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HNTKYP is a series that address symptomatic presentation and how to move to a working diagnosis and plan for patient care. Kevin McFarlane and Lisa Wolf cover red flags, cognitive pitfalls, and ways to make sure your patients survive their encounter with the health system.

How Not to Kill Your Patient Kevin McFarlane RN & Dr. Lisa Wolf

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HNTKYP is a series that address symptomatic presentation and how to move to a working diagnosis and plan for patient care. Kevin McFarlane and Lisa Wolf cover red flags, cognitive pitfalls, and ways to make sure your patients survive their encounter with the health system.

    HNTKYP From Door to Care: Redefining Triage Success

    HNTKYP From Door to Care: Redefining Triage Success

    In this episode, Lisa and Kevin discuss the importance of accurate triage in emergency departments and its impact on patient outcomes. They critique current triage models that prioritize metrics such as length of stay and door-to-physician time over patient outcomes. They remind us that a thorough nursing assessment is essential for patient safety and effective care. The episode highlights the disconnect between business-driven metrics and the clinical reality of patient care.

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    HNTKYP Floating (reposted)

    HNTKYP Floating (reposted)

    I found this episode from 2022 never posted so I updated the episode, but it didnt show up as a new episode so this is the repost.

    In this episode, Kevin and Dr. Wolf talk about emergency nurses floating out to the department into other areas.  Hopefully, this doesn't happen often but we talk about what to expect when it happens and how not to kill your floor patients.   

    • 19 min
    HNTKYP: Anxiety

    HNTKYP: Anxiety

    This episode of HNTKYP features Kevin and Dr. Lisa Wolf discussing anxiety. They explore the complexities of diagnosing anxiety, emphasizing the importance of ruling out serious underlying conditions before attributing symptoms solely to anxiety. They stress the importance of not dismissing physical symptoms like tachycardia, tachypnea, and numbness as mere anxiety until ruling out all other potential causes. Remember that even patients with anxiety can still have medical problems. Tune in to learn more about how to effectively triage potential anxiety in the ED and ensure that no patient's symptoms are overlooked.
    Anxiety is the Last Diagnosis on the List
    Lisa Wolf, MS, RN, CEN
    Published:February 01, 2010
    https://www.jenonline.org/article/S0099-1767(10)00002-4/fulltext (subscription required)


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    HNTKYP: Distributive Shock (Podcrawl Edition)

    HNTKYP: Distributive Shock (Podcrawl Edition)

    In this special collaborative episode, part of the "Nurses Podcrawl," Dr. Wolf and Kevin delve into the fascinating world of distributive shock. As part of a unique project featuring seven different podcasters, each covering a specific type of shock, our hosts take on distributive shock, exploring its nuances and critical aspects and this super cool type of shock
    Listen to all the episodes here:

    @icuscenarios @theqwordpodcast @straightanurse @nursedosepodcast @therapidresponsern @upmynursinggame
    #distributiveshock #cardiogenicshock #hypovolemicshock #obstructiveshock
    Obstructive Shock; Critical Care Scenarios and Rapid Response RN
    Distributive shock with Straight A Nursing
    Cardiogenic Shock: With Up My Nursing Game and Nurse Dose Podcast

    • 45 min
    HNTKYP A Review of Shock

    HNTKYP A Review of Shock

    This episode of HNTKYP Kevin and Dr. Lisa Wolf take a deep dive into the high-stakes world of shock management.  Why does it matter you ask?  If you miss the early signs of septic shock, and 30% of those patients won’t make it home. This episode provides a comprehensive overview of the different types of shock – hypovolemic, distributive, cardiogenic, and obstructive – detailing their causes, signs, and appropriate treatments.

    • 40 min
    HNTKYP Understanding the Why Behind the What

    HNTKYP Understanding the Why Behind the What

    This episode of HNTKYP delves into the crucial distinction between merely knowing nursing protocols and truly understanding them. Kevin and Dr. Wolf discuss the importance of nurses not merely performing tasks or following protocols blindly but grasping the underlying pathophysiology and the reasoning behind the actions they take and the medications they give. This episode highlights the importance of critical thinking and the application of knowledge in nursing to prevent errors, enhance patient care, and, fundamentally, avoid causing harm.
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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

Eevi1 ,


I absolutely love this podcast! Only “down” is that I want more episodes. It’s a smart and entertaining podcast with such good information and content.

kekalt ,


Best emergency medicine podcast I've listened to so far. I am an ER nurse and I’m constantly telling my coworkers to listen to this podcast. It has helped me realize a lot about my patient care and helped keep me on my toes with my medical knowledge. I’ll definitely keep listening.

mk narv ,

Take a Listen

Long time ER nurse who found both Art of Emergency Nursing and HNTKYP Podcasts over the past year. These have given me so much encouragement in being in the specialty of emergency nursing. I have been passing on these ER nursing specific podcasts to all our new ER staff (nurses as well as our techs that are in nursing school.). I hung up the names of these resources in our break room and keep encouraging my colleagues to take a listen. Thanks for all you do to encourage, equip and advocate for this specialty!

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