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Welcome to the DotComSecrets.com "Marketing In Your Car" podcast. Did you know that you can dramatically grow your business during your commute to the office each day? In just 10 minutes a day you can learn marketing, traffic, conversions and sales from internet marketing expert Russell Brunson. Each podcast is under 10 minutes, so you can get this priceless information in bite size chunks in your car!

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Welcome to the DotComSecrets.com "Marketing In Your Car" podcast. Did you know that you can dramatically grow your business during your commute to the office each day? In just 10 minutes a day you can learn marketing, traffic, conversions and sales from internet marketing expert Russell Brunson. Each podcast is under 10 minutes, so you can get this priceless information in bite size chunks in your car!

    The LAST Marketing In Your Car Ever… (And What To Expect Next)

    The LAST Marketing In Your Car Ever… (And What To Expect Next)

    Yes… this is the last one ever :( BUT… don’t worry, something even COOLER is about to start!
    On this final episode of Marketing In Your Car, Russell announces that there will be no more episodes, but that the podcast is re-branding as Marketing Secrets podcast.
    Here are some cool things to listen for in this episode:
    Why Russell decided to re-brand the podcast and how he obtained the new name. Where you can find the new podcast, Marketing Secrets, and what to expect. So listen below and don’t forget to subscribe to the new podcast at marketingsecrets.com
    What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, I want to welcome you guys to the last, this is kind of a bittersweet moment. But this is the last, officially, last ever Marketing In Your Car. Oh, that makes me kind of sad. But with every death comes a new rebirth, at least I think that’s what they say. If not, they should say it, I’ll probably start saying it. It’s kind of cool actually.
    So the end of Marketing In Your Car, it is the end. I’ve been doing this now for 3 or 4 years, and I love it and I’ve got a lot of you guys listening on, but I’ve wanted to kind of do a re-branding of it for a long time, but I didn’t have the right name, the right thing, the right hook, the right something that was amazing. And if you can’t do something amazing, then why do it? That’s kind of my thought. And then the other day, my friend John Reese, he posted something, that he was selling one of his domains. It was a domain back from when I got started, I remember it was a blog he had and it was called Marketingsecrets.com. I was like, “Oh my gosh, Marketing Secrets is so cool.” I know that every product either is something secrets, or hacker. But for whatever reason, those two words I love and I wanted this one.
    I did a deal with him and now I own marketingsecrets.com and this podcast is now being re-branded as Marketingsecrets.com. Isn’t that cool. So the real reason is Marketing In Your Car, I know for all you guys that hang out with me, this is a cool thing, but when you see it in iTunes store, it seems kind of childish. Maybe not childish, because I’m a cool childish, but it doesn’t seem like, non of that mass appeal that I really wanted, and marketingsecrets.com does. It’s so cool and exciting.
    So a couple of cool things we’re going to do. First off, I have a new iTunes cover we’ll be posting on Monday, so next time you look at your phone you’ll see this new thing and be like, “Wait, what is that.” It’s got my face on it because I wanted you guys to know what I look like, so there you. It says Marketing Secrets on it, if you go to marketingsecrets.com it has places to subscribe, all those kind of things like that. Plus all the posted episodes, plus the other cool thing we’re going to do, instead of just doing the audio like this right now. I’m going to start doing it as a video and post the videos on marketingsecrets.com as well. So some of you guys that like video can check it out there too. So that’s kind of what’s happening.
    Anyway, I have a Facebook Live starting in two minutes, but I wanted to jump on real quick and give you guys a heads up of what’s happening, what the changes are, so you’re not freaking out next week when you see the new stuff, but you’re more excited. So Marketing Secrets Podcast is the new name that this show will be known for. We’ve got a new intro that’s so cool. I’ve never been proud of my Marketing In Your Car intros, I’m not going to lie. This one, Steven Larsen spent like 2 days working on the audio to make it awesome. The script is like a very big us versus them, sticking it to the man. So all of us marketers who don’t cheat, can all be part of that, which is exciting.
    I’m at the office, because my Facebook Live starts in one minute. So I’m running while I finish this one. But it’s exciting, so look Monday for Marketing Secrets podcast, same

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    How To Funnel Hack Satan

    How To Funnel Hack Satan

    He may be evil, but one of the best marketers ever…
    On this episode Russell talks about teaching kids at church about Satan’s marketing plan and how he is taking some marketing pointers from Satan.
    Here are some of the odd things you will hear in today’s episode:
    How being able to teach a lesson at church about whatever he wanted got Russell thinking about Satan as a marketer. And what kind of things we can learn from Satan that will help with our ability to sell the negatives as positives. So listen below to find out what Russell has learned from Satan himself.
    What’s up everybody? This is Russell, welcome to Marketing In Your Car. I hope you guys are pumped for today. It’s Monday, we get to build funnels today. Steven Larsen’s little daughter just sent me the cutest message ever about building funnels. Every Monday or so, not every Monday, but most Monday, all the good Mondays, Steven messages me in the morning and says, “It’s Monday baby, we get to build funnels.” And he did it today and he had his cute little daughter messaging saying the same thing. It was so cute.
    Steven: Whoo! Yeah baby, it’s Monday!
    Steven’s Daughter: Oh yeah baby, it’s Monday!
    Steven: We get to build funnels! Whoo!
    Steven’s Daughter: Build funnels, whoo!
    Russell: Anyway, I’m excited. I’m heading in. Dylan and Wynter Jones, Dylan is my co-founder in Clickfunnels, Wynter is his twin brother who is also a ninja. They are going to be here this next two weeks building out updating the editor, making sure that everything is even more amazing than it already is, if that’s even possible.
    Jaime Smith is in the house, he’s going to be working with us to take over the world. And then Todd’s coming next week, Ryan might be coming after that. Anyway, it’s just fun when we have a bunch of people coming out to plan world domination and to better serve all of you guys. So I’m excited for that.
    So during my short commute today, I want to share with you guys something kind of fun. Yesterday I taught a class at church and it’s kind of cool because it’s, usually there’s a lesson or curriculum, but once a month they let people kind of pick what they wanted to teach, so I got one of those lessons, which was really cool. I got to pick whatever I wanted to teach. So I was like, “What do I want to teach today?” So what I decided to do was to basically look at the marketing plans of Satan and how he is getting people.
    I think my group probably thinks I’m weird because I was like, “Look, everyone here is talking about church and religion and all that kind of stuff, but I’m really impressed with how good Satan is at marketing. He’s getting people to do all sorts of crazy stuff that they shouldn’t normally be doing.” And I talked about, those that know me know that I was a Mormon missionary when I was 19 years old, for two years. I talked about it, “That was a hard sales pitch, we were going door to door trying to convince people to give up alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and tea, all premarital, post marital, or not post marital. Premarital, extra marital sex, ten percent of your income for the rest of your life. And if you don’t screw it up, you may get salvation.”
    That’s our sales pitch, which is a pretty tough sales pitch. But I was like, “Satan’s sales pitch is even harder. He’s selling eternal damnation. That’s what he’s got to sale. How in the world is he getting so many people? Because that’s what he’s got to sell. As a marketer, I’m fascinated. I want to study this.” So my lesson was breaking it down about what he’s doing and why he’s doing and all sorts of stuff. But what’s interesting, not that we should learn from Satan, this podcast is going really bad.
    But if we were to learn from Satan, because he’s really good at marketing, it’s interesting there’s a scripture in Isaiah that basically says that in the last days, wo unto them that call

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    What Your Cell Phone And The TV In 1952 Have In Common

    What Your Cell Phone And The TV In 1952 Have In Common

    A cool think I learned from Gary Vaynerchuk that radically shifted my social strategies.
    On this episode Russell talks about what cell phones have in common with 1950’s TV. He also quickly gives some stats from the book launch.
    Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in today’s episode:
    How searching for a pitch that he remembers from 2015 Russell came across some awesome words of wisdom from Gary Vaynerchuk. How you cell phone is similar to 1950’s TV. And how Russell plans to dominate every available channel the way he has dominated Facebook. So listen below to find out how you can benefit from looking at cell phones as if they were TV in the 50’s.
    Hey what’s up everybody? This is a sneaky late night, I’m sneaking out of my house to go grab something at the office, Marketing In Your Car. So this is cool, I don’t think I’ve talked about this with you guys before. If I have, humor me and pretend like you haven’t because I think it’s important.
    The other day, it was funny I was, an event I was at in 2015 and this guy did a pitch that was awesome from stage. So I tried to find that presentation so I could see, because I wanted to model part of the presentation for something I was doing. So yes, I’m always funnel hacking and I had these weird things in my memory where I can remember things from, I see a good pitch and it was in 2015, and I remember it. In fact, I remember a pitch from 2004, 2005 from John Childers that’s amazing too, that I went and found so I could listen to and hear him do his pitch again.
    Anyway, what I was doing, is basically I was trying to find this pitch. It was an event I was at in 2015. I remember the speaker, I remember the day, everything. I was trying to find it and I was searching everywhere. I had actually purchased the recordings of that event, but the link where the recordings I’d purchased had now expired. I contacted the company, they wouldn’t give it back to me or they didn’t have it anymore or whatever. So then I was trying to buy them on EBay, I couldn’t buy them on EBay. I tried everywhere. I spent way too long trying to search for this presentation, because it was literally like a 2 minute pitch that I wanted to find. It was probably like 8 hours, the time I wasted on this thing.
    But I knew that if I found that one little piece, I would know how to pitch this thing I’m trying to sell. I didn’t find it, but I did find some notes that somebody was there and there was a single sentence that gave me kind of, that reminded of what the hook was. So I am kind of re-building that pitch based on my memory and one sentence that I found after 8 hours of digging. In fact, I ended up finding the entire event, I had to pay some dude insane amounts of money to go and black market find it for me. I don’t feel guilty because I bought it before, but normally I wouldn’t do that.
    So he gets it to me, sends me the whole thing. I’m like, “Oh my gosh.” All the videos of everyone in the presentation is there except for the one I am looking for. I’m like, “Dude, where is this?” and he’s like, “How do you know it’s missing.” And I’m like, “I have the notes from somebody who was at the event. The same event that I was at. These are the notes, it says the name of the presentation. This is where between this one and this. You gave me the two other ones, but not the one I needed.” Anyway, I never got the video. So there’s the sad ending of that story. But there’s a happy ending.
    But while I was doing that, one of the videos I found during the thing was actually on YouTube, it was the keynote speaker at the event, it was Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary Vaynerchuk is obviously the keynote to almost every event ever, I think. I love the dude, but he’s probably not going to keynote ours, because he just keynotes too many places, so it’s not that special I think. But he’s awesome, I think he’s awesome. Anyway, I was l

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    My Interview With Tony Robbins…

    My Interview With Tony Robbins…

    Behind the scenes of what happened over the last ten years to make that experience happen.
    On this episode Russell talks about a Facebook Live interview that he did with Tony Robbins and how it was the first thing he had ever asked Tony to do in their 10 year relationship.
    Here are some of the cool things you will learn in this episode:
    How Russell was able to do a Facebook Live with Tony Robbins to promote his new book. Why Russell has never looked at his relationship with Tony Robbins in terms of what Tony could do for him. And why the ROI with relationships is the cultivating and building of that relationship. So listen below to why Russell believes so strongly in building relationships without expecting something in return.
    What’s up everybody, welcome to Marketing In Your Car. I have good news and bad news, you guys. You want the bad news or the good news? The good news is I got some cool stuff to share with you. The bad news is, maybe this is good news, I don’t know. I think, and I’m a little nervous about this, but I think I’m ready, you guys ready for this, to rebrand the podcast. What?
    It’s been called Marketing In Your Car for the last, I don’t know how long I’ve done this for, but I bought the domain and concept initially ten years ago. It’s been cool and I like it, but I’m thinking about changing. I wanted to change it, I think we’ve talked about this a couple of times. You are my therapist sometimes on these things. I was going to change the name of it a couple of times, but I haven’t, and I haven’t and I haven’t’. Then yesterday something happened. I had to find something that wasn’t just better, but a billion times better and I think I may have got it. I’m not going to tell you what it is yet, but I’m excited because it’s like a billion times better. So there may be a new rebrand coming up here soon. So if you guys like it, you’ve got to let me. I’m excited for it, so excited.
    So that’s something I’m going to give you. I gotta step back. Today was a good day, yesterday was a good day, yesterday was insane. We had our certified partners in town. We had a big group of 45 people here, and some of our inner circle members were the ones that were actually some of the business owners that the certified partners had a chance to interview them, figure them out and then go out and actually build the funnels all night for them. Then they come back and present their thing. It was really fun.
    It was fun, to kind of capstone at the end of the certified partner program. I have a chance to speak to them at the very beginning, and then kind of sneak in and watch what they were doing and that kind of stuff, and it was really cool. Now most of  them left today. And then, yesterday the other cool thing, as you know we’re in the book launch. We’re almost, a few books away from 30 thousand books, we’ll definitely pass it today. And not that this matters, but on the, if you look at how much money is made inside of the cart for every book. Probably tomorrow my guess is we will pass $1 million dollars collected through this funnel. Through the front end funnel, not counting the backend stuff, which is also really cool. Which means the Expert Secrets book will officially be inducted into the two comma club, and we’ll order my own big old record plaque. Yes, I’m just like you guys, I want one every single time I have a funnel that makes a million bucks. We will be ordering one of those.
    Today or tomorrow we will be passing 40 thousand active Clickfunnel members as well. So many cool things happening. That is so exciting. And then to step back on another thing, as I’ve been doing this book launch, as you guys know, I’ve been doing all these Facebook Lives, these interviews and they’ve been going awesome. Kind of exhausting, not going to lie. Plus, we’re doing a juice fast this week, which is the second juice fast I’ve done this month, which bas

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    The Big Secret That Most People Don’t Know About Expert Secrets

    The Big Secret That Most People Don’t Know About Expert Secrets

    Two cool things you probably didn’t know, that should help you with whatever it is you’re trying to sell.
    On today’s episode Russell talks about how being in a live interview made him realize things about his books. He also reveals some top secret information that you won’t want to miss.
    Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in this episode.
    How being in a live interview caused Russell to think on his toes and helped him realize something about the art and science of business. And what is the big secret about Expert Secrets that most people don’t realize. So listen below to hear some cool insights Russell has had in the last few days while doing a bunch of live interviews.
    Good morning everybody, this is Russell, welcome to Marketing In Your Car. I hope you guys are awake because today is certified partner day. We’ve got almost 40 certified partners in Boise at our new office, which is exciting. So I’m going to head out there and in 9 minutes I’m gonna…holy cow 9 minutes, I gotta speed. Always late for everything. The good news is they can’t start without me, I hope.
    So I just had a quick message for you guys, because I thought it was interesting. It’s been fun as I’ve launched the book I get to do tons of interviews and podcasts and all this stuff. So people ask you questions, and some questions people ask are the same ones every single time. But other people ask questions that make you go hmmm..How does that song go? Things that make you go hmmm.
    So a couple things got me thinking and I’ve got some cool ideas. So I want to share with you guys two things. Number one, it came out of one of the conversations. It was funny because it was someone, I can’t remember even who it was, they were drilling me about, “Why in the world would you write another book? I thought you hated writing books?” I’m like, “I do, it’s so hard.” And then I was like why, why, why and then finally, it’s weird how when you’re on the spot live and you can’t edit and all the sudden magic comes out. I started thinking, I always tell people that this business there’s an art and a science to this business and the problem is the people focus too much on the art, or too much on the science.
    If you have the art, it looks good but doesn’t make any money. If the science structurally is right, but there’s no money. It’s gotta have both. We talk about increasing the sex appeal, making things exciting, that’s the art side of this business. But then there’s the science part, which is funnel structuring. I was thinking about it, Dotcom Secrets is the science part of this business and Expert Secrets is like the art. It’s what you’re putting on top of the pages and the structure that make it work, they make it convert, make people interested and engaged and keep coming back to you.
    As I said it, I was like that’s so cool. Dotcom Secrets is the science and Expert Secrets is the art, and you gotta have both because this business is a business of art and science. That’s why a lot of people struggle with it. They’re either really good on the technical side or really good on the artsy side, it’s a blend of the two, which is why I think most people should have partners because it’s hard to have everything. No one’s got everything, well maybe a couple of people but not everyone.
    So that’s number one cool thing I thought was cool. Number two, if you guys came to Funnel Hacking Live, Todd Brown got up and spoke and shared an example of two books. One was how to outsource your business for profit, or something like that, and one was called the 4 hour work week. And obviously, as you know the 4 hour work week made Tim Ferris famous, and rich and a whole bunch of other cool things. But it came because the hook was right, but both of them are teaching outsourcing. It was the same concept, just the way they packaged it was different.
    I wanted to share with you guys s

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    A Greater Invention Than Compounding Interest

    A Greater Invention Than Compounding Interest

    Where you should start focusing your efforts…
    On today’s episode Russell gives a quick recap of his week spent with the Harmon Brothers working on a script for a potentially viral video. He also talks about compounding numbers with business and how focusing on one thing will help you compound your customers.
    Here are some of the interesting things you will hear in this episode:
    Find out what Russell has learned about compounding his customers by focusing all his efforts on pushing people into Clickfunnels. Learn what you need to do to follow in Russell’s footsteps. And find out what 3 big things Russell is trying to do this year to get his business to reach the $100 million mark. Listen below to find out what invention is actually greater than compounding interest.
    What’s up everybody, this is Russell. Welcome to Marketing In Your Car. I just dropped off Dallin, one of my twinners, actually the first born. My first born of my loins. Is that what they say? I don’t know, maybe not. Anyway, at dance class, and I’m heading into the office.
    I’m exciting this week, I did this last month too, I did a juice fast week and I lost a bunch of weight and then I went crazy, so I’m doing juice fast week again this week, which will be good. And I just got back from last week, so crazy. Last week, I forgot to tell you guys, I was going to do some podcasts and stuff, but then I didn’t. Sorry about that. We went out, if you guys know who the Harmon Brothers are, if not go to harmonbrothers.com and check it out. They’re the guys that do all the funny viral videos. We did an exchange for them. They had this, one of their viral videos was called Fiberfix.com and it went really viral but their funnel wasn’t doing that well, so we helped them build the funnel in exchange for them writing a script for us.
    So we went to a writing retreat this week with them, last week with them. It was cool, they rented a cabin in Sundance for two days, they had 3 writers write scripts for us. They brought them in and then we got to listen to all the writers scripts, which were insanely amazing. From the three scripts we picked the best one and then the writers went down to the basement for 3 hours. Took all the best jokes from the other two scripts and weaved them into the other script and then they came back. And we liked it and gave them feedback and it went back and forth, back and forth for two days until the end they came with this script that is legitimately the most amazing thing on earth.
    And then the plan is we were going to go out and produce it, then on Friday I got an email from them saying, “Hey, Russell, it turns out we really love the script, and we really love you and your team and we want to work with you guys on this and actually produce the whole video.” which is exciting. I’m actually heading to the office right now because I have a call with them to figure out the deets.
    And for those, who aren’t cool kids yet, deets means details. So figure out some details with these guys and if it works out they’re going to produce the video for us, which is insanely cool. And just by nature of the script, we went and created ten new things on the back end to create…. I can’t even tell you about it now because it’s so vague still in my head, but it’s amazing.
    Anyway, I’m really, really, really excited for it and excited to share it with you guys here hopefully in the very near future. But yeah, it’s awesome. If this video hits like it can and it should, I think, at the beginning of the year I said there’s a couple goals I have. Our goal was to get to 100 million members, not 100 million, that would insane, 100 million dollars, which is also insane actually. So the goal is to get to 100 thousand members and I think we started the year at, I don’t remember what we started at, but we are at, I think wait, 39 thousand? Or maybe 40. We’re close to 39 or 40 thousand members. Somewhere i

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