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Welcome back to a brand new episode of Mommy and Daddy Talk. New episodes every THURSDAY @ 11 AM PST.

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Welcome back to a brand new episode of Mommy and Daddy Talk. New episodes every THURSDAY @ 11 AM PST.

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    Brad and Sara go out…

    Brad and Sara go out…

    0:00 Intro
    1:42 What happened with Diddy
    3:34 brads fear of saying “I love you”
    3:56 Sara doesn’t love…
    6:09 back to what happened with diddy
    9:48 people that get rich and famous, then do weird sh*t
    10:23 drake allegations
    16:38 kendrick & drake
    20:47 brad is going to hawaii
    23:24 vanilla gorilla cafe, it's a pick of brad
    24:42 sara is depressed
    25:50 favorite movie as a kid
    26:53 if sara was a cartoon character...
    28:04 brads birthday and what he’s doing
    30:08 sara is having a moment...
    32:25 if your house was on fire question
    37:07 couples therapy
    39:37 brads patience
    43:29 wishing from a crystal ball? It’s where you make it, focusing on the now
    46:33 sara being a mother
    47:59 Brad would get a cat
    49:39 what is a good instagram photo?
    50:33 if someone asked brad what sara was he would say...
    51:27 If someone asked Sara what brad was she would say…
    54:10 What brad would say at saras funeral
    55:44 first impression of sara
    56:45 First impression of brad
    58:40 the feeling of there is more in life
    1:00:28 brads top 3 ideal guest to interview
    1:01:16 saras hate towards elon musk and tesla
    1:02:28 Being afraid of the dark, and nightmares
    1:04:33 if you die on the toilet do you finish peeing?

    • 1 hr 10 min


    0:00 Intro
    28:06 Saras nails
    29:13 what else ads to the look for girls
    36:05 Brad went to New York
    37:50 Don Lemon pod, the vaccine
    40:50 Cars being expensive and have more problems
    41:48 Sara hates elon musk and tesla
    46:08 The dentist
    47:09 Saras incident at forever 21…
    52:22 brad catching pedos with vitaly
    1:01:58 Tao restaurant
    1:04:04 Brads birthday is coming up
    1:04:18 The roast of Bradley Martyn
    1:05:29 Sara asmr gym weed
    1:06:58 if sara and brad could be renamed...
    1:07:20 if sara was a worm
    1:09:00 a conspiracy theory that you actually believe in
    1:09:13 Brad and Saras favorite candy
    1:12:10 zodiac signs and why are girls so obsessed
    1:15:01 most overrated thing that everyone is obsessed with
    1:16:06 does brad have a type?
    1:17:40 Icks for Sara
    1:22:56 How Sara has been gaining weight
    1:24:05 how do you know and how to end a relationship...
    1:28:55 when you start distancing in a relationship

    • 1 hr


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    0:00 Gym Weed Ad 
    1:10 Sara gained 15 lbs
    3:46 ordering food being a problem
    4:32 life hacks from Sara
    9:28 Sara went to Nashville
    10:50 viral clip of sara getting breckie hill
    13:22 brads cinco de may with these foos
    14:02 Sara spending her money on family
    16:48 back to brads cinco de mayo
    18:35 brads birthday is coming up
    19:21 feeling like you have lived another life
    20:32 Sara on drinking alcohol
    22:30 Sara being on the “spectrum”
    24:40 how does someone have a punchable face
    25:26 what brad has been up to
    26:00 zoo culture miami and brad is leaving sara
    27:33 Eric phone call
    29:50 everyone should take self defense classes
    30:58 if brad had a daughter or son what would he name them
    33:11 chris bumstead named his girl bradley
    34:57 taking the guys last name…
    36:47 the roast of tom Brady
    38:04 people not caring anymore
    39:36 brads pod with suga Sean
    41:03 if suga and ryan boxed who wins
    42:51 bare knuckle fighting
    43:31 Taylor vs Bryce who is winning?
    44:32 who could brad bare knuckle fight?
    46:53 Sara needs to fight someone
    49:01 brad is moving to Miami
    49:53 Saras life hack on a plane
    51:28 never fall asleep in an uber
    54:39 taking to much Benadryl
    57:34 people coming up to sara more when not in LA
    59:20 election this year
    1:01:40 may being national fitness month
    1:05:39 reading comments
    1:07:11 Sara being a better friend than partner
    1:07:35 reading comments
    1:08:05 brad using Sara slangs
    1:08:34 reading comments
    1:10:36 brad and Sara going bowling
    1:11:20 Saras overactive brain
    1:12:24 reading more comments
    1:13:23 how do you guys feel about sara gaining 15 lbs
    1:13:35 Sara picking at her zits
    1:15:14 sara saying star trek being better than star wars
    1:15:32 sara needing more masculine energy from brad
    1:18:09 brad and Saras best features

    • 1 hr 20 min


    0:00 intro
    16:37 IQ test with brad and Sara
    22:39 adesanya said brad wanted to fight him
    24:22 brad or adesanya in a street fight
    25:31 baby reindeer
    27:16 the story behind the show baby reindeer
    28:48 tiktok food / rock paper scissors trend
    33:00 Sara and brads in n out order
    34:09 brad drank a gallon of milk while doing deadlifts
    35:26 Saras sound effects
    36:18 the plan for the podcast
    38:09 Sara is going to Nashville
    40:42 sara claims she made the belly chain a thing again
    41:48 forever jewelry for your girls
    42:06 cute date ideas
    43:09 bad first date ideas
    45:57 red flags for Sara
    47:31 setting the standard for the first date
    49:21 the things that really matter in a relationship
    49:55 brad went to Coachella
    51:13 stagecoach
    53:36 the time in n out sued brad
    55:09 why don't gym influencers have a headphone brand
    57:01 brad wants to go on vacation
    58:48 brad has gotten bit by a shark before
    1:04:17 sara says she is tripping from the in n out...
    1:08:13 Sara wondering if she has crimson chin
    1:10:32 Sara says she has issues
    1:11:00 Sara hearing people talk in her head
    1:14:18 scenarios on whether you tip or not
    1:16:32 Saras form of anxiety
    1:20:01 the time sara bottomed out her maxima

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Couples Therapy w/ Brad and Sara

    Couples Therapy w/ Brad and Sara

    0:00 intro
    7:09 Sara and Brad doing something big
    7:51 Sara on having kids
    8:36 girls being mean to girls
    10:47 baby reindeer
    14:22 Garcia vs Haney
    17:09 girls shaving their hair
    18:12 Kanye West loves hitler
    19:33 clarification from Sara and brad
    21:18 Kaylee and Silby join the pod
    21:56 being sus with the boys
    23:32 sara pretends to be drunk when going out
    24:45 making a relationship work while being in the scene of things
    27:13 does Kaylee enjoy the work she does?
    27:48 Sara picking her nose on camera
    28:51 does kaylee plan to do more on OF?
    29:22 could Silby ever have sex on camera?
    30:36 how to know if you found the one
    32:03 how Kaylee and Silby met
    35:00 what kaylee wanted when she first came to LA
    35:37 when girls say I just wanna have fun and do my own thing...
    37:08 making small issues into big issues
    37:57 people being afraid to mess things up in a relationship
    38:42 3 stages of a relationship
    39:21 being stubborn
    40:16 men and women having that victom mentality
    41:17 the biggest difference of silby from other guys in the past
    42:46 was OF ever an issue for Silby
    43:21 who would take the better photos?
    46:00 love languages
    47:48 nails being important for girls and men?
    48:48 when a guy is kept up and clean
    49:26 what is too far for a guy to not be to "pretty"
    52:28 brads character with the hat
    53:37 stagecoach
    54:23 sweating while sleeping
    57:03 laser hair removal
    58:00 would poop in front of your partner
    1:00:17 the classic guy move
    1:01:59 proposing to someone
    1:02:37 celebrating brads birthday
    1:05:12 brad wants a promise ring
    1:08:05 do guys give each other advice
    1:09:26 2 people being in the scene of things makes the relationship harder...
    1:10:40 the craziest thing someone has ever asked kaylee for on OF
    1:13:16 what if your girl is liking other dudes photos
    1:13:54 silby gets mad when a guy comes up to kaylee
    1:18:24 silby always bringing up kaylee in a positive manner
    1:20:05 a guy changes his ways when he's with the right girl
    1:21:02 brad would officiate the wedding
    1:22:00 how the girls feel about marriage
    1:22:54 people filming their wedding vowes
    1:24:11 sad Sara is back

    • 1 hr 20 min


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    0:00 Gym Weed 
    2:01 Brad is fired up
    2:34  sara prefers ugly guys
    5:03 what animal would symbolize brad
    6:21 Sara put on 15lbs
    7:15 ufc 300
    11:03 Sara being on top of the podcast
    11:47 a man punched Sara in the face
    13:18 brad thanking sara for being responsable
    14:06 right person wrong time…
    16:20 having more than one soulmate?
    20:34 looking passed sex
    23:01 what would your partner have to do for you to not go back
    26:16 never speak poorly about your partner to other people
    27:49 brad wants kids
    30:21 Logan Paul is having a kid
    31:35 Ryan Garcia vs devin Haney
    34:26 Sara looking for a real job
    36:26 selling something you don't believe in
    48:52 babbel ad
    40:24 Sara doesn’t spend her money
    43:43 brad used to buy gear from Philippines
    45:37 do you believe in marriage?
    49:04 social media
    50:58 brad becoming a full time streamer
    52:15 TikTok taking over
    53:38 jared leto commented on brad and sara's content
    57:11 xqc
    59:38 Sara is bad at video games
    1:02:08 being loyal
    1:03:07 being crazy in relationships
    1:09:52 working forever
    1:10:51 should brad go to high schools and give speeches?
    1:11:57 situations for sara not to like her boyfriend doing
    1:14:24 are girls more slimy than guys
    1:16:28 Sara needs a guy that workouts
    1:18:14 what if the guy wants to get a rub n tug...
    1:20:26 what if your girl has a guy trainer
    1:20:50 is it cheating if…
    1:21:32 sharing each others locations
    1:24:00  celebrating your anniversary
    1:26:50 the best pizza spot
    1:28:19 guys buying content from girls

    • 1 hr 31 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
129 Ratings

129 Ratings

Hannahhhhhhhh.1234532 ,

Greatest Podcast of All Time.

This planet would be a better place if you guys uploaded twice a week. Also, for Brad: Talk about the first time you did shrooms & also what you think about religion. Great show guys. P.S. We need more gum chewing lol

RJ Martínez ,


I started listening to this podcast because of Brad and it was actually good(in the beginning) now it got kinda boring because of the same topics over and over again. The internet this, the internet that. At this point name it “social media podcast” or “our worst enemy and or best friend: the internet” idk it’s going down hill tbh. I think bringing guest it’s the best you guys can do right now to make it less boring. Also how is Sara speaking on relationships and porn if she doesn’t have a clue about that stuff, it’s lowkey annoying.

James Donahue ,

Sara needs to stop with the gum chewing.

I feel as though you have to be part of their group to know what they are talking about most of the time. They should take the time to explain to the casual listener who certain people are, and not just expect us to know who they are talking about.

Sara’s constant gum chewing is super obnoxious & annoying.

They seem to talk about the same topics every show. Kind of boring.

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