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No One Should Live in Fear! The Self Defense Podcast for everyone! We talk about using a firearm for self defense and awareness.

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No One Should Live in Fear! The Self Defense Podcast for everyone! We talk about using a firearm for self defense and awareness.

    Wimps in Our World Podcast 340

    Wimps in Our World Podcast 340

    Going against the grain takes humility, guts, and the chance to lose.
    Courage, like most things, is a muscle that you have to exercise in life.  If you don't practice courage, it will atrophy and die.  
    How often do you practice courage?  Moral and or physical?  Do you do new things that you are going to look foolish at?  Do you accept challenges when others ask you to do something that should be possible?  Do you do things that are hard that others say are hard, shouldn't be done, or is impossible?  Do you do different hard things on purpose because they are hard and scary?
    Take a challenge. Do something hard.  Say something when you know something should be said.  Practice your courage.  If what people are saying in the firearms/2nd Amendment culture is true, we are going to need courage both moral and physical soon.  Now would be a good time to practice.  
    Stay Safe, 
    Ben Branam

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    Should You Give Medical Attention to a Bad Guy

    Should You Give Medical Attention to a Bad Guy

    If you have to defend yourself should you give medical aid to the person that just tried to hurt you? 
    No.  Is the simple easy answer and should be the end of it.
    Three things to consider when making this decision: 
    The Tactical Situation; will this act put you further in danger? 
    Morally; is it the right thing to do? 
    Legally; will this make your actions more or less defendable in court? 
    See the entire discussion on https://modernselfprotection.com

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    Habits, Good, Bad, and Training Scars Podcast 337

    Habits, Good, Bad, and Training Scars Podcast 337

    Habits are good and bad, but Training Scars will get you in trouble. Start with a good war story to show you had training scars creep into all of us.
    What training scars and bad habits do you have that will "get you killed in the street?" 
    I know you have at least one, we all do.
    Check out the full notes at ModernSelfProtection.com/habits-good-bad-and-training-scars

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    Be Prepared for anything Podcast 336

    Be Prepared for anything Podcast 336

    Last weekend I participated in a church mass shooter training event. Most of the time I’m the instructor or coordinator, but this time I actually got to participate.
    My church got a bunch of volunteers to volunteer to be actors in the scenarios. Our head of church safety organized and ran the training. It was a lot of fun, and I got to mix it up with the bad guys more than once. Didn’t even die this time. Not bad…. but…
    Most of the scenarios were normal church shooter events; one domestic violence, one attack on the pastor, one run of the mill mass killer, but the last one was an attempted hostage scenario.
    I say attempted because the safety team ended it before it could begin. A couple was arguing during church service and the guy was instructed to get up, pull a gun, and do a Hollywood gun to the head back against the wall thing to see how we would work together throughout the situation.
    Turns out most of us on the team are default aggressive...
    See the rest at ModernSelfProtection.com/BePrepared

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    Should You Get Involved?

    Should You Get Involved?

    Should you get involved in a crime in progress? Yesterday on the way home from work I saw a crime in progress or what looked like one.
    I was driving down a busy street that has a large homeless problem and high crime. It's a shortcut to miss some traffic through downtown San Antonio. It is a shortcut I use a lot.
    As I stopped at the light I saw one guy running full speed from around the back of a business and someone hot on his heels.
    The second guy gave away that a crime was probably in progress. He was holding something inside his pants right above his right front pocket. His pants were too big and it looked like if he let go, he would lose whatever heavy thing he was holding there. The way he was holding it, I couldn't tell if it was a lead pipe, gun, or big knife.
    Should I have gotten involved?
    Check out more at ModernSelfProtection.com
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    Podcast 334 Trust Your instincts; The Gift of Fear

    Podcast 334 Trust Your instincts; The Gift of Fear

    Check out the book The Gift of Fear to learn more or go to MSP Blog post, Trust Your Instincts and the Girt of Fear.

    • 25 min

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4.7 out of 5
144 Ratings

144 Ratings

tattooedmike ,


You have been a great friend and a great teacher. Your pod cast and 5 minute Friday keeps be going. You have shown me that you aren’t to old to learn how to shoot.

Junky John ,

Modern Self Protection

Podcast: 300
This was a great one. Yes, plenty of Mind Set stuff out there, but you did this one with a great twist. You are getting better and creating your own style. Would love for you to have one aimed for older guys, like 75.

SlowFacts ,


Ben speaks from what he knows, and that is a lot of practical wisdom.
Training has its fads. This is timeless, and worth your time.

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