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RunAs Radio is a weekly Internet Audio Talk Show for IT Professionals working with Microsoft products.

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RunAs Radio is a weekly Internet Audio Talk Show for IT Professionals working with Microsoft products.

    The End of Windows 10 with Paul Thurrott

    The End of Windows 10 with Paul Thurrott

    Two old guys talk about Windows AGAIN? Richard brings back Paul Thurrott for the tenth time to discuss Windows more. This time, the discussion focuses on the end of life for Windows 10 - currently October 2025. Paul discusses how it used to be April 2025, but that's not enough time. Is it enough time now? The conversation spans other Windows-related topics, including alternative versions like Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop. And what about Windows 12? There is a bit of speculation at the end of a longer show - weigh in with your thoughts on what's next for Windows!

    • 46 min
    MLOps + DevOps + Kubernetes with Annie Talvasto

    MLOps + DevOps + Kubernetes with Annie Talvasto

    Machine learning models need updating - what's the reliable way to do it? While in Romania, Richard sat down with Annie Talvasto to talk about her work helping to build DevOps practices around machine learning: Building repeatable processes for data ingestions, cleaning, organization, model building, and deployment. The challenges are the arrays of skilled people needed to operate and evaluate the pipeline - it takes domain experts to know if the machine learning results are accurate and valuable. Tooling can help, but it is only in the early days. If your organization is keen to get machine learning into the company, you need to do some careful planning!

    • 33 min
    Identity Governance with Jef Kazimer

    Identity Governance with Jef Kazimer

    How's your identity governance? Richard talks to Jef Kazimer from Microsoft about Entra's capabilities to help you have robust governance around identity. Jef talks about the lifecycle of identity - when someone joins the organization and a new identity gets created, privileges changing as roles evolve, to the eventual offboarding when that person departs. The same sort of cycle exists for devices, too - the question is only how much work you must do to get through those cycles. Entra offers tooling to get identity changes out of your support tickets - make your life easier with effective identity governance!

    • 33 min
    SQL Server and AI with Muazma Zahid & Bob Ward

    SQL Server and AI with Muazma Zahid & Bob Ward

    How does artificial intelligence fit in with SQL Server? At the Microsoft Fabric Conference in Las Vegas, Richard sat down with Muazma Fahid and Bob Ward to discuss the AI developments in SQL Server. Muazma talks about SQL Server as a crucial source of data for building machine learning models and the new features added to make SQL Server a key store for vector data and other elements of machine learning. There's also Copilot for Azure SQL Data to help with diagnostics in your databases and to use natural language to write queries - it SQL Server Natural Language Query all over again, but certainly better than ever.

    • 34 min
    PowerShell 7.4 with Sydney Smith

    PowerShell 7.4 with Sydney Smith

    Have you downloaded the latest version of PowerShell? While at the MVP Summit in Redmond, Washington, Richard sat down with Sydney Smith to discuss some of the features in PowerShell 7.4. Sydney talks about the successful delivery of PSResourceGet and PSReadline, two long-in-development features that have reached their so-called "1.0" state. The conversation also digs into the ongoing challenge of some sysadmins sticking with PowerShell 5.1, the last of the Windows-only versions. Today, PowerShell 7 has feature parity with 5.1 and many new features that improve the quality, security, and capabilities of PowerShell. Try the latest!

    • 32 min
    GitHub Copilot with Damian Brady

    GitHub Copilot with Damian Brady

    How can GitHub Copilot help you? Richard chats with Damian Brady at NDC Sydney about the power of GitHub Copilot to help you understand and write the bits of code you need - whether you're using PowerShell, understanding a RegEx expression, or trying to get a Bash prompt right. GitHub Copilot and help to explain the code you've got, even across workspaces - so you can find all the scripts that changes might impact. And if you think it's time to rewrite some old scripts into more modern languages, GitHub Copilot can help with that, too!

    • 35 min

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
76 Ratings

76 Ratings

Dr. ChkConfig ,

Unnecessary these days

I'm rating this a 5 bc I really enjoy it. But please be more careful.
"...but see what you did is you just granted access to the Corporate Gal because that's your context, to some random app on the app store..."
I realize that we don't always 'assume' when someone is talking about their doctor or their home renovation contractor that they are talking about a woman. It is *awesome* when someone does assume the person is the 'unexpected gender' like Jonathan Strickland over at TechSTuff podcast often does. Let's not continue the stereotype that the Corporate Gal is the one leaking our data or installing something bad. Maybe she is! But challenging the assumption is better -- and, especially today in the tech world with so few women and such a desperate need for more of them, we deserve it.

me rookie ,

Ransomware episode #758

Very good episode my employer was hit when they were in worse of time business wise. Almost brought tears into my eyes. We were out commission for 28 +!days.
We paid handsome amount. Now coming to tech. point. all old servers which were our legacy DB (not MSSQL) on windows 2012 but no one connect to them directly just via tcpip connection were totally safest. No ransomwere was able hurt them. On the other hand everything else was trashed.
Plus all Linux based machine were safe too.
Anyway, good episode all IT people should listen to it.
Because of ransomwere I stopped switching to IT security field. Too much pressure.

John_B ,

Only 20 episodes?

The RSS feed for RunAs Radio podcast only has the last 20 episodes?

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