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The Going North Podcast is an informational, inspirational, and motivational podcast where authors share their life experiences to help others advance themselves. Tune in every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday for a new episode.

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The Going North Podcast is an informational, inspirational, and motivational podcast where authors share their life experiences to help others advance themselves. Tune in every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday for a new episode.

    #Bonus Ep. – “Cracking the Life Code” with Babs Faseesin (@babsfaseesin)

    #Bonus Ep. – “Cracking the Life Code” with Babs Faseesin (@babsfaseesin)

    Focus on getting 1% better every day!
    Today’s featured bonus author is chief strategy officer, certified negotiation specialist, and business strategist, Babs Faseesin. Babs and I have a chat about his book, “Cracking the Life Code: Keys to Master Your Mindset, Habits, and Behaviors for Personal Success”, the power of conducting a realistic self-assessment, and more!!
    Key Things You’ll Learn:
    How he became an entrepreneur
    How faith plays a big role in his business
    His biggest setback that set him up for success
    Babs’ Site: https://crackingthelifecode.com/
    Babs’ Book: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1737648601/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1
    The opening track is titled "Urgent Advance - METAL GEAR 2 Q-MIX" by Rukunetsu AKA Project R. Be sure to click the link below to check out his wonderful music. https://soundcloud.com/rukunetsu/urgent-advance-metal-gear-2-q-mix
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    Ep. 528 – “From the Water's Edge” with Shundrey Patterson (@ShunPwrites): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-528-from-the-waters-edge-with-shundrey-patterson-shunpwrites/
    Ep. 538 – “Catalytic Leadership” with Rev. Dr. William Attaway (@WilliamAttaway): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-538-catalytic-leadership-with-rev-dr-william-attaway-williamattaway/
    #Holiday Bonus Ep. – “Be Excellent Now” with Ben Scott, Jr. (@benscottllc): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/holiday-bonus-ep-be-excellent-now-with-ben-scott-jr-benscottllc/
    Ep. 511 – “Slave No More” with Paul Henderson: https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-511-slave-no-more-with-paul-henderson/
    221 – “Righteous Leadership” with Dr. Ray Charles (@TheDrRayCharles): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/221-righteous-leadership-with-dr-ray-charles-thedrraycharles/
    Ep. 466 – “Sabotage” with Brandon Wilson (@WilbronInc): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-466-sabotage-with-brandon-wilson-wilbroninc/
    283 – “The Winning Edge” with Shawn Harper (@shawnharper075): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/283-the-winning-edge-with-shawn-harper-shawnharper075/

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    Ep. 545 – “The Maestro Monologue” with Rob White (@RobWhiteMedia)

    Ep. 545 – “The Maestro Monologue” with Rob White (@RobWhiteMedia)

    “Flaws are our own unique perfections.” – Rob White
    Today’s featured international best-selling author is real estate developer, restauranteur, world traveler, and philosopher, Rob White. Rob and I have a fun chat about his book, “The Maestro Monologue: Discover Your Genius. Defeat Your Intruder. Design Your Destiny.”, how to reclaim your confidence, and tons more!!!
    Key Things You’ll Learn:
    Why having faith in yourself is important
    How to get unstuck from your negative thoughts
    The difference between affirmations and declarations
    Rob’s Site: https://robwhitemedia.com/
    Rob’s Books: https://www.amazon.com/Maestro-Monologue-Discover-Intruder-Destiny/dp/0578941643/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1626789312&sr=8-3
    The opening track is titled, “North Wind and the Sun” by Trevin P. to listen to the full track and download it, click the following link. https://compilationsforhumanity.bandcamp.com/track/north-wind-and-the-sun
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    Ep. 320 – “See Your Life As a Movie” with Bob Brill (@BobBrillLA): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-320-see-your-life-as-a-movie-with-bob-brill-bobbrillla/
    Ep. 382 – “Coming Out as Yourself” with Stephanie Lavigne (@stephlavigne): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-382-coming-out/
    161 - "CodeBreaker" with Sandra Biskind (@TheBiskinds): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/161-codebreaker-with-sandra-biskind-thebiskinds/
    273 – “Rewiring Your Brain For Manifestation Success” with Bob Doyle (@bobdoyle): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/273-rewiring-your-brain-for-manifestation-success-with-bob-doyle-bobdoyle/
    1-Year Anniversary Episode #2 - "Building An Economic Legacy" with Antonio T. Smith Jr. (@TheATSJr): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/gnpyear1-bonus-episode-2-building-an-economic-legacy-with-antonio-t-smith-jr-theatsjr/
    #Bonus Ep. – “Superbold” with Fred Joyal (@fredjoyal): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/bonus-ep-superbold-with-fred-joyal-fredjoyal/
    Ep. 475 – “Divine Genius” with Adam Hall: https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-475-divine-genius-with-adam-hall/
    Ep. 477 – “P.S. You're a Genius” with Kelly Trach (@kellytrach): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-477-ps-youre-a-genius-with-kelly-trach-kellytrach/
    #HolidayBonus Ep. – “Wisdom Of The Men” with Clint Arthur (@clintarthur): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/holidaybonus-ep-wisdom-of-the-men-with-clint-arthur-clintarthur/
    110 - "Self-Intelligence" with Jane Ransom (@TheJaneRansom): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/110-self-intelligence-with-jane-ransom-thejaneransom/
    Ep. 500 – “Life Reset” With Dr. Foojan Zeine, Psy.D., MFT (@DrZeine): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-500-life-reset-with-dr-foojan-zeine-psyd-mft-drzeine/
    Ep. 433 – “Ticking Clock: Behind the Scenes at 60 Minutes” with Ira Rosen: https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-433-ticking-clock-behind-the-scenes-at-60-minutes-with-ira-rosen/
    Ep. 426 – “Success Left a Clue” with Robert Raymond Riopel (@RobRox69): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-426-success-left-a-clue-with-robert-raymond-riopel-robrox69/
    Ep. 412 – “Why Boomer, Xer, Millennial and Gen Z Labels Need Reimagined” with Dr. Rick Chromey (@MyGenTech2020): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-412-why-boomer-xer-millennial-and-gen-z-labels-need-reimagined-with-dr-rick-chromey-mygentech2020/
    Ep. 411 – “Name That Mouse” with David Wood (@_focusceo): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-411-name-that-mouse-with-david-wood-_focusceo/
    Ep. 435 – “Breaking the Code” with Rusty Gailliard (@RustyGaillard): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-435-breaking-the-code-with-rusty-gailliard-rustygaillard/

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    Ep. 544 – “Accept & Embrace It All” with Kimberly Bell

    Ep. 544 – “Accept & Embrace It All” with Kimberly Bell

    It’s okay to wait.
    Today’s featured author is mom, and motivational speaker, Kimberly Bell. Kimberly and I talked about her book, “The Epitome of Kimmy: Accept & Embrace It All”, dealing with past abuse, and more!
    Key Things You’ll Learn:
    What inspired her to write her memoir
    Her process for choosing which stories to add or take out
    The importance of taking care of your mental health
    Kimberly’s Site: https://kimberlyannebell.com/
    Kimberly’s Book: https://www.amazon.com/Kimberly-Bell/e/B09C1JK1CC/ref=aufs_dp_fta_dsk
    The opening track is "Phoenix Rises" by Asis Galvin. Click on the following link to listen to the full track and cop the album. https://asisgalvin.bandcamp.com/track/phoenix-rises-mvc-3-theme-remix
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    Ep. 365 – “My Poetry Is the Beauty You Overlook” with Kim B. Miller (@pwcpoetlaur2020): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-365-my-poetry-is-the-beauty-you-overlook-with-kim-b-miller-pwcpoetlaur2020/
    Ep. 305 – “The P.U.R.S.U.E Principle” with Dawn Offei: https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-305-the-pursue-principle-with-dawn-offei/
    264 – “Soul Wounds & Sacred Revelations” with Deneen Joyner (@Deneenmj7): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/264-soul-wounds-sacred-revelations-with-deneen-joyner-deneenmj7/
    145 - "One Thing at a Time: And That One Thing is Me" with Lisa C. Butler (@AuthorLButler): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/145-one-thing-at-a-time-and-that-one-thing-is-me-with-lisa-c-butler-authorlbutler/
    81.5 (Local Author Bonus Special) [LABS] - "A Beautiful Tragedy" with Retta Timmons (@ImagineMeLLC): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/815-local-author-bonus-special-labs-a-beautiful-tragedy-with-retta-timmons-imaginemellc/
    79 - "The Mango Girl" with Dr. Ava Brown (@AvaBrown24): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/79-the-mango-girl-with-dr-ava-brown-avabrown24/
    71- "First Love Yourself" with Kim Trosper (@kimltrosper): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/71-first-love-yourself-with-kim-trosper-kimltrosper/
    12 - "Introverts Unite" with Altovise Pelzer (@FindYourVoiceNow): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/12-introverts-unite-with-altovise-pelzer-findyourvoicenow/
    132 - "Order It!" with Palmonia Gordon (@palmoniag): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/132-order-it-with-palmonia-gordon-palmoniag/  
    124 - "The Phoenix Rises Again" with Phoenix J Ma'ri: https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/124-the-phoenix-rises-again-with-phoenix-j-mari/

    Ep. 416 – “From Abuse & Displacement to Triumph” with Angela Sewell (@AngelwingsAs): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-416-from-abuse-displacement-to-triumph-with-angela-sewell-angelwingsas/

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    Ep. 543 – “Miles and Fears” with Rekha Mordani (@mordani_rekha)

    Ep. 543 – “Miles and Fears” with Rekha Mordani (@mordani_rekha)

    “If you don’t know your worth, the world will not value you.” - Rekha Mordani
    Today’s featured award-winning author is mom, wife, blogger, and storyteller, Rekha Mordani. Rekha and I talk about her first historical fiction novel, ”Miles and Fears”, the necessity of creating the reality you desire, and more!!
    Key Things You’ll Learn:
    How her writing journey began and what’s helping her to gain confidence with her writing.
    The inspiration behind her first historical fiction novel, “Miles and Fears”
    Why self-development is a must as a writer
    Rekha’s Book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/9390944260/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_NTFEMK97HVH2286ZKN12?fbclid=IwAR0H9j6K8s96IFpQsCudUFaikb4oIXz7XpqtEm3D1alZFGBVbzzZ1q9xd9U
    The opening track is titled, "Pure White Field (SfEX2)" by Rukunetsu aka Project R. To listen and download the entire track, click the following link. https://soundcloud.com/rukunetsu/pure-white-field-sfex2
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    Ep. 348 – “Bring Inner Greatness Out” with Dr. Mansur Hasib, CISSP, PMP, CPHIMS (@mhasib): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-348-bring-inner-greatness-out-with-dr-mansur-hasib-cissp-pmp-cphims-mhasib/
    260 – “Metamorphosis” with L. Farrah Furtado (@LisaAnneFurtado): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/260-metamorphosis-with-l-farrah-furtado-lisaannefurtado/
    Ep. 410 – “Research Scientist Turned Urban Fantasy Author” with Kristi Charish (@kristicharish): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-410-research-scientist-turned-urban-fantasy-author-with-kristi-charish-kristicharish/
    Ep. 530 – “Nurse Turned Award-Winning Author” with Helen Starbuck (@HelenSStarbuck): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-530-nurse-turned-award-winning-author-with-helen-starbuck-helensstarbuck/
    #Holiday Bonus Ep. – “Encapsulated Emotions” with Rha Arayal: https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/holiday-bonus-ep-encapsulated-emotions-with-rha-arayal/
    #M2M Bonus – “From Disco Queen to Divine Angel” with Sister Dr. Jenna (@americameditate): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/m2m-bonus-from-disco-queen-to-divine-angel-with-sister-dr-jenna-americameditate/
    148 - "Everyday Magnificent" with Gabriela Masala (@onelovealliance): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/148-everyday-magnificent-with-gabriela-masala-onelovealliance/
    #GNPYear1 Bonus Episode 3 - "The Truth is Within" with Dee Delaney (@deedelaney01): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/gnpyear1-bonus-episode-3-the-truth-is-within-with-dee-delaney-deedelaney01/
    39 - "Enroll In Confidence" with Sabah Ali (@sabah.ali14): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/39-enroll-in-confidence-with-sabah-ali-sabahali14/
    Ep. 446 – “Mastering Creation Using The Law Of Unification” with Divneet Kaur Lall (@DivneetKaurLall): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-446-mastering-creation-using-the-law-of-unification-with-divneet-kaur-lall-divneetkaurlall/

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    Ep. 542 – “Recovering My True Self” with Dr. Melissa Mayer (@Melissa56449176)

    Ep. 542 – “Recovering My True Self” with Dr. Melissa Mayer (@Melissa56449176)

    Realize your destiny.
    Today’s featured author is mom, wife, Holistic Physical Therapist, and Self Enhancement Writer, Melissa Mayer. Melissa and I have a fun chat about her book, “Recovering My True Self”, the power of developing your self-awareness, and more!!
    Key Things You’ll Learn:
    What inspired her book
    What cellular memory is and how it can affect organ donation recipients
    How it was traveling to India, Africa, and Sri Lanka
    The 3 G’s of Parenting
    Where good and meaningful conversations start
    Melissa’s Site: https://www.melissamayer.org/
    Melissa’s Book: https://www.amazon.com/Recovering-True-Self-Melissa-Mayer/dp/1982244658/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=recovering+my+true+self&qid=1619874102&sr=8-3
    The opening track is titled “StarDreams” by MadXruler formerly known as Ruler Inc. Capture this tune by clicking the following link. https://madxruler.bandcamp.com/track/stardreams
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    263 – “The Power of a Peaceful Woman” with Jennifer Forster: https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/263-the-power-of-a-peaceful-woman-with-jennifer-forster/
    260 – “Metamorphosis” with L. Farrah Furtado (@LisaAnneFurtado): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/260-metamorphosis-with-l-farrah-furtado-lisaannefurtado/
    220 – “Medical Intuition” with Wendie Colter (@PracticalPathUS): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/220-medical-intuition-with-wendie-colter-practicalpathus/
    Ep. 498 – “The Immunotype Breakthrough” with Dr. Heather Moday: https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-498-the-immunotype-breakthrough-with-dr-heather-moday/
    Ep. 296.5 (Charm City Bonus Episode) – “The Art of Human Care” with Dr. Hassan Tetteh (@doctortetteh): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-2965-charm-city-bonus-the-art-of-human-care-with-dr-hassan-tetteh-doctortetteh/
    Ep. 394 – “The Standing Meditation” with Nate Rifkin: https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-394-the-standing-meditation-with/
    Ep. 297 – “Integrative Medicine” with Dr. Bonnie McLean (@BonnieMcLean11): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-297-integrative-medicine-with-dr-bonnie-mclean-bonniemclean11/
    #M2M Bonus Ep. – “Tragedy to Triumph” with Karuna (@LOKundalini): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/m2m-bonus-ep-tragedy-to-triumph-with-karuna-lokundalini/
    Ep. 339.5 – “From Limited to Limitless” with Adri Kyser (@AdriKyserYoga): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-3395-from-limited-to-limitless-with-adri-kyser-adrikyseryoga/
    Ep. 437 – “INpowered Mind, INpowered Health.” with Dr. Jayne Marquis (@jayne_marquis): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-437-inpowered-mind-inpowered-health-with-dr-jayne-marquis-jayne_marquis/
    Ep. 537 – “If Trees Could Talk” with Holly Worton (@hollyworton): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-537-if-trees-could-talk-with-holly-worton-hollyworton/
    Ep. 488 – “Raising Good Humans” with Hunter Clarke-Fields (@HClarkeFields): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-488-raising-good-humans-with-hunter-clarke-fields-hclarkefields/
    Ep. 463 – “Crushed” with Linda Bjork (@Linda_Bjork_1): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-463-crushed-with-linda-bjork-linda_bjork_1/
    Ep. 434 – “A Soldier's Journey from War to Peace” with Claude AnShin Thomas: https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-434-a-soldiers-journey-from-war-to-peace-with-claude-anshin-thomas/
    Ep. 452 – “Writing a Penetrating Tell-All Memoir” with Karin Freeland (@KarinFreeland): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-452-writing-a-tell-all-penetrating-memoir-with-karin-freeland-karinfreeland/
    Ep. 419 – “Overcoming Toxic Emotions” with Leah Guy: https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-419-overcoming-toxic-emotions-with-leah-guy/

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    Ep. 541 – “Roadmap to Revenue” with Kristin Zhivago (@KristinZhivago)

    Ep. 541 – “Roadmap to Revenue” with Kristin Zhivago (@KristinZhivago)

    “Things really do work out when you take care of everybody, and you take care of the people love.” - Kristin Zhivago
    Today’s featured bestselling author is revenue coach and leading expert on the customer's buying process, Kristin Zhivago. Kristin and I talk about her book, “Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy”, mindset-driven marketing, and more!!
    Key Things You’ll Learn:
    How her entrepreneur journey began
    The 3 Things Your Website Must Have to Effectively Sell More Products & Services
    The importance of interviewing your customers and why surveys don’t work
    The major setback that set Kristin up for major success as an entrepreneur
    Kristin’s Site: https://zhivagopartners.com/
    Kristin’s Book: https://www.amazon.com/Roadmap-Revenue-Sell-Your-Customers/dp/0974917923/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Kristin+Zhivago&qid=1659202658&s=audible&sr=1-1-catcorr
    The opening track is titled "Duel Accelerator EX Battle - Yu-Gi-Oh Stardust Accelerator R-MIX" by Rukunetsu (aka Project R). Click on the following link to listen and cop the full tune. https://soundcloud.com/rukunetsu/duel-accelerator-ex-battle-2022?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
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    Ep. 488.5 – “Create, Innovate & Dominate” with Tracy Hazzard (@hazzdesign): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-4885-create-innovate-dominate-with-tracy-hazzard-hazzdesign/
    Ep. 438.5 – “Creatively Lean” with Bella Englebach (@HumansLean): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-4385-creatively-lean-with-bella-englebach-humanslean/
    106 - "You Were Born to Fly" with Daniel Gomez (@DanielInspires): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/106-you-were-born-to-fly-with-daniel-gomez-danielinspires/
    44 - "How to Work With Jerks" by Eric Williamson (@TTS_Williamson): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/44-how-to-work-with-jerks-by-eric-williamson-tts_williamson/
    Ep. 493 – “The Three R’s of Business Growth” with Edwin Dearborn (@edwindearborn): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-493-the-three-rs-of-business-growth-with-edwin-dearborn-edwindearborn/
    Ep. 497 – “The Financial Mindset Fix” with Joyce Marter (@Joyce_Marter): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-497-the-financial-mindset-fix-with-joyce-marter-joyce_marter/
    Ep. 502 – “A Leadership Development Strategy To Bond And Unite” With Amy P. Kelly (@AmyPKelly): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-502-a-leadership-development-strategy-to-bond-and-unite-with-amy-p-kelly-amypkelly/
    113 - "Business, Faith & Empowering Women Over 40" with Jen Du Plessis (@JenDuPlessis): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/113-business-faith-empowering-women-over-40-with-jen-du-plessis-jenduplessis/
    Ep. 515 – “From Food Stamps to 7-Figure Mompreneur” with Iva Paleckova (@IvaPaleckova): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-515-from-food-stamps-to-7-figure-mompreneur-with-iva-paleckova-ivapaleckova/
    Ep. 468 – “The Power Of Mindset” with Hayk Tadevosyan (@hayktadevosyan): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-468-the-power-of-mindset-with-hayk-tadevosyan-hayktadevosyan/
    Ep. 477 – “P.S. You're a Genius” with Kelly Trach (@kellytrach): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-477-ps-youre-a-genius-with-kelly-trach-kellytrach/
    #Bonus Ep. – “Structure Creates Freedom” with Brad A. Milford (@BAMilford): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/bonus-ep-structure-creates-freedom-with-brad-a-milford-bamilford/

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5.0 out of 5
68 Ratings

68 Ratings

Made of Grace ,

Timely wisdom for navigating life

This podcast combines the depth and energy of an incredible host with the process insights from a wide range of guests to shape how we view life, and ourselves.

catnii ,

Make this a regular listen!!

I'm so glad I found Dom. He has a whole host of wonderful interviews. I listened to some in preparation for my own interview with him and enjoyed them so much that I now listen to them just because they are so interesting, informative and inpirational. As an interviewer, Dom was fun from the first second, he is very lighthearted and sincere. I love his sense of humor and his genuine interest in his guests. Definitely a podcast to be listening to on a regular basis!

Dave composer of Rachel's Song ,

Let Dom help you find true North

Sometimes you need a little help in finding your way in life. Dom’s guests share their wisdom from their own life‘s journey. His episodes are always interesting and entertaining.

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