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NakedwithAdele is a chat show that explores the development of the authentic voice of the emerging feminine. It is free expression in tune with evolving consciousness and explores the deeper questions.

Naked with Adele Adele Green, International Author

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NakedwithAdele is a chat show that explores the development of the authentic voice of the emerging feminine. It is free expression in tune with evolving consciousness and explores the deeper questions.

    Empower Women Masterclass

    Empower Women Masterclass

    Empower Woman is what a I called a 20 minute audio for women to create a healthy boundary for a very taboo subject: what is OK and not OK during intimacy.
    Join me for a MASTERCLASS
    After I published my book on relationships many men and women brought up issues in intimacy, what happened and how it made them feel. I was to be judge and jury on the subject. My real topic is about transparency, not sex. But after a while many women who came for coaching were feeling like they had lost their voices. They were not really sharing what they wanted anymore. So I decided to speak out about it and by default give others permission to do the same. At the time I was hosting a newspaper and radio feature to help support people in their relationships.
    It was important for me to create a product that would empower as many women as possible. In my practice I found that the ideas women have of the roles they play as women in their private space are often determined by men. More importantly I realised that women allow men to tell them how they should behave. And being women we want to please our men. So without saying anymore...Thank you for choosing to listen to this audio.
    What you will learn?
    How men who expect women to do what might be uncomfortable for them only focus on themselves
    How saying 'YES' to him prevents you from being free enough to express your own needs.
    Learn to ask for what you want.
    Why women don’t say 'NO' to men.
    Why even a 5-year-old girl needs to learn what a healthy relationships is.
    Saying 'YES', when we mean 'NO', will not give us the love we desire.
    Why women should teach their daughters about gender equality.
    Why saying “NO” to men means we give ourselves the love we deserve.

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    And just like that I am back

    And just like that I am back

    Starting over.
    Many of us are experiencing false starts. The good news are that what is not sustainable just seem to disappear. Is it bad? Nope. We just leave a trail behind of good intentions. 

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    What is the most important for start-up female entrepreneurs? #AbundantSoulCoach

    What is the most important for start-up female entrepreneurs? #AbundantSoulCoach

    If I asked you what is the most important for start-up female entrepreneurs, what would you say it is?
    In anticipation of the 12 Essentials for Female Entrepreneurs who make a difference in the world I want to know from you.
    Ask me a question with #livestreamAdele if you want me to talk about it.
    Follow me on www.adelegreen.podbean.com while it is still free to follow the serious.
    Join me in the small Facebook Group for free and successful women if you wish to share with like minded women who juggle time and money to follow their hearts 
    Sign up for the latest news at my website.
    12 Essentials for women
    in self-owned businesses
    to change the world
    If you are a woman who wants to influence, make an impact and change the world in your own business, consider what you most need to do so.
    If you know the answer and I did not share it here – tell me what you know;
    If you don’t know the answer, keep reading.
    I have a group of women on Facebook whom I serve. You know that I love writing blogs, sported podcasts, my own newspaper column and even a small radio feature previously. Now a lot of energy is focussing on this group of ladies and their needs. They share a desire to be
    Hello my name is Adelé Green and I’m the Abundant Soul Coach. My superpower is to  activate women to step into their own power to
    Turn their businesses into the source of their abundance.
    Become their own bosses in every way
    Change the world with their authentic voice.
    I give women the reasons to stop feeling powerless, the clarity to understand the soul message behind a challenge, and ,the keys to embrace the flow of money in their businesses through my coaching programs.
    I believe that every woman can put herself first. Following her heart, allows her to give so much more. And, for the lady who is willing to access her authentic voice, unlimited energy, money and emotional freedom awaits.


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    Are babies the way to fix a relationship? S2 Episode 1 askADELE

    Are babies the way to fix a relationship? S2 Episode 1 askADELE

    I hope you will join over 1000 members following blogs that will inspire and uplift you on my website. This is the first in a limited season of podcasts abouts conscious relationships and self-reflection.
    Also available is the book Can You See Me Naked: Grow in a conscious relationship www.canyouseemenaked.com
    Why do we have babies?
    There is a myth that women believe about how a baby saves a relationship. But, is that a good enough reason to have one, and if not for that reason, then why…
    You will learn about:
    A myth some women believe
    If having a baby can save a relationship
    What really happens when you have a child
    Why people really have babies
    Babies not the way to fix any relationship
    In this modern age there are women who still believe that babies will secure their partnerships and bind them to their lover forever.
    Our society is divided between women who earn their own money and those depend on their partners to provide for them. Women who are insecure in their relationships might reach out with a good intention, but are doing it the wrong way.
    This week’s questions comes form Anne in Fourways (not her real name of course). Anne asks:
    Why do we have children? Do we need children or is it just a selfish act connecting us to the wish of being loved by someone forever?

    Dear Anne, nobody needs children. I am wondering if you are childless and/or considering having another child. When women put careers and goals first, time eventually catches up and reminds them that the clock is ticking. When time runs out we need a reason to have children and, I dare say, this is where you find yourself.
    Children are human beings who have their own needs. It certainly seems selfish to me to want a child for one’s own needs, or to secure a relationship.
    The underlying assumption is that it is even possible for a baby to secure a relationship. 
    In my opinion this is a myth. There are less risky ways to work on a relationship to secure it.
    If you and your partner have ever argued about money, the chances are that you will argue more when raising children. Not only do children cost money, but partnering a child puts more strain on any relationship.
    All you have to do is speak to one of the many single mother who are raising children alone to realise this. A baby does not secure a relationship, and to hope that it will make a man love you forever is taking a shot in the dark.
    In fact, hoping the responsibility of raising a child will emotionally bind a man is a plea to begin a c0-dependent relationship.
    If the relationship does not work out these women tend to not take responsibility for their own decision to have a child, but blame the man for not being responsible.
    A  child is not a possession to be used in love and war. It is time for women to be responsible with natures fertility’s gift. Nothing is more attractive than a self-confidence independent woman. Work on your relationship instead, and then, if you feel it is secure enough and you still want a child to enjoy, have one for that reason.

    This was originally published in The Saturday Star in South Africa and broadcasted on Mix93.8fm.

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    Skills for Cryptocurrency and dealing with the emotions of trading live

    Skills for Cryptocurrency and dealing with the emotions of trading live

    Naked with Adele presents a second season:
    A Series of cryptocurrency questions for economic empowerment
    Interviews with Reuel Leach
    Part 1
    Adele Green, Transformation Coach, Author and Women Empowerment Activist interviews Reuel Leach, cryptocurrency teacher, about the building steps needed to get going with trading digital currency as part of economic female empowerment during transformation. Each episode will include a HOT TIP.
    In this interview we explore:
    What skill is required for trading cryptocurrencies versus shares
    How to deal with 'trading emotions'
    Types of traders & why blockchain technology is the way to go
    More about Adele visit her www.nakedwithadele.wordpress.com
    Reuel Leach teaches more at TheBitcoinClub.co.za
    Become a patron

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    Episode 43: Ann Wilson - Exercise Your Masculine And Feminine Money Muscle PART 3

    Episode 43: Ann Wilson - Exercise Your Masculine And Feminine Money Muscle PART 3

    Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents:
    EPISODE 43
    Exercise your Masculine & Feminine money muscle 
    Adele Green interviews Ann Wilson, aka The Wealth Cheff. Ann is an engineer gone rogue. She transformed her life from being broke and alone through educating herself about money. She now uplifts women as a finanical activist to create financially free lives with her Financial Freedom University and Books.
    In this interview we explore:
    The money playpot
    The key to making money equal to self value
    Our legacy
    Making a difference in the world
    The link between sex and money
    Playing with money to know who you are
    Negative feedback and money anorexia
    How depriving our desires is blocking us from growing
    Controlling money block us from being enough
    The giving and receiving link with us being the witness
    Feeling worthy of receiving and clean giving
    Validate and claim your money
    Boundaries “Say No” and “Create a Pause”
    The role and lesson of force
    Interviewed by:
    Adele Green, Transformation Specialist Coach for women in conscious relationships whom also interviews feminine role models to share stories, tools and tips to support and inspire women with daily challenges on their internal journey.
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