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    Agatha All Along and The Acolyte Episode 7

    Agatha All Along and The Acolyte Episode 7

    We got our first look at Agatha All Along. Plus, our obligatory review of The Acolyte Episode 7.

    1:05 – Agatha All Along

    The often-renamed Agatha Harkness series got its first trailer and release date. It looks like it will be to horror what WandaVision was to sitcoms.

    The story looks to be about Agatha breaking free of the Hex/TV World she was imprisoned in at the end of WandaVision. But isn’t Wanda dead? Hmmm….

    6:50 – The Acolyte Episode 7

    The penultimate episode of The Acolyte didn’t really reveal anything new.

    Apparently, in their search for signs of life on Brendok, the Jedi did not notice the giant artificially lit mountain with a structure built inside of it.

    19:45 – What Does This All Mean?

    The last we saw of Koril she turned into a fart and seemingly flew off. We’ve said from the beginning that one of the mothers is the Sith Lord who Qimir is seeking approval from.

    • 26 min
    Batman Caped Crusader Trailer, Acolyte Ep 6

    Batman Caped Crusader Trailer, Acolyte Ep 6

    We got our first look at Batman: Caped Crusader along with a voice cast. Plus, our obligatory review of The Acolyte Episode 6.

    1:25 – Batman: Caped Crusader

    WBD released the first trailer for Batman: Caped Crusader. The voice cast includes

    One thing that separates Caped Crusader from previous Batman animated series is it will not be geared for a family-friendly audience.

    2:45 – The Acolyte Episode 6

    The much-lampooned The Acolyte followed up an action-packed episode with one where nothing happened.

    20:05 – What Does This All Mean?

    The way the episode ended implied that the twins may switch roles after all, with Mae turning good and Osha turning evil. We considered back in the first two episodes. It’s also likely that the next episode will be another flashback where we see what really happened to the witch coven a few episodes ago.

    And given this show’s foreshadowing is about as subtle as a bowling ball hitting a strike, we can probably tell who was Qimir’s master.

    • 25 min
    Acolyte Episode 5 - Good fights in a steaming pile of batha poodoo

    Acolyte Episode 5 - Good fights in a steaming pile of batha poodoo

    Our fill-in producer Gilford makes his debut. Then our esteemed Mayor Zandrax reviews the fifth episode of Star Wars: The Acolyte.

    2:45 – The Story

    You can check out the written summary here.

    23:00 – What Does This All Mean?

    We got the Qirim reveal, but I don’t think we’ve seen all the bad guys yet. I think there will be another reveal shortly that Qimir is not fully a Sith Apprentice, but has a master himself. That is Aniseya, who secretly survived the Jedi slaughter of her people and has been plotting revenge ever since.

    • 30 min
    Acolyte Episode 4: A New Hope?

    Acolyte Episode 4: A New Hope?

    It’s episode 4 of The Acolyte. Will this bring a new hope to the show? We certainly hope so.

    2:15 – The Story

    You can check out the written summary here.

    12:30 – What Does This All Mean?

    This was another case of fans getting pumped up for one thing but then getting handed something else. We got excited about Carrie-Anne Moss as a Jedi, only to see her get killed off. Then we got excited for a Wookiee Jedi, only for him to get killed offscreen. These are two examples of why fans may have turned on this show. It feels like watching a highlight reel instead of the full story.

    • 18 min
    Acolyte Season 3 Review: Meanwhile, in a Retcon...

    Acolyte Season 3 Review: Meanwhile, in a Retcon...

    The Acolyte’s third episode is the most controversial one yet. What has the fanbase up in arms, and what actually happened versus what we were shown?

    2:15 – The Story

    You can check out the written summary here.

    The entire episode is a flashback to the events referenced in the first episode about Osha’s family being wiped out. Osha is front and center throughout the episode, so it seems like the story is from her point of view.

    Ascension? Oops, wrong Star Franchise…

    Ghostbusters had Jedi Tests before they were cool!

    12:30 – What Does This All Mean?

    One of the biggest criticisms is that Aniseya referred to The Force as The Thread. That came across to me like how different religions may have different names for similar things. No light side or dark side

    The other point of contention is the retconning of The Force creating life. In the original saga, Palpatine states Darth Plagueis was the only one who successfully used The Force to create life. It’s possible that was a lie, but being a literal child of The Force made Anakin special. It convinced Qui-Gon Jinn to believe he was The Chosen One. Adding additional Force Children (for lack of a better term) diminishes the story told in George Lucas’s films.

    These people couldn’t have died all at once from a fire

    As for how everybody died so quickly, the solution is simple. The witches didn’t die in the fire. The Jedi slaughtered them. The screams we heard were from them getting cut down, not burning to death. They then spread the fire to burn the bodies to ash and hide the murder evidence.

    This will probably still be made to fit in the classic Saga because this is shortly before the rise of Darth Plagueis, who is officially the only Sith Lord to create life.

    • 29 min
    Acolyte Review

    Acolyte Review

    The controversial latest entry in the Star Wars TV lore finally premiered on Disney+. how did the first two episodes fare?

    Disclaimer: Don’t let me be the downer if you like this show.

    2:30 – Quick thoughts

    If you watched this show to have fun, you probably had fun, If you watched it for a well-written story…

    What I liked

    * The overall scale of the show as opposed to the micro-universe of the other shows

    * The pacing and the camera work fit with SW

    * The variety of aliens was top-notch.

    What I didn’t like

    * There are several logical holes

    * The characters are terrible at their jobs

    * The Jedi are made to look like morons

    5:00 – The Episodes

    Written review for Episode 1

    Written review for Episode 2

    17:25 – What Does This Mean?

    According to EU/Legends canon, Darth Plagueis would be a teenager around this time. His master, Darth Tenebrous, could be the Sith Lord in question, but it most likely is Darth Tenbrous’s maser, who we never got an official name for.

    Of course, the show may not acknowledge the EU and have an entirely new character as the villain,

    We’ll get the inevitable switcheroo between Mae and Osha because nobody seems suspicious that these two allegedly estranged twins have exactly the same look, build, and hairdo right down to the same highlights.

    • 25 min

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