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News, politics and commentary from Daily Kos Contributing Editor David Waldman

    Kagro in the Morning - AUgust 12, 2022

    Kagro in the Morning - AUgust 12, 2022

    David Waldman decided it was probably best to hold off on our KITM OnlyFans page, determining that this part of the franchise is probably enough of a challenge at this time:
    The people thinking that Donald Trump would only steal the White House silverware have found they underestimated him again. The DOJ is certain that laws were broken, but just any idiot can pilfer classified information, and Donald Trump isn’t just any idiot. Donald needed only about an hour and a half to commit all nuclear secrets to memory, but the FBI believed he still had a few boxes left over at Mar-a-Lago. In reply, Trump shouted “Nuclear weapons is a hoax!” between cheeseburgers. In reply to that, Merrick Garland said “put up or shut up”. Then things got really quiet.
    Lindsay Graham and Mike Turner are rushing to move the goalposts. Fox News and friends ask, “What about Chappaquiddick?” Tuck’s on vacation, so Brian Kilmeade guest-jerked with fake pictures of U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart, the judge that the Right most wants to kill. (Even before they found out he was Jewish.) The police force that the Right most wants to kill is the FBI, therefore a January 6 insurrectionist decided to Leeroy Jenkins his local FBI office.
    Some rats want to make it clear that they are swimming away. John Bolton feels that generally, most of the FBI don’t deserve to be taken out. Ari Fleisher just can’t see why a nice guy like the former guy would do such a thing, unless he was doing a really bad thing.

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    Kagro in the Morning - August 11, 2022

    Kagro in the Morning - August 11, 2022

    Thursday! David Waldman + Greg Dworkin, again, for KITM³, Fifth Amendment Edition:
    President Joe Biden’s beautiful week continues his string of successes. Inflation is flat as a tabletop. Joe and Jon teamed up to get health care for veterans exposed to burn pits. Meanwhile, Republican’s assault on women’s rights have reminded voters why they voted for Biden in the first place and have arrayed the Democratic party like they haven’t been arrayed before...
    So, let’s talk about Donald Trump’s mendacious thuggish depravity as if it was 2015, shall we? Donald took the 5th over 400 times yesterday, as he learned the need for it back when he took the 5th almost 100 times in 1990. Also, the FBI searched the business that he’s been squatting at on and off since 1993. Trump claims that he’s the victim of tactics he once deployed, which just happens to be his very favorite tactic to deploy.
    Chief lookout Marco Rubio wants to know why he wasn’t given a heads up on the search plans, and Tucker Carlson was on vacation where he couldn’t speak to a troubled nation. If only someone knew in advance this all would happen! (Psst… Someone did...) The truth is, these are not very bright guys, and there is substantial public interest in this matter, so...
    The GQP is gripped with anger and fear, even more than usual, because once the law is applied to someone like Donald Trump, it’s only a matter of time before laws start applying to other people... maybe even THEM, and that’s a line that can never be crossed. If this was only a Republican banana republic, this kind of thing would have never happened, because Hillary Clinton, AOC and Barack Obama would have been dealt with long ago. Of course, Alexander Vindman was handled, and plans are now in place for everyone from Eric Swalwell through the FBI.
    Two Indiana officers arrested a man for not being sufficiently pro-police.

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    Kagro in the Morning - August 10, 2022

    Kagro in the Morning - August 10, 2022

    It’s Wednesday, when David Waldman + Greg Dworkin = KITM².
    Biden’s back baby! Another brilliant day in the illustrious Joe Biden presidency. You know what we end up talking about though, don’t you? The criminality of the former guy, which we’ve been talking about for six, maybe forty years. We probably don’t know a ton more about the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago either. We do know it couldn’t have happened without a lot of careful consideration and signoffs. We know Trump gave them plenty of valid reasons, big and small to make a search. And, we know this is nothing like Hillary’s emails. If it were, Republicans and the corporate media sure would be handling it differently. 
    Of course, there is one person who knows the truth, one person who can easily come forward and clear this up. And, that one person is named Trump.
    In return, Republicans declare war. War on the rule of law. War on democracy. War on the Constitution. But that’s nothing new. About a dozen members of the GQP are running for election on their ability and desire to destroy the US. In yesterday’s elections Trump got almost all of his Trumpers in, and another impeacher out. Robin Vos, the longest-serving speaker in Wisconsin history barely held onto his office. Megan McCain may be no Liz Cheney, but she’s sane enough to see how insane this all is for her party. You got to hope all of this makes the voter’s decisions easier.

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    Kagro in the Morning - August 9, 2022

    Kagro in the Morning - August 9, 2022

    It’s Tuesday, David Waldman welcomes back Joan McCarter, and the weather’s fine. (Once they both get their AC fixed)
    The future’s so bright, President Joe Biden’s gotta wear shades. Joe’s even been getting those “long-awaited pivot” articles. How can Donald Trump and the GQP top this news? Oh yeah... Donald has reported* that the FBI raided Mar-A-Lago, that America is a third world country, the fully warranted search was worse than Watergate, and the FBI even… broke into his safe.
    (*Trump neglected to credit Peter Schorsch for the scoop.)
    Conservatives have never witnessed such injustice and promise the world has never witnessed the injustice that they plan to mete out. Several heroes throw themselves on the already exploded grenade, while many others begin to whistle Dixie.
    The committee investigating the previous insurrection on January 6, 2021, today will interview Mike Pompeo and Doug Matriano. The January 6th committee now has Alex Jones’ texts, and probably those naked pictures of Jones’ wife that went to Roger Stone.
    Meanwhile, let’s get back to aforementioned bright Joe Biden future. Right now. The country can't afford to give the Senate five weeks off for August recess.  In just two weeks there’s a chance for another Kansas earthquake. We can’t rely upon Republicans shooting themselves in the foot for 80 more days.

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    Kagro in the Morning - August 8, 2022

    Kagro in the Morning - August 8, 2022

    Look at the Democratic party being the Good Guys! Coming together and doing good things for climate, health, and the economy exactly like good stewards of our public should. I don’t do nuance. For that you need David Waldman and Greg Dworkin, and what we like to call KITM.
    The Senate parliamentarian gave the green light to the Inflation Reduction Act this weekend. Earlier she gave the bill a red light, and no one likes red lights, but you know, she doesn’t make the rules, so don’t hate the parliamentarian, hate routinization of the legislative filibuster. Here, let’s have David explain.
    The Inflation Reduction Act is nice, and gas is coming down, then there’s the PACT act, and capping insulin, etc... How can Liberals lose when they do all the nice stuff? Perhaps because some people aren’t impressed when nice things happen to other people. Those people could be swayed by reminding them of all the bad things conservatives are planning to happen to them. If voters can keep both in mind there will be a blue wave.
    Michigan's attorney general is requesting a special prosecutor to investigate her Trump-backed opponent who conspired to break into voting equipment.
    Is Alex Jones real? If so, his present and forthcoming legal predicaments might presage what courts should expect from Donald Trump’s visits, where whatever one says, or says they believe, just won’t cut it in court.
    Another book by people who could have told us earlier when it mattered is coming out featuring a resignation letter by General Mark Milley, which of course could have been submitted earlier when it mattered. Donald Trump wished he had generals as loyal as Hitler’s were. Nazis kept their secrets a bit more carefully than Donald Trump, who has that problem remembering to flush that you just knew he’d have.
    The FBI sent 4,500 tips about Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual assaults to the White House to check out, because that’s how it’s usually done.
    Utah-based Lions Not Sheep tags their merchandise “Made in the USA”, and maybe the tags are made here, but the merchandise is not.

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    Kagro in the Morning - August 5, 2022

    Kagro in the Morning - August 5, 2022

    It’s jobs day! Which means we had a job ahead of us: finishing out the KITM week.
    It also means that it’s the job of talking head Republicans to declare America a hellhole, no matter what the actual jobs numbers are.
    We’re still not done talking about the Kansas miracle. And neither are Republicans. They’re trying to come to grips with what happened, but it’s not clear they can help themselves. So they might have to go back to their court-packing tricks after all.
    Psst! Have you heard that Newt Gingrich is a dick? (But he’s not the only one, of course.)
    For instance, private equity is a bit of a dick, too.
    And of course, so is TFG, whose loyalist henchmen are always hard at “work,” trying to use the electoral system to stay out of prison.
    FInally, because you’ll have a couple extra hours to sleep in over the weekend, you won’t mind having this bit of nightmare fodder from Ukraine.

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