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.NET Rocks! is an Internet Audio Talk Show for Microsoft .NET Developers.

.NET Rocks‪!‬ Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell

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.NET Rocks! is an Internet Audio Talk Show for Microsoft .NET Developers.

    WPF Update with Joseph Finney

    WPF Update with Joseph Finney

    What's happening with WPF? Carl and Richard talk to Joseph Finney about the news from Build about WPF - it's back, baby! But did it ever go away? Joe talks about how WPF was made open source in 2018 and how minimal development was done there - enough so that the community started building frameworks to support it, including WPFUI and ModernWPF. But at Build, Microsoft announced a new focus on WPF, including creating support for a Windows 11 theme - with a line of code, you can make your WPF app look like a Windows 11 app. Where does this leave WinApp SDK? What about migrations? There's lots to talk about!

    • 1 hr
    GPT-4o with Veronika Kolesnikova

    GPT-4o with Veronika Kolesnikova

    Multi-modal is here and ready to use! Carl and Richard talk to Veronika Kolesnikova about what she has seen in the latest OpenAI model. Multi-modal refers to GPT-4o's ability to work with text, audio, images, and more and respond in kind! Veronika talks about tackling interesting visual problems with GPT-4o - like summarizing graphs or creating new data visualizations. The conversation digs into some announcements around Build, including the new security features in AI Studio and Windows Recall in the new Copilot+ PC devices. Things are moving quickly!

    • 50 min
    CosmosDB and AI with Mark Brown

    CosmosDB and AI with Mark Brown

    CosmosDB makes ChatGPT fast! While at Build in Seattle, Carl and Richard chatted with Mark Brown about CosmosDB's role in AI. Mark talks about how ChatGPT switched over to CosmosDB early on - when the number of users started to climb, database performance became essential, and CosmosDB was there. Today, many AI-centric CosmosDB features exist, like vector storage, indexing, and search! The conversation also digs into the impact of the large language model on development - things are different now!

    • 55 min
    MAUI and Blazor with Beth Massi

    MAUI and Blazor with Beth Massi

    What's up with MAUI and Blazor? Carl and Richard chat with Beth Massi about the latest MAUI, including the new webview available on GitHub that lets you embed an existing web page into your MAUI app. Beth talks about making apps the way you want to - with a mobile, web, or desktop focus - or making them all! Mixing Blazor and MAUI means you can steer clear of XAML if you prefer. There's no right way to build your clients, and MAUI gives you many choices!

    • 45 min
    GitHub Evolving with Damian Brady

    GitHub Evolving with Damian Brady

    GitHub is about so much more than source control! While at Build, Carl and Richard chatted with Damian Brady about all the great things coming out of GitHub over the past few years, including Copilot and now Copilot Workspaces. The conversation digs into how large language models are changing how you write code and some idea of what things could be like in the future. Damian also digs into the more enterprise-centric features like Software Bill of Materials and effective sponsorship of projects. GitHub is the locus of development for many companies, and the tooling continues to expand to make things easier!

    • 48 min
    Building C# with Mads Torgerson and Dustin Campbell

    Building C# with Mads Torgerson and Dustin Campbell

    Chatting with the leaders of C#! While at Build in Seattle, Carl and Richard sat down with Mads Torgersen and Dustin Campbell to discuss how C# continues evolving into version 13! With new versions coming every year, Mads talks about how complex features can be developed over several versions of the language - while also being able to get feedback from regular developers. So, what comes next for C#? Have a listen!

    • 57 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
233 Ratings

233 Ratings

Daviur ,

A must listen…

The quality of the content, the eloquent teaching method, and the humility the hosts portray themselves with, in spite of the wealth of experience they actually have, are few of the great things which make this pod cast one of the best sources to stay up to day with advances in .Net and Azure technology… and much more.

eahiv ,

Tuned in after searching for grpc

After skipping forward 7 minutes without hearing the title topic mentioned I give up.

I did however hear jokes glorifying alcoholism, multiple off topic ads, mentions of the hosts’ other content and the podcast url where presumably I can find even more signalless noise. Maybe the audience for this is friends and family of the hosts.

Ahmad Mozaffar ,

The Real Meaning of Learn And Enjoy As You Go

You are brilliant, I started listening to podcasts because of you, your topics, guests, style and the conversation amazing source of education and learning on the go, while I’m cooking, in the bus, metro or setting doing nothing.

You are just awesome, keep it up

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