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Hosts B-Honest, Kevin, & Christal discuss music, love, life and everything in between. Based on the premise that music is the the soundtrack of our lives and love is the tapestry that connects us all.

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Hosts B-Honest, Kevin, & Christal discuss music, love, life and everything in between. Based on the premise that music is the the soundtrack of our lives and love is the tapestry that connects us all.

    Can We Talk Tho

    Can We Talk Tho

    Music Love Life Episode #74

    Out of the blue, the crew gets together to kick it.

    Can We Talk Tho #MLL074

    • 1 hr 16 min
    Meghan's Bodies vs Lozado's Hubbys

    Meghan's Bodies vs Lozado's Hubbys

    Episode #72 Former Atlanta Falcon turned sports analyst Jamal Burke weighs in on the still-trending Colin Kaepernick vs Stephen A Smith debate. B-Honest doesn’t feel Kaep is fit to extend the same fist Muhammad Ali raised in civil disobedience. Evelyn Lozada’s newfound virginity becomes a verb. After being bullied about her body count, Christal cries #metoo! Mr. Kevin calls her bluff.

    Meghan's Bodies vs Lozado's Hubbys #MLL072


    • 1 hr 4 min
    I DoleMite Go To Tokyo

    I DoleMite Go To Tokyo

    Episode #70 Christal is hungry after completing a detox on top of having a non-existent love life. B-Honest admits he has no concept of today’s dating scene but Mr Kevin suggests she get a platonic roommate and goBrio from there. Mister Kevin’s hotep is still MIA. The group collectively take spiritual guidance from Dolemite and Tokyo Toni realizing their pressure created unique diamonds.

    I DoleMite Go To Tokyo #MLL070

    • 54 min
    Iggy’s Black Clap Back

    Iggy’s Black Clap Back

    Episode #69 B-Honest and Christal feel Iggy Azaela stood up to a real ninja by clapping back at TI. Kevin isn’t impressed with Iggy or Eminem’s blonde rap lyrics. The group don’t believe struggle love is the business—and neither Bow Wow nor Luda should’ve made the worst rappers list. Christal wants Black Ty moved to number one and B-Honest wants her to try being a lesbian.

    Iggy’s Black Clap Back #MLL069

    • 54 min
    It’s Reigning Comedians

    It’s Reigning Comedians

    Episode #68 Christal can’t stop raving about Eddie Murphy’s portrayal of Netflix’s Dolemite. The guys weigh in on their favorite comedians with Dave Chappell and Chris Rock taking top honors but Mister Kevin fancies the comedic stylings of Charlie Murphy.  They discuss choices for the  highly anticipated Richard Pryor biopic. It’s agreed that Mike Epps plays the best drunk and or high uncle. Christal wants to talk love and relationships. The guys humor her but insist women are the culprit behind most world catastrophes.

    It’s Reigning Comedians #MLL068

    • 1 hr 6 min
    The Whiter The Berry…

    The Whiter The Berry…

    Episode #67 Music love life takes a culturally irresponsible turn as the gang tackle Colorism from the recent Basketball Wives drama. Christal suggests the “Mean Girl” behavior exhibited on reality TV pits lights skin against dark skin while B-Honest hints that the light skin may just be prettier. Mr Kevin goes on record stating in this instance Evelyn actually is prettier, even if Ocho Cinco really did take a dip in OG’s pond. The guys challenge Christal’s aesthetic hierarchy causing her to have an epiphany acknowledging she has been insensitive to others. The guys assume hell has indeed frozen over.

    The Whiter The Berry… #MLL067

    • 54 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

DDJ026 ,

100% my shhhh

I love the chemistry between the 3 hosts. B-honest is my spirit human. Seriously this show is a combination of brutal honesty, political correctness and hotepness. They make me laugh and i enjoy their perspectives

Brittrenae-AllDay ,

Great content, entertaining and laugh

I love listening to the discussions on this show. No matter the topic, it is always entertaining. You will laugh, think, and be entertained.

YogaQat ,

Transition Success!!! Love The New Show

I’m a previous listener, who transitioned over with you all from The 90/10 Rule. I must admit that I enjoy the new format and I’m looking forward to future episodes. Beard Game Matters was an excellent way open up the season. I’d say “generally speaking” that the human species as a whole is perverted and that’s ok. I as a Black woman having grown up in the traditional Black Church, began a rigorous process of deprograming myself some time ago. It had occurred to me that I had been similar to a robot for at least the first 28 years of my life. So It has been quite liberating to step outside of religious, societal and cultural norms, to embrace my truth. I say to all the sistahs out there and ok the brothahs too: Don’t be shameful!! Enjoy the menagerie of scenery put before you in life. Whatever is lovely, pleasurable and good. Think on those things, and if it gets you aroused it’s ok. Take that energy home to your loved ones. They’ll appreciate, if you use it right!! It is only attraction and is a normal human function.

PS: the idea of Brother Husbands sounds so fulfilling in sooooo many ways “punn intended!! This may be worth exploring 😆

Y’all be well and keep up the flow 👌🏾✨💫

Much Love,

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