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Keep it Weird is the Podcast for all things strange, unusual, paranormal, supernatural, scary, sticky, gross and everything in between! Join our hosts Lauren and Ashley and their guests as we talk about all things WEIRD!

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Keep it Weird is the Podcast for all things strange, unusual, paranormal, supernatural, scary, sticky, gross and everything in between! Join our hosts Lauren and Ashley and their guests as we talk about all things WEIRD!

    The Baa Baa Blacksheep Incident

    The Baa Baa Blacksheep Incident

    Take me to your leader..
    Oof, wrong time for that wouldn't you say?  Mmmm our leaders are busy can we take you to our favorite musical artist instead?  This week we are fired up for another EXTRATERRESTRIAL EXTRAVAGANZA as we continue our discussion on ALIEN INVASIONS!! 
    Only this time around we are posing the question-- what if they are already here?  What if we're so busy looking for their ships in the sky that we don't even notice they've slipped in through the back door.  Or maybe through the ocean?
    Ashley kicks us off this week by teaching us about STARSEEDS! Extraterrestrial SOULS that have incarnated on earth to help with mankind's spiritual evolution.  Lauren dives deep, DEEP into the depths of the ocean to look for secret alien bases.  The girls discuss what an alien would actually LOOK like if they were already here with us.  And we finish it off on a REAL BUMMER, as Lauren shares with us what some famous scientists, physicists, and of course- psychics- have to say about when and if the aliens are coming...

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Invasion of the Baby Snatchers

    Invasion of the Baby Snatchers

    We come in peace, weirdos.
    We're revisiting one of our all time favorite topics this week.  This is PART ONE of another two part EXTRATERRESTRIAL EXTRAVAGANZA. 
    This time we are focusing on the idea of INVASION.  We've seen it in a hundred movies, presented in a hundred different ways-- are any of them accurate?  Will they show up guns-a-blazin' turning us individually into ash?  Will they sneak in in the middle of the night? Will they come with a message of peace and gifts of technology?  Or will they slowly take over our bodies one by one and by the time any of us realize something is very wrong its far too late and everywhere we turn will be infiltrated to the point where we are completely alone and left with no friends, no options, no hope.  Jeez, got a little dark there.
    Lauren starts us off by touching on different sci-fi alien tropes as we discuss our opinions on their likelihood and Ashley takes the reigns to present a real life phenomenon that presents us with EVEN MORE QUESTIONS about their intentions.  Women and men being abducted all over the world and claiming that aliens took their DNA for experiments.  What are they doing with it? Are they creating alien-human hybrids?  Why?
    Join us this week AND next as we try and find out what ET had to say when he phoned home.

    • 1 hr 1 min
    KWTV presents House Haunters!

    KWTV presents House Haunters!

    This fall on House Haunters!
    Ashley Casseday and Lauren Ogle are taking their talents to the HOME IMPROVEMENT realm and taking their SPIRITS with them!
    Wouldnt that be a great show?  Hey kids, welcome to one of your all time favorite episodes LISTENER GHOST STORIES!! 
    This week Ashley and Lauren are sharing EIGHT creepy tales sent in by YOU; we've got ghosts, bogeymen, alien abductions, strange creatures and SO many haunted houses.  Where are y'all FINDING these haunted homes?!
    As usual with LGS episodes, they are best enjoyed with a set of headphones so you can hear ALL the creepy little details in the sound effects and scores.  The first four stories are scored by our usual composer Vivek Abishek.  Others include Fesliyan Studios and Megan McDuffee.
    Alright, lock your doors, turn out your lights and make sure your feet are tucked in to your covers... it's time to get scared.

    • 1 hr 26 min
    Glamp Squatching

    Glamp Squatching

    Hey Weirdos!
    Welcome to our first full YouTube episode! (Only this is the audio version.  Hit up our YouTube channel if you'd rather WATCH this episode-- it's full of photos, clips, and most importantly- our faces!) And just as a treat for those of you who DID already watch the YouTube version-- this one includes ALL the clips that got cut.
    This week we are answering YOUR questions for another edition of ASK A WEIRDO!! We're sharing our favorite Halloween memories, discussing what kind of ghost we would be, decide which millionaire we would eat, share what books we are reading and we even SWITCH BODIES. We don't switch bodies but we definitely talk about what we would do if we did.
    Thank you all SO MUCH for the questions you sent in.  Now be prepared to get scared; next week we have LISTENER GHOST STORIES!! 

    • 1 hr 20 min
    A Real Dexter Sitch

    A Real Dexter Sitch

    Hello, Dark Passengers,
    Welcome to PART TWO of our defendable criminals series!  We've been taking a look at people who have committed crimes that are... totally understandable??
    We are joined once again by the amazin TREVIN from SERIOUSLY SINISTER as we go a *tad* darker this week with Lauren at the helm.  Lauren tells us the tale of the Alaskan Avenger! Jason Vulkovich was a very angry man and had every right to be but was he justified in multiple assaults?  Do we think he's served enough time?  Does his case set a dangerous precedent for future men and women hellbent on revenge?
    Dont worry, we lighten it up a bit after that as Trevin SLIDES into our DMs and Ashley sends a selfie to the police.
    Tell us what you think about our six evil-doers.  Are they justified?  Do you understand them?  Or do you disagree with us completely?
    Sometimes right and wrong isn't so cut and dry...

    • 54 min
    A Sparkle for Crime

    A Sparkle for Crime

    Hey kids,
    welcome to a different kind of true crime episode!  Usually when we discuss true crime we think "HOW?! HOW could someone do this?" "WHY? WHY would someone do this?!!"  This week we think... "I mean... I kind of get it"
    Join Ashley, Lauren and special guest TREVIN from Seriously Sinister: A True PETTY Crime Podcast" as they look into crimes with likable criminals and totally understandable actions.
    Ashley starts this two part series off with the story of Clark Olofsson, Sweden's most successful bank robber and celebrity criminal???  This hottie was sentenced and escaped jail so many times we lost count and it leaves us questioning whether someone can be SO GOOD at crime we should just let them do it.
    And Trevin is bringing us our only LADY of the series-- an Australian woman named Esra Ogru- a fantastic saleswoman, accomplished scientist, and MAJOR LEAGUE Scammer! Does she deserve to work in biotech again?  Are the lives she saved more important than the money she stole?  
    Find out our thoughts and much more and stay tuned for part two next week where Lauren takes us down a much darker path....

    • 55 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
358 Ratings

358 Ratings

HelizabethC ,

My favorite!

I want to be Ashley and Lauren’s friend so bad! Every episode is so well researched, they are just so sweet and intelligent! One of the best podcasts out there! 🖤

I love dolphins and i am brooke and i do taekwondo ,

Best paranormal podcast

One of my all time favorite podcasts. Always something interesting.

Julesrules01134 ,

You gotta listen!

Wow, I’ve been listening for three,maybe four years. I love the show, the topics, and that the hosts actually care about there fan base! If you love paranormal topics or a good listener ghost story give this podcast a try!

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