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Keep it Weird is the Podcast for all things strange, unusual, paranormal, supernatural, scary, sticky, gross and everything in between! Join our hosts Lauren and Ashley and their guests as we talk about all things WEIRD!

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Keep it Weird is the Podcast for all things strange, unusual, paranormal, supernatural, scary, sticky, gross and everything in between! Join our hosts Lauren and Ashley and their guests as we talk about all things WEIRD!

    Don't Go Chasin' Water Forms

    Don't Go Chasin' Water Forms

    If you see something, say something, Weirdos!
    This week we are talking about people that have disappeared without a trace.  Each year hundreds of thousands of people go missing in the United States alone.  Luckily a majority of those cases are solved.  Unfortunately, the solving of a case doesn't automatically mean that there is a happy ending.
    But what about the cases that aren't solved?  Are they living their life somewhere with a different name?  Are they being held captive?  Are they in another dimension?  Or should we be looking for remains?
    This week Ashley is talking about a mass disappearance that took place in 2014.  The day we lost an entire plane.  Malaysia Flight 370 left us with way more questions than answers and we're going to be discussing what happened that day and what could have happened to those people.
    Lauren is discussing a case that came out of Illinois in the 1960's where three young women never came home from a beach day.  Last seen boarding a strange boat on Lake Michigan-- could these women have left everything behind and started a new life?  Or are they still in the lake today? Will we ever know what happened to them?
    Once again the lesson we want you to walk away with... just stay away from the dang water.

    • 1 hr
    The Greatest Discothéque in the Universe

    The Greatest Discothéque in the Universe

    It's party time, weirdos.
    This week we're attending an intergalactic rave! A trans-dimensional Burning Man!  An otherworldly Studio 54!  And you don't even have to leave your home planet.
    This week Ashley and Lauren are joined once again by the beautiful, hilarious and STRANGE Caitlin Dee from Goth Yearbook After Hours as we continue our chat on close encounters of the fifth kind (intentional contact.) 
    The girls ask the question why would they be coming HERE? Of all places?  What do they want with us?  Do they even care about us? If they WERE to communicate with us, what would they have to say?  What the heck are extraterrestrials anyway?
    Tune in a some mind-bending chat about our purpose here on Earth, no matter what your beliefs, and how there may just be the greatest discothéque the universe has ever known right under our feet.

    • 57 min
    We Are All Cleopatra

    We Are All Cleopatra

    We come in peace, weirdos!
    Welcome to a brand new episode about a tried and true topic!  We are discussing ALIENS once again!  But this time we're not looking in space, we're not looking under the sea, we're not even looking at Area 51 or on Mars.  This time we're looking inside OURSELVES.
    This week we are joined by musician and host of the podcast Goth Yearbook Afterhours - CAITLIN DEE!! 
    Caitlin starts us off by telling us about a close encounter she had when she was a child and an experience she had as an adult that revamped her interests in ET.
    Ashley teaches us the Close Encounter classifications and where they came from and how they are used!
    And Lauren teaches us about the different species of extraterrestrial that supposedly exist in our universe- The Greys, the Nordics, reptilians and more!
    Stay tuned for the very end of the episode to catch a preview of Catilin's song "Trouble" and listen to her albums on Spotify! You can follow her on instagram @caitlindeeeee and @gothyearbook

    • 1 hr 9 min
    Phat Beats & Science Treats

    Phat Beats & Science Treats

    Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-Check it Out Weirdos!
    Welcome to the hottest show in town - it's another episode of DJ JAZZY JOE THE SCIENCE BRO!! We get to sit down with the sickest Science DJ the world has ever seen and tell you all the most fascinating news coming out of the scientific world.
    This episode has biology, sociology, ecology, yes even PSYCHE-ology - all of the dopest ologies with no apologies.
    Handsome Joe is teaching us about some crazy predator/prey reversals happening in the deep blue sea, some very cool new studies on how LSD effects the brain and can help with anxiety disorders and depression, and OF COURSE he has a LOT to say about the recent UFO disclosures.
    Your producer and host Ashley aka Mix Master Cass is coming at you with some real dicey information coming out of the infamous radiation hot spot of the world- Chernobyl, as well as some fascinating new dream studies and some concerns she has about what NASA just launched into space like it was no big whoop.
    The promo featured in this episode is the insanely talented POLTERGEIST OD so don't be wiggidy-wiggidy-whack and check out his work! 

    • 1 hr 15 min
    2 Girls 1 Cop

    2 Girls 1 Cop

    Whats your deepest, darkest desire?
    This week Ashley and Lauren are finishing out the SEX SERIES with an episode on FETISHES & KINKS!! Fetishes and kinks are totally natural and normal and actually can lead to extremely healthy sexual relationships.  Yes, even the STRANGEST ones.
    Lauren is going to be teaching us about some of the lesser known fetishes we've never heard of and the girls try and guess where a fetish like it could have originated in a person's development before she takes us down a darker path and talks about some dangerous and even deadly fetishes.  
    Ashley dives into the psychology of fetishes and discusses why so many people equate deviant behavior with having less-than-vanilla sexual fantasies even though that's statistically and pathologically NOT accurate before she discusses when a fetish crosses a line and becomes a precursor to vicious behavior.  We finish up with the case of Gilberto Valle (AKA the CANNIBAL COP) and our thoughts on Armie Hammer's secret sex life.
    WARNING: This episode is NSFW. It contains foul language, discussions of a sexual nature, and mention of bondage, rape, torture, accidental death, murder and cannibalism. 

    • 1 hr 29 min
    Keep It Weird Trailer

    Keep It Weird Trailer

    Keep It Weird brings you the strange and unusual every Friday!
    We love the paranormal, supernatural and true crime, and you better believe we chat about it- but we also realized that every aspect of our lives here on Earth can get WEIRD!! We discuss sports, fashion, strange cities, our weird bodies, science, space, the ocean, and yes... even sex.
    Let your freak flag fly.

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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
282 Ratings

282 Ratings

mnb4727183 ,


I LOVE THIS PODCAST. Super interesting, creepy, informative, and funny. I especially love the uninvited guests episode and the ones about the circus.

NMJ2007 ,

Like chatting with friends.

Ashley and Lauren are hilarious and cover such a wide variety of interesting and weird stuff.
It’s basically like sitting around with friends and chatting about aliens, conspiracies, and the mothman.

hippieThor ,

Love this Cast

Let me tell, there’s nothing quite as enjoyable as a Sunday morning walk with your dog and an episode of keep it weird.

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