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Pull up a rocker on the porch and we'll talk about the sheep, alpacas, chickens, gardens, and other farm and fiber happenings here at Jacob's Reward Farm. Got your knitting or your spinning wheel handy? Great, let's go!

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Pull up a rocker on the porch and we'll talk about the sheep, alpacas, chickens, gardens, and other farm and fiber happenings here at Jacob's Reward Farm. Got your knitting or your spinning wheel handy? Great, let's go!

    Episode 9 - Happy New Year!

    Episode 9 - Happy New Year!

    A little delayed, but ready to kick off a new year in style!  Today we
    talk about the holiday season just past - the good, the bad, and the
    aesthetically challenged:

    Tragedy: Esther and EliRescue Great Pyrenees? www.txgreatpyreneesrescue.orgShotgun practiceSick alpacasCover article in The Allen ImageSpinning for www.txolan.org Alpaca ShowWinter Fiber Fun Retreat from www.FancyFibers.comNew chickens and Chicken Sponsor Program (http://www.jacobsreward.com/jr_chickens.htm)

    Spring picnic with storytelling, date TBA

    And a lot of miscellaneous other stuff. 

    So blessed to have you along with me for a visit in the Little Red
    Barn!  Pull out your knitting or spinning, and let's catch up...

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    Episode 8 - Road to Boerne

    Episode 8 - Road to Boerne

    In this episode, three fiber fans visit together on the road home from
    the Kid N Ewe Fiber Fest in Boerne, TX.  Mary, Laurie and I talk about
    lots of things we saw and did during the three-day festival including:

    Hokett Would Work: would.work@yahoo.com

    Jim Hokett's gorgeous wooden weaving and spinning tools.



    Christine O'Hara



    www.FiberLady.com - handpainted bamboo rovings


    STAR - State of Texas Alpaca Ranchers


    Wylie Art Festival, December 5


    Winter Fiber Retreat, February 5-7, 2010

    We had such a great time at Kid N Ewe this year.  We hope to be back again next year. 

    Thanks for listening!!
    Ravelry: JacobsReward
    Twitter:  JacobsReward

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    Episode 7 - Festivities and Fiber Harvest

    Episode 7 - Festivities and Fiber Harvest

    Wow.  I'm still recovering from our incredible party this past
    weekend!  I want to thank everyone who made it the blast that it was:

    George and Sue Merritt, musicians

    Gene and Peggy Helmick-Richardson, storytellers


    Alta Mantsch, caterer


    Emma Telisak, Videographer

    Manual Labor of Love specialists: Laurie, Hayden, Jennifer and Donna

    Everyone who came and brought food and spinning, knitting, crafting of
    any sort, and who soaked up the top-drawer entertainment and sunshine -
    friends old and new.

    Upcoming Events:

    Huffhines Art Trails


    October 24, 25, 2009

    1500 Apollo Road, Richardson, TX

    Meet the Processor/Fiber Harvest Day

    Sunday, November 1

    Lynn, Jim and Deanie Snell


    Kid 'N Ewe and Llamas, Too

    Boerne, TX

    November 13-15, 2009

    Visit our blog: www.jacobsreward.blogspot.com

    or our webpage: www.jacobsreward.com

    On Ravelry and Twitter, I'm JacobsReward

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    Episode 6 - Fabulous Fiber Fall

    Episode 6 - Fabulous Fiber Fall

    What an incredible fall we have shaping up!  In this episode I detail all the amazing things going on around the farm in the coming weeks:

    Fiber Harvest hand delivered by our processor:
    Spinderella's Fiber Mill - www.spinderellas.com

    "Spinning Yarns" Storytelling Day with great food, live music and old Texas yarns told by the Peggy and Gene - www.twicetellers.com

    The Kid N Ewe and Llamas, Too Fiber Festival in Boerne, TX

    2010 Shares Available:  Current shareholders have until October 31 to reserve a share, and then on November 1, all remaining shares will be open to the public.

    My sound quality needs some improvement, and I could use some advice about that.  Hope it's not too distracting.

    Remember:  Life's uncertain - Spin dessert first!

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    Episode 5 - Flying Solo

    Episode 5 - Flying Solo

    This week, you and I do morning chores together, look over what's on my
    needles, and discuss upcoming events here at the farm.  Let's top off
    our coffee, pull up a chair on the porch and enjoy this incredible
    weather!  Farm on!

    In this show I mention these cool sites:

    www.kipingitreal.com where Jackie has a cool site and a cool podcast.

    www.fiberfarm.com where my mentor, Susie Gibb's awesome farm has a cyber home.

    www.Ravelry.com where knitters in the know hang out and party

    www.kidnewe.com about the wonderful fiber fest in Boerne, TX (this site has been having issues - sorry if it won't come up.).

    And please drop by our sites if you'd like:



    God bless,

    Cindy xo

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    JRFF - Best Laid Plans

    JRFF - Best Laid Plans

    Another fun sit-down with our friend Mary Berry of www.fancyfibers.com.  We discuss:

    Best Laid Plans- we were supposed to be picking up Mary's new goats,
    Weather woes,
    Fun at the Feed Store,
    Animals waiting all over Texas,
    Urbanites detached from the natural cycles and seasons,
    Finding balance with the natural rhythm of life,
    Fine tuning the business - cleaning fiber,
    Room to grow.

    Enjoy!  Check our our daily updates on the blog: www.jacobsreward.blogspot.com

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Customer Reviews

ADDKnitter ,

Great Podcast

I love to listen to this podcast. Even though I have a lot of the same routines and animal chores I love listening to them talk about the farm. It's fun that there are always different people co-hosting. The setup of this farm is such a wonderful idea. I hope this podcast continues & I look forward to hearing about spring on the farm (I know it's been super busy for us).

irishcorp ,

This podcaster is a natural!

This podcast is awesome - it has different topics, great conversation and education. It's even helping me learn to be a little greener. Thanks!

Knitamaniac ,


I love listening to the podcast! Being an alpaca farm owner, I am so interested in all the stories of how the farm is run, like the guests, and all the knitting information. The podcast is easy to listen to, produced very nicely, and I look forward to each new espisode.

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