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Cincinnati's Comedy Podcast!

    IDS #192 - Free Bacon aka The Vibraflux Story (w/ Craig Augenstein)

    IDS #192 - Free Bacon aka The Vibraflux Story (w/ Craig Augenstein)

    Get ready for a real treat this week on our podcast! Mike and Darin are thrilled to welcome Craig Augenstein, the producer behind Vibraflux's latest album!

    New to Vibraflux? They're a group of talented young musicians who started an epic album in the late 1900s. Due to one wild turn of events after another, the album only just got finished last year.

    The journey of this album's creation is a story you won't want to miss! Tune in to this week's episode!

    #Vibraflux #JohnsonCity #WelcomeTo1979

    To get the album, head here: www.vibraflux.eraverb.com
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    • 49 min
    IDS #191 - Hank the Sesame Street Bigot

    IDS #191 - Hank the Sesame Street Bigot

    Right off the top... this episode is legendary!
    Longtime fan of the show, Jim Timmerman sends us the Chick-Fil-A story of the week and it's a doozie!

    Plus, Mike tells the story about the time his &^% flew off and tries his very best to explain what's wrong with LinkedIn.

    But wait... there's more! Darin learned something crazy about The Ramones and gives the origin story behind America's favorite new character... Hank the Sesame Street Bigot.

    We always say you don't want to miss this episode... but we mean it this time... like seriously!

    Irritable Dad Syndrome, your choice for Amish entertainment

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    • 48 min
    IDS #190 - Cheese Sold Separately

    IDS #190 - Cheese Sold Separately

    Catch the latest episode where Darin faces off with a garage mouse - spoiler alert: It doesn't go as planned. 🐭

    Also, who can explain the kids wearing shorts in winter trend? ❄️🩳

    Mike's dropping a bombshell of an idea... Rage Against the Machine for kids! 🤘🎸

    Tag your listening buddy and tune in for some fun! 📻💕

    #MouseTrap #WinterFashion #TaylorSwift #RATM #Dune2
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    • 45 min
    IDS #189 - Did You See the Size of That Chicken?

    IDS #189 - Did You See the Size of That Chicken?

    In the latest episode this week, Mike experienced a memorable senior moment at Kroger while Darin encountered an intriguing personality at the Nate Bargatze's concert.

    Additionally, the duo dives deep into the Young Guns 1 and 2, explores the world of stress-free peanut butter, and shares about Darin's unique professional drumming gig.

    Moreover, we're dealing with a resurgence of trolls due to our remarks on the film Rebel Moon. We're glad to have you onboard for our show.

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    • 43 min
    IDS #188 - Don Knotts vs. The Mothman

    IDS #188 - Don Knotts vs. The Mothman

    Remember that guy who knows everything about game shows? That's our pal, Adam Nedeff and we're thrilled to have him back on Irritable Dad Syndrome!
    Adam joins us to talk about his newest masterpiece "Gong This Book" that tells you everything you've ever wanted to know about The Gong Show, Chuck Barris, The Popsicle Twins and more. 
    Adam also gives us the inside scoop on other great moments in game show history, and the elusive Moth Man that once haunted West Virginia. Ooooooh scary!
    We promise... you won't GONG this episode!
    Order Adam's books here:
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    • 1 hr 4 min
    IDS #187 - Mom Always Liked You Best

    IDS #187 - Mom Always Liked You Best

    After 3 years plus of doing this show, we've finally decided to pull a Disney and put some old episodes in the vault. We'll explain why and how you can still listen to them.
    Mike and Darin were on the damn radio!! If you missed it... we got the audio right here!
    Plus, Tommy Smothers, escape rooms, 80's action movies, Mystery Science Theater, making bread, life changing words of wisdom from Shadoe Stevens and the worst possible time to pause The Silence of the Lambs.
    Welcome to the show.... we're glad that you're here
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    • 55 min

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

Mick77777777 ,

I’m crying.

Just listened to episode 142 and that Kroger hot dog party story is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.

Irritable Dad Syndrome ,

Absolutely breathtaking!

The best podcast I’ve ever co-hosted. Clearly the podcast of champions.

Chowie Bates ,

Definitely Binge-worthy

I came across these two lunatics completely by accident, and haven’t looked back. They would fit into my crew like OJ’s hand in a glove…

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