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The Late Night History podcast is hosted by Matt Fratus and is an extension of his popular micro-blog of the same name on Instagram. On these episodes we mix cool personal stories with history and cover topics such as wars, people, food, sports, crime, and culture.

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The Late Night History podcast is hosted by Matt Fratus and is an extension of his popular micro-blog of the same name on Instagram. On these episodes we mix cool personal stories with history and cover topics such as wars, people, food, sports, crime, and culture.

    Episode 25: Bill Flavin

    Episode 25: Bill Flavin

    Tonight’s guest is with Bill Flavin, a retired Army Special Forces colonel with 55 years of experience working for the Department of Defense.

    Bill has lived an extraordinary life and has a wealth of experience when it comes to war and peace.

    As we do on this show we start chronologically. Bill briefly shares how his famous parents steered him away from life in Hollywood. Bill's mom, Lucile Browne, starred in movies alongside John Wayne, while Bill’s dad, James Flavin, was a character actor. James went to West Point and Bill decided he’d follow that military path too.

    We discuss Bill’s extended tour to Vietnam and combat experiences in Cambodia. We also talk about his unique career within Army Special Forces, including leading a team for a program called Project Greenlight. This team operated during the Cold War and, according to Bill, was more of a psychological unit over anything. These Green Berets trained with nuclear weapons and their job was to insert behind enemy lines with mini nukes to take high value targets in the event of World War III.

    Thankfully, the nukes were never used.

    Towards the end of the show, we discuss Bill’s work with NATO peacekeeping operations. This includes his role in the Balkans hunting PIFWCs in the 90s to flying into Afghanistan with FedEx for on the ground stability assessments in 2002. We close with Bill’s powerful War Peace & Justice Symposium focusing on moral injury.

    Learn more about the War Justice Peace Symposium here: https://www.warpeacejustice.org

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    Episode 24: Joe Jackson + Jose Martinez

    Episode 24: Joe Jackson + Jose Martinez

    Tonight’s guests are Joe Jackson and Jose Martinez — two friends from One More Wave, a non-profit that I’ve supported since 2018.

    Joe is a former US Navy corpsman with 1st Marine Division who completed a combat deployment to Fallujah, Iraq, between 2006 and 2007. Joe discusses his amazing family lineage of military service, his experiences as a corpsman in combat, and how surf therapy has impacted his road to recovery.

    Jose is a former US Army soldier who suffered a catastrophic injury after stepping on an IED during a combat deployment to Afghanistan in 2012. At 23-years-old, Jose has to adjust to life as a triple amputee. These days, you can find Jose and Joe competing and winning Gold Medals as a team in para-surf competitions.

    As far as history goes, we also dive into the fascinating story of how the Paralympics came to be and how veterans of World War II helped bring the games into fruition. We discuss the history of prosthetic limbs dating back to the American Civil War and Jose provides a modern perspective from his own experiences. Joe also shares some interesting facts about west coast watermen and, in particular, swim fins. Naturally, these topics lead us down many glorious rabbit holes including about the San Diego Bottom Scratchers and frogmen from the Underwater Demolition Teams (predecessors to today's US Navy SEALs).

    You can read about the San Diego Bottom Scratchers here: https://freerangeamerican.us/bottom-scratchers/

    You can read about the Naked Warriors here: https://www.coffeeordie.com/naked-warrior-navy-seals

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    Episode 23: Sierra Brown

    Episode 23: Sierra Brown

    Tonight’s guest on the Late Night History podcast is Sierra Brown, a current firefighter at a firehouse in San Diego, California. Sierra has lived quite the adventurous lifestyle from living on a sailboat in Mexico to competing in 100-mile Ultramarathon races to spending several fire seasons as a wildland firefighter.

    On this episode, expect to learn the history of the hotshot crews in which Sierra was assigned. The hotshots are considered a national resource and respond to wildfires all around the US. We also talk about how Sierra became a smokejumper at age 38 and some memorable experiences throughout her career.

    Later in the episode, we discuss how Sierra has found outside outlets to challenge herself, including her latest ultramarathon called the Man Against Horse Race. Outside of running, Sierra utilized the therapeutic outlet of spearfishing, which you’ll learn all about in this episode.

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    Episode 22: John Wolfram

    Episode 22: John Wolfram

    Tonight’s guest on the Late Night History podcast is John Wolfram.

    John is a former US Navy frogman with two combat tours to Vietnam. In between his tours, John was selected to participate in the famous mission to recover the Apollo 11 astronauts from the ocean after they had just completed the world’s first Moon landing. John shares the stories in great detail.

    However, we also talk about other frogman-specific history, including a famous instructor named Vince Olivera. John attended UDTRA — the predecessor name to BUD/S or SEAL training — class 44 and has fond memories of going through training. He remembers Olivera as a tobacco-chewing, cigar-smoking, mean-mugged frogman who had “God” written across his T-shirt. Hear what John had to say about him.

    Some other highlights include SERE school, wearing blue jeans in ‘Nam, and animals John kept as pets on his combat tours. Of course, to keep with tradition, we discuss the fascinating beer and food John had during the war. Towards the end of the episode, John shares his impactful missionary work returning to Vietnam years after the war ended.

    This is an episode that you do not want to miss!

    For those interested, I recommend grabbing John’s memoir — Splashdown: The Rescue of a Navy Frogman 

    Also checkout John’s YouTube for some cool pictures from his life.

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    Episode 21: Remi Adeleke

    Episode 21: Remi Adeleke

    Tonight's episode of the Late Night History podcast welcomes Remi Adeleke. Remi has lived quite the inspirational life.

    We cover his childhood born into Nigerian royalty and how he lost everything and had to move to the Bronx with his mother and start a new life. We discuss how Remi went from hustling in the streets in the Bronx to achieving his dream in becoming a US Navy SEAL. He went from not knowing how to swim to enduring three Navy SEAL Hell Weeks and spending about 8 years at West Coast-based SEAL Teams.

    After three combat deployments, Remi transitioned out of the Navy in 2016 and has found success in Hollywood working alongside Transformers director Michael Bay to even producing his own short film called The Unexpected.

    The Unexpected will release on Sept. 30, 2022, on Remi's YouTube Channel and is expected to be made into its own featured film. Remi is also the author of the book Transformed: A Navy SEAL's Unlikely Journey From the Throne of Africa, to the Streets of the Bronx, to Defying the Odds.

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    Episode 20: Tim Clemente (9/11 Special)

    Episode 20: Tim Clemente (9/11 Special)

    On September 11, 2001, Tim Clemente and other FBI agents from the Washington Field Office SWAT team were at Naval Special Warfare Development Group — more widely known as SEAL Team SIX — training in their kill house (also called shoot house). One of Tim's agents alerted him to the developments happening in New York City with early reports indicating a small plane had struck the World Trade Center. Tim's FBI team and several Navy SEALs switched the TV to a live CNN broadcast showing the North Tower on fire. Moments later, the operators watched in horror as the second plane slammed into the WTC's South Tower. Tim tells the remarkable story of responding to the terrorist attacks that day. Along the way, Tim witnessed several small acts of heroism. Following the attacks on 9/11, Tim's team participated in what later became the largest criminal investigation in history.

    Read the story here: An FBI Agent's Unforgettable Journey to the Pentagon on 9/11

    Listen to Tim Clemente's Audible Original podcast titled After The Fall about the FBI's investigation following 9/11.

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18 Ratings

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Great podcast!

Great mix of interesting topics, history and humor!

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Late Night History

Loved listening to this first podcast ! Loved the history and the interesting stories !

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