Let's Talk Yoga Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
204 Ratings

204 Ratings

Jenny & Carey ,

Amazing, informative, AWESOME podcast about Yoga!

I LOVE this podcast!!! I’ve been passionate about yoga for many years - but my understanding of yoga has been so limited until now! I’ve been listening to Arundhati and her amazing guests pretty much non-stop since I discovered her podcast about a week ago :) and have learned so much!!! As a hopeful yoga-teacher-to-be, the Let’s Talk Yoga podcast has become a major source of really valuable wisdom about finding a teacher training, what IS yoga (oh wow! It’s so much more than I ever knew!), the beauty of yoga philosophy and so, so much more. As a white Westerner, this podcast is what I’ve really been searching for and is teaching me so much about yoga’s cultural roots in India, appreciation vs appropriation, and how I can become a respectful, responsible student of the beautiful, transformational practice of Yoga. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

autmist ,

A must for every yoga teacher!

I found this podcast a couple months ago and have been working my way back through all the old episodes (while also paying attention to the new ones). Arundhati and her guests have directed me to so many great resources to help me dig deeper into yoga history, philosophy, and traditions. This has been an incredible podcast to help my personal practice and my teaching.

Thank you so much, Arundhati!

LittleVettie ,

This is what I’ve been looking for!

My yoga journey started out much like any other middle aged white woman. But I have always had a desire to be a true to any tradition I partake in as possible. I quickly saw how yoga was much more than my American experience had lead me to believe. Arundhati is covering yoga and Indian culture in a beautiful, thorough, and accessible way for anyone to understand.

morgan b a alva ,

Favorite yoga podcast!!

So grateful for finding this podcast. I’m a new-ish teacher and always love to learn but especially when it’s with such awareness and acknowledgement of true historic yogic philosophy with a modern twist.

Corby_24 ,

Just what I was looking for

Arundhati’s sequencing episode was exactly what I needed to understand how to structure an asana class. I’ve been practicing yoga for 3 years now, but never had a strong asana practice outside of the seated meditation poses. As I’ve been going through my 200 hour training, I found that the teachers were teaching sequencing in a way that wasn’t as accessible to those who hadn’t already spent hundreds of hours in asana classes, specifically vinyasa. Arundhati’s explanation was concise and comprehensive and I really appreciated the thoughtful delivery with which she presented her system for structuring classes. Thank you so much!

kayweezy509 ,

Extremely insightful & useful!

This is my favorite yoga podcast. I have been practicing yoga for 10+ years and recently completed 200HR YTT in 2020. Arundhati & her guests always share extremely useful information on all aspects of yogic living and practice.

I highly recommend listening to this podcast and subscribing to her YT channel as well!

Carynk5 ,

So thoughtful!

I am so grateful I was led to this podcast! Every episode is not only helpful, but extremely thoughtful! I love the way she shares each topic with care and breaks it down to a digestible level. Thank you for sharing your insight and expertise and making this podcast accessible to everyone!

my.name.is.dee ,

Enjoyable and profound!

This podcast is so important for any Yoga teacher and/or seeker. Insight after insight lead us to profound shifts in understanding. The perspectives of so many honest, wise, and inspiring guests, many of them Indian, is a gift to experience. I am so grateful for this podcast!

Girlywirly770 ,

So important!

This podcast is inspiring and so educational. I hope anyone who teaches Yoga listens to this podcast and really implements the lessons and information Arundhati provides. Love love love it!!

Klickityklack ,

Genuine and informative

This is my favorite yoga podcast. I love that Aru is so genuine and honest. I also appreciate learning about yoga from an Indian American. As a white/non-DESI person, I like to support DESI people in the yoga space and I appreciate hearing the perspectives of Aru and her guests concerning yoga. It is refreshing, informative, and authentic. Kathy in WA