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    Healing Journey to Fatima's Sacred Heart

    Healing Journey to Fatima's Sacred Heart

    May is Mother Mary's month.  Her etheric Temple of the Sacred Heart over Fatima, Portugal, is open all month for us.
    I suggest that you do this meditation often this month, especially as you are going to bed.
    Most of our evolution and healing happens during our sleep.
    In this meditation, Mother Mary welcomes us into her Temple of the Sacred Heart and invites you to heal your heart.  
    This Temple will feel familiar to you.  You came here when you were in the womb.  Mother Mary's great service to Life is to help fashion the matrix of the physical heart with Divine Substance.
    This meditation will be helpful to prepare you for the New Rosary on the Feast Day of Lady Fatima, May 13th.
    Are you feeling stuck spiritually and unable to create what you want?
    Maybe you’re ready to heal your finances and release the old way of doing money?
    Join Mother Mary and Jennifer to learn the New Rosary.
    It’s a simple and yet a powerful spiritual tool to help you manifest change in your life.
    The New Rosary is a gift that continues to give and give.
    Click here for more details and to sign up. https://angelsofabundanceascensionacademy.com/new-rosary-with-mother-mary/
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    Partner with Your Body Elemental

    Partner with Your Body Elemental

    Your Body Elemental, also known as your overlight Deva, is your connection to all that is magical and physical.
    This highly intelligent divine being helped to craft your body in the womb and is the caretaker of your body temple.
    This powerful partnership is essential for the health of your auric field, your body, your wellbeing, and your ascension.
    This meditation is from Jennifer’s book, Opulence Infusion – a new faith currency. Begin reading it here. https://a.co/d/0LDa2WE
    Pono is the song beneath this meditation.  It is on Jennifer and Michael’s Ho’oponopono Prayer Chant CD. Find it on Jennifer’s bandcamp site. https://jenniferruthrussell.bandcamp.com/

    • 9 min
    Spin, Spin, Spin

    Spin, Spin, Spin

    Are you ready to raise your Light quota?
    With the gentle guidance of Mother Mary and the Archangels, immerse yourself in the Golden Liquid Light of Abundance as it flows through your 12 chakras, illuminating and activating your Cosmic Flower of Life - the 144 aspects of your Monad, your Lightbody.
    This meditation will help you open the channels of Wisdom, Love, Opportunity, and Opulence, empowering you to fulfill your purpose now. 
    “Calibration Chamber” is the light song under this meditation. You’ll find it on Jennifer’s EP titled Opulence on her Bandcamp page. https://jenniferruthrussell.bandcamp.com/
    If you’re ready to deepen your spiritual journey in community. Check out Creative Abundance with Mother Mary. https://angelsofabundanceascensionacademy.com/the-membership-program/

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    Rise Up with Mother Mary

    Rise Up with Mother Mary

    What areas of your life could benefit from a lift at this moment?
    The Universal Law of Resurrection restores and activates every part of your being, back to its perfect form—your Divine Blueprint.
    Mother Mary's nurturing presence takes us to the Temple of Resurrection embracing the grace of renewal in our lives.
    The music behind this meditation, Rising Light, was created by Michael Gayle.  Listen to more of his music here. https://michaelgayleguitar.com/
    To have a full experience of the Temple of Resurrection, catch the replay of the Divine Download with Mother Mary from Sanctuary on March 28th. Click Here!
    Listen to more Morning Light Meditations here. https://angelsofabundanceascensionacademy.com/morning-light-meditations/

    • 12 min
    1,000 Petals of Light

    1,000 Petals of Light

    Your 5D Crown Chakra contains your specific design for your Ascension.
    The Light Codes from this ancient wisdom are your keys to mastery.
    In this meditation Archangel Jophiel, Lady Christine, and Serapis Bey assist you in upleveling your Light Codes.
    1,000 Petals of Light is the original song by Jennifer to seal this initiation in your auric field. You’ll find it on her new album, Expanded Lightbody https://jenniferruthrussell.bandcamp.com/
    Get the Expanded Lightbody Album & Meditations.

    Experience the Transformation: 

    I'm honored to share 12 melodies and meditations, crafted to ignite transformation within you. Each note invites you to dance with Archangel Guardians, guiding your liberation and reunion with your essence, your Beloved I AM.
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    Crystal Clear Sight

    Crystal Clear Sight

    ‘I was blind, but now I see,’ has been our journey of releasing the veil of illusion in your 3rd Eye.
    This meditation will help you embark on an exploration guided by the wisdom of ancient traditions. In this transformative session, we tap into the essence of Lord Shiva and Archangel Raphael, who embody creation, protection, and universal transformation.
    Through the resonant vibrations of 'Shiv Netra,' infused with the radiant energies of Archangel Raphael and Lord Shiva, we gently and safely facilitate the opening of your third eye, inviting clarity and insight into your consciousness.
    Grounding ourselves in the sacred vibration of the heart's HUM, we anchor our Beloved 'I AM.'
    Witness as the powerful center of clairvoyance and abundance within your 3rd eye blossoms, dispelling the shadows of darkness, ignorance, and lack.
    For those seeking a deeper immersion, delve into the full experience of Sanctuary, a sacred space of healing and enlightenment crafted by Jennifer. This meditation offers a glimpse into the magic of Sanctuary, a monthly gathering where we embark on a journey of learning, healing, singing, and transcendental meditation.
    Unlock the door to your inner sanctuary and join us in this profound journey of self-discovery and transformation. Experience 'Crystal Clear Sight' today.
    Listen to the Expanded Lightbody Album by Jennifer Ruth Russell, releasing on 3/17/2024, on her Bandcamp site: https://jenniferruthrussell.bandcamp.com/
    Access the replay of this transformative Sanctuary experience here: https://angelsofabundanceascensionacademy.com/sanctuary/

    • 21 min

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4.6 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

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Thank you, I’m so grateful this was such a beautiful meditation.. my Violet flame is burning brightly tonight!! Namaste

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