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Podcast Program by the Best Selling Authors of Books and DVDs about Karate, Life, Violence, and Self-Defense.

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Podcast Program by the Best Selling Authors of Books and DVDs about Karate, Life, Violence, and Self-Defense.

    Changes Are A foot

    Changes Are A foot

    The Martial Arts and Life has moved. You can locate it at >> https://www.patreon.com/Kriswilder

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    The Four Forms of Karate – Chapter 1

    The Four Forms of Karate – Chapter 1

    The Four Forms of Karate – Chapter 1. There are four forms of karate and this is not about the styles this is about the qualities that all systems process. This is the first of four types explained in this podcast. The first of these is Blockbuster.

    Zeal and trends make up the elements needed to make a Blockbuster. Zeal and trends are layering over the top of a pyramid based on three other elements; Fad, Presentism, and Trends.

    Four Forms of Karate and 3 Elements

    Karate Fads and More

    Karate Fads

    Fads in karate and fads as a general rule have a fast burn rate. That burn rate in their nature. But there is a use of the word Fad that needs guarding against. The last thing you should desire in a conversation is a casual and dismissive shutdown.


    The middle place has a role in karate. That middle is flexible. Larger than a fad Presentism can be condescending in its attitude. like comic book artist, Howard Chaykin referred to his industry. More on Chaykin in the podcast. Presentism can also be stable, and beneficial.


    Comparing the 1861 Gatling gun to the flying gun called the A-10 Warthog. Those two seem to have nothing to do with martial arts yet it is an excellent example of a trend.

    The Gatling Gun

    Three Identifiers of Karate Blockbuster

    There are reasons each of these three identifiers exists and should get a good using. The Blockbuster lives in each of these three realms and so can ideas and directions of a moment in the art of karate.

    Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man

    These three in the context of a Blockbuster, a crushing movement that sucks up all the oxygen and money, gets addressing. The nuances of how one may choose to observe their martial arts over the long run are given some thoughts to ponder.

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    Kris Wilder is a martial artist based in Eastern Washington. He has authored many martial art books, including the classic, The Way of Kata. Making no apologies for his obsession of Football he can be found telling any who will listen about the nuances of the Canadian Football League.


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    Be Your Own Karate Author

    Be Your Own Karate Author

    Be your own karate author. It is not about writing a martial arts book. This is about the authoring of your life. Taking control of your life, not your world, but focusing on your life.

    Be Your Own Karate Author

    Be Your Own Karate Author With Simple Commands

    Using simple commands, you can make a difference in your world. We have touched on, If this then that, (IFTTT) in the past. Simple commands. Simple commands are the best commands. The Claymore, not the sword, but the ball-bearing loaded explosive mine has a simple command on it, “Front Toward Enemy.” Getting that wrong and the incorrect people are wounded or killed.

    Martial Arts has simple commands, and it is also a beggar. Martial arts ask for you to invest in it and it gives you nothing tangible in return. Oh, sure a belt, some paper certificates but it is not a house or a boat.

    Traditional Environment in Which to Learn

    The martial arts have a framework of simple commands for success. Paying attention, be diligent, working on what you are taught are the keys. There may be more or different expressions but these three go a long way. These three are going the distance in applying oneself to the course that is set before you.

    This is a selection of a container. A traditional environment in which to learn, that is a vessel that gets filled with techniques and behaviors. This is the beginning of, be your own karate author.

    Beggars have nothing to give

    Another way to look at this situation is like that of a poker game. Martial arts, karate is only going to match your bet. Put one chip in the pot, karate will match you. It is not a case of, “All in.” Karate will not push all the chips in crushing your bet, it will match your bet. Because karate is s beggar – I know it sounds odd, but karate asks you to better first, to give first, and then it begins to match you.

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    It Is On You To Make the First Move

    To become an author of your karate, of your life, you need to understand it is on you. The groundwork building on simple commands for a bettering your existence is already laid out in front of you. You need only start the process.

    The old saw, of you, only get what you put into it, is true. Look at the simple commands of karate. Thinking of karate as a beggar who is playing poker with you may give a glimpse at a new view. At least a view to explore.

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    Karate this is the Reason

    Karate this is the Reason

    Karate this is the Reason. We all understand there are many reasons for doing karate. Those reasons are personal and varied. The reasons range from, “I want to get in shape,” to “I want to learn to protect myself.”

    We are going to create a narrow focus. We are discussing a small but important idea. The reason for training, and we are going to use a dead Prussian General to do so.

    We are going to create a narrow focus. We are discussing a small but important idea. The reason for training, and we are going to use a dead Prussian General to do so.

    Carl Philipp Gottfried von Clausewitz

    Carl Philipp Gottfried von Clausewitz

    Clausewitz wrote a book called, On War, or Vom Kriege. The book is a classic when it comes to war. His book and the ideas contained wherein are often quoted. Here are a few to prime the pump.

    Karate is the Reason and Few Points to Add to The Fact

    “The enemy of a good plan is the dream of a perfect plan.” That sounds like a modern business saying, “Don’t let perfection be the enemy of the good.”

    Or, “No campaign plan survives first contact with the enemy.” And a favorite, “Two qualities are indispensable: first, an intellect that, even in the darkest hour, retains some glimmerings of the inner light which leads to truth; and second, the courage to follow this faint light wherever it may lead.” That sounds like every coach that ever coached. “Don’t give up.”

    In the simplest of terms validation of ideas that have other independent validation are likely pretty solid in their standing.

    The narrow focus we have for our purposes is the classic, “War is not an independent phenomenon, but the continuation of politics by different means.”

    The Narrow Focus Brings Clarity

    What if you took that quote and replaced the word War, with Self-Defense? And to sharpen the reframe remove, Politics and inserted “Bad situation?”

    Victory is the Reason for Karate

    Then the quote with our narrow focus becomes “Self-Defense is not an independent phenomenon, but the continuation of a bad situation by different means.”

    Winning the Moment

    We break down the idea here and flesh it out adding the context of a lifetime and the act of self-defense. You will be surprised by the comparison.

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    Karate and Tai Chi, Sleek and Stunning

    Karate and Tai Chi, Sleek and Stunning

    Karate and Tai Chi, Sleek and Stunning. The stick and the hammer of karate were the topics of the Patreon post. And it started a brief conversation about a trip hammer and its role in martial arts.

    A trip hammer is a tool, used by a Blacksmith to create a repetitive motion. This hammer is used in pounding hot metal or iron during the shaping process. A trip hammer is thoughtless. The trip hammer motion takes little understanding it is clear. Often a trip hammer is built around circular motions becoming a linear act.

    A blacksmith hand forging

    To see what a tip hammer looks like in use and watch the motions involved, here is a link to a Youtube video. Watch a blacksmith forging using a trip hammer.

    Finding The Trip Hammer in Tai Chi

    It can be difficult to find the martial arts trip hammer. It is especially difficult in a softer system as it is not conducive to such observation. One way of seeing karate and tai chi is digital versus analog.

    Analog verses Digital

    You could look at the WUKO kata championships and see the stop and start of techniques. No such form of competitions are known about Tai Chi. The moment the trip hammer starting and finishing is easy to see in karate. These motions are not easily seen in some other arts when comparing them to karate. Both forms of martial arts are sleek and stunning. Yet they appear to far apart in the capacity of data, initiation, and action.

    Arch Bridge and The Pontoon Bridge

    The Single whip movement of Tai Chi starts someplace. The question is where does it begin. Where does the trip hammer begin? How do you find the beginning position, the beginning data dot? Usually at contact, but it can begin before. It is easier to see the information at the contact point. It is important to note some initiation points can be feet or inches before contact.

    The Classic Roman Arch

    There is much more contained in the podcast linked below. Learn about turning an arch into a line and a line into a dot to increase your understanding of the martial arts.

    Click the link below and enjoy the rest of the information. You will learn how you can use the triphammer of karate to become sleek and stunning in your movements.

    Turning an Arch and a Line 90 Degrees

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    Your Karate Teacher Died, Now What?

    Your Karate Teacher Died, Now What?

    Your karate teacher died, now what? That sounds caviler kind of a cast-off statement. It is almost as if it is a statement about floor wax from a mid-afternoon television show. It is not is the real question. The death of a teacher has happened to me before but this one gut punched me. The sorting of how this needs ordering. The responses both short term and long-term need addressing.

    And in doing so there may be a handle for you got to grab onto for the future. Or the handles allowing you to reach back into the past and secure a grip on an experience or emotion.

    We are all going to die, but we just don’t believe it.

    Growing up in post-war Japan in the Shinjuku district life was hard. He told me stories of hunger and hardship. These stories came infrequently, yet helped explain his worldview.

    Your Karate Teacher Died, Now What? A Priest and Burial.

    Graveyards are full of the greatest people

    I have buried the greatest father a hundred times. And we have likely buried the greatest karate sensei a hundred times. The result of this emotion is to try and acknowledge the impact the sensei has had, a foundation may be created, an award given out on an annual basis. You may use this when you karate teacher dies, or when another person passes.

    I have done this and it has been with little results. People are focusing on living. Getting results for themselves, and not a plaque on a wall. A plaque about somebody else’s journey. Or the of overcoming the obstacles placed before them in life.

    Teaching Good, or Bad

    There is either good karate or bad karate, that is it.

    After the death of Ito, the people are coming out of the woodwork. The people are reaching out from Asia, Europe, the Americas. Further, Ito never had a dojo he traveled from dojo to dojo. He never wanted a dojo and he never wanted an organization. It was about Karate. Good karate or bad karate. That was it.

    The Last Samurai

    The Last Samurai

    The movie is a story as old as the human experience. A man empties his cup and replaces it with a new structure that serves his purpose. And that the new structure that renews of purpose and self. Is the story of me and my sensei the same as the movie The Last Samurai? No, no it’s not, and yet there are a few similarities that can be seen.

    You too will have these similarities with your teacher. If you look at your relationship with a little squint when the light hits right. This is where you find the handles for the experience and the emotions. The story then becomes how do you take the good things and push them forward. The way they lived and not the way they died.

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5.0 out of 5
27 Ratings

27 Ratings

RavenManiac31 ,

Right time to hear this

In my journey through martial arts I continue to find the pieces within myself or externally to enhance my journey. My journey includes training in the styles of Jeet Kune Do, Kenpo Karate and Wing Chun. This podcast was revealed to me at the right time. I love the insight, the calming nature of its presentation and I am thoroughly pleased in the knowledge and wisdom presented. I shared his podcast with my Sifu immediately. Be well and keep the content coming. Thank you.

Anabelws ,


I discovered this podcast in the pandemic and am so grateful and happy it was made— Sensei Kris has insightful words for the martial arts and for life in general. Thank you so much for this podcast, as it has helped me in a globally tough time.

44Noosh ,


I’ve read his book on kata, which is excellent and then I heard Kris on Sensei Ando’s Podcast, what an enjoyable listen! Kris is a very focused individual and not surprising his Martial Arts and Life Podcast explores just that, Martial Arts and Life. It’s a wonderful, interesting, and useful exploration of applying lessons from Martial Arts to Life.