escapism and alternate realities, we'll chat about how sometimes, we all just need to press pause on the real world and play in a cartoon for a while. 
    And of course, we can't gloss over the belly laughs delivered by the dynamic duo, Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles, whose comedic timing is as spot-on as a Road Runner escape. We'll dissect our favorite cartoon antics, the visual gags that had us in stitches, and the hilariously bizarre rules that govern this animated universe. 
    Sure, we'll scratch our heads together at the villain’s motivations—which make about as much sense as a talking sponge—but it's all in good fun. 
    So, as we wrap up, let's just say this episode achieved the impossible: blending the tones of suspense and silliness into a deliciously entertaining diversion that had us both on the edge of our seats and falling off them with laughter. Tune in, and let's get animated!

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    After School Special

    After School Special

    In this episode, hosts Nate and Krissy drink and discuss the flashback-heavy story showing Sam and Dean undercover at their old high school in Season 4, Episode 13: After School Special.

    That’s right, young Sam and Dean investigate ghostly happenings at Truman High this week!
    Appreciate the rules playing off the many flashbacks to the brothers' school days!
    Note inappropriate behavior and outdated mindsets now seen as problematic!
    Ok, so there are some complex themes around bullying, violence, guilt and the cycle of hurt people hurting people. We have to question some moral implications in the brothers' actions and the tone of this episode. Does it hold up?
    We have a blast highlighting the fun moments like Dean teaching dodgeball in tiny shorts but the  main ghost plot unexpectedly dark for a lighthearted framing. Character motivations and the ending's emotional impact are worth a healthy debate but the bottom line: We love the rules and the flashbacks! It’s a monster-of-the-week story structured around looking into the Winchesters' early days and it still plays!

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    A Very Supernatural Christmas

    A Very Supernatural Christmas

    Get ready to feel the festive spirit in the latest episode of Gank That Drank! This time, Krissy and Nate have brought out all the stops to celebrate a Very Supernatural Christmas. 
    The episode takes us back to 2007 as Sam and Dean exchange gifts, a magical amulet, and a broken Barbie doll, and we get all the feels. In the present day, Dean grapples with this being his last Christmas ever while Sam tries to make it bright and cheerful. 
    But what's a Christmas episode without a holiday drinking game? Get ready for some festive hammering with rules for flashing back, sentimental scenes, meadowsweet wreaths, jingling tunes, and doorbells. According to Krissy, this super robust game conjures up some 46 drinks! So, drink ye merry people, while there's still time!
    The episode also covers some jolly topics, including the sweet yet sinister pagan gods, Edward and Madge, the perpetual grayness of Ypsilanti, Michigan, Dean's lack of knowledge about Dick Van Dyke, Christmas porn, drug paraphernalia, impaling gods with Christmas tree branches, and the real meaning of Christmas: family.
    So, get yourself some eggnog or peppermint schnapps and have a merry little drinking game with Gank That Drank!

    • 45 min
    Last Holiday

    Last Holiday

    In this episode, Nate and Krissy enjoy some drinks while recapping the story of Mrs. Butters, a wood nymph who takes care of the bunker. It's a unique bottle episode where a new character joins Team Free Will for some holiday hijinks in Supernatural Season 15, Episode 14: Last Holiday.
    They appreciate the humor and levity that Mrs. Butters brings, including exotic smoothies and decorated bunkers. However, her swift changes in opinion about Jack highlight her unstable nature. The hosts analyze her motivations, backstory reveal, and inconsistencies. They also touch on the episode’s themes of enjoying life while fighting the good fight.
    Jensen Ackles as Dean brings great comedic moments to the episode as he fully embraces the festivities. They note the Men of Letters’ poor treatment of Mrs. Butters in the past and question some plot holes in the group’s strategy with her. They also recall other instances of the show’s holiday episodes, discuss their favorite rules, and count their occurrence.
    Overall, it's a delightful one-off story that provides some laughter before the season finale stretch. The hosts also look ahead to the classic season three Christmas episode “A Very Supernatural Christmas.”

    • 33 min

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5 Ratings

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Coping mechanisms vs toxic masculinity

If you never apply the phrase “Toxic Masculinity” to Dean Winchester again, it would still be too many times. His coping mechanisms are the ones that allow him to get the job done without turning into a second-guessing, neurotic puddle.

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