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The show where we watch the 1970s TV show "In Search Of..." and look at possible explanations the producers didn't consider.

In Research Of William Blake Smith

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The show where we watch the 1970s TV show "In Search Of..." and look at possible explanations the producers didn't consider.

    S03E18 - The Angel of Death

    S03E18 - The Angel of Death

    We follow Nazi Hunter Simon Weisenthal as he hunts the notorious war criminal Josef Mengele. 
    Simon Wiesenthal - wiki
    Josef Mengele - wiki
    Dr. Ellen Lingens - wiki
    Juan Domingo Peron - wiki
    The Big Gun - Gerald Bull, Saddam Hussein and the Mossad 
    Read about Escape from Sobibor - this is an amazing story
    There is the "real" ODESSA and then there's the fictional novel and film The ODESSA FIle.
    Shadow over Günzburg
    What really happened to Mengele? Britannica
    Return to that classic "season 1" aesthetic in our Nimoy Fashion Alert:

    Who knew the factory tokens in Axis & Allies were so accurate?

    Another shot of Nimoy in the "Night Gallery."  Will we see this set again?  


    • 1 hr 35 min
    S03E17 - Psychic Sea Hunt

    S03E17 - Psychic Sea Hunt

    The In Search Of team heads of to Santa Catalina island to hunt for underwater archaeology guided only by "remote viewers" Ingo Swann and Hella Hammid. Nimoy Fashion:

    Links from our Discussion:
    Robert Ballard Titanic search cover for military submarine research
    The Mobius Group
    The JASON Group
    Stephan Schwartz paper on the use of remote viewing in Archaeology
    Stephan A. Schwartz's website 
    Alexander the Great's tomb (wikipedia) - it also recently showed up in a certain Marvel creative endeavor which I'm not going to mention because of "spoilers."
    HYCO submarine was a "Pisces Class" deep submersible and some of these went to depths of more than 8000 feet.  The Taurus  IS FOR SALE!!!
    Blake & Jeb discussing the video series Hellier with Hayley Stevens on her podcast The Spooktator.
    The Great Wall of Benin
    Lost Kingdoms of Africa: Great Zimbabwe
    Jack Parsons and the JPL
    Spiritual healer "Rolling Thunder" who some have accused of being a "Plastic Shaman."
    Ed Dames, famous for selling remote viewing training and making terrible predictions

    Ingo Swann - pioneer of "remote viewing"
    (Ingo also wrote gay erotica as Hero Haubold)

    Hella Hammid (1921 - 1992) 
    Skeptical response to Ingo Swann's remote viewing 

    Anne Kahle - Jet Propulsion Lab and NASA

    Thomas Cook from the Bureau of Land Management shows up - says there are 1,100 known wrecks and 53 around Catalina

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    The Money Pit Mystery (EXPLICIT)

    The Money Pit Mystery (EXPLICIT)

    We include a warning in the intro to this one.  It's got an explicit tag.  That's for language because this one brought out some strong feelings, but that's all explained in the intro.  What's not explained in the intro is that my audio is pretty awful in this one.  Once again Skype decided to randomly use my laptop's microphone instead of my podcasting mic.  This is the last time that will happen because I've ditched the laptop in favor of a more powerful machine with no internal microphone!  My apologies for that, but hopefully you'll find more treasure in this episode than the searchers will ever find on Oak Island. How Howard Pyle invented our modern image of the pirate.
    The "real" Captain Kidd and Pyle's version:

    Poe's The Gold Bug (wiki)
    The Knickerbocker Tales (Amz Affiliate)
    The Oak Island Mystery, Solved! (book about explanation for literal geology of site)
    Nimoy Fashion Alert:

    So many re-enactors in this one.

    So many shirtless re-enactors.

    FDR on Oak Island

    The clay(?) model used throughout the episode:

    The replica of the coded stone:


    • 1 hr 31 min
    S03E15 - Animal ESP

    S03E15 - Animal ESP

    Blake and Jeb are joined again by Alex French to discuss the tantalizing possibility that animals may possess powers of ESP!
    1973 Habitrail Ad
    Cat Roulette

    Blackfish - documentary about Sea World & Orcas (AMZ)
    King's Island and the Brady Bunch (News story - 46 years later)
    The 68–95–99.7 rule (statistics - wikipedia)
    Six-Sigma (business - wikipedia)
    J. B. Rhine (wikipedia)
    Origin of the domestic dog (wikipedia)
    Hans Esser (obit)

    Dr. William Broad (news article)
    1970s Fashion that's still in fashion:

    Animal Psychic Bea Lydecker is apparently still alive and still in business!

    Bobby the Wonder Dog (wiki)


    • 2 hr 14 min
    S03E14 - Dreams and Nightmares

    S03E14 - Dreams and Nightmares

    Jeb and Blake are joined again by Alex French to discuss Dreams and Nightmares. Will there be weird video effects and creepy dream re-creations? Does Spock love a syllogism? Tune in and find out! 
    Nimoy Fashion Alert: 

    Research Links:
    CIA Spy Cat 
    Shakespeare in the Bush (article)
    Dr. Allan Hobson(1933 - 2021)

    Dr. Rosalind Cartwright (1922 - 2021)  - a book she wrote on this topic (Amz affiliate link). Note the "EEG" pattern on her lab coat!

    Ted Spagna dream photos
    Temporal Lobe section of the human brain
    Spooktator Hellier ep
    Black and Tans (Ireland)
    Black and Tan (Drink)
    Black and Tan (Dog coloration phenotype)
    Fuseli's The Nightmare
    The 1970s Big Wheel is for sale again (Amz affiliate link)
    Radio call letter history (K, W, and N)
    Rotoscoping in Wizards (clip on YouTube)
    Garden of Earthly Delights (Wikipedia)
    The completely nuts "full story" of the wandering-eye boyfriend meme.
    Dreamscape (Amz affiliate link)
    A Nightmare on Elm Street (Amz affiliate link)
    Inception (Amz affiliate link)
    Waking Life (Amz affiliate link)
    Strong Bad Light-Switch Rave (YouTube)
    Defender video game (Wikipedia)
    List of movies with Dobermans
    The "New Age Donnie and Marie" sequence:

    Dream Circle session


    • 1 hr 58 min
    Lost Vikings

    Lost Vikings

    EXPLICIT TAG - this episode contains a lot of swearing and complaining.
    Blake and Jeb go in search of a lost Norse settlement in Canada, but discover that the real treasure isn't Vikings, and it definitely isn't the racist b******t you meet along the way.  
    Thomas E. Lee - professor whose weird (racist) theories are at the heart of this episode

    "Hammer of Thor" - monument/dry-stack/possible Inuksuk at end of episode

    Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson - Icelandic Heathenry Revitalist

    The statue supposed to be of Erik the Red was actually of Thorfinn Karlsefni
    Mjolner (aka Thor's Hammer)
    Greenland (as a Norse Settlement)
    The Gyrfalcon
    Thule (aka Ultima Thule)
    The Norse sorcerer Kolgrim
    Journal article about “Viking” presence in Nunavik
    Nimoy Fashion Alert:

    Not in the episode - but stuff we talked about:
    L'Anse aux Meadows - real Norse archeological site in Canada
    The Mismeasure of Man (by Gould)
    2021 Calls to boycott Canada Day after graves found
    Triumph of the Moon (Ronald Hutton)
    Famous statue of Leif Erikson 

    • 1 hr 30 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
200 Ratings

200 Ratings

Marklininak ,


I grew up watching this show as a child. As an adult with a science education. It is Wonderfull to revisit this show. In search of is as foundational to who I am as a person born in the early 70’s as Star Wars, Star Trek, and Indiana Jones. The hosts clearly share that love while critically digging in. This is the only podcast that I listen to multiple times. M

DaveMacLunkey ,

Terrible show.

Two smug hosts trash In Search Of while one makes puns.

I think I hit my limit in the Oak Island episode where they mocked the Restall tragedy.

Skip it.

missy@68 ,


So glad I found this podcast. I loved In Search Of as a kid and now watch those shows again and again on YouTube. This podcast is a way for me to in enjoy these shows in a new way. Thank you for respectfully analyzing In Search Of. This show has brought me so many enjoyment exploring our world and it’s mysteries.

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