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The companion to the world's largest independent portal for all things InDesign, InDesignSecrets.com! Co-founders David Blatner and Anne-Marie Concepcion discuss news, tips, and how-to's for Adobe InDesign, the layout program that is the standard for print, PDF, and digital publishing.

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The companion to the world's largest independent portal for all things InDesign, InDesignSecrets.com! Co-founders David Blatner and Anne-Marie Concepcion discuss news, tips, and how-to's for Adobe InDesign, the layout program that is the standard for print, PDF, and digital publishing.

    Ep. 317: Hot Threads from the InDesign Forum

    Ep. 317: Hot Threads from the InDesign Forum

    News Fixed issues in 19.3 Earn an InDesign Certificate on LinkedIn Learning Online Events and CreativePro Week Hot Threads: How to create a grid of images (or images and captions) so they'll autoflow and are easy to rearrange? Swapping Images script Auto-Reflowing Images in a Grid Loic's Inline Merge script to create a grid Video on using Data Merge scripts Using Kelly's TOC trick Client wants the font to be "a little heavier" after the almost-final proof, best way to do that? Obscure Feature of the Week: Proxy

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    Ep. 316: Interview with Julie Shaffer

    Ep. 316: Interview with Julie Shaffer

    News InDesign 19.2 fixes some issues Discontinuation of Creative Cloud Synced files The InDesign + Long Documents Summit (use discount code CPSECRETS for $100 off!) CreativePro Week (use CPSECRETS for $100 off any multi-day pass) Julie Shaffer Shaffer Creative Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) program, from SMPS: https://www.smps.org/certification/ Interview with Julie Shaffer, Certified Marketing Pro Don’t Let Adobe InDesign/InCopy Notes Go Unnoticed Secrets of the Scripts Panel What Do the Default Sample Scripts Do in InDesign? Community Scripts for All Organizing Scripts into Folders Managing InDesign Scripts Easily manage dozens of scripts among multiple InDesign versions (from InDesign Tips for Design Geeks) Unicode Injector: such a cool script! Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts to Scripts Using Quick Apply to Run Scripts Obscure Feature of the Week: Wavy How to Fix the Fill on Items with Wavy Strokes InDesign How-to: Use Conditional Text More articles on Conditional Text

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    InDesignSecrets Podcast 315

    InDesignSecrets Podcast 315

    In the news InDesign 19.1 (second attempt) released! Fingers crossed Upcoming online-only events:  The Presentation Design Conference, March 6-8 The InDesign + Long Documents Summit, April 5  CreativePro Week 2024, July 8–12, Washington, DC and online CreativePro Magazine February 2024 lead story: Presentation Design January 2024 lead story: AI in AI ;-)  Interview with Nolan Haims, presentation designer extraordinaire Secrets of the "Panel With The Longest Name" Obscure Feature of the Week: Apply to Parent Page Only Links mentioned in this podcast
    What's new in InDesign 19.1 BUT don't use ID 2024 (19.x) with Hebrew, Arabic, or RTL text (bug reports on facebook) and (bug reports in uservoice) Interview with Nolan Haims Nolan's Better Deck Deck (CreativePro members get 8 free!) Creating Paragraph Styles in PowerPoint Other great articles by Nolan The Presentation Podcast Speaking at The Presentation Design Conference EPUB Interactivity Preview Panel Using the EPUB Interactivity Preview Panel Faster Interactive Previews Saving Your Workspaces Join us for daily discussions and Q&A InDesignSecrets group on Facebook  InDesignSecrets group on LinkedIn 

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    InDesign Secrets Podcast 314

    InDesign Secrets Podcast 314

    In the news InDesign 19.1 here and gone Upcoming CreativePro Online Events CreativePro Magazine December 2023: Charts and Graphs In honor of podcast 3.14, all about Pi fonts! Obscure Feature of the Week: Ruler on Spine Links mentioned in this podcast
    Don’t use ID 2024 (19.0) with Hebrew, Arabic, or RTL text (bug reports on facebook) and (bug reports in uservoice) InDesign on Sonoma (Mac) has UI flashing problems; waiting for Apple to update for fix (bug report in uservoice)Bugs: Colin's article about bar graphs: Making Variable Bar Graphs in InDesign with Data Merge All about Pi…
    Pies in Ace Hardware stores (and elsewhere): https://www.thepieco.com/map-locations David's book about pi: The Joy of Pi How to type pi: https://creativepro.com/6-ways-type-pi-symbol-indesign/ Pi fonts (symbols/dingbats) Some fonts have "pi" in their name (e.g. Universal News & Commercial Pi) https://fonts.adobe.com/fonts/adobe-pi-std https://fonts.adobe.com/fonts/interstate-pi Adobe Fonts ornaments tag Easy as Pi (Jim Felici) We Heart Dingbats (Pam Pfiffner) Transforming Pages (David was wrong… this can be done without scripting… but you shouldn't): https://creativepro.com/transforming-pages-in-cs5/

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    nDesignSecrets Podcast 313

    nDesignSecrets Podcast 313

    In the news InDesign 2024 updated to 19.01 Register for the Design + AI Summit! CreativePro Magazine November 2023: Multilingual Design, Glyph panel in depth  Secrets of the Align Panel and its weirdo cousin, the Gap tool Obscure Feature of the Week: Auto Update URL Status Links mentioned in this podcast
    Great article about Glyphs panel:
    https://creativepro.com/digging-into-the-glyphs-panel/ Align Panel Tutorials:
    Setting Exact Space Between Objects in InDesign What and Where is Distribute Spacing? InDesign How-to Video: Use the Align Panel Align Panel Enhancements InDesign How-to: Make a Mondrian-inspired Grid InDesign Basics: Making a Photo Grid The Right Way to Vertically Distribute Text Frames A quick way to abut the edges of 2 (or more) objects Gap Tool Articles:
    What Exactly Does That InDesign Tool Do?! Creating a Dynamic Autofit Effect for Image Grids With the Gap Tool The Gap Tool and Groups Split Images That Span Across Two Pages The "Spring Loaded Tool" tip: https://creativepro.com/spring-loaded-tools/
    The Tool Hints panel: https://creativepro.com/using-tool-hints-panel/

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    InDesignSecrets Podcast 312

    InDesignSecrets Podcast 312

    In the news Register for our Online Summits: Design + Accessibility, and Design + AI! CreativePro Magazine October 2023: Accessibility for Newbies All about Adobe InDesign 2024 (v19.0) Adobe MAX 2023 review and ID Tips from Attendees Obscure Feature of the Week: Show Structure Sponsor for this episode
    >>  Priint:Suite is an enterprise platform that reduces the time to create marketing publications up to 80% and enables creative marketers to focus on being creative.  Automate layouts following business/layout rules without limits on creative freedom. Instantly create personalized or language variants. Learn more about where and how to use it with InDesign here! 
    Links mentioned in this podcast
    The Design + Data Summit (on-demand)
    The Design + Accessibility Summit
    The Design + AI Summit
    CreativePro Week 2024: July 8-12, 2024 (DC and Online) What's new in InDesign 2024
    https://helpx.adobe.com/indesign/using/whats-new.html Request a feature in InDesign
    https://indesign.uservoice.com/forums/601021-adobe-indesign-feature-requests David's conversation with Priint CEO of Priint USA:
    https://creativepro.com/creativepro-conversations-integrate-data-and-design-with-priintsuite/ Adam Pratt, CEO of Chaos to Memories Sarah Hyndman, author of Passive Aggressive Fonts and Why Fonts Matter Mark Heaps, Groq How to print a page range: https://creativepro.com/tip-of-the-week-the-easy-way-to-print-a-page-range/ Friendly Alien Easter Egg: https://creativepro.com/tip-of-the-week-friendly-alien-easter-egg/ Obscure Feature: Show Structure
    https://creativepro.com/getting-started-with-xml-in-indesign/ How to use Quick Apply to open or close Structure panel:

    • 38 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
37 Ratings

37 Ratings

Cloud Watcher 123 ,

So much fun… and full of interesting InDesign tips!

David and Anne-Marie know more about InDesign than anyone I can think of, and when you put them together in the same room the resulting conversation is a gold mine. They have a great chemistry and easy rapport that’s just pleasant to listen to (and often laugh out loud funny). I listen to it every month and you never know what new piece of info you’re going to learn. David

Gobks ,

Great podcast!

The hosts know this stuff better than anyone, but don't come across as haughty. They cover new developments and plug ins to the nines. If you use In Design it's a great resource, I use the back catalog and never miss an episode. More please!

MerryMoss ,

The Best InDesign production podcast out there!

Great show, great hosts!
ANYTHING you want to know about how-to-do-it in InDesign… they know and are happy to share. No secrets now! Thank you.

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