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Higher Journeys is hosted by #1 best-selling author and alternative journalist Alexis Brooks. Featuring leading edge authors, researchers, thought-leaders, and newsmakers covering metaphysics, spirituality, parapsychology, consciousness, and current events from an alternative perspective. Explore extraterrestrial and UFO phenomena, out of body experience (OBE), near-death experience (NDE), the afterlife, reincarnation and past lives, holistic health, and current news from an alternative angle, not covered within the mainstream. This show is dedicated to turning the alternative into the new mainstream of consciousness!

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Higher Journeys is hosted by #1 best-selling author and alternative journalist Alexis Brooks. Featuring leading edge authors, researchers, thought-leaders, and newsmakers covering metaphysics, spirituality, parapsychology, consciousness, and current events from an alternative perspective. Explore extraterrestrial and UFO phenomena, out of body experience (OBE), near-death experience (NDE), the afterlife, reincarnation and past lives, holistic health, and current news from an alternative angle, not covered within the mainstream. This show is dedicated to turning the alternative into the new mainstream of consciousness!

    Kevin Briggs – My LIFELONG Encounters with Extraterrestrials

    Kevin Briggs – My LIFELONG Encounters with Extraterrestrials

    One man's story of 60 years living with extraterrestrials

    The idea that human looking extraterrestrials walking amongst us is not new to those who have immersed themselves in the rich though still mysterious history of our relationship with non-human intelligence.

    More people are coming forward to report their frequent interactions with these beings, yet even more, perhaps millions are reluctant to speak out about their own contact encounters.

    Lifelong contactee Kevin Briggs is NOT one of those individuals.

    Recalling his first encounter with beings whom he refers to as Ort and Dee at the age of eight, Kevin maintains that these two beings have been with him for nearly 60 years - and at their urging, his mission has been to share his experiences with the world in hopes that more people will come to understand that they - the beings have and continue to be with us, especially through these turbulent times.

    In this episode, Kevin details his incredible journey alongside the ETs, what they have taught him and what they insist he now must share with the world.

    Key areas discussed include:

    ✓ Blond, beautiful human looking beings (he’s NOT the only one who has witnessed these entities!)

    ✓ Human’s abilities to telepathically pick up on thought communication between non human entities.

    ✓ The connection with contact and OBEs (out of body experiences).

    ✓ Encounters with “shadow beings.”

    ✓ Contact with multiple non human species including The Reptilians.

    ✓ Consciousness as a common denominator. ✓ Recalling past lives (and deaths) as a child.

    ✓ Urgency to share message from the ETs with the world.

    #ETcontact #consciousness

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    ► Get Kevin's book: Spiritual Consciousness - A Personal Journey: a class="yt-simple-endpoint style-scope yt-formatted-string" dir="auto" spellcheck="false" href="https://www.youtube.com/redirect?event=video_description&redir_token=QUFFLUhqbmUxZVAyZHBsSURpUXI3dEZNYWgxdVhyY2E4Z3xBQ3Jtc0trNFJ0c01Wbk02Q18yMmJBcUs1NllMLWtfTzh6T1ItQ0lqRE1UeFItakV1b0xmMGQ4d2FtLWE5WXBYTFpMWW5GbUpXU2dMVHQxdWFWZURoS19QTUdrSWRMWG53cFVZR0lURT...

    Christopher Macklin – The REAL Cause of Your Emotional Stress (It’s NOT What You Think!)

    Christopher Macklin – The REAL Cause of Your Emotional Stress (It’s NOT What You Think!)

    If you are experiencing extreme and prolonged emotional stress, this video is for YOU!

    My guest is Christopher Macklin and we’re discussing the non-human influence on mental and emotional stress.

    There is no doubt that within the last nearly two years, the global population has suffered a collective blow on many levels, not the least of which is the steep rise in mental and emotional stress…no surprise!

    But what if that uptick was coming from an invisible force - a non-human force that although normally cannot be seen, is still managing to wreak havoc on the human psyche, all while hiding in plain sight?

    According to Christopher Macklin, this phenomenon is A LOT more common than most people think. Christopher, well known for his work as an energy healer, medical intuitive and what he refers to as a PARANORMAL CONDUIT says that entity attachments may account for millions of ailments, including some physical illness. Some estimates say that as much as 98 percent of the human population may actually have some form of entity attachment! But if this is the case, though we don’t normally recognize them, how DO we begin the process of ridding them from our system, both individually and collectively?

    In this conversation we dive deep into the esoteric realms of human stress and what’s really behind it, as well as look at ways to recognize and then erase this pervasive intrusion to reclaim our health and well-being at ALL levels.

    #ChristopherMacklin #psychicattack #paranormalactivity

    ► Visit Christopher’s website: http://www.globalenlightenmentproject.com

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    About our Guest: Dr. Christopher Macklin is a powerful channeling medium and healer from England who utilizes Divine Healing techniques cultivated through his connection to God and the spirit world to help people recover from all types of illness. Born as a highly aware psychic child in Chester, England, Christopher Macklin was able to perceive energy fields, spirit activity and multi-dimensional phenomena from a very young age Christopher is able to heal many people simultaneously to re-balance the body's energy field by clearing chakra points and cleansing the body's meridian field by removing blockages and negative energies.   Today, Christopher works with thousands of clients a month internationally. He provides a full range of healing services that address a spectrum of physical, mental and emotional issues.   He and his wife Amanda have founded “The Global Enlightenment Project” to serve an awakening humanity and to support the healing needs of people all over the earth.  He lives with his wife, Amanda at their centre in Branson, Missouri.

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    Kyle Russell: Moldavite – The Myth, Mystery and Magic!

    Kyle Russell: Moldavite – The Myth, Mystery and Magic!

    Moldavite has been gaining unprecedented attention in recent years. This enigmatic stone, said to have descended from “the stars” landed on earth millions of years ago, largely in an area of the Czech Republic and believed to have been formed by a meteorite’s impact in the Ries crater in southern Germany 14.7 million years ago. Moldavite, a form of tektite has been the subject of many recent “strange” encounters that some individuals have been reporting. But are these "reports" REALLY a good barometer for understanding the intricacies of Moldavite?

    In this special on-location episode of Higher Journeys, Kyle Russell, crystal expert, researcher and author shares his enormous background and education about Moldavite - what they are, how they work and WHY so many reporting these disturbing encounters with this “alien” stone are happening.

    From his vast knowledge base (and own experience with this stone), Kyle will set the record straight about what “on earth” is going on with Moldavite!

    For over 30 years, Kyle has worked with crystals as an educator and purveyor of metaphysically oriented minerals. His innovative 10 Energy Zone system - by which all stones may be categorized - was developed from his guiding hundreds of online and in person events, and is captured in his new book: Crystal Energy: Understanding and Working with Stones for Clarity and Flow.

    #moldavite #crystalenergy #metaphysics

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    QHHT and The New World “Order” – Take Back YOUR Power to Heal

    QHHT and The New World “Order” – Take Back YOUR Power to Heal

    Why QHHT remains one of the most powerful and controversial healing methods of all time!

    When the late regression therapist Dolores Cannon and her husband Johnny, a military serviceman stationed overseas first dabbled in hypnosis back in the 1960’s, their interest in the process was nothing more than a hobby - something that occupied their free time while stationed in the Philippines.

    Pioneering Hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon

    Over time Dolores’ husband became quite proficient in the practice, so when the couple returned stateside, he offered sessions to individuals in his local community along with servicemen who were dealing with issues stemming from their time served while Dolores would act as his assistant.

    As their practice gained popularity within their small community - even at a time when such modalities were rarely, if ever discussed, so did their experimentation with rarely tried methods of hypnosis.

    In one very revealing session, a woman was brought back to a past life, not one but five lifetimes, taking her all the way back to her very first incarnation on earth!

    Some years later when life took an unexpected and drastic turn - Dolores' husband was nearly incapacitated after being hit by a drunk driver which left him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, she decided to jump into the uncharted waters of hypnosis and reincarnation with both feet!

    Experimenting with numerous methods eventually led her down the path of an approach that to this day continues to be one of the most unique methods of hypnosis in the world.

    Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a method that utilizes a state of deep trance through specific visualization protocols which allows the individual to access and heal themselves at the core level of consciousness.

    QHHT is described this way on Dolores Cannon’s website

    Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®), involves inducing an individual into the Somnambulistic state of trance through visualization. A state which under ordinary circumstances is experienced only twice daily: the moment just before you become consciously awake and the moment just before you fall asleep. Historically, hypnotists have avoided conducting research with subjects in this state because of the often strange and inexplicable results that are recorded. Dolores Cannon begun her research of lost knowledge and reincarnation in the late 1960s by developing QHHT® for past life regression sessions with her subjects.

    Not one to be limited by this disciplinary stigma, it was working with clients specifically in the Somnambulistic state and exploring the possibilities that led Dolores to discover that any individual can gain access to experiences of Past Lives they have lived. It was also exploring with clients in this state that she discovered an infinitely knowledgeable and powerful aspect of each individual that can be contacted and communicated with. This part of ourselves, as Dolores had learned, is always present with us and exists just below the surface of our conscious mind, so she appropriately chose to label it The Subconscious. The Subconscious is what gave her and practitioners of her QHHT® technique access to past lives and performs instantaneous healings when appropriate. Over her 45-year career, her technique has proven to be effective on thousands of people all over the world regardless of their Age, Gender, Personality, Physical Symptoms, Religious Beliefs or Cultural Backgrounds. Supplementing the vast body of work Dolores had produced, the results experienced by QHHT® Practitioners, students of Dolores who have learned her technique and practice it with their own clients,

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    Mark Bajerski – My Bizarre Encounter with Someone From Another World? The Who, What & WHY of it All

    Mark Bajerski – My Bizarre Encounter with Someone From Another World? The Who, What & WHY of it All

    "This is one of the most profound things that ever happened to me!" - Mark Bajerski

    During my recent chat with spiritual teacher and energy healer Mark Bajerski, we'd been trudging down the rabbit hole pretty deep I thought, until he went even deeper by sharing a story about a bizarre incident that happened to him roughly 12 years ago.  As he shared the encounter with me, I could feel his sense of bemusement, as if he were re-living the experience.

    After receiving a call from a man requesting an energy healing session at 8am, and agreeing to do it at that time, despite his strict policy that he would not take any clients until getting both his physical and emotional space ready typically not taking appointments until 10, after hanging up, Mark wondered, "why did I say yes?" For some reason, he said he'd do it but didn't know what prompted him to consent.

    Here's what happened next...

    In this village [where the space is located] nobody gets up 'til 9am. It's very lazy. ...I'm on the street, opening my shop and I turn around to see this man: beautiful, beautiful man, very tall about six foot two or three. Beautiful messy blond hair like he hasn't even combed it, but looked amazingly good looking. Blue eyes. ...And I said, 'are you my next client?' He said, 'I think so.' So we went upstairs.

    What follows was one of the most bizarre experiences Mark Bajerski has had in his years of work doing energy healing.

    "This man's eyes changed from blue to gray right in front of me. Am I going nuts?" - Mark Bajerski

    As he prepared to begin his work by attuning to the energy of his client, something quite odd happened...

    As I'm feeling his energy, I'm like, 'Ok, I don't feel anything. Ok, I'll start again.' So I start again...[as I] tried again - nothing! I felt nothing! It was really strange and I looked at him and said [flustered at this point] 'I'm not getting anything.' And I kid you not, I looked at that man's eyes when I started and they were blue, and when I looked at them again, they had turned gray! And I looked at him twice and I thought, 'This is weird. Am I going nuts?' So I try again and the same thing happened. Nothing!

    After repeated attempts using several different methods, he came up empty. This completely baffled Mark.

    When he finally admitted to the man that he was getting nothing, his response was simply, "Interesting," as if with a sense of aloof expectation.

    After spending much time in reflection on this most bizarre occurrence, Mark feels strongly that he may have witnessed an encounter with someone alien to this planet or what is also known as non-human intelligence - human looking, but definitely not of this world!

    Though this wasn't Mark's first brush with the "weirdness" of reality (he chronicles some of his other equally enigmatic sojourns in his book Diary of an Accidental Psychic), this event he feels, was one of the most profound.

    As I listened to Mark recounting this story to me, I couldn't help but think of several accounts I'd heard over the years from different people, of exceedingly beautiful blond human looking beings, both male and female who behaved strangely, and who's witnesses had the same sense of bafflement and curiosity about their peculiar behavior.

    In an interview I'd done with UFO researcher and historian Richard Dolan, he too shared several stories that he had been given of striking blond beings, dressed in fine clothing and meandering around in public places, from a Las Vegas casino to a church in Pennsylvania, seemingly wanting to fit in with normal folks, almost as if to analyze human behavior,

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    Debra Jordan Kauble – Extraordinary (ET) Contact

    Debra Jordan Kauble – Extraordinary (ET) Contact

    The subject of the late ET Contact Researcher Budd Hopkins speaks about her Extraordinary Contact

    Debra Jordan-Kauble is no ordinary midwestern gal. Growing up in a small town in central Indiana, later living with her parents - a single mom with two small sons, Kauble thought her life was well, pretty "normal."

    After discovering a lifelong journey of strange encounters with non-human intelligence (ET and beyond), an adventure that would begin unraveling after being regressed by the well known ET contact researcher and hypnotherapist Budd Hopkins, Debra's life would never look the same!

    Kauble was the central figure in Budd Hopkins’s New York Times best-seller, Intruders, the Incredible Visitations at Copely Woods, as well as the 1992 CBS mini-series, “Intruders”, using the pseudonym "Kathy Davis" to protect her young family.

    In 1992, she revealed her true identity and co-authored, with her sister Kathy Mitchell, Abducted, The Story if the Intruders Continues.

    We discuss Kauble's latest book, a revised, expanded edition of ‘Abducted’ titled Extraordinary Contact: Life Beyond Intruders.   Debra’s lifelong contact encounters and other instances of high strangeness s have fueled her special interest in paranormal research including her work with Electronic Voice Phenomena and she has collected impressive examples over many years. Debra also worked with the local chapter of MUFON in Indiana.

    In this episode we discuss:

    - The June 30, 1983 strange contact encounter that triggered a lifetime of memories of contact going back to childhood.

    - The generational link she shares with her family with abductions and ongoing paranormal incidents throughout the years.

    - Possible government involvement in “spying” on Debra once she decided to talk publicly about her encounters.

    - Her years of work with the late ET contact researcher and regression therapist Budd Hopkins.

    - Debra also gives her weigh in on what’s REALLY going on with the recent uptick in UFO/UAP “official disclosure.” She feels what’s coming will NOT be at all what anyone has expected!

    Are you having encounters that you feel are with “non-human intelligence” and you don’t have a place to share your experiences? Email us to share your story. We WILL listen!

    Don't miss our After Show with Debra Jordan Kauble exclusively for Patreon members.

    Visit the website of Debra Jordan-Kauble

    Get Extraordinary Contact by Debra Jordan-Kauble

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4.6 out of 5
95 Ratings

95 Ratings

JenAriel ,

Love Dr. Brookes

Am new here, lured by the promise of hearing more from Caroline Corey, and now I’m hooked. I feel like Alexis’ kind, open heart is coming through her warm, inquisitive voice. Her questions are so insightful and she and her guests provide the spiritual brilliance that helps empower my days. Thank you.

soundcloud.com/hassansouto ,

Trying to find

Heard an awesome episode whilst falling asleep now can't find it. If I remember correctly the podcast started with sadness by a enigma

Aria Sarai ,

Diverse outside the box podcast

The episode with Sean stone was vile. He’s stupid but thinks he’s all knowing. Love rules the world not satanism. Ironic that he’s the one full of fear and hate. Masks prevent the spread of a horrible virus that is real that has killed and long term effected many people close to me.
Other than that episode I enjoy your diverse podcast.

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