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Exploring the emotional side of money.

    Flip the Script - Camille Diaz - Episode 100

    Flip the Script - Camille Diaz - Episode 100

    Almost at a loss for words when trying to say something about this episode. Episode 100!!! I can hardly believe all the amazing stories and learning that have come out of creating and producing the MoneyHeart podcast for the past couple of years. For this very special episode I’ve asked my friend, mentor, and former MoneyHeart guest, Peter Biadasz, to interview me. He got to make up all the questions and I had no idea what they would be going into the recording session.

    "Peter: We'll start off with an easy question. What is the meaning of life?

    Camille: 42"

    If you got that joke your nerd game is at least as strong as mine and I’m impressed. If you didn’t get it and want to level up, you can read about that answer here: https://www.dictionary.com/e/slang/42/. Peter and I have a great time on this show and it will probably remain one of my favorite episodes. I hope you enjoy it as well.

    The positive feedback I get from listeners and the stories you tell me about how various episodes have impacted your lives is really what keeps me going. Thank you all so much and stay tuned for Season 3!

    PS: For those keeping track and paying attention to details like I do without even trying… in the show I said Peter’s episode was 016. I was wrong. It was actually Episode 014, Making the Best Out of the Worst: https://serenityfinancial.us/2020/07/30/making-the-best-out-of-the-worst/.

    Peter’s company is called Total Publishing and Media. You can get in touch with him through LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/peter-biadasz-bb73102/ and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peter.biadasz

    Episode 016 was Transparency During the Aging Process with Cheryl Doyle. Access all 100 episodes here: https://serenityfinancial.us/blog/.


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    Battling Burnout with Essential Oils - Aubrey Kleinman - Episode 099

    Battling Burnout with Essential Oils - Aubrey Kleinman - Episode 099

    Aubrey and I both have entrepreneurial families with kids so we’re pretty familiar with what burnout feels like. In this episode we discuss what it means to set a good example as a hardworking parent. We talk about money, work, stress, and ways to combat that stress which shows up in everyone’s lives.

    “You feel like you don’t know what to do next. You’re helpless.”

    So many times we know we need to do the work to earn money and keep our businesses and lives going, but we just don’t feel like we have the energy. If you have tasks and chores piled up and don’t feel inspired at all to get up and do any of them, a few essential oils might help relieve your guilt and lift your spirits. The oils Aubrey shares about include:

    Lavender – for calming, sleep, and inspiring openness, honesty and communication

    Wild Orange & Peppermint – to wake up, boost energy and confidence

    Peppermint – inspire encouragement and joy

    Wild Orange – inspire a positivity and playfulness mindset

    Copaiba – inspire worthiness, relieve feelings of guilt and stress

    Balance (DoTerra blend) – relieve tension

    Receive Aubrey’s “Stress Less” series with 9 tips on how to reduce stress in everyday life here: https://api.thewellnesscrm.com/widget/form/44UuHAoh6YOatJmlkt1V

    To contact Aubrey send her a text at +1-870-937-6457 or find her on Facabook at https://www.facebook.com/aubrey.corcorankleinman/.

    Schedule a 1:1 connect call with Aubrey here:  https://api.thewellnesscrm.com/widget/appointment/connectcall/connect_aubrey

    More at http://moneyheartshow.com.


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    Failing Forward - Andrei Stoleriu - Episode 098

    Failing Forward - Andrei Stoleriu - Episode 098

    When Andrei and I first started met we bonded quickly over stories of failed businesses past. I invited him to share his experience on the show and ended up sharing some of mine as well. In this episode, Andrei Stoleriu shares how he and his parents started a business from scratch, did very well, and then failed. We get into all the truth about how it feels to fail at business and investments and how we changed our mindsets and kept moving forward.

    “We didn’t have any business courses, business experience, nothing!"

    Andrei went to college to study finance and banking and ended up falling in love with acting and pursuing an acting career. He now runs Explicat Studio and his company builds promotional videos for businesses. Listen in as we talk about all the twists, turns, and wildly inaccurate expectations we had as budding entrepreneurs and our transformations to much more sustainably successful business owners today.

    To get in touch with Andrei you can email him andrei.s@explicat.ro. Visit his website explicat.studio to see samples of the many types of videos, in various languages, that he builds for companies around the world.

    More at moneyheartshow.com.


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    Knowing Your Worth - Reagan Hatch & Caron Cooper - Episode 097

    Knowing Your Worth - Reagan Hatch & Caron Cooper - Episode 097

    Reagan Hatch and Caron Cooper have something rare, a business partnership which actually works! They say it’s because each one has faith in the other and they have excellent communication. In this episode we discuss how they developed their pricing model and established the worth of their business within their industry. We talk about how sometimes it can feel weird for new entrepreneurs to share their pricing with prospective clients and how these two overcame that awkwardness.

    “It wasn’t any harder to get business than it was before… maybe even easier because we weren’t underpriced.” - Reagan Hatch

    On the show we talk about how they launched their company with a done in a week for $500 website offer. As they raised their prices they didn’t stress over the amount because they continued to add education, training, and additional services with each price increase.

    “We’re trying to add a lot of value.” - Caron Cooper

    Reagan’s career in sales began in her teens where she eventually developed a talent for seeing where a company could expand and growing a customer base. The ability to develop solid and lasting relationships has naturally led her to a career in marketing where she gleefully gets to realize her creative side too. She is the co-founder of two successful marketing brands and loves every minute of it!

    Reagan can be reached by emailing reagan@ctmhgroup.com.

    Caron has a background in graphic and web design, journalism, photography and video production. She graduated with a Television/Radio/Film degree and started her career in the entertainment industry. She even contributed to the development of a half-hour comedy that was sold to MTV.

    To get in contact with Caron, reach out through their company website at https://ctmhgroup.com/contact/

    Follow them on Instagram at @CTMHgroup.

    More at moneyheartshow.com.


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    Wisdom from a Seasoned Bookkeeper - Jo Ann Richards - Episode 096

    Wisdom from a Seasoned Bookkeeper - Jo Ann Richards - Episode 096

    Earlier in life Jo Ann made the mistake so many women make of relying on her husband to handle the family finances. That’s what her mother had done and she thought everything would be just fine. Unfortunately it wasn’t. It led her down a path of poor investments and eventually to bankruptcy. Now a seasoned bookkeeper Jo Ann teaches her clients just how important it is to have a knowledge of your finances even if you’re not the primary income earner.

    “You need to have some emergency money.”

    Jo Ann shares a wealth of knowledge in this episode including her top tips for women and top tips for business owners.

    Tips for Women:

    1. Have someone work with you to set up a budget for planning and bill paying.

    2. Have savings ‘buckets’ for taxes, emergencies, fun, etc.

    3. Work with a financial planner to get solid advice on retirement preparation.

     Tips for business owners:

    1. Keep biz and personal finances separate.

    2. It’s best to start with a bookkeeper from the beginning. Let a bookkeeper set up the accounting system and then maintain the books. Just because you know how to enter items in QB does not make you a bookkeeper.

    3. Collect W9 forms from service providers/indie contractors as you start to work with them and ideally before you pay them.

    4. Tell your bookkeeper everything related to money and assets owned.

    5.Have the bookkeeper do the sales tax return. Set aside the sales tax collected for future payment.

    6. Venmo – share the transactions with the bookkeeper.

    7. Amazon – bookkeeper needs to know the categories of the purchases.

    8. Be prepared to be specific…can’t just call something a ‘biz expense.’

    9. Keep track of biz mileage. Note odometer reading on 12/31 or 1/1.

    10. Set up bank/credit card logins for the bookkeeper so they don’t have to bug you for a security code, especially if you’ve changed your password.

    11. Be sure to save money for taxes.

    12. Set money aside for reserves.

    13. Understand that a profit on paper does not = bank balance.

    Jo Ann Richards is a native Californian now living in Portland OR. She has been a bookkeeper since 1976, has worked as an employee and has been self-employed for the 2nd time since 2007. Crunching numbers is a skill inherited from her father and grandfather. Her thriving bookkeeping practice has clients on both the East and West Coasts of the US plus a client in England. She is the mother of a grown daughter and proud grandmother of three. She’s been married for over 19 years.

    Jo Ann’s book is available at dragonhillbooks.net. To get in contact with Jo Ann you can email her at joann@midlifemagic.biz. She is also on LinkedIn, Facebook, & Instagram.

    More at moneyheartshow.com.


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    Creating Prosperity - Andrea Blindt - Episode 095

    Creating Prosperity - Andrea Blindt - Episode 095

    Wealth to Andrea was defined by what she had. Money in the bank, assets, the ability to buy anything she needed or wanted. She thought working hard would create fulfilling results, so she worked tirelessly towards what she thought was prosperity. It took death for her to fully redefine what it meant to be prosperous in life and to fully step into abundance.

    “When you have nothing you can create anything.”

    In this episode author and coach Andrea Blindt shares the story of how she dissolved her limiting beliefs and replaced them with empowering ones. We touch on values, making money decisions, what money can’t do, and what money can do. During our discussion, she provides us ways we can reframe the conversations in our head to lead ourselves towards the future we truly want to create.

    Andrea Blindt (N-drey-uh) is a Registered nurse, holistic health practitioner, best-selling author, and life & mindset coach. Andrea empowers her clients through her own personal healing journey. She helps her clients create wealth by amplifying their health. She supports patients as they discover ways to enhance prosperity in their lives, by reclaiming their power, advocating for what is in their best interest, and learning the tools needed to be able to make decisions for themselves that are in alignment with their beliefs. This allows her patients to create abundance, experience tranquility, and live life with clear intention.

    Connect with Andrea on instagram @andreablindt or by email her at heal@andreablindt.com. You can find information on her new book, “Prosperity Codes” and schedule a free 15 minute connection call on her website andreablindt.com.

    To download the free Abundance Journal we mentioned in the show (and a whole bunch of other free stuff) visit andreablindt.com/gifts.

    More at moneyheartshow.com.


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