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Conversations about Spirituality, Religion, Doubt, Sacred Texts, Nature, Soul, Love, Death and all the Good Stuff

Hints and Guesses Kent Dobson

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Conversations about Spirituality, Religion, Doubt, Sacred Texts, Nature, Soul, Love, Death and all the Good Stuff

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4.9 out of 5
70 Ratings

70 Ratings

TCBeth ,

Provocative, Honest, Searingly Smart

Kent's teaching is just what my mind and spirit needs right now. His psychospiritual lens, combined with his expansive knowledge of the Bible, makes for compelling listening and fodder for deeper reflection. One of his (many) gifts is being able to put the Bible in context/perspective and draw out how it influences our society, in healthy and unhealthy ways. His storytelling and ability to synthesize myth, dreamwork, various faith traditions, etc., challenges and stretches both my intellect and soul in profound ways. Kent's insights will be meaningful to anyone who is spiritually curious, open-minded, open-hearted, and looking for a holistic approach to life's mysteries. So grateful for his voice and teaching.

Provisional One ,

Click Bate

His episodes on the Enneagram demonstrates a lack of understanding of the Enneagram and is an adolescent approach to a valuable tool. It seems to be more click bate to drive traffic to his podcast and social media rather than seeking understanding. He would benefit from a conversation with an Enneagram master teacher.

EyesLikeAHawk ,

Integral Theory, Great Turning, the Bible, and Soul in a Digestible format

My first exposure to Kent was when he was on Rob Bell’s podcast, the Robcast. They shared a short exchange about their historical connection via their former church Mars Hill and then proceeded to have a mind-blowing and deep conversation about matters of the heart and soul. Kent described his journey as presented in his book, Bitten by a Camel, which I then ordered, read, and was left wishing there was more.

I was thrilled when he started Hints and Guesses. He routinely weaves together material from people such as Ken Wilber, Richard Rohr, Mary Oliver, Joanna Macy, Thomas Merton, and Bill Plotkin as well as from his deep relationship with the Bible and his perspective that has evolved with time and experience. I recommend Kent’s teachings to anyone who, like me, is starved for authentic sources of information from people who are bravely participating in the Great Turning or wants to learn about Integral Theory from a less dense source than Ken Wilber.

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