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No One Should Live in Fear! The Self Defense Podcast for everyone! We talk about using a firearm for self defense and awareness.

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No One Should Live in Fear! The Self Defense Podcast for everyone! We talk about using a firearm for self defense and awareness.

    9-11 20 Years Later

    9-11 20 Years Later

    Like most disasters, it’s not the actual event that changes things, it’s the reactions to the event. I sat at home for two days waiting for my call to report. By the third day, I went back to life.
    Life had changed in America, for the better. Somehow we were all Americans again and all the little things, I call them “1st world problems”, were no longer a problem. People appreciated each other and wanted to help.
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    Podcast 328 Mixed Bag or Crap: NRA Cancelled, Broken Gun, and Heat Injuries

    Podcast 328 Mixed Bag or Crap: NRA Cancelled, Broken Gun, and Heat Injuries

    NRA Cancelled
    Not a surprise with what is going on in Texas and Covid, but their letter to people showed their true colors and they should be ashamed of themselves.
    Broken Gun
    I've been having more and more issues with my carry gun and think I figured it out. But how do you spot problems with your gun and what to do about it.
    Heat Injuries
    It's been hotter than crap lately and I was not doing well at the competition yesterday until another shooter noticed and gave me an extra bottle of water. I go and go until I fall out. Don't be like me, notice this stuff coming so someone else doesn't have to save you. 
    Stay Safe, 

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    Unconventional Carry Methods: Podcast 327

    Unconventional Carry Methods: Podcast 327

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    Carrying every day is an art. It's one you have to work on all the time. And sometimes you can't always carry an optimal way.
    When I worked for an armored car company I carried in an optimal way. And I carried two 1911's. One on my right thigh in a tactical rig before tactical rigs were popular. The other was in a pancake holster on my left side high just behind my hip.
    Then there was a third gun no one knew about in my left back pocket. Everything was optimized for what I did for a living and did every day. My left side 1911 actually set further back behind my hip than you would think was optimal. But it fit perfectly there under my body armor because it sat just behind the piece that wrapped around my side. This way the gun didn't get caught by my body armor and pinch my skin or get caught on the draw.
    It took me almost three years working on my setup to come up with my perfect carry methods. Then my company changed the policy and thigh rigs were no longer permitted. Then it changed again to say 1911's were no longer permitted.
    Things always change, and you should be open to new things if they continue to let you carry a gun daily.

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    The Square Range: Podcast 326

    The Square Range: Podcast 326

    Do you go to the square range to practice self-defense? Should you?
    Last week I went to the square range and worked on my self-defense shooting with my friend from Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership, John.
    We shot his new Colt Python (if you want to hear about that you will have to become a Shooter's Club Member) and I worked with my self-defense gun.
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    Back to Basics: Have a Plan - Podcast 325

    Back to Basics: Have a Plan - Podcast 325

    Do you have a plan for if things go wrong?
    While no plan survives the first contact, the best part of your plan is the objective. In the Marine Corps, we called it the Commander’s Intent. You are going to do this so that this other thing can happen.
    When you are the one making the plan, the first thing you need to know is what is the other thing that you want to happen.
    I break my planning down to simple things, in this order:
    My Family’s Survival, Wife and Child come first and foremost My Survival comes next My family not getting physically hurt Me not getting physically hurt I protect those other people that are in my charge I protect friends and family I protect kids I protect other adults I don’t injure the bad guy if I don’t have to I protect my stuff I seek justice  
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    Measuring Risk: Why We Suck at It. Podcast 324

    Measuring Risk: Why We Suck at It. Podcast 324

    As a contractor, I was in charge of base security at a large FOB (Forward Operating Base) in Iraq. The base commander wanted me to make sure no one ever got hurt on his base. I tried explaining to him that I could simply mitigate the risks from outside the wire but I couldn't stop everything. Someone will fall out of their rack or worse, and what did happen, a soldier committed suicide on the base right after I left. It was horrific, but it was something I couldn’t stop or even begin to work on as a security specialist focused on the threats from the outside.
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4.7 out of 5
140 Ratings

140 Ratings

tattooedmike ,


You have been a great friend and a great teacher. Your pod cast and 5 minute Friday keeps be going. You have shown me that you aren’t to old to learn how to shoot.

Junky John ,

Modern Self Protection

Podcast: 300
This was a great one. Yes, plenty of Mind Set stuff out there, but you did this one with a great twist. You are getting better and creating your own style. Would love for you to have one aimed for older guys, like 75.

SlowFacts ,


Ben speaks from what he knows, and that is a lot of practical wisdom.
Training has its fads. This is timeless, and worth your time.

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