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Your home for the best Noise from the YM2612/SN76489, SPC700, 2A03, HuC6280, AY-3-8910, YM2151, LR35902, POKEY, PAULA, SID, and beyond!

    NNR Reruns: C1E2: ”Twisted Sine” (orig released 01/19/2017)

    NNR Reruns: C1E2: ”Twisted Sine” (orig released 01/19/2017)

    For our second rerun of the month, and our second rerun in total since the shut down of our separate, dedicated reruns feed over on Buzzsprout, I thought it would be great to share our second ever episode of the show: C1E2: "Twisted Sine" (a focus on FM synthesis-based VGM, comprised of tracks from several FM based systems, with roughly half being Sega Genesis or 32X music (YM2612), roughly a quarter being Arcade or X68000 music (YM2151), and the remaining quarter or so being a hodgepodge of several of the other very important FM chips of the era (YM2603, YM2608, YM3812, YM2413, and so on) - all interspersed and intermixed together, of course! We even got to include a VRC7 track in the lineup!

    Despite this episode having all the same production ugliness of C1E1 (detailed in the show notes of that rerun), I would still easily put it somewhere in the top twenty of all of our Channel 1 episodes to date, despite it being so early, and so jacked-up production-wise. Frankly, it's INCREDIBLE! Easily one of my all-time favorites! I hope you'll agree!

    -----AND----- unlike the C1E1 rerun, which released 5 days later than intended, and missed its milestone anniversary, this one releases on 01/19/2022.....PRECISELY 5yrs TO THE DAY after it originally premiered in 2017!

    Our next release will not be a rerun, but will be C1E61, the first episode of calendar 2022's "Season 5", and will mark the return of an episode type that even I was not sure would ever be making a comeback - a "Soundtrack Saturday". And featuring a soundtrack from a somewhat obscure system which might possibly make it the first time in all of VGM podcast history that an entire soundtrack from this particular system has ever been featured on a show!

    You'll just have to wait to find out the rest! Meanwhile, if you've never heard C1E2, I hope you'll enjoy! And if you have....I hope you'll enjoy....again! :-)




    From the original show notes:


    Today’s broadcast is Episode 2 for Theme Thursday, January 19th, 2017. Today’s Theme is FM synthesis-based music on a program we’re calling “Twisted Sine”. 


    Tracklist - Track#, Track Name, Game, System, Composer, FM Chip, Timestamp: 


    01: Intro - 00:00:00 

    02: Statts - Sword of Vermilion - Genesis - Hiroshi Kawaguchi - YM2612 (OPN2) - 00:01:45 

    03: The Hard Corps - Contra Hard Corps - Genesis - Aki Hata, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Michiru Yamane - YM2612 - 00:03:52 

    04: Grass Land - Burning Force - Genesis - Yoshinori Kawamoto / unknown - YM2612 (OPN2) - 00:06:53 

    05: Silent Alarm - Lagrange Point - Famicom - Akio Dobashi, Noriyuki Takahashi - Konami VRC7 - 00:08:50 

    06: Trap of Relics - Genocide 2 - X68k - Hideyuki Shimono, Naoyuki Kimora - YM2151 (OPM) - 00:10:58 

    07: Mission Briefing - Time Trax - Genesis - Tim Follin - YM2612 (OPN2) - 00:13:04 

    08: Cycle 1 - Streets of Rage 3 - Genesis - Motohiro Kawashima w Yuzo Koshiro - YM2612 (OPN2) - 00:16:51 

    09: Nice Day - Spindizzy II - X68k - Toshiya Yamanaka - YM2151 (OPM) - 00:20:01 

    10: Invasion - Yu-No - PC98 - Ryuu Umemoto - YM2608 (OPNA) - 00:23:36 

    11: Space Boss - Adventures of Batman & Robin - Genesis - Jesper Kyd - YM2612 (OPN2) - 00:25:47 

    12: Sentinel Core Battle - X-Men 2 - Genesis - Kurt Harland -  YM2612 (OPN2) - 00:30:11 

    13: Stage Theme 4 - Shinobi - Arcade - Yasuhiro Kamakawi -  YM2151 (OPM) - 00:31:19 

    14: Options - Bram Stoker’s Dracula - Genesis - Matt Furniss - YM2612 (OPN2) - 00:32:45 

    15: Betrayal - Grounseed - PC98 - Masahiro Kajihara - YM2203 (OPN) - 00:33:53 

    16: Tachy Touch - Knuckles Chaotix - 32X - Junko Shiratsu, Mariko Nanba - YM2612 (OPN2) - 00:36:27 

    17: Traveller's Tales - Knight Arms - X68k - Toshiya Yamanaka - YM2151 (OPM) - 00:38:16 

    18: Track 11 - Illusion Blaze - DOS - D

    • 1 hr 5 min
    NNR Reruns: C1E1 - ”Press Start” (orig. released 01/05/2017)

    NNR Reruns: C1E1 - ”Press Start” (orig. released 01/05/2017)

    So, I had meant to get this released on Jan 5th, so that our first rerun after the shutdown of the dedicated reruns feed on Buzzsprout, and the first gross output of the planned "second half" of Nerd Noise Radio's intended lifespan could release PRECISELY five years to the day after it originally premiered....but, you know....life. :-(

    Anyway, please accept it re-releasing instead on the "five-year, five-day anniversary" now! :-)

    Also, since this is the start of life on Nerd Noise Radio without a separate, dedicated reruns feed, let's go ahead and "start reruns all over again", and make our [so-called] "first rerun" be....our first episode!

    Yes, today's rerun is where it all started, everybody! C1E1 - "Press Start", an aptly themed focus on intro and/or title screen music to coincide with the launch the program, which, of course, originally released on 01/05/2017 - five years [and five days] ago!

    A couple quick notes of reflection on this episode from the perspective of a half-decade of reflection: 1) BEWARE: the production quality, particularly as it concerns the intro and outro is TERRIBLE! The music block itself, though, is certainly passable or better. But the intro and outro are.....CRINGE! Speaking of the music block: 2) due to a mistake on my part during capture, it was in mono (just like Episode 2 - an issue I had fixed by Episode 3). Also, 3) the fades are not quite as good, and the run order decisions are quite a bit more rudimentary, opening strongly, closing strongly, but mostly moving in circles in-between, only concerned with how well the tracks jive with their immediate neighbor tracks, and all but oblivious to the overall arch. But 4) otherwise, the music block itself is a fairly decent production, and chock full of the energy and joy and enthusiasm of new beginnings, buoyed upon the optimism and excitement thereof! 5) I made a mistake in track selection on one track in this collection: everything was supposed to be title screen and/or or intro sequence music, and yet "At DOOM's Gate" from DOOM 2016 is neither of those things. But I'm not gonna go back and change history by editing it out five years later. And it does at least sound good in the episode. So, it can stay. 6) Beyond the production value of the intro and outro being just ATROCIOUS, the scripting was far less developed than it has since become, albeit is less verbose as a result. 7) The most remarkable thing of all to me listening to C1E1 and, let's say, any of the first ten episodes is this: the early episodes are remarkably different in a hundred ways in micro.....but in macro, it's incredible just how little the show has changed, and just how close to "fully formed" the show ultimately was from its very beginning! I'm really proud of that! Way less polished, to be sure...but in essence, still the same show then as it is now!


    So, please! If you have not already heard C1E1, and heard where it all began, warts, and glory, and enthusiasm and all, and just how very "different yet the same" it was compared to what Channel 1 has since become.....then, please, listen, and marvel, and enjoy!

    Oh, p.s: our other rerun this month (since there will be two), will be C1E2, its immediate successor episode. And despite it being subject to all the same complaints about the HORRIBLE intro and outro, mono audio music block, and the circular meandering of the track order, it still remains one of the best episodes we've ever done! Definitely the best of the first 10, in my opinion, and if I were to try to create a "top twenty episodes" list from our so-far 60 episodes, C1E2 would certainly be somewhere on that list! So, please don't miss it! Also, unlike today, I'll make sure to schedule the C1E2 rerun to release on the EXACT 5yr anniversary - 01/19/2022! :-)


    -St. John


    From the original show notes:



    • 50 min
    Nerd Noise Radio Channel 2: C2R1 - ”The Best of Season 1”

    Nerd Noise Radio Channel 2: C2R1 - ”The Best of Season 1”

    Today’s broadcast is C2R1 [Channel 2 Retrospective 1] for Wayback Wednesday, December 29th, 2021 -  a momentous occasion for Channel 2: our first retrospective - a look back at the non-standard 1.25yr long “Season 1”, as well as a look back to our at-that-time “one off” bonus in December 2019 that would go on to become the general template of Channel 2 and would retroactively become its unofficial “Beta” or “Pilot”, or “Episode Zero”. Join us for a 26 track journey through the first leg of our journey together on a “two pass chronology” looking first at “the best of Hugues”, before turning our attention to “the best of St. John”. Nerd Noise Radio proudly presents: “The Best of Season 1”!




    SPECIAL NOTE 1 of 2: I had a really tough decision to make when it came to the naming of this episode. On Channel 1, I don’t use special naming for Best ofs. It’s just C1EX (channel 1 episode X) And they are just part of the 10-20 episodes that make up a season (usually the C1E[X]5 episode). But since they’re 20, or 10 episode long seasons, they align neatly, and the math is very tidy. Every new season starts with C1E[X]1 and every season ends with C1E[X]0. It’s very clean, and very symmetrical, and it makes the episode numbers easy to follow. However, with Channel 2 being six episodes a season, that is asymmetrical, and would result in weird math that would get hard to follow very quickly. So, it was a tough decision between just letting that happen, or using a special numbering scheme for the retrospectives, and keeping them logically separated from the other five “standard” episodes each year. I hope you will feel I made a good choice, but, obviously, I chose the latter. So, now, every season will either be [C2EX]1 - C2E[X]5 or C2E[X]6 - C2E[X]0 (aka, C2E1-C2E5 and C2E6-C2E10), with the 6th episode of each year being the retrospective and using the separate C2RX naming scheme.




    SPECIAL NOTE 2 of 2: Channel 2 does not [YET] have a “subtitile”. Channel 1’s subtitle is “Noise from the Hearts of Nerds”, a nod to Hearts of Space’s original longer program title: “Music from the Hearts of Space”. But Channel 2 is just….well…..”Channel 2”. But we’re going to be changing that. And here is YOUR chance to have a say in it! If you reach out to us on social media or by e-mail at nerdnoiseradio@gmail.com BEFORE we begin production on C2E6 in January or February of 2022 with an idea that we like, we may well end up adopting it as our permanent Ch 2 subtitle. Otherwise, if we haven’t received a submission by then that we feel bests it, we will default to “Nerd Noise Game Club”, the name of the 2019 Beta, and a portmanteau of “Nerd Noise Radio” and “Retro Game Club” (Hugues’ main show). So, if you’ve got something you like better, and think we will too, then get it to us right away…..before time runs out! :-) Otherwise, starting with C2E6, we will be “Nerd Noise Game Club”.






    Track# - Track Name - Game - System - Composer(s) - Selected in original episode by - Selected for this Retrospective by

    Let’s open with a Wildcard…..

    01)  Birdman - Pilotwings 64 -N64 - Dan Hess - Hugues - Hugues (originally from C2E3)

    Earcatcher - 00:00:00

    Music - 00:00:03

    Introduction - 00:03:42

    Top of Show / Catching up - 00:04:45

    How this episode is going to go - 00:11:01




    “Best of Hugues” Section:


    From C2E1: “Songs of the Pandemic” (originally released 09/17/2020)

    Link to episode: 



    • 3 hr 6 min
    ”Noise from the Hearts of Nerds” - “C1E60: ”Listener Pics – Vol. 2”

    ”Noise from the Hearts of Nerds” - “C1E60: ”Listener Pics – Vol. 2”

    Today’s Broadcast is C1E60, for Theme Thursday, December 23rd, 2021 - our final episode of our very non-standard two-year long “Season 4”. So it is fitting that we’d end such a wildly non-standard season - filled with primarily wildly non-standard content already - with such a dramatically non-standard Channel 1 episode. Today’s episode abandons the customary Channel 1 “great big music block” mixtape format for a modified take on the original W.A.R.T. Radio format, featuring Trey Johnson of Nintendomain / W.A.R.T. Radio and St. John. Today’s episode is also a “Lost Level”, as it was originally intended to be a Channel F bonus “F-isode” to supplement “C1E40 - Listener Picks - vol. 1” from December 2018, and was intended to release right after it, in a nearly identical presentation to what you receive today. As such, today’s broadcast shall be “Listener Picks - vol. 2”. All music, other than the background music for the speaking portions was curated by listeners of the show, and are the roughly 60 remaining unused tracks from the pool of roughly 100 that were offered up for C1E40 in 2018, of which only 40 were used. 


    p.s. We apologize for the uncharacteristically poor audio quality on St. John's speaking voice. Details available upon request, but the short version is that John had technical difficulties on his end of the recording with "the good mic", but fortunately, we had a lower-quality backup recording on Trey's end over Zoom using St. John's built-in laptop mic. The sound quality is diminished, but the content is still preserved. 


    Note: All Speaking Portions originally produced in December 2021 by St. John 


    01: Intro 


    Timestamps: 00:00:00 - 00:05:18 

    Runtime: 05:18 

    Emceed by: Trey and St. John 


    02: Phillip Vaughn Music Block 


    Timestamps (Including Introduction): 00:05:18 - 00:24:00 

    Runtime (including introduction): 18:42 

    Timestamps (Music Block-Only): 00:07:30 - 00:24:00 

    Runtime (Music Block-Only): 16:30 

    Number of Tracks: 8 

    Emceed by: Trey 

    Intro Runtime: 02:12 

    Track Selection  by: Phillip Vaughn 

    Produced by: St. John 

    Run-Order by: St. John 

    Originally Produced in: 2018 


    Intro - 00:05:18 

    a)Title – TMNT – NES – JunFunahashi -  00:07:30 

    b)Final Dungeon – Zelda II – NES – Akita Nakatsuka - 00:09:19

    c) Title Screen – Aero the Acrobat – SNES – Fox Productions - 00:10:32

    d)Zombie Panic – Zombies Ate my Neighbors – SNES – Joe McDermott - 00:12:11

    e)Fool's Play (Puppet Show) – Secret of Evermore – SNES – Jeremy Soule - 00:14:22

    f)The Ancient Battleground – King's Field 2 - PS1 – Sound Kids Corp. - 00:16:39

    g)The East Village – King's Field - PS1 – Koji Endo - 00:18:20

    h)Decisive Battle with Magus – Chrono Trigger – SNES – Yasunori Mitsuda and/or Nobuo Uematsu - 00:21:15


    03: Eric Barks Music Block 


    Timestamps (Including Introduction): 00:24:01 - 00:39:45 

    Runtime (including introduction): 15:44 

    Timestamps (Music Block-Only): 00:27:00 - 00:39:45 

    Runtime (Music Block-Only): 12:45 

    Number of Tracks: 2 (Fewest of the Day) 

    Emceed by: St. John 

    Intro Runtime: 02:59 

    Track Selection by: Eric Barks 

    Produced by: St. John 

    Run-Order by: St. John 

    Originally Produced in: 2018 


    Intro - 00:24:01 

    a)Hellwalker– DOOM (2016) – Multi – Mick Gordon - 00:27:00 

    b)Cyberdemon - DOOM (2016) – Multi – Mick Gordon - 00:32:04 


    04: Chris Randazzo Music Block 


    Timestamps (Including Introduction): 00:39:43 - 00:48:12 

    Runtime (including introduction): 08:29 

    Timestamps (Music Block-Only): 00:41:15 - 00:48:12 

    Runtime (Music Block-Only): 06:58 (Shortest of the Day) 

    Number of Tracks: 3 

    Emceed by: Trey 

    Intro Runtime: 01:31 

    Track Selection by: Kris Randazzo 

    Produced by: St. John 

    Run-Order by: St. John 

    Originally Produ

    • 3 hr 39 min
    Channel F - BONUS: NNR Channel 2: Season 1 & 2019 Beta - ALL MUSIC - COMPLETE (Music-Only)

    Channel F - BONUS: NNR Channel 2: Season 1 & 2019 Beta - ALL MUSIC - COMPLETE (Music-Only)

    Today’s “F-isode” is the complete collection of all music from season 1 of Nerd Noise Radio - Channel 2 (Sept 2020 - Sept 2021) ***PLUS***, the music from Hugues and I’s December 2019 Channel F “one-off” that would go on to retroactively become the template, and “unofficial ‘beta’” for Channel 2. Though much longer, and a bit more clunky and unpolished, it is otherwise identical in format and fundamentally similar in delivery to what would go on to become the later Channel 2 “official episodes”. 


    Now, this collection is JUST the music from these episodes, with all the conversation between Hugues and I scrubbed. However, I will provide iTunes links to each of the full episodes (plus the full beta) so that you can listen to these tracks IN CONTEXT if you wish, and can hear everything we had to say about them.


    Part of the reason I had included the tracks from the 2019 beta is to show where we’ve come from. Part of it is to show where we’re going. Part of it is simply because it’s full of really, really great music that you may have otherwise missed. And lastly, since starting with the “Best of 2020 / 2021” episodes in 2022, music from Channel F “F-isodes” will be eligible, unlike they were in 2020 for “Best of 2019”, I wanted to include them here now so that they’d finally be available to you or I for inclusion in our respective “best ofs”.


    But the single biggest reason for my sharing these with you now, in November of 2021 is simply to hopefully build some excitement for and engagement with December’s “Best of Channel 2 - Season 1” episode, which Hugues and I will meet to produce, and will feature a grand total of 26 tracks, ***ALL OF WHICH*** pulled from today’s collection of 92 - two tracks per host per episode, plus one “wild card”  track pick per host. So, which 26 will we pull, and which 66 will we leave behind? And how well or poorly will our 26 align with the 26 that you, the listener, may have theoretically picked for yourself and/or predicted that we might pull?


    In December, we’ll all find out together. And afterwards, you’ll have to be sure to reach out to us to let us know! In the meanwhile, here’s the source material we’ll be pulling from: first, the 70 tracks from “Season 1 proper”, plus the 22 from 2019 in our beta afterwards. I hope you’ll enjoy! Please get a hold of us on FB, or Twitter, or through e-mail at nerdnoiseradio@gmail.com with what your picks, and/or your guess of what our picks will be, and if we get them in time, we may even mention them, and engage with them during the episode! If you DO decide to play along, pick one “Hugues track”, one “St. John track”, and one wildcard, so we’re dealing with the same number of tracks (as well as what your guesses are for our picks).






    C2E1: “Songs of the Pandemic” (Orig. Released: 09/17/20) - 00:00:00 - 00:35:18


    Full episode can be found here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/nerd-noise-radio-channel-2-episode-1-c2e1-songs-of/id1191401173?i=1000491590205


    Track# - Track – Game – System – Composer(s) - Selected By – Timestamp 

    01) The Runaway (City on the Horizon – Instrumental) - 198X – Multi – Daniel Rosenqvist      and/or Anton Dromberg (UFD?) - St. John – 00:00:00 


    02) Overdrive – Saturday Morning RPG – Multi – Vince DiCola and/or Kenny Merideth – Hugues – 00:03:34


    03) Unholy Impact – Mother Russia Bleeds – Multi – Fixions – St. John – 00:05:34


    04) The Abyss – Trails in the Sky the 3rd - PC / PSP – Hayoto Sonoda – Hugues – 00:10:34


    05) They’re Back – Streets of Rage 4 – Multi – Yuzo Koshiro – St. John – 00:13:03


    06) Power or Technique – Trails of Cold Steel III – PC / PS4 / Switch –

    • 4 hr 16 min
    NNR Reruns - C1E40: ”Listener Picks - vol 1” (orig released 12/20/2018)

    NNR Reruns - C1E40: ”Listener Picks - vol 1” (orig released 12/20/2018)

    SPECIAL NOTE: I may or may not be choosing this episode as November’s rerun because it may or may not directly relate to December’s special episode of Channel 1 (I can neither confirm nor deny such rumors!) ;-) :-P




    Today’s broadcast is Episode 40 for Theme Thursday, December 20th, 2018. Today’s Theme is Listener Picks on a program we're calling "Listener Picks - vol. 1". Guest curated by the listeners - guest hosted by the listeners! 


    01 - Prologue - 00:00:00 

    02 - Intro - 00:00:10 

    03 - Wizards and Warriors – NES – Opening Theme – David Wise – Phillip Vaughn - 00:02:38 

    04 - Super Smash Bros. Ulitmate  - SWITCH – Lifelight (Main Theme – English Vocals) - Hideki Sakamoto – The Messenger - 00:03:13 

    05 - Twisted Metal 4 – PS1 – Neon City – Chuck Doud – Phillip Vaughn - 00:06:56 

    06 - King of Fighters 2000 – multi – Inner Shade – Hideki Asanaka, Marimo, USAKO-X, Yasuo Yamate, and/or ZOE – Justin Regan - 00:11:20 

    07 - Undertale - multi - Metal Crusher - Toby Fox - Jeshua Lack - 00:14:36 

    08 - Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna FX: Kanashimi no Siren – PCFX – BGM# 20 – Takanori Arisawa and/or Aya Tanaka – KeyGlyph - 00:16:51 

    09 - Tower of Heaven – PC – Luna Ascension – Flashygoodness – Adam Huisman - 00:18:17 

    10 - Alter Ego Dreamwalker – multi – Hunters (Menu) - Coda, and/or Kulor – Chris Murray - 00:20:43 

    11 - PunchOut - NES - In-Game Theme - Yukio Kaneoka, Akito Nakatsuka and/or Kenji Yamamoto - Brian Peterson - 00:21:56 

    12 - Crackin' DJ Part 2 - Arcade - Seven O' Clock - c: Hiroshi Kawaguchi / a: Mitsuharu Fukuyama - Electric Boogaloo - 00:23:40 

    13 - Toe Jam and Earl – Genesis – Rapmaster Rocket Racket – John Baker – Jeshua Lack - 00:25:47 

    14 - Runner 3 – multi – CommanderVideo Runs Again – Matthew Harwood – Kris Randazzo - 00:29:36 

    15 - Majula Frontier – PC – Into the Abyss – Dale North – Chris Murray - 00:32:31 

    16 - DOOM (2016) - multi – Transistor Fist – Mick Gordon – Eric Barks - 00:34:35 

    17 - Castlevania III  - NES – Riddle – Konami Kukeiha Club – Valerie Wedgeworth - 00:40:37 

    18 - Wild Guns - SNES - Final Fight - Hiroyuki Iwatsuki and/or Harou Ohashi - Deirdre Fischer (aka Pieness 64) - 00:41:40 

    19 - Genji Tsuushin Agedama – PC Engine – BGM# 06 – T's Music – KeyGlyph - 00:43:16 

    20 - Pigskin 621 A.D. - Arcade - First Half - Dan Forden - Electric Boogaloo - 00:44:57 

    21 - Aldynes: The Mission Code for Rage Crisis – Supergrafx – Stage 6 – Keita Hoshi – KeyGlyph - 00:48:00 

    22 - Skyroads – PC (AdLib) - Road 8 – Ott M. Aaloe, Hasso Bruck – Justin Regan - 00:49:29 

    23 - Lady Sword: Ryakudatsu Sareta 10 Nin no Otome – PC Engine – 1F-3F – Unknown – Justin Regan - 00:52:28 

    24 - Kirby's Dream Land - GameBoy - Castle Lololo - Jun Ishikawa - Brian Peterson - 00:54:08 

    25 - Earthbound – SNES – Onett Theme – Keiichi Suzuki, and/or Hirokazu (Hip) Tanaka – Phillip Vaughn - 00:56:03 

    26 - Kero Blaster – multi – Hinterland Fort  (It's My Blaster)– Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya – Kris Randazzo - 00:58:23 

    27 - Mega Man 11 – multi – Bounce Man Stage – Marika Suzuki – Kris Randazzo - 01:01:47 

    28 - Super Hyperactive Ninja – multi – Tower 4 Main – Michael Nestrogen Raisner – Michael Nestrogen Raisner - 01:03:52 

    29 - Resident Evil – PS1 – End Credits – Makoto Tomozawa, Akira Kaida, and/or Masami Ueda – John Jekel - 01:05:39 

    30 - Modaozi - PC - Credits - Unknown - Oke Music - 01:08:41 

    31 - Metal Black - Arcade - Dual Moon - Yasuhisa Watanabe - Electric Boogaloo - 01:10:07 

    32 - Journey – PS3 / PS4 – Apothesis – Austin Wintory – Adam Huisman - 01:12:44 

    33 - Chrono Cross – PS1 – Dead Sea / Ruined Tower

    • 2 hr 25 min

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4.6 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

sneaking box ,

Love from a fellow gamer

Love this station! Helps me relax and focus while floating down a river of nostalgia. His curation skills are impressive and the presentation of this music as a radio station is entertaining! This guy clearly loves what he does. Keep it up sir!

Talikun ,

This dude is Awesome!

As a close friend of his, I have found listening to his podcasts help me focus on my coding...cause I love old school games and he is a shining force of nostalgia!

nerd noise radio's kid!!!!!!!! ,

Subscribe to him!!!!

I am his daughter and I say his music is the bomb.com, This is not an opinion, this is a statement, subscribe!!!!!!!!!

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