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We record podcasts on assistive technology and products and services which we find of interest. We specialize in providing comprehensive tools for people who are blind and visually impaired to become empowered to maximize the use of their access technology while having fun doing it.

Mystic Access Podcast Chris Nova, Kim Nova

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We record podcasts on assistive technology and products and services which we find of interest. We specialize in providing comprehensive tools for people who are blind and visually impaired to become empowered to maximize the use of their access technology while having fun doing it.

    Off To Pack

    Off To Pack

    In this episode Chris and Kim discuss why they had to track their own flight to NC.

    We also discuss StarPlayrX an accessible app to stream satellite radio.

    We Demo accessibility of the Philo app on iOS. Sorry Android users, it isn't accessible.

    Please know because of our vacation we didn't seperate this episode into chapters.

    • 29 min
    One Way Ticket

    One Way Ticket

    In this episode Chris and Kim have a conversation with Kesel Wilson, National Braille Press's editorial director, about the publisher's summer picks. Whether you want to increase your skills with technology, snuggle up with your kids to read a fun book, or find a helpful cheat sheet for learning more about nutrition, there's something here for you. Visit National Braille Press to check out their wide selection of braille books, magnets, and much more.

    We also discuss our two newest products, both featured specials through the month of August. Both our deep dive into the Hable One mobile device braille input keyboard, and our detailed walkthrough of the many methods to have delicious eats delivered directly to your door, are on sale now. Order them via the site anytime, but if you would rather call us to order, please do so no later than Monday, August 1, as we'll be away for a few weeks after that date.

    Hope you enjoy this episode.

    • 54 min


    We share a lot in this episode.

    We start by announcing our July free event. This is going to be one of our famus open houses.

    The event takes place on Friday July 29 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM Eastern time.

    Anyone can drop in but we are making you register just to keep the bots out.

    Please register here.

    Next we talk about a situation where we were glad to have our outside cameras. We received a visit from people claming to be from our electric company.

    On June 30 we had an event discussing the Envision glasses. We wanted to give a short demo of the glasses on the podcast for those that are interested.

    If you'd like what the glasses can do and want to take advantage of the lowered price, please activate this link to purchase . Please note this is an affiliate link. Purchasing from this link we may receive a small comission.

    Chris and Kim then unbox and discuss the KVidio Bluetooth headphones with fifty-five hours of battery life.

    They are quite happy with them. Both have been using them for about a week and haven't had the need to charge them.

    Note: The above link is an Amazon affiliate link. If you purchase from this link we may receive a small commission.

    Finally Chris and Kim let listeners know about their upcoming vacation where they will be out of commuincations.

    Enjoy the podcast.


    • 55 min
    Your tapping On Your Temple

    Your tapping On Your Temple

    In this episode we start by discussing our free event for June.

    We first want to apologize for taking this long to announce our free June event, but we were waiting for a package in the mail! This month, we're discussing and demoing the Envision glasses and companion app, which is available for iOS and Android. We'll discuss the glasses themselves, how to wear, charge and use them, the features available, and the accuracy of those features. Plus, we'll share any tips or issues we come across while using the Envision glasses. We'll also take a look at the app.

    The event takes place on Thursday, June 30 at 8:30 PM ET. This is a public event, and you can register your seat by visiting this link. The event will be recorded, so if you already know you can't attend live, please don't register for a live spot, as we have a limited number of seats. Rather, please wait to download the recording after we place it on our downloads page. Thanks for your consideration. We're extremely excited to share about this innovative tool with all of you!

    Next we discuss our upcoming convention sales.

    Our summer convention sales begin on this Friday, July 1, and run through end of day Monday, July 11. There are no codes to remember, as everything is done behind the scenes automatically. You'll save thirty percent on all digital audio documentation. If you want physical media shipped to your door, you'll pay regular prices for the media itself (between 15-20 dollars). If there's a product you've been wanting for a while, or you're eager to introduce some friends to the helpful audio products we provide, now's a great time. Please note that hardware and training are not part of this sale. The sale starts on the morning of Friday, July 1, so get that wish list ready! And if you'd rather call to order, you're welcome to do so, at: (716) 543-3323. And as always, thanks for shopping with us!

    We remind listeners about our upcoming Hable One Documentation that is currently on pre-order.

    You can download May's free event on the Hable One.

    The other product we want to remind you of is our Delicious Eats and More, Direct to Your Door. This covers food delivery services including Instacart's new Family account feature.

    We next discuss and demostrate the passwordless login feature at MysticAccess.com. This gives you the ability to access your account even if you forgot your password.

    We discuss some Alexa related features and skills that could help you relax and have fun during the summer months.

    Finally, we wanted to let you know well in advance that we're taking a vacation ourselves beginning Wednesday, August 3. We're returning to Nc for a bit of time off, and to celebrate our year anniversary. We know, we can't believe it either! we'll be away for at least two weeks, but will have email access when and if needed. You can always place website orders while we're away, or leave us voicemails and we'll return calls when we're home later in August. We don't know our actual return date yet, but we'll definitely let you know when were back in the NY home office. If you're vacationing yourself this summer, we hope you have a lovely time!

    Enjoy this episode.

    • 43 min
    Mobilize Without Compromise

    Mobilize Without Compromise

    In this episode Chris and Kim start out with announcements.

    Next we discuss and demonstrate a service that assists in keeping your inbox sane. It is called SaneBox. It uses AI to sort your emails into different folders. If you'd like to sign up, please use this link.

    In a recent podcast Chris and Kim demonstrate some of the features of the WeWALK smart cane. Chris finds himself in the Mystic Access magic castle joined by Joe and John Markof the WeWALK team where we have a lively discussion.

    • 1 hr
    This is Not Braille Stickers

    This is Not Braille Stickers

    This episode of the podcast is devoted to all things Braille. First, we unbox and describe a Braille keyboard from Logickeyboard. Then we talk with Alan and Michelle Malkin (a father and daughter team) all about Logickeyboard and the assistive line of keyboards they offer.

    Want to purchase a Braille keyboard of your own? We're delighted to be resellers for Logickeyboard, so several of their fantastic products are now available from our site. Activate this link to purchase either a Braille keyboard with regular print, or a Braille keyboard with large print. Use the radio buttons on the page to select and learn more about the keyboards.

    • 38 min

Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

blind-widdow ,

Kim giggles too much and should let others on team talk more!

Lisa is full of wisdom—no nonsence. Is Chris just tolerating the ladies? He really is a gadget guy. May need to add on an extra room to home or buy a bigger place if he keeps it up. But it is all interesting and informative. Keeps me coming back! :-)

astruhm ,


Kim needs to stop trying to be funny or witty and most importantly she needs to stop her giggling.

Sean Strasser review ,

How much I love the podcast

This podcast is very intuitive. It’s very helpful to me. Me being a beginning technology user was really excited when I found this podcast. I think that Chris is very delightful being the leader of the podcast, and Kim is very silly girl. At least, in my opinion. Lisa is somewhat serious but still delightful. Overall, I think that is the best podcast I have ever listen to in my entire life.

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