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Conversations with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in health and wellness who are shining examples of how to make it in this business by being both a great coach and great entrepreneur.

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Conversations with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in health and wellness who are shining examples of how to make it in this business by being both a great coach and great entrepreneur.

    Find Good Clients & Deliver Amazing Results with Yuri Elkaim

    Find Good Clients & Deliver Amazing Results with Yuri Elkaim

    Today’s guest is Yuri Elkaim a business coach for health professionals who want to scale their coaching business. Yuri says that his superpower is being able to simplify the complex world of health and reduce your confusion with clear, actionable, and science-backed advice that cuts through the nonsense.

    Yuri believes that new health coaches and entrepreneurs should do three things in order: create an impactful product that gets results, use paid advertising to get clients in the door and get results for them, and then ride the wave of all your organic traffic flow.

    Building your business from scratch with organic (aka accidental) marketing efforts can work but it takes ages. Paid traffic gets you found more quickly than organic.

    Our conversation with Yuri covers topics like how you get your first clients, how social media really works, how to go from a side hustle to a business, what products deserve paid ads for, and how webinars filter out the uncommitted clients. Yuri also shares with us how to value commitment over conversion, when to become a social media influencer, how to price your products and services, why you should learn to do your own ads, and then some real specifics on how to actually deliver your products. Plus, as a bonus, he teaches the four things you need to do to reach a million dollars so stick around right to the end!

    To learn how to become a health coach or to up-level your skills and credentials as a health coach, visit primalhealthcoach.com.

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Crafting the Irresistible Offer with George Liu

    Crafting the Irresistible Offer with George Liu

    Have you been spinning your wheels with social media marketing? Well, in this episode, we talk to online marketing expert George Liu. George teaches fitness and wellness businesses how to leverage paid advertising in their marketing efforts. It all begins with crafting an irresistible offer and then paying to put it in front of the necessary (and correct) eyeballs.   If you have been curious about dipping your toe into paid ads, you are going to love this episode. 

    During the episode, we get into topics such as how his childhood affected his life and fitness choices, how emotion drives people to buy, the role attention span plays in your ads, who to target and who is not in your market. We also dig into how marketing isn’t a soapbox for your agenda, how to pay (and how much to pay) to get in front of a thousand eyeballs, do images or videos work better, what affects your conversion rate, how to know how much to spend on ads, and also how to construct copy for an ad.  Most importantly, George explains what the heck an irresistible offer is. 

    This may seem like tricky stuff and perhaps over your head - but stay focussed and you will learn some really valuable online marketing fundamentals and strategies. 

    • 1 hr 5 min
    The Ever Evolving Coach with Bryce Henson

    The Ever Evolving Coach with Bryce Henson

    Our guest in this episode is Bryce Henson, the CEO of Fit Body Bootcamp, and leadership and development, coach. Fit Body Bootcamp is an explosively successful worldwide boutique fitness brand. Bryce shares his journey from an unfit guy to a fit guy, to a personal trainer, to a studio franchisee, and beyond. A very interesting trajectory for a fitness pro to consider. 

    As a leadership coach and speaker, Bryce also has wonderful words of inspiration and advice for all of us. He teaches some lessons about defining avatar clients, the power of the beginner’s mindset, how to help people who are like you (or like you were), what it’s like starting a franchise, and the difference between a coach and a trainer. We love learning from absolute heroes in the wellness space and we hope you enjoy this chat with Bryce Henson. 

    • 57 min
    Don’t Let Your Branding Sabotage Your Coaching with Naomi Gee

    Don’t Let Your Branding Sabotage Your Coaching with Naomi Gee

    Naomi Gee is an expert in clear messaging, copywriting, and visual branding who specifically loves working with health and wellness coaches. 

    Even if you are new to coaching, you likely know that learning how to tell your story is a clutch part of branding that, frankly, nobody likes doing or feels is worth their time and energy. But it IS worth the time and energy — and it’s gosh darned essential. 

    In this conversation, Naomi walks us through a website audit (the grunt test) that you can do on your website, right now, to make sure that it’s communicating to your audience in the way that online audiences desire to be communicated with. 

    To be honest, Naomi gives away a ton of actionable messaging tips and tricks in this episode; ideas and concepts that you can put into play right away. Her tips include the ways your website makes you look like an amateur (even if you’re not), why consistency is key (in language and branding), the power of a good call to action, how to structure an intake form, lead magnets, headlines, when in your business you should start worrying about design, and the 4 design mistakes that health coaches make. 

    Get ready to take notes and take action on this one, folks.

    • 1 hr 14 min
    Where Are The Wellness Jobs? With Carolyn Williams

    Where Are The Wellness Jobs? With Carolyn Williams

    Carolyn Williams is an author, dietitian, and award-winning food and health journalist based in Alabama. Like many of us, she is also a busy mom who knows how important it is to have some quick, healthy meal ideas on hand. She also loves to break down the latest news and trends when it comes to food, diet, and health, so we picked her brain on topics including how to build a successful business, how to hide veggies in your smoothies, and how we tend to normalize our health symptoms - especially when it comes to systemic inflammation. We also dispel some myths about meal prepping (hint: it doesn’t have to be that hard) and testing for food sensitivities and intolerances. Carolyn is full of great advice and actionable tips so you're going to want to take notes!

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Don’t Let Your Inner Teen Run Your Business with Sarah Walton

    Don’t Let Your Inner Teen Run Your Business with Sarah Walton

    Our guest is Sarah Walton. Sarah is an author, speaker, podcaster, and business mentor. And you know what? We love the business coach interviews here at Health Coach Radio because the business and marketing side of health coaching is what eludes almost every aspiring health coach that we meet (and we meet a lot of them!). 
    Talking with Sarah is always really fun, funny, and chock full of great insights and actions. She tends to focus her messaging more toward women entrepreneurs but you coaches out there who identify as males don’t skip this one. Sarah shares plenty of great info for everyone. 
    We hope you will enjoy this inspiring and energetic conversation about boldly stepping into your business, with our guest Sarah Walton. 

    • 58 min

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4.9 out of 5
84 Ratings

84 Ratings

Atrowbridge ,

Every episode is a winner!

I absolutely love this podcast. As a new health coach this podcast is very helpful.

JazzyAsh ,

Consistency is key to building a successful health coaching business

Listening to episode 186 today “don’t worry about your niche” and I love this so much. I’m headed into year 3 of my business and i just hit 6 figures for 2022 — y’all are affirming everything about staying consistent and doing what you love and being real. It’s so hard to be patient, but it’s worth it.

Mridu Parikh ,

Perfect podcast for health coaches!

Laura and Erin share such valuable information and experiences with awesome guests. You’ll find the perfect balance of business talk and mindset/wellness. Don’t think about it - subscribe now!

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