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The Eyre sisters, mothers of 18 children ages 1-25 and daughters of best-selling parenting authors, share stories and discuss how growing up in an eccentric family has impacted their lives and their own parenting journeys.

In the Arena with the Eyre Sisters Saren, Shawni, Saydi and Charity

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The Eyre sisters, mothers of 18 children ages 1-25 and daughters of best-selling parenting authors, share stories and discuss how growing up in an eccentric family has impacted their lives and their own parenting journeys.

    48. Fun and Joy in Motherhood

    48. Fun and Joy in Motherhood

    This week, Charity leads us in a really fantastic and needed discussion on practical ways to find joy in motherhood. There are a lot of reasons it can be hard to find joy as a mom. But there are also a lot of ways to help us change up that narrative and soak in the good things. What tactics do you use to help you find joy in your mothering journey? We'd love to hear! Come share with us on Instagram: @eyresisters. 
    Show Notes:
    Flecks of Gold - Rachel Nielson
    Don't Carpe Diem - Glennon Doyle
    Brooke Romney Instagram Post
    Hardwiring Happiness 
    Enjoy It.  Because it's happening.  - blog post

    • 28 min
    47. Mothering with Faith

    47. Mothering with Faith

    This week's topic is very dear to our hearts. We discuss what it means to mother with faith, and specific ways we try to do this. We also expand what we mean by faith - not just a strict religious definition. We know faith within families is so personal, and we know it looks different for everyone. What we hope is that you can glean some ideas on how to mother with your faith. We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas! Hop on Instagram and let us know your stories @eyresisters. 

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    46. Dad Mode with Tal

    46. Dad Mode with Tal

    We are so excited that we got to interview our brother, Tal, about his upcoming book Dad Mode: 25 Ways to Connect with Your Child. Join us as we talk with Tal about specific, tangible ways dads can connect with their children. We'd love to hear what you think about what Tal shared - come let us know on Instagram! 
    Dad Mode by Tal Eyre
    Episode 25. Positive Parenting
    Episode 42. Really Seeing
    Egg by C.G. Hanzlicek
    Tal's Website

    • 46 min
    45. Difficult Conversations

    45. Difficult Conversations

    Join us this week as we discuss how to have difficult conversations with our kids. We acknowledge the messiness, discuss ways to prepare ahead of time, and give ideas to each other on how to approach these tricky conversations. We would love to hear your thoughts! How do you approach difficult topics with your kids? Hop on Instagram and let us know! @eyresisters
    Show Notes:
    How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber

    • 55 min
    44. Parenting Across Generations

    44. Parenting Across Generations

    We are so excited to have our mom, Linda Eyre, join us in this week's episode as we chat about parenting through the generations. We discuss the differences and similarities between parenting when our mom had young kids, through Saren and Shawni, to Saydi, who's in the middle, and then Charity, who still has young kids. We hope you can relate as we talk about the challenges as well as the good things about our time of parenting. Hop on Instagram and let us know your thoughts! @eyresisters
    Show Notes: 
    Our parents' free books

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    43. Worry in Mothering

    43. Worry in Mothering

    It's natural for moms to worry about their kids! And, if you're like most moms, you tend to worry a lot! In today's conversation, we discuss the nuances and complexities of worry, some detrimental things that happen when we worry, as well as some actionable steps to take to help move through worry and find more peace. Come join us on Instagram and share with us your thoughts about worry! @eyresisters
    Show Notes:
    Arthur Somers Roche quote  Sister Runia's talk Randy Armstrong quote Courtney Carver quote Alison Curfman 10 Reasons Not To Worry About Your Child

    • 43 min

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4.9 out of 5
114 Ratings

114 Ratings

krae27! ,

Best Podcast

I love this podcast! It really helps me as a new mom to two!

Abbilewis ,


As a young mom to 4 kids, I love listening to their different family dynamics and all the great ideas they have. It helps me ponder the kind of mother I want to be and gives me great ideas how I can do that!

Grace WT ,

Uplifting & energizing!

As a young mom trying to cultivate a home environment where learning and fun are had, I have found this podcast so enlightening! It makes me smile (& laugh) to hear about each sister and their different take on each topic. Whoever picks the podcast episodes is doing an awesome job—I have a whole note on my phone titled “in the arena thoughts” and I can’t wait to refer back to it when I have a question/idea about traditions, family culture, parenting, etc! ♥️ Your parents did a dang good job!

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