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A behind-the-scenes look at the tactics and resources for recording artists and producers to thrive in today's ever-changing music industry. Join industry veteran, Greg Gordon, in an ongoing series of interviews with music producers, recording artists, label bosses, game audio experts, and more who all share their professional life stories and insight into their real-world successes and their passion for making music their lives.

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A behind-the-scenes look at the tactics and resources for recording artists and producers to thrive in today's ever-changing music industry. Join industry veteran, Greg Gordon, in an ongoing series of interviews with music producers, recording artists, label bosses, game audio experts, and more who all share their professional life stories and insight into their real-world successes and their passion for making music their lives.

    Bachelors of Science

    Bachelors of Science

    In this episode, Greg talks with Phil "Rene" Collis and Lukeino Argilla two members of the Drum 'n Bass group Bachelors of Science, who just released a brand new LP Within This Moment. The trio, including Chris Doe, was originally formed in San Francisco but is currently based mostly in southern California. They open up the conversation by talking about the process of collaborating on this fourteen-track LP and the challenges of working together while in different cities and across different platforms, and how they've spent years working together and coming up with a group process that works.

    One of the members, Luke Argilla, also works for Dolby as a mix engineer using their ATMOS Spatial Audio system, and Bachelors of Science has been releasing ATMOS mixes of their music since the remixes of their Space Between album from 2015. Luke also has an atmos-capable studio in his home. He talks about the strategies for creating spatial audio mixes of their songs and creating interesting listening experiences that will also translate to different listening environments. Phil weighs in as someone closer to an atmos music consumer and talks about experiencing atmos audio for the first time in studios and nightclubs, and how the focus of the technology has begun to shift from those environments to streaming music at home.

    Bachelor's of Science, both as a group and individually, have previously worked with Pyramind on a few occasions, Luke's first release was on one of Pyramind's Test Press compilations drawn from the events under the same name that Pyramind produced in the mid to late 2000's. Bachelor's of Science was also previously featured as the opening track on the 2009 LovEvolution Compilation (along with many notable artists including Miguel Migs, Bassnectar, and Lee Coombs) which was released to benefit Pyramind's annual scholarship. Their track, The Ice Dance, became one of their most played tracks but due to metadata mistakes on the Lovevolution compilation, the album was listed as a Bachelor's Of Science release rather than a compilation. The three joke about it now but this was a problem that took some time to finally get resolved with the distributor, InGrooves, highlighting the importance of getting your metadata right the first time! In 2012, They founded CODE Recording, in order to publish their own music, as well as publish other standout Drum 'n Bass artists.

    The tracks "Stomp" and "Brighter Days" from the latest LP, are also played and Phil and Luke talk about the inspirations for the tracks and their experiences working with the vocalists featured on them. Now that the record is out, the group has a full lineup of concerts everywhere from Denver to Sardinia and are already getting new tracks produced and mixed for their next release.

    Stream Within This Moment here: https://open.spotify.com/album/45gM8mKFlUM2U1dzj4mUpU

    Learn more about Bachelors of Science here: Linktr.ee/BachelorsOfScience

    Watch their Pyramind Live stream here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cdn8aPwvMic

    Check out CODE Recordings here: http://www.coderecs.com/
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    Gizma is a Psy Trance artist and a MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) research physician. She is a native Mexican who grew up both there as a young child but is now based in SF. Gizma recieved her M.D. from the University of Michoacan in 2009, and comes from a family of doctors. She talks about coming to San Francisco to attend Pyramind Music & Audio Production Institute because of her passion for music and love for the city. "The Opening" is the first track played, and she credits the instructors at Pyramind that helped her learn the sound design techniques and Apple's Logic Pro that gave her the skills and creative workflow to produce at this level.
    Greg and Gizma discuss the influences that went into this track, and how her work as a research Physician for MAPS influences the music she makes. Being an indigenous Mexican drew her to her research with MAPS because psychedelic medicine is such a big part of her culture and has inspired the music she makes.
    They dive into the sound design process of her music, and she talks about many of the plugins and techniques that are staples of producing Psy-Trance music as well as how she likes to sit down and start a track, usually by choosing a vocal or spoken word sample. They then get into talking about the record labels that Gizma has worked with over the years, including Spun Records, and Antu Records where she releases music now. The conversation turns to collaboration with fellow label artist, including the next track they listen to, "Cognitive Liberty" produced in collaboration with Psy Trance artist Ital. Gizma talks about the inspiration for the song, as well as the collaboration process that went into making the track.
    The Psy-Trance scene in Mexico is discussed, and how it's no longer the underground thing it was back in 2003 when she started going to events there, and why it's now a great thing that it's much more visible and accessible. The conversation then turns to how the psychedelic medicine of her culture and family influences her work and music, and how she applies that knowledge in her medical practice.
    They close out the episode by listening to the track "Ainu" by Gizma and Amplify, which was inspired by the Aboriginal Ainu people of Japan.

    Check out Gizma at https://gizma44.wixsite.com/gizmamusic
    Listen to the songs in this episode at https://www.beatport.com/artist/gizma/767546
    Check out Antu Records at http://www.anturecords.com
    Check out MAPS at https://maps.org
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    Mal Harper

    Mal Harper

    This episode starts by listening to the song "Evil Aria" by Illexxandra on the latest Mal Label compilation Space Opera. Mal talks about putting the compilation together, and how they brought together a diverse lineup of up and coming and established artists around a common stylistic theme. Greg and Mal then mention the Pyramind live stream scheduled for later that day featuring some Mal Label Artists, and how they will continue to work together on events and Mal Label releases.

    Mal credits two events that inspired her to get into live event production, Shambalah and Bass Coast in Canada. Both because of how fun they are and how they work hard to create a safe dance space for their patrons. Mal and Greg then discuss the meaning of safe dance spaces and how important they are for the scene, as well as how much progress has been made to create Safe dance spaces.

    Mal Label now has over 250 releases. The label has gotten to this point by focusing on putting out material from up-and-coming artists, as well as prioritizing women and POC artists. Mal also talks about how the label has recently moved from putting out releases in rapid succession to focusing more on creating curated compilations in order for each release to get the proper time needed for marketing. She also talks about leveraging their large catalog into a music library that focuses on micro-licensing for internet ads and home-exercise content, and how doing so has created a consistent revenue stream for the label and its artists.

    They listen to another couple of tracks from Space Opera, first "The Dragon" by El-Diablo and Nim-1. Greg and Mal talk about the crossover potential between Bass Music and Hip Hop, and how it's been done so successfully over the years. They close the Podcast with the closing track from Space Opera, "Space Coast Boogie" by Bukkha.

    Pyramind Live with Mal Label artists, El Diablo and DJ LB: https://youtu.be/5NpLSaNoVxg

    Mal Label: https://www.mallabelmusic.com

    Send Demos to demos@mallabelmusic.com

    Space Opera EP: https://open.spotify.com/album/0C3Iukpu3ksSKuw5MwgPbP?si=h9c9qclyQjKw0tyR7-XvVw
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    Stephen Wilson AKA Sinukus

    Stephen Wilson AKA Sinukus

    Stephen Wilson, AKA Sinukus, has a long and storied Bay Area music industry history. This discussion starts with an introduction to The Ambient Mafia DJ collective, their compilation releases, and their move to streaming during the pandemic. Greg & Stephen discuss the use of different technology platforms to "stage-manage" all the DJs involved and their ability to seamlessly move from one set to the next all while re-streaming to multiple platforms. The conversation then moves to Stephen's background in tech and how he gained notoriety in the music tech sector by developing an embedded MP3 player in the browser for Live 365 Internet Radio.
    This then led to him being hired by Winamp to develop a system for accessing your music collection from the cloud and then Avid, the makers of Pro Tools, where he was originally a developer for 12 years and ultimately for the past 7 years became an architect. His development at Avid started with the challenge of latency compensation and went on to Elastic Audio, clip based gain, and cloud collaboration. All this while promoting and throwing multiple monthly parties and ultimately back to his passion for Down-Tempo chill electronic music with the Below Zero broadcast radio show on Energy 92.7 FM from 2008 to 2014.
    The podcast ends with a discussion of the formation of the "meta-collective", Unison, which is made up of multiple Bay Area DJ collectives that have come together to support each other and raise money for multiple charities. This super-organized, tech-forward crew also developed multiple education docs for the technology they use for supporting and managing large collective live streams. The closing track is from The Ambient Mafia compilation, Chillroom Culture Vol. 1, called Frog Pond by Mo Corleone, and featuring Beau Dream.
    Unison https://unison.stream
    The Ambient Mafia https://www.ambientmafia.com
    Chillroom Culture Vol 1 https://ambientmafia.bandcamp.com/releases
    Ambient Mafia - Sunday Sundowns live every Sunday 5pm-10pm PST https://twitch.tv/theambientmafia
    Sinukus https://linktr.ee/sinukus
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    Lucia Lilikoi

    Lucia Lilikoi

    In this episode, singer-songwriter and recording artist, Lucia Lilikoi shares the experience of creating her latest album Luz and stepping into the role of producer and engineer for the project, Greg and Lucia discuss her musical career journey, beginning with her roots growing up in Sevilla Spain with the influences of a working musician and producer father, attending a music conservatory at a young age, and then moving to Los Angeles for High School, and attending Berklee College of music.  
    They talk about her experience recording her first album in her father's home studio and another friend producing and helping to recruit session musicians for the project, while also playing her music live in the Los Angeles venue circuit. She goes into detail about her experience crowdfunding her second album in a time just before the current major crowdfunding platforms became prominent, and how engaging with her core group of fans helped her accomplish a successful crowdfunding campaign, and allowed her to work with Grammy winning producer, Malcolm Burn.  
    Lucia also talks about how she developed her specific sound and distilled it into a genre she calls Dream Folk, and how this lead her to learn the practice of sound healing. She gives us her insights about building a sustainable career in music while remaining niche in the age of streaming.
    Finally, they listen to the song “Angel of Mine” from her latest record Luz, and talk about her inspirations for the song and the meaning behind the lyrics.
    Songs played during the podcast: Black Seed & Luz from the album Luz.
    Website: www.lilikoimusic.com  
    Sound Healing: https://www.alchemicalsinging.com/ Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3HKZMX5 
    Apple Music: https://apple.co/3uGc0wA
    Bandcamp: www.lucia.bandcamp.com 
    Light: https://bit.ly/3BcmzJ9 
    Angel of Mine: https://bit.ly/34Ora86 
    Live at The Center SF: https://bit.ly/3GJbhgD After the Wind: https://bit.ly/3uHBGcq 
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    Michael Starita

    Michael Starita

    In this episode, Greg interviews musician, producer, mix engineer, and label boss Michael Starita. They discuss the power of saying yes even when you think you might not be ready and the importance of having the drive to learn as you go. Tracks from Michael Starita’s latest release are highlighted to show his techniques for producing and collaborating with other artists, as well as the influence of spirituality and meditation practice on his music. Michael Starita also gives us insight into his personal journey to find fulfillment in the music industry as an artist/producer and engineer.
    Featured Tracks;
    Middle track, “The Dream” featuring Christan Scott aTunde Adjuah and Trent Park from his latest album The Wakeup Call
    Michael Starita Wrote produced and played keys on this track, with songwriting and trumpet playing from Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, songwriting, lyrics, and vocals from Trent Park, and songwriting and guitar from Robin Applewood. This song and album were released on Michael Starita’s Be Still Records label, which is dedicated to spiritual music. Michael challenged himself and his collaborators to channel the music on the project from the heart, rather than overthink anything when writing and performing the music.
    Last track, “The Search” featuring Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band from The Wakeup Call
    Michael Starita wrote produced and played keys on this track, with songwriting and vocals from Sean Johnson of Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band. Sean Johnson sings a Mantra, from Hindu and Yoga Tradition, about the concept of the Guru, what it represents, and how it permeates everything, including each person. Michael Starita talks about the process of writing this song, by passing musical Ideas back and forth between him and Sean Johnson until they felt ready to send each other multitracks and get mixing.
    Michael Starita is an artist, producer, mix engineer, founder of both the Starita Music and Be Still Records labels, founder of Bay Area Music Collective, and the former president of the San Francisco chapter of the Recording Academy. He has produced and engineered tracks for a plethora of artists including Los Amigos Invisibles who were nominated for a Latin Grammy in the song of the year category, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Third Eye Blind, A Tribe Called Quest, Yo Yo Ma, and Childish Gambino to name a few. Michael Starita blends his influences and roots in Rock, Soul, and Electronic music with his spiritual practice and meditation to create genre-bending and introspective music.
    Website https://www.staritamusic.com/
    Be Still Records website https://bestillrecords.com/
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11 Ratings

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