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4.9 out of 5
972 Ratings

972 Ratings

Neesha Mirchandani ,

The best tech and product management podcast out there!

It’s so calming to listen to Lenny’s podcast. I walk away feeling smarter but without the stress and high intensity of some other podcasts that leave me exhausted. You’ll always take something actionable away. You won’t find a more generous host out there in product management, technology, or business. He’s a true mensch.

katmendo ,

Enjoyable and always learn something

This podcast is such a lovely surprise in the sea of podcasts. I ALWAYS learn something every time I listen. I’m not a product person but work in tech. The guests are always engaging and thoughtful, and I’m seeing the trend that Lenny is great at targeting this type of guest and I’m certain puts a lot of work into crafting the discussions.

Thank you for helping me broaden my perspective and feed my appetite for learning.

TallBrian ,

Game changer

I’m glad I found this

dgurl ,

Aspiring PM

I am transitioning into product management and this podcast is a key part of my education strategy to better understand the role, what is valued, and language.

Amirklein ,

Super insightful and informative, not to mention enjoyable!

Lenny has a really enjoyable way of interviewing and conversing with his guests. He asks and discusses topics in such a genuine manner that feels like you are an equal part of the discussion. He brings in such diverse and impressive guests who have absolute gold to share. The insights and information shared in this podcast is not only relevant to Product people but to people seeking to perform their best at their job as well as provide the most impactful and positive outcomes. There’s yet to be an episode where I walked away without gaining and applying something to my day-to-day work. Thanks Lenny for doing what you do, I literally get so excited every time you drop a new episode!

Chetthaker ,

One of the only podcasts I listen to

I don’t get time to listen to all the podcasts I’d like but this one is I make time for. Lenny has a way to get people to share amazing advice and guidance. You always leave feeling much smarter.

Ay_dee ,


Each episode delivers!

Nabeel Shakeel 8 ,

Worth it

Must listen different perspectives

Kwallender ,

Fantastic source of insights

If you are a builder and you’re not listening to Lenny’s podcast, you’re missing out. The insights you will gain from his thoughtful inquiry will take you to greater heights both personally and professionally.

pulze ,

One of the very best for PMs

Tune in every week to hone in your PM chops