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The podcast where knowledge meets curiosity. Join professor Margaret Vaughn as she explores groundbreaking ideas with top scholars, aimed at sharpening our thinking. With her guests, Dr. Vaughn dives into a world of profound insights and intellectual adventure. Our journey to getting smarter starts here.

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The podcast where knowledge meets curiosity. Join professor Margaret Vaughn as she explores groundbreaking ideas with top scholars, aimed at sharpening our thinking. With her guests, Dr. Vaughn dives into a world of profound insights and intellectual adventure. Our journey to getting smarter starts here.

    S01E11. Patricia Anders, Ph.D.

    S01E11. Patricia Anders, Ph.D.

    Patricia (Patty) Anders holds the Jewell Lewis Distinguished Professor of Reading in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies, College of Education, the University of Arizona. She received her doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1976.
    Dr. Anders’ research and scholarship focuses on secondary school student’s language and literacy development, particularly in the content areas and reading comprehension; teacher’s beliefs, theories and practices, especially as related to the teaching of literacy across the curriculum/academic literacies and to school leadership; and adult, family, community and workplace literacies.  She is the co-author of Literacy Instruction in the Content Areas, and the co-editor of three books, Understanding Readers’ Understanding, Literacy Development of Students in Urban Schools:  Research and Policy, and the Handbook of Reading Disabilities. 
    Her journal publications include the award-winning article “The relationship between teachers’ beliefs and practices in reading comprehension” in the American Educational Research Journal and others in leading journals in the field.  She co-edited the Journal of Literacy Research, a journal of the Literacy Research Association.
    She is an elected member of the Reading Hall of Fame and served as Treasurer. She is also a Fellow of the National Council Research in Language and Literacy and served as President. She is Past President of the Literacy Research Association (formerly the National Reading Conference) and has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the International Reading Association (currently the International Literacy Association). She also served as the secretary of the American Education Research Association’s Division C and the Chair of the Basic Reading Research Special Interest Group.
    She was awarded the Outstanding Teaching and Mentoring Award from the Graduate College, University of Arizona and the Outstanding Faculty Service/Outreach Award from the College of Education.

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    S01E10. David Reinking, Ph.D.

    S01E10. David Reinking, Ph.D.

    Professor David Reinking is semi-retired with a courtesy appointment as an Adjunct Professor in the University of Georgia's Mary Frances Early College of Education. He serves the department as a consultant, advisor, mentor, and resource, drawing on his diverse past experiences and leadership positions in the field. These include editorships of the field’s two leading journals (Reading Research Quarterly and the Journal of Literacy Research), the presidency of its major research organization (Literacy Research Association), substantial federal funding for research, 10-year service as a department head, and a strong record of peer-reviewed publication.
    Included among his interests are: Understanding and developing literacy in digital environments; Formative experiments and design-based research; Theory's role in education research.

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    S01E09. Doug Fisher, Ph.D.

    S01E09. Doug Fisher, Ph.D.

    Douglas Fisher, Ph.D., is professor and chair of educational leadership at San Diego State University. Doug is a credentialed teacher and administrator in California. He has published over 250 books, chapters, and articles focused on school improvement and was elected into the Reading Hall of Fame in 2022.
    Doug has lived in the San Diego area his entire life. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, traveling, and staying healthy through running and yoga. He loves being an educator and hopes to share that passion with others.
    And now we know that he's awesome on podcasts and helps make us smarter.

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    S01E08. Elfrieda H. Hiebert, Ph.D.

    S01E08. Elfrieda H. Hiebert, Ph.D.

    You know Elfrieda H. Hiebert, known affectionately as "Freddy", is a big deal because she has her own Wikipedia page!
    Here's what that says: Elfrieda "Freddy" Hiebert (born 1948) is an educational researcher whose work examines literacy, learning, early childhood development, teacher development, writing and children's literature. The main thrust of her work addresses literacy learning among at-risk youth in American classrooms. Currently, she is the CEO and president of TextProject, Inc., an agency that is dedicated to bringing beginning and struggling readers to high levels of literacy through a variety of strategies and tools, particularly through using science and social studies texts, used for reading instruction.Margaret Vaughn has the chance to talk to Freddy about her research and scholarship.

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    S01E07. Anne Haas Dyson, Ph.D.

    S01E07. Anne Haas Dyson, Ph.D.

    Anne Haas Dyson is a former teacher of young children and a fellow of the American Educational Research Association. Among her previous appointments was as a longtime professor at the University of California, Berkeley, where she received the campus-wide Distinguished Teaching Award. She has spent over 40 years studying the childhood cultures and literacy learning of young schoolchildren, for which she has received numerous awards. Dyson aims, first, to bring respect and intellectual attention to childhood cultures and their relationship to school learning. Young children do not participate in school because they are concerned about the national economy, international competition, or climbing a ladder to academic accolades from a grateful nation. They desire to make sense of their world and to gain companionship in what can be a confusing world. Second, she aims to document the diversity of resources (languages, popular culture texts, semiotic tools, everyday experiences) our diverse school children bring with them with which to participate intellectually and socially in school, especially in written language development. Her most recent book publications are, published in 2016, Child cultures, schooling, and literacy: Global perspectives on children composing their lives, and, in 2021, Writing the School House Blues: Literacy, Equity, and Belonging in a Child’s Early Schooling.

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    S01E06. James V. Hoffman, Ph.D.

    S01E06. James V. Hoffman, Ph.D.

    James Hoffman is a Professor of Language and Literacy at The University of North Texas and currently serves as the Meadows Endowed Chair for Literacy. Dr. Hoffman is a former editor of The Reading Research Quarterly and The Yearbook of the National Reading Conference.
    He has served as President of the National Reading Conference and as a member of the Board of Directors of the International Reading Association. Dr. Hoffman was an affiliated scholar with both the National Reading Research Center and the Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement. He was elected to the Reading Hall of Fame in 2002 and served as President of this organization from 2008-2010.
    Dr. Hoffman served as the chair for the International Reading Association’s Commission and the “Prepared to Make a Difference” research project. He has been active in international literacy projects in Central American, Africa and Asia. This past year he was awarded the Oscar Causey lifetime achievement award for research in literacy by the Literacy Research Association. The primary focus for his research has been on teaching and teacher preparation. Dr. Hoffman has published more than 150 articles, books and chapters on literacy related topics. He completed the Ph.D. at the University of Missouri at Kansas City.

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6 Ratings

Chokletbacon ,

Fabulous insight

I appreciate the look back at how far the field of literacy teacher education has come, with the crucial message of empowering teachers through a unified approach to supporting teaching and learning.

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