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New Shows twice per week! Exciting interview with top entrepreneurs. I get to the bottom of their business to discover the secret to how they became successful. Every episode is full of actionable advice and tips that you can use in your business to immediately help you further your success in real estate.

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New Shows twice per week! Exciting interview with top entrepreneurs. I get to the bottom of their business to discover the secret to how they became successful. Every episode is full of actionable advice and tips that you can use in your business to immediately help you further your success in real estate.

    Rapidly Scaling and High-Volume Wholesalers in Canada

    Rapidly Scaling and High-Volume Wholesalers in Canada

    For this episode, I welcome fellow 7 Figure Flipping Mastermind members, Luc & Jess Boiron. Jess and Luc are a real estate investing couple from Toronto, Canada, and both are lawyers who also hold MBAs. Luc had been investing in RE since 2007 on a small scale, and in 2016, Jess and Luc founded Bliss Realty Inc. to flip houses. Since then, they completed over $50m in real estate deals before turning 30 and their business has grown to be the largest wholesaler in Canada operating in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal with 16 employees. In addition, they are growing their rental portfolio with a mix of short term rentals and small multi-family properties in Ontario.
    Luc started by sharing how he and Jess met. They were both in an exclusive dual law/MBA program and because they completed so much education, they feel like they started their adult working life later than a lot of people. Luc’s dad was a commercial real estate agent and owned some commercial properties, so he grew up learning about mortgages and other real estate topics. He bought his first rental property when he was just starting his undergraduate degree in Toronto and talked about how many lessons he learned from it. He continued to buy and sell properties throughout the time he was in school, and then worked as a lawyer for a year after graduating. He said he was too entrepreneurial to be a good fit at many law firms, but conversely, Jess worked at the best firm in Toronto for seven years after graduating. Jess said she loved practicing and was slower to move into the real estate investing side, but finding out that she was pregnant really made up her mind.
    Luc and Jess tell a great story of how their business plans were initially foiled by an accident that Luc had. He was originally planning to move to California to start flipping houses because his brother lived there and was going to fund Luc’s work. Right before he was supposed to leave, he had an accident and surgery, and was, therefore, unable to travel and did his law internship instead in Toronto. Another sibling of Luc’s helped him find some properties near where they were living and they began flipping houses in Canada, which they didn’t even believe was possible before they tried.
    Because of privacy laws in Canada, you can’t pull lists at all to find deals, so we talked about how they were able to find deals privately. Luc talked about how they were able to target potential buyers through Google Ads without violating privacy laws. They have also incorporated other marketing techniques including scouting run-down neighborhoods and doing every-door direct mail to those property owners. Luc shared their average buy and sell prices in their area, as well, demonstrating the wide range of their market.
    Since at the time of this recording Luc and Jess were about to give birth to their first baby, I asked what role they would both be playing in the business as they juggled that with being parents. Jess gave us a lot of insight into their personalities and how they had decided to structure their growing business to accommodate working harmoniously together while having their own autonomy. I asked how they are able to separate business from their personal lives and they both said it is sometimes a challenge because they are both so passionate about what they do. They said as they become parents, they may have to find ways to draw a firm line in the sand for when they stop working each day.
    When I asked them to give us a snapshot of where their business was just before they joined 7 Figure Flipping, Luc told us that they had figured out flipping and wholesaling in their unique circumstances, but they didn’t really know how to build a team. He goes into great detail on how they managed to build their team and grow their business, with support from the mastermind group. In about a y

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    Consistent and Predictable Income with Dan Rochon

    Consistent and Predictable Income with Dan Rochon

    For this episode, I am excited to have Dan Rochon on the show. As a real estate sales agent, Dan and his team are consistently top producers in their marketplace. Through their investment company, Dan and Traci Rochon have been investing in residential and commercial real estate for more than a decade. Dan‘s purpose in life is to help people achieve greatness through his teaching, coaching, and mentorship. He leads the Greetings Virginia Sales Network for his agents and staff to exceed their client‘s expectations. Additionally, Dan is the author of Real Estate Evolution: The Ten Step Guide to C.P.I. (Consistent and Predictable Income) for Real Estate Agents.
    We started, as we usually do, diving into Dan’s background and how he got into real estate investing. Dan said in 2005 he was working as a waiter in Washington DC, living a very unhealthy lifestyle and he realized he needed to make a change. He knew that he wanted to be a business owner and found that getting his agent’s license and opening an agency required less capital than the franchises he was considering. He started selling in late 2007, which of course we all know was an incredibly difficult time to be starting in this industry. He ended up buying the brokerage about a year and a half after getting his sales license, which he ran for about ten years.
    Dan has a ton going on with his business so I wanted to explore some of that. I asked him first to talk about his book Real Estate Evolution. Dan said that one of his mentors asked him to document everything he had learned by being in business, with real estate sales, and personal development. He ended up working every day for thirteen months on this project and found that he had written a book at the end of it. He said that about a third of it is on the subject of personal development so that people can unlock their potential.
    Dan talked about changing our thoughts and programming by looking at how we are spending our time, what we are reading, our relationships, and how we are taking care of our health. We discussed a couple of techniques for motivating ourselves, getting a better start to the day, and creating new, positive habits. Dan also talked about the power of our subconscious mind and taking a look at what we dream to see what kinds of thoughts that part of our brain is feeding back to us. Recurring negative, limiting thoughts can hinder our growth.
    We then discussed some of the specific advice Dan gives real estate agents to help them be more successful. He said that comparatively it is fairly easy to become an agent so a lot of them do not study the industry or take it seriously enough. One of the things that has helped him in dealing with his clients is to let them know all of the possible outcomes of the process, so that everyone is aware and prepared for possible set-backs or eventualities. Dan also pointed out some ways to read behavior and listen from another’s point of view to be more effective with clients or other agents.
    We talked about using personality assessments, tactics of hiring and working with clients, clarifying what our “why” is, and so much more! Don’t miss today’s episode with Dan Rochon on the Just Start Real Estate Podcast!

    Notable Quotes:
    “You could spit and have a 33% chance of hitting a house that needed your services.”
    Dan Rochon  
    “When everyone is running away, you know there is some opportunity there.”
    Mike Simmons  
    “As a business owner, stacking cash, being liquid, and preparing for a downturn in the market is the smartest thing you can do.”
    Mike Simmons  
    “What did I do to cause the outcome and what could I do differently moving forward to cause a better outcome if it was a mistake. And if it was something that was successful, what did I do to cause that outcome and how can I put it

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    203K Loans and Using the BRRRR Method for Rental Real Estate

    203K Loans and Using the BRRRR Method for Rental Real Estate

    For this episode, I am excited to welcome Stephanie Cabral, who is a buy-and-hold real estate investor and former attorney from Connecticut. Stephanie has built a portfolio over $2.25m and began investing while working at a law firm as the sole member of the probate department and also working as one of the top commercial real estate firms in the world. Stephanie now owns and operates 15 units plus multiple active flips and is responsible for all aspects of the business including marketing, acquisition, construction management, operations, and property management. She specializes in the BRRRR strategy and was able to scale her business using a detailed network of systems, standard operating procedures, automation, and virtual assistants.
    Stephanie shares her background with us, pointing out that she is a lawyer by trade. While she loved and thrived in law school, once she got out, she found that she didn’t love practicing as a lawyer. As much as she appreciated her clients, she did not like how adversarial the work was and didn’t like being in an office all day. She ended up buying a duplex in order to use the rental income to qualify for a personal home loan and she fell in love with the idea of house-hacking. She worked as an agent, too, while she was working as a lawyer and continues to since retiring from her firm in December 2019.
    Stephanie got a 203K loan for her first property so we explored that topic for a bit. Because the brokers are looking at the ARV, you can get a larger value loan to cover both the purchase price and the rehab estimate. In this type of loan, the contractor gets paid directly from the lender. Also, the 203K loan does not require you to have experience in investing and rehabilitation work, which can be a huge obstacle for newer investors with traditional hard money lenders. You also get a consultant that helps you manage the project and ensure the quality of the contractors’ work.
    I asked Stephanie to describe the team of people she is working with to us. She said she is very involved herself, but her right hand is a virtual assistant in the Philippines who handles all of the administrative tasks, including social media and a lot of the property management tasks, including interfacing with the tenants. Stephanie also has a leasing assistant who directly connects with potential tenants and shows them around and screens them for rentability. She also has a bookkeeper who she hired through Upwork that has been working with her for years, but Stephanie did talk about the need to go through the trial and error process to find some people that are really good. Stephanie talked about the need to have great systems and processes in place, including training videos and templates, in order to simplify the training procedure.
    I asked Stephanie why she self-manages her properties versus hiring a property management company. She said that it is financially beneficial for her to self-manage, mostly because she has very little turnover in tenants. She attributes this to the constant communication she has with her tenants, which is largely automated, but maintains a great connection. I asked how she handles any required repairs, and since she is having a VA handle the maintenance requests, how she is sure she is not getting over-charged. Stephanie explained that because she also does house flipping, she has a pool of contractors, and in particular, a go-to handyman who is always the first maintenance call.
    We talked about mid-term rentals, the effects of COVID on Stephanie’s business, the BRRRR strategy, private money versus hard money lenders, the technology Stephanie uses to run her business, Facebook ads, and so much more! Don’t miss this honest, fun, and hard-core real estate episode with lawyer-turned-investor, Stephanie Cabral!

    Notable Quotes:
    “Being in an o

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    How to Gain Financial Freedom and Retire in your 20s

    How to Gain Financial Freedom and Retire in your 20s

    For this episode, I am happy to welcome Rachel Richards on to the show! Only 27 years old, former financial advisor Rachel Richards has made a name for herself in the personal finance realm. In 2019, Rachel quit her job and retired, with over $10,000 per month in passive income! She is the bestselling author of Money Honey and Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement. Rachel is also a real estate investor with 35 rental units. Her valuable money lessons have helped thousands of millennials work their way out of financial despair. She has successfully done what no one has done before: made the topic of money management fun, entertaining, and simple!
    Rachel gave us a bit of her background, telling us that she paid her way through school by selling Cutco Cutlery and therefore, had sales experience. This, coupled with her passion for teaching people about finances, is what led her to become a financial advisor. She said she didn’t last long because she wasn’t a fan of cold-calling people for clients. She had always been interested in real estate investing and had read a ton about it, so she worked for a time with another investor, and then a real estate agent. These experiences gave her the confidence to get into investing on her own and in 2017, Rachel and her husband bought their first duplex when she was 24 years old.
    I asked Rachel to give us the details of her first deal - how she found it and how she financed it. Because she had her real estate license by this time, she said she had an advantage, because she had access to the MLS. She found the property she wanted, but the listing was expired, so she contacted the agent and found out that the owners were going to list it again once they had done some work to it. Because Rachel stayed in contact with the agent, she called Rachel a couple of days before it was listed again and gave her the chance to make an offer. They financed it conventionally, having both saved money after college for the down payment, and they managed to get a seller concession for the renovation that they had to do.
    Rachel started writing her books while she was still working full-time and managing their rental properties, so we talked about how that came about for a bit. She said her family and friends had been asking her for financial advice for a while and she wanted to take this topic, which was normally boring and confusing, and make it fun and simple for people to understand. She said it felt like her first book, Money Honey, was always inside of her and she tried to make finances easier to learn about by sharing her own stories and mistakes. We also discussed Rachel’s second book, Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement, in which she discusses twenty-eight different passive income models that anyone can get involved with, regardless of age or station in life.
    I asked Rachel to describe how she proceeded with her investing as she moved forward from the first deal. She shared with us that the different ways having her real estate license benefited her. She continued to monitor the MLS for potential deals, using subscriptions and saved searches so that she would get email notifications for properties she was interested in. She felt like this gave her a real time advantage, as she could be at a property within 30 minutes of it being listed. 
    Even though Rachel and her husband are no longer actively investing because they have the rental income they wanted to achieve, Rachel is still very passionate about teaching others about financial literacy so she is invested in creating online courses. The first one that she has created is called “Get Your Financial $hit Together” which you can check out by following the links below.
    Join me as I interview this incredibly impressive investor and financial guru as she shares some of the secrets of how she earned financial indepe

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    Car Dealership Owner Wholesaling 40 Deals (Houses) This Year

    Car Dealership Owner Wholesaling 40 Deals (Houses) This Year

    For this episode, I am excited to welcome fellow 7 Figure Flipping Mastermind group member, Waylon McCulloch. Waylon started his career as a professional dirtbike racer, but after too many injuries moved on to running used car dealerships for the last 15 years. He is now the owner of Discount Realty, a real estate wholesale company located in San Antonio, TX. Along with building and growing his wholesale company that was started 2 1/2 years ago, he owns a couple of other real estate companies that invest in single-family home rentals and owner-financed sales, while running his family's used car dealerships full-time.
    We started by exploring Waylon’s background and how real estate investing got onto his radar. When his grandfather moved into an assisted living facility in 2015, Waylon and his dad purchased his house as a means to get started in the business. They purchased a couple of other properties the same year and held them as rentals, but their business stalled until Waylon got very invested in lead generation.
    After joining 7 Figure Flipping in April of 2018, Waylon dedicated his time to learning about and growing a wholesaling business. He spent the remainder of that year building out systems and getting things set up. In 2019, they ended up with 18 deals under contract, hired both a lead manager and an acquisitions/dispositions manager, and are hoping to hire a transaction coordinator. We discussed the importance of having certain team members in place in order to maximize your business’ potential, especially if you are still working a full-time job like Waylon.
    Waylon expressed an interest in doing more owner-financed deals and so we spent some time exploring this topic, especially how these types of deals may increase due to the pandemic. We talked about how this conversation would go and what type of homeowner would benefit from this arrangement.
    Since Waylon has been a member of 7 Figure Flipping for over two years, I asked him what his takeaway is from the group. He said he was so glad that he made the commitment and has met some great people. Waylon said he wasn’t sure he would be where he is today if it weren’t for involvement in this mastermind.
    We discussed marketing strategies, working virtually, growing your staff, wholesaling versus flipping, and so much more! Please join me as I welcome Waylon McCulloch to the Just Start Real Estate Family!

    Notable Quotes:

    “Real estate is dangerous in different ways than dirt bike racing, but safer physically.”
    Mike Simmons  
    “I decided I was either going to make or break it.”
    Waylon McCulloch  
    “Having someone to focus on answering all the calls and doing the follow-up made my life a whole lot better.”
    Waylon McCulloch  
    “The wholesaling business sure does take a lot of work to get it up and going.”
    Waylon McCulloch  
    “I think the biggest misconception in residential real estate is that wholesaling is easy.”
    Mike Simmons  
    “You need someone in-house that is really pushing your deals through the title company.”
    Mike Simmons  
    “If you don’t have that in your tool bag, you are missing out.”
    Waylon McCulloch  
    “COVID had a big impact on my direct mail.”
    Waylon McCulloch  
    “Direct mail does bring in deals as long as you are being consistent with it and mailing enough.”
    Waylon McCulloch  
    “You need to deep dive and figure out what you are good at.”
    Waylon McCulloch  
    “[On wholesaling] I like the idea of being able to control the deals and get to pick when I have the funds to buy another one.”
    Waylon McCulloch  
    “I like speed a lot more than watching a rehab project from start to finish.”
    Mike Simmons  
    “Some people live for the transformation of flipping, but I can live without it.”
    Mike Simmons  
    “I like work

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    Long and Short Term Rentals + Nonprofit Work to Help Support Veterans with Kirby Atwell

    Long and Short Term Rentals + Nonprofit Work to Help Support Veterans with Kirby Atwell

    In this episode, I’m joined by Kirby Atwell, host of the popular podcast, Living off Rentals. After serving as an officer in the US Army from 2005 – 2011, Kirby left the military to
    pursue his passion as a full-time entrepreneur, launching and scaling two different real
    estate investment companies in succession. Kirby holds a BA from United States Military Academy at West Point, and an MBA in real estate finance from the University of Illinois Chicago. While in the military, Kirby served as a Platoon Leader, Executive Officer, Aide-de-Camp to the Commanding General of the 94th AAMDC, and Commander of the AN/TPY-2 homeland defense radar site in Shariki, Japan.
    Kirby shared more of his background with us, telling us that he had always had an entrepreneurial itch, and planned to have his own business after serving in the Army. A year after he graduated, he read Rich Dad Poor Dad and knew that he would be a real estate investor for life. When he was stationed in El Paso in 2006, the house across the street went up for sale and he decided to buy his first investment property. Once he was out of the Army, he partnered with a friend and his wife and they started flipping houses in the Chicago area.
    Kirby talked about how they grew their business so that, at its height in 2015, they had thirteen team members and around twenty-two deals going every month. What he found, though, was that everyone else kept getting paid, but he wasn’t achieving his goal of building monthly passive income to have eventual financial freedom. He ended up changing his strategy in 2016, sold his flipping business to his partners, and started focusing mostly on investing with the BRRRR strategy. He found a government program called the HUD VASH Voucher, which provides housing for homeless veterans and built a new business around this niche. 
    I asked Kirby to explain the BRRRR strategy to our listeners with the assumption that we hadn’t used it before. I particularly wanted him to explain how the refinance aspect of this strategy works. He said he struck a deal with a local bank where they would package four properties together and they would give him a commercial loan for 75% of the appraised value. Kirby said that strategy was very effective, but now that the demand for the VASH vouchers has gone down, he is using the same system for short term rentals in the northwest Indiana area.
    Kirby explained why he is buying homes in Indiana, telling us how it is almost as though Chicago and the state of Illinois is incentivizing people to move away because of property taxes and other factors. In the area he is investing in, there are several attractions, including Lake Michigan, and it is a great area to have short term rentals. He said that he and his wife are doing the property management themselves for these houses.
    I then asked Kirby to talk about the non-profit work that he is involved in. Kirby said the organization is called Bunker Labs and it helps veterans start and grow businesses. He said initially when he got out of the military, he wanted his civilian identity back and was not involved at all with other veterans. But in 2014, he was in the first cohort to go through the program and was so impressed with the founder and the resources he was bringing in to help people. When he switched his investing model to rentals, he found that he had more available time, and the Bunker Labs founder asked him to come on as the COO. He later transitioned to being the CFO, and they have thirty-six chapters across the United States.
    We talked about marketing, lead generation, Facebook ads, helping people, and so much more! Don’t miss this transparent, info-packed episode of the Just Start Real Estate Podcast with Kirby Atwell!

    Notable Quotes:
    “I really enjoy talking to successful, smart people, but I love talking to

    • 43 min

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4.9 out of 5
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188 Ratings

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Loving this podcast

I picked this podcast up from an interview on BP. I really like his interview on that platform and decided to give his podcast a try. I’ve been extremely pleased and am super thankful for all the information that’s given away!

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Mike does an incredible job!

Mike is a really talented interviewer! He cuts through the fluff and gets to the most beneficial information for his audience! Definitely recommend!

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a MUST listen!!

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investor, you definitely want to check out this podcast to get in the right mindset and also gain tangible knowledge and advice for your business and investing career. Mike has definitely seen a thing or two on his journey and you do not want to miss it!

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