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Ignoring the conventional wisdom to never meet your heroes and exposing the lesser known legacies and real life bad behavior of history’s most notable and beloved people.

Meet Your Heroes Meet Your Heroes Podcast

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Ignoring the conventional wisdom to never meet your heroes and exposing the lesser known legacies and real life bad behavior of history’s most notable and beloved people.

    Episode 109: The Reformer

    Episode 109: The Reformer

    This week's hero claimed to hear the voice of God instructing them to do His will. This Hero's interpretation of "His will" left a complicated legacy in its wake.

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    • 56 min
    Episode 108: Bonus! A Hero Revisited

    Episode 108: Bonus! A Hero Revisited

    Surprise! We’re sharing a bonus, previously-unreleased episode of a hero-revisited this week.

    • 32 min
    Quick Update

    Quick Update

    We've got a quick update about some upcoming episodes! In the meantime, if you want us to release an episode or two of previously un-released episodes from the vault - let us know on social media @yourheroespod on Instagram, TikTok, and/or Twitter.

    • 1 min
    Episode 107: Celebrity Oscars Mayhem

    Episode 107: Celebrity Oscars Mayhem

    Not everyone looks good on a horse, but today’s hero did. Todays hero also made a scene at the Oscars, ended up with only one lung, and was named after a dog, so maybe the horse thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    • 37 min
    Episode 106: B.F. Skinner

    Episode 106: B.F. Skinner

    This week’s hero has the sort of twisted ingenuity one needs in order to look at a pigeon and think, "I bet that bird could steer a rocket."

    • 40 min
    Episode 105: Aristotle

    Episode 105: Aristotle

    It’s rare for one person to write foundational texts on topics as diverse as biology, meteorology, philosophy, and politics. It’s also rare for a man to be ridden like a pony so hard that it permanently changes the theology of the Catholic church, but todays hero is full of surprises.

    • 54 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
55 Ratings

55 Ratings

conanlovergirl ,

Religiously listening to every episode!

You guys are my new favorite podcast!!

SKP 18 ,

The best!!

Audrey and Elliot are not only hilarious but are incredible advocates and are always making sure to include all sides of the story. I’m actually interviewing them for my research paper too as they inspired me to write about the glorification or historical figures! They are amazing, kind and unbelievably entertaining. Love these guys.

AJ the history buff ,

Terrible comedy and poor history

After listening to this podcast, I felt nothing but cringe. This is supposedly is a comedy/history podcast but the comedy is terrible while the history needs to be better research. I love learning about history in a fun way, but this podcast didn’t get me to crake a smile or teach me something new. Their episode on Marie Antoinette, for example, had so many mistakes. I wounded what research did the host do for the episode. If I’m not laughing or I can correct the many mistakes they make by a simple google search, then you know you have a bad podcast. There are better history podcasts out there that are a lot more entertaining and informative then this one.

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