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Inside Strategic Coach is a practical resource for entrepreneurs, or anyone with a growth mindset. Hosts Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller share breakthrough insights, educational success stories, and insider know-how, gained from working with thousands of successful business owners, worldwide.

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Inside Strategic Coach is a practical resource for entrepreneurs, or anyone with a growth mindset. Hosts Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller share breakthrough insights, educational success stories, and insider know-how, gained from working with thousands of successful business owners, worldwide.

    No Drama, Just Great Teamwork For Top Entrepreneurs

    No Drama, Just Great Teamwork For Top Entrepreneurs

    Every great entrepreneur wants (and deserves) to have a dependable team around them so they can be freed up to develop new ideas and focus on growing their business. But how do you get one? After all, the first question most entrepreneurs ask when they join The StrategicⓇ Program is, “Where do you find such great team members?” In this episode of Inside Strategic Coach, Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller finally answer this question in-depth. From identifying and nurturing your team’s areas of Unique AbilityⓇ and creating a positive and collaborative work culture to investing in team members’ growth, Dan and Shannon share everything that makes Strategic CoachⓇ a magnet for skilled and passionate talent—and how your business can become one too. Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode: *  The number one tool necessary for building and maintaining a great team.*  How to determine if an activity is right for an individual.*  Why Strategic Coach team members don’t really need to be managed, monitored, or motivated.* How Strategic Coach creates an incredible sense of safety for its team members.* The two things that team members are looking for.* Why you should think of hiring someone as an investment, not a cost.Show Notes: At Strategic Coach, you’re always either winning or learning. There are a lot of Coach tools that support having a great team. Everybody's on their own unique growth path in terms of who they are and the kind of work they’re most likely to enjoy and excel at. Strategic Coach team members can continually focus their time at work on doing what they’re excited about. The moment someone is hired, Coach invests in learning about who that person is and how they can grow their skills. At Strategic Coach, if something doesn’t work, the system gets blamed, not the individual. The four core values of Strategic Coach (PAGE) are: positive and collaborative teamwork; being alert, curious, responsive, and resourceful; getting results; and providing an excellent first-class experience. Strategic Coach has uniformly very helpful and very positive team members. Some Coach clients have been with the company for 15, 20, 25 years, and so have some team members. The educational system generally disparages successful business people. Almost all Coach team members are directly in contact on a person-to-person level with the company’s clients. A team member can’t be at their best if they don’t feel safe. If you want great team members, you have to be a great entrepreneur. And that also includes being a great person. Great team members who want a bigger future aren't interested in being with someone who doesn't have any future. If you're going to be able to attract and retain the best people out there, you can’t have an entitled attitude.Resources: Unique AbilityⓇ Article: Your Business Is a Theater Production: Your Back Stage Shouldn’t Show On The Front Stage (https://resources.strategiccoach.com/the-multiplier-mindset-blog/your-business-is-a-theater-production-your-back-stage-shouldnt-show-on-the-front-stage) The Team Success Handbook by Shannon Waller 

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    Three Rules That Give Entrepreneurs A Friction-Free Future

    Three Rules That Give Entrepreneurs A Friction-Free Future

    When things need to get done, it doesn’t mean that you, as the entrepreneur, need to do them yourself. In fact, for the best kinds of business growth and business success, you need to do as little as possible. In this episode, business coaches Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller share the three rules for having a friction-free future. Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:* The way to achieve more by actually doing less.* Why you need to be clear about what you want to be doing.* How to determine the minimum you need to do for a goal to be achieved.* Why things getting done without your doing them yourself means you’re growing.Show Notes: Strategic Coach has a lot of tools for creating teamwork where other people do work that you don't like doing. For every task, there’s someone who’s great at it, loves doing it, and finds it energizing to do. There are times in your past where you’ve done a lot, but someone else would have done it if you’d done nothing. Friction is where you’re moving, but you’re being resisted by forces. When a new thing has to be done, ask yourself three questions: Is there any way this can be achieved by me doing nothing? What’s the minimum I have to do for this to be achieved? Is there anyone else who can do my minimum? The more you stick to the three rules, the more gets achieved by things you instigate. Rather than having pride about the things that get done, some entrepreneurs have pride about doing the things that get things done. An entrepreneur is only required for the activities they love doing. Resources: Who Not How by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy The Impact Filter™ Unique Ability® Article: Your Productivity At Its Best With This Guaranteed Hack (https://resources.strategiccoach.com/the-multiplier-mindset-blog/your-productivity-at-its-best-with-this-guaranteed-hack)

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    Discover The Most Essential Tools Used By Successful Entrepreneurs

    Discover The Most Essential Tools Used By Successful Entrepreneurs

    Everything that humans create is done with tools. But the skill level people have for using tools varies drastically. In this episode, business coaches Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller discuss why it’s essential to be good at using the tool of language for both thinking and communicating, and share the thinking tools that all entrepreneurs can use for both business success and business growth. Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:* Why Dan vowed years ago to never again operate his business with receivables.* Why you’re never starting from zero.* How entrepreneurs can learn what to do in the future by looking at their past.* How Strategic Coach® thinking tools improve clients’ lives.* Dan’s process for developing and introducing new Strategic Coach thinking tools.Show Notes: One of the reasons to get really good at language is because it gives you the tools for thinking and communicating. If you don’t have the language to think about things, you’re trapped by your emotions. If your language skills aren’t good enough, people can only respond to your emotions. A lot of small businesses stay small because they never really comprehended what entrepreneurship really was. Some things that are impossible can become possible if you change your thinking. Strategic Coach currently has roughly 250 thinking tools in the company’s 35th year. Every quarter, Dan creates three or four new thinking tools. New thinking tools address new things that are happening to entrepreneurs where there isn't a structure for thinking about it. Questions about the future are tools for instigating a thinking process. You always have to have a bigger and better future to bounce your present off of. In today’s world, ideas and processes have tremendous value.Resources: Total Cash Confidence by Dan Sullivan Article: This Tool Will Help You Make Sense Of The Past AND Take Charge Of Your Future (https://resources.strategiccoach.com/the-multiplier-mindset-blog/this-tool-will-help-you-make-sense-of-the-past-and-take-charge-of-your-future) The Impact Filter™Your Life As A Strategy Circle by Dan Sullivan The Transformation Trilogy by Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy Article: The Four Freedoms That Motivate Successful Entrepreneurs (https://resources.strategiccoach.com/the-multiplier-mindset-blog/the-4-freedoms-that-motivate-successful-entrepreneurs) Everyone And Everything Grows by Dan Sullivan The Positive Focus®The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Time Management (https://resources.strategiccoach.com/guides/the-entrepreneurs-guide-to-time-management)

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    Do You Know Where The Highest Level Entrepreneurs Look For Collaborations

    Do You Know Where The Highest Level Entrepreneurs Look For Collaborations

    Description:Since 1989, Strategic Coach® has been helping entrepreneurs find greater happiness and business success. In this episode, Gord Vickman and business coach Dan Sullivan talk about how the company has grown over nearly 35 years and how they’re catering to the needs of successful, collaborative entrepreneurs with growth mindsets.Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode* What entrepreneurs get out of each of the three Strategic Coach program levels.* Why additional program levels were created*  Why there’s no competition for entrepreneurs in the “Free Zone.”* Why Dan considers himself only 50% of the creative team when it comes to innovating new thinking tools.* How entrepreneurism is like jazz music.*  The future of The Free Zone Frontier® Program.Show Notes:Thinking tools enable structured thinking. Strategic Coach thinking tools are all about entrepreneurs thinking about their thinking. Strategic Coach has 240 trademarked thinking tools. And by this time next year, they’ll have 50 patents. A Self-Managing Company® is one where team members manage what already exists, and the entrepreneur creates what's higher, better, and bigger. A Self-Multiplying Company™ is where individual team members create new productivity, creativity, and profitability in the world. For entrepreneurs in the “Free Zone,” their competition wants to be their customers. Sometimes, your mistakes are your biggest breakthroughs. Strategic Coach’s ideas come from ongoing experimentation with entrepreneurs. All entrepreneurs are outliers. The more thinking tools you have, the more flexible an entrepreneur you are. Intellectual property—copyrights, trademarks, and patents—is backed up by major governments.Resources:The Self-Managing Company by Dan Sullivan

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    The Growth Mindset That Extends Your Lifetime

    The Growth Mindset That Extends Your Lifetime

    Exciting advances are being made in the area of life extension. Business coach Dan Sullivan, having set a goal for himself in 1987 to live to the age of 156, has been keeping close track of the trends. In this episode, he and Shannon Waller talk about what people should know if they’re interested in living a great life as long as possible. Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:* Why Dan chose age 156 as his goal.* The profound impact Dan’s growth mindset has had on his thinking.* The simple thinking exercise that can add decades to your life.* Major breakthroughs that have happened in the longevity field.* Why longevity is going to be an area of great inequality.Show Notes: The body really pays attention to what your mind is thinking. The majority of Strategic Coach® clients are planning to live to at least 100. Human progress is created out of human aspiration. People’s longevity goals are having an impact on medicine, science, and technology. All the longevity breakthroughs have happened within the last ten years. All of our cells are specialized cells, but they all come from a kind of universal cell. AI can turn one kind of information into another kind of information. There's a profound mindset change going on in medicine, that all disease is just an aspect of aging. Your chronological age and your biological age can be different. Regeneration is taking what's healthy and keeping it healthy. Repair is taking what's damaged and making it healthy again. If enough people want to live longer, as a whole, we’re going to live longer. Resources: My Plan For Living To 156 by Dan Sullivan Unique Ability®

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    Why Entrepreneurs Must Be Clear On Their Own Perspectives

    Why Entrepreneurs Must Be Clear On Their Own Perspectives

    While some people think it’s a good idea to take neutral positions, Dan Sullivan says entrepreneurs need to avoid this. In this episode, he and fellow business coach Shannon Waller discuss the business motivation for always choosing a side.Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:* Why trying to be neutral doesn’t teach you anything or get you anywhere* How to know your own standards.* How Strategic Coach® clients learn about themselves.* The way to strengthen your position using opposing views.Show Notes: When you pick a side, you immediately begin learning an enormous amount about the side you’ve chosen and why you’ve chosen it. If you try to be a neutral person, you just disappear because you’re not for anything. A lot of people have very strong opinions about their thinking but have no real foundation or basis for their thinking. The most successful entrepreneurs bet on themselves 100%. You only become successful by making increasingly more successful judgments. Obstacles are the raw material for achieving your goals. Every person is a complete universe of experience and learning. Other people do things for their reasons, not your reasons. You can only have a conversation if you show respect for who the other person is. It’s only if you respect other people’s opinions that you can reverse your own. Emotions come before our thinking. You don’t pick a side out of thinking; you pick a side out of feeling.Resources:The Impact Filter Your Life As A Strategy Circle  The Entrepreneur's Guide to Time Management  The Communist Manifesto 

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4.6 out of 5
121 Ratings

121 Ratings

Health_ Coach ,

Very interesting choice of topics

Very interesting choice of topics, it covers life and business areas all for entrepreneurial thriving purposes. Deep conversations that are enlightening and helpful!

Paperless Wonder ,

Dan's Insights Will Change You

Dan's simple & straight forward approach enlightens the listener & will change the way you approach work & life. Each episode you'll learn a tool / technique to apply to your own Entrepreneurial journey - and improve it! I want to be like Dan! ;-)

Tom duensing ,

Life-long Learner

Six year of Strategic Coach transformed my personal and professional life. These podcasts reinforce what I've learned from Dan and always add new ideas to support my current efforts. Thanks Dan!!!

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