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    Episode 30 - Fahim Anwar

    Episode 30 - Fahim Anwar

    We sit down with our fav stand up, Fahim Anwar! We talk about places to take dates, the bachelor, and how we are the cutest brown guys.


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    Happy Valentine's Day3

    • 48 min
    Episode 29 - Romil Hemnani from Brockhampton

    Episode 29 - Romil Hemnani from Brockhampton

    We sit down with our fav BrockHampton member Romil Hemnani3 Enjoy!

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    • 45 min
    Episode 28 - "When will we get OUR Black Panther"

    Episode 28 - "When will we get OUR Black Panther"

    Looks like Wahlid has failed the resolution :( lol anyways enjoy this brand new episode of Just 2 Boyz where we talk about talking shit, how Wendy’s Twitter is just cyber bullying, and Wahlid refiles his taxes!

    Be sure to tune into next week’s episode where we have Romil Hemnani from the popular boy band BrockHampton.

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    • 21 min
    Episode 27 - Jasmeet's New Girlfriend

    Episode 27 - Jasmeet's New Girlfriend

    We got Jasmeet's brand new girlfriend in this episode and boy let me tell ya... she goes off. We also talked about some childhood trauma and lil uzi vert quitting music :(

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    • 30 min
    Episode 26 - We Answer Your Questions

    Episode 26 - We Answer Your Questions

    On this New Year edition of Just 2 Boyz we talked about why Jus didn't smooch me, our resolutions for 2019, and we answer some of your questions.

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    • 42 min
    Episode 25 - Why the Geeta Brothers Broke Up ft The Geeta Brothers Duet Group

    Episode 25 - Why the Geeta Brothers Broke Up ft The Geeta Brothers Duet Group

    Ho Ho Ho and a Happy Hanukkah from your friends @ Just 2 Boyz . We wanted to get in the holiday spirit so we had the Geeta Brothers join! The Geeta Brothers dive into their creative differences n let me tell yall. No one fights like brothers

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    • 31 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
330 Ratings

330 Ratings

brampton man 679 ,

The Greatest Podcast Ever Made

Jasmeet ... pls come back 😔
Also Walhid is a pretty funny guy.

coledabest ,

De boys dope and Gucci

U guyz are really funny keep on postin

shuaravohra ,

Spray Squirt Bottle

I love Jasmeet & Wahlid so much.

It’s May, nearing June almost and you haven’t put out another episode since February. I am heartbroken.

I also listen to the pod because Wahlid’s laugh sounds like those spray squirt bottles when you’re cleaning your bathroom. His laugh sounds exactly like the Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Foam Cleaner Spray bottle when you use it. Wahlid’s laugh is so contagious and I’m ready to date him. We can get married the halal way and have some Afghan/Guju muslim offspring.

I’m also here because I love it when Jasmeet inserts dramatic music when he’s talking about something “serious,” it makes the episodes fun to listen to and he always makes my day better.

The episodes where one of you was M.I.A. never felt the same and what you two have is beautifully artistic and special. Please make another recreation of the vine from “No, you change your shirt!” but this time, have Wahlid be on the bottom. Jasmeet needs to be in control this time.

I also love all the skits and segments you have during the pod itself. It keeps the viewers wanting more and it’s always burst-out-loud-kinda-laughing whenever you guys are on.

I will also turn away Steve whenever he comes to my door asking for Wahlid because I promised to keep Wahlid’s chastity safe and his dignity in tact. Wahlid is precious. Please don’t hurt him.

Jasmeet, please continue to love Wahlid and make sure you pay for his parking tickets. He doesn’t tell you this, but when you sleep at night, he tucks you in and kisses you and hugs you because he said you whimper in your sleep. Don’t let the monsters get to you, you are loved.

This podcast is a 23/10. Please release more content.

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