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Podcast by Kendra Rinaldi

    Letting Go Of Patterns That Hold Us Back- With Adriana Sorgi

    Letting Go Of Patterns That Hold Us Back- With Adriana Sorgi

    Adriana Sorgi is a self published author of the book "Your Breakdown Is Your Breakthrough". In our conversation we talk about different aspects of grief that she experienced throughout her life. We talk about how her parents divorce impacted her as a young teenager, she talks about her history of eating disorders and how becoming a mother saved her life. We talk about her own divorce and how letting go of patterns that weren't serving her anymore, allowed her to truly be empowered.

    A little more about Adriana Sorgi, in her own words:

    "I am passionate about helping women claim everything about themselves... the good, what they judge as “bad” and everything in between. I believe that only from this place we have the capacity to create meaningful relationships, and a life that is inspiring to us.

    I absolutely love helping women realize their value, take a stand for their truth and reveal their hearts without shame or apology.

    As a coach, I don't hold back. I am direct, honest and will always stand for your truth. It is my commitment to empower you to step fully into who you truly are.

    "You gotta claim the hell out of who you are without apology." This is the only way for you to discover how powerful you can be.

    I want to help you allow HEALTHY love in by honoring every piece of you first. I believe that a big part of creating a healthy "romantic relationship" starts with being clear in what you want, knowing your boundaries and speaking your truth moment by moment.

    I am a mother of two teenagers, a Spiritual Entrepreneur, and a Relentless Soul Seeker.

    My credentials include an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, a Soul-Centered Professional Coaching certification, an Enneagram training certification, a Fitness Training certification and more...

    I am a published author of Your Breakdown Is Your Breakthrough. Now available for sale on Amazon.

    I I also write for the Huffington Post and Facilitate women’s groups on relationship and dating. "

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    Identity Change After Grief- With Sue Egan

    Identity Change After Grief- With Sue Egan

    Sue Egan lost her brother to suicide six years ago. As she sat in a therapist's office a year later she began to pick up the pieces of her belief system and learned how to live with his suicide.

    "I felt no one could possibly understand what it was like. I felt so alone in my grief, and had memories that would flash back of events I never thought would happen in my life.

    There had been no warning signs, no suicide note or explanations. I have spent the last six years on my own journey of making meaning of my brother's death and working out how I can live with suicide as a part of my new life story.

    Through my own psychotherapy, EMDR therapy and finding the strength to research sucide bereavement within my doctoratal research and hosting a podcast about suicide loss, I have healed as much as I can. By speaking to many others bereaved through suicide, I have found a safe place to talk - to share what seems to be unthinkable thoughts and to hear stories from those who 'just get it.'

    I have learnt that we often have to rebuild not only our own lives but how we feel about our lost loved one.

    I may never be fully healed or be able to fully accept my brother's suicide, but I am in a stronger position than I ever have been. So although life will never be the same again, it is the best it will ever be - knowing I cannot rewind time and stop my brother doing what he felt he had to."

    Sue is a psychotherapist and a final year doctoral psychology student and is devoted to providing a safe therapeutic space for others who need to rebuild their lives after a sucide loss.

    Sue is a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and the British Psychological Society (BPS).

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    I Was Done Putting Up a Front- With Danielle Remigio

    I Was Done Putting Up a Front- With Danielle Remigio

    Danielle Remigio is a Student Affairs professional, writer, trainer, and TEDx speaker based in the Boston, Massachusetts area. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Western New England University and an M.S. in College Student Development & Counseling from Northeastern University. Her grief journey began in 2016 when she lost her mother, paternal grandfather, and father within 18 months of one another. Danielle has gone on to engage in conversations about the true needs of those grieving and gave her TEDxTalk in March of 2021 entitled "Cleaning Up the Grief Process" to help people understand how to approach the uncomfortable process of grief in their communities. She wants to grow and connect with others to normalize conversations around grief and reduce the stigma around the emotional processes we go through. Danielle is currently in the process of writing a memoir about her experiences to continue to share her life with anyone who could benefit from it.

    Contact Danielle Remigio:
    TedXTalk: https://youtu.be/azVaK5vLlgM

    Contact Kendra Rinaldi to be a guest on the podcast, to have as a guest on a podcast or event or for coaching services: https://www.griefgratitudeandthegrayinbetween.com/

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    We Grieve How We Live - With Carol Schoneberg

    We Grieve How We Live - With Carol Schoneberg

    Carol Schoneberg has been a hospice educator and grief counselor in Maine since 1992. She has served as an End-of-Life Educator,
    Bereavement Services Manager, and grief counselor at Hospice of Southern Maine— Maine’s only free-standing not-for-profit hospice—since its inception in 2004.

    Carol provides end-of-life education to staff, volunteers, healthcare providers, universities, and the community at large. Certified as an Advance Care Planning Facilitator Trainer through the Respecting Choices program at Gundersen-Lutheran Hospital in La Crosse, Wisconsin in 2001, she believes strongly that helping people talk about their choices for end of-life care can make a huge difference in the way families experience the dying process.

    Her experiences working with the dying and the bereaved have inspired and taught her much about the resiliency of the human spirit.

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    Ruptura de Rutinas- Con Catalina Osorio Arteaga Kocturk (Español)

    Ruptura de Rutinas- Con Catalina Osorio Arteaga Kocturk (Español)

    Catalina Osorio Arteaga Kocturk nos cuenta en estra entrevista su proceso de duelo despues de la muerte de su padre. Aqui hay un poco mas sobre Cata, en sus propias palabras:

    "Naci en Medellin, Colombia. La mayor de 3 hermanos y la unica mujer. Siempre me senti muy amada y feliz. Creci alrededor de doctores por ser mi papa uno de ellos y me apasione locamente por la medicina. Al terminar mi bachillerato comence a estudiarla y dos años despues me fui para NY con la excusa de mejorar mi Ingles. Alla me enamore de la ciudad, de las nuevas oportunidades que me brindaba y de un hombre turco! Decidi dejar mi pais y la vida que habia empezado a contruir y comenzar de nuevo en NY. Con muchisimo esfuerzo estudie sicologia y al graduarme me mude para Estambul donde me case, forme una familia y donde llevo casi 19 años! Aca, soy esposa, mama de dos adolescentes y profesora de prescolar.
    El 15 de Enero del 2020 recibi la peor noticia de mi vida: Mi papa habia muerto de un infarto.
    La verdad es que esta es la primera vez que escribo sobre todas las muertes que han sido parte importante de mi vida. Me doy cuenta que han sido muchas… Mi abuela materna, mi hermanito Sebastian, mi tio Hugo, mi primo Carlos Andres, mi amiga Gladys, mi primer embarazo, , mi amiga turca, mi tio Jaime, mi amiga Day… Todas tocaron algo profundo en mi, pero la muerte de mi papa fue completamente devastadora. Todavia me cuesta describirlo y la verdad todavia no he vuelto a mi estado “normal”. El dolor ha sido tan profundo que desestabilizo TODAS mis estructuras, todos los aspectos de mi ser. Aproximadamente a las 3 semanas de su muerte comence a sentir una rabia profunda contra mi cultura. No podia aceptar, ni entender, ni perdonar que no nos enseña absolutamente nada relacionado con la muerte y el duelo. Dicen que “la ignorancia es atrevida”, pero la ignorancia sobre la muerte es completamente cruel. Yo me senti como si me hubieran tirado al mar en medio de una fuerte tormenta, sin preguntarme si sabia nadar y sin brindarme ningun tipo de flotador… CRUEL.
    La pandemia encerro al mundo entero y yo, en medio de 4 paredes que seguian pareciendome el mas oscuro y tempestuoso de los oceanos, me obsesione con el tema. Comence a leer libros, ver videos, peliculas, documentales, a escuchar podcasts, a seguir especialistas en redes sociales y a ser parte de webinars que ofrecian la informacion y el apoyo emocional que tanto necesitaba. Con cada dia que pasaba me daba cuenta que mi nuevo proposito de vida estaba completamente ligado a compartir ese conocimiento, a desmitificar la muerte y a generar consciencia de su existencia para impulsar un cambio cultural al respecto. Comence con mis circulos mas cercanos. Empece a tener conversaciones con mis hijos, mi esposo y forme un grupo en WhatsApp con 14 miembros de mi familia donde comenzamos a tratar el tema de la muerte por primera vez. El grupo sigue activo y ha sido una experiencia maravillosa. Tambien tuve una charla con mis amigas del colegio la cual fue muy especial. Decidi prepararme como especialista en duelo. Ya tengo varios certificados. Sigo aprendiendo, sigo compartiendo y sigo motivada a aportar un granito de arena. "

    Contacta a Catalina https://www.instagram.com/con.cata.osorio/

    Contacta a Kendra para ser invitado en el podcast o para coaching.

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    Self-Care In Grief- With Melissa Pierce

    Self-Care In Grief- With Melissa Pierce

    Melissa Pierce was widowed overnight at the age of 44 when her husband Dave didn’t wake up on a cold Saturday morning in 2011. As a solo parent to their two sons, Melissa knew she had to take care of herself first so she could care for her kids - they needed her support more than ever - so she began the work of processing her deep grief and practicing self-care to move forward. She is a testament to trusting her gut and standing behind her choices. Melissa is an author, founder and creator of Filled With Gold monthly self-care support boxes for widows, and host of the Filled With Gold Widow podcast. She is happily remarried to her husband-in-this-life, Sean, and they now call the Oregon coast home.

    Contact Meliessa Pierce and find out more about the self-care support boxes for widow, her book and her podcast:

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4.7 out of 5
28 Ratings

28 Ratings

claycutter28 ,


Always fascinating to hear about other’s grief. Excellent insight

Abpfinance ,

Well done

Genuine person and genuine podcast, these topics need to be discussed, especially now more than ever. Fantastic job

KellechieSpeaks ,

A needed gem

As someone who has been through grief, this podcast is a gem for those who may be going through theirs. Very helpful and needed.

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