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The Financial Survival Network is dedicated to helping you build your financial fortress so that you can survive and thrive in the new economy. You need the Financial Survival Network now more than ever.

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The Financial Survival Network is dedicated to helping you build your financial fortress so that you can survive and thrive in the new economy. You need the Financial Survival Network now more than ever.

    Why Go To College? Eddie Yoon #5907

    Why Go To College? Eddie Yoon #5907

    Kerry Lutz and Eddie Yoon discussed various economic issues, including the student loan debt bubble and its impact on the economy, the potential long-term consequences of consumer debt, and the challenges facing the retail industry. They proposed solutions such as capping tuition, tying loan forgiveness to universities, and incentivizing universities to improve student outcomes and productivity. They also suggested that retailers should adapt to changing consumer preferences by following a Costco model and charging customers up front for a better experience. Overall, they emphasized the need for businesses and institutions to adapt to changing times and consumer preferences in order to survive and thrive.
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    When Will the Fed Cut? Matthew Johnson #5906

    When Will the Fed Cut? Matthew Johnson #5906

    Matthew Johnson and Kerry Lutz discussed the uncertainty surrounding the Federal Reserve's decision to cut interest rates and its impact on the economy. They believe that low interest rates stimulate growth and that corporations are sitting on the sidelines due to high interest rates. They also discussed the possibility of a recession and the Federal Reserve's reluctance to cut rates too early, as well as the telltale signals that indicate a recession is coming.
    The group also discussed the challenges of understanding the financial statements of large banks and the need for due diligence in choosing a bank. They emphasized the importance of diversification to manage risk and the potential for government guarantees and printing money to prevent a banking sector collapse.
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    Inflation and the American People - Chris Markowski #5905

    Inflation and the American People - Chris Markowski #5905

    Kerry Lutz and Chris Markowski discussed various topics related to financial planning, health, and inflation. They highlighted the impact of inflation on everyday Americans, including rising costs of groceries, gasoline, and electricity, and stressed the need for free market solutions. They also discussed the importance of managing finances realistically, cutting expenses, and avoiding debt traps.
    Additionally, they emphasized the need for good health and investing in oneself to increase income. They concluded by discussing the need for a life-long commitment to health and financial well-being, and the importance of taking the first step towards achieving these goals.
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    The Truth About Florida Real Estate -- Zev Friedus #5904

    The Truth About Florida Real Estate -- Zev Friedus #5904

    Kerry Lutz interviewed Zev Freidus, a former product marketing manager who transitioned into real estate and used technology to build a successful business. Freidus shared how he quit his day job to focus on real estate and used his background in technology to generate leads through a website and search engine optimization. They discussed the importance of using technology to reach a wider audience and revolutionize the real estate industry. They also discussed the differences in work ethic between New York and Florida, the current state of competition in the real estate industry, and the complexities of lead generation and monetization in the real estate industry.
    Furthermore, Kerry and Zev delved into the complexities of the Florida real estate market, discussing the impact of high interest rates, low inventory, and the homestead laws. They also touched on the issue of insurance and the impact of taxes on people's decisions to move to Florida. Despite the challenges, they believe that Florida real estate is still more affordable than other major cities in the US, and that the lack of income tax is a major draw for many people. They also discussed the future of Florida's real estate market, with Kerry expressing concern about the potential limits to growth and Zev offering a more optimistic outlook.
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    Auto Industry Crash of 2023 -- Carl Gould #5903

    Auto Industry Crash of 2023 -- Carl Gould #5903

    Kerry and Carl analyzed the current state of the auto industry, discussing the impact of the pandemic and supply chain challenges on profits, recent union strikes, and the need for a balance between worker demands and the long-term strategy of the company. They also discussed the future of the industry, highlighting the inevitability of EVs and autonomous driving, Tesla's dominance in software and technology, and the need for legacy car companies to adapt to the changing industry. Additionally, they discussed the adversarial relationship between the Big Three and their labor union, suggesting that both sides need to work together for the survival of the company, not just their own interests.
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    Triple Digit Oil -- RJ Burr #5902

    Triple Digit Oil -- RJ Burr #5902

    Kerry Lutz and RJ Burr discussed the importance of oil in modern society and its impact on commodity prices. Burr argued that there is no feasible replacement for oil yet and that energy is the bedrock of all society. They also discussed the impact of Trump's policies and COVID-19 on the oil industry, with Burr explaining how COVID-19 created acquisition opportunities for oil companies. The speakers emphasized the potential for long-term revenue and tax benefits of investing in oil, and recommended visiting their website for a basic education on the oil industry and tax benefits.
    Additionally, Lutz and Burr discussed the benefits of buying producing fields in salt domes due to lack of competition and the fact that they were the original oil fields. They also talked about how traditional oil drilling is still effective and how they are going into fields that weren't developed and developing them. Burr explained that they drill traditional wells the same way they were drilled a hundred years ago and that they are standing behind their guarantee to answer any questions about their work. Overall, they made a compelling case for investing in oil and highlighted the advantages of doing so.
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4.7 out of 5
117 Ratings

117 Ratings

Wawaleonor ,

Great Show

Been listening for years and have learned a ton. Thank you!

malfoxley ,

Great show!

Kerry, host of the podcast, highlights all aspects of financial freedom and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Jc123987456 ,

Awesome host

Kerry is the best interviewer on the net! Great guests and news you get nowhere else.
Thanks Kerry

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