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News For Kids brings you easy stories in English, with Chinese translations to help students and second language learners here in Taiwan!
Stories are written and recorded by ICRT correspondents, and uploaded every weekday morning.

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News For Kids brings you easy stories in English, with Chinese translations to help students and second language learners here in Taiwan!
Stories are written and recorded by ICRT correspondents, and uploaded every weekday morning.

    Pop Cat Game

    Pop Cat Game

    Ha! Pop Cat is a funny game! It's silly… but also funny.

    I think the Pop Cat game is funny because it's so silly. 這個遊戲傻呼呼的,很搞笑。

    You press your finger on the phone and the cat opens its mouth and says "POP"… that's it! 你按一下你的手機,這隻貓就張嘴叫一聲[帕],就只這樣。

    It's super simple. People all around the world are playing it. People in Thailand and Finland and all over the world are playing the Pop Cat game. 泰國芬蘭甚至全世界都在玩這個遊戲。

    Every country tries to be number one… by pressing the button and making a cat say "pop" more times than everybody else. 世界各地的玩家拼命的按,大家都等著看哪一國讓貓咪叫最多次。

    Some people say we should not waste time on silly games. Some people say… "Hey! Go read a book… or go outside and play… don't waste your time on an internet game that makes a cat say "pop!" 有人覺得這種遊戲浪費時間,讓一隻貓叫[帕],這有什麼意義?

    Hmm… maybe they are right. It is a waste of time. But it's also fun. Maybe it's OK if we don't do it too much.

    Silly games can be fun… but we shouldn't waste too much time on computer games, right?


    Pop Cat遊戲最近風靡全球,你可有玩過?

    1. Waste 浪費。
    Ryan, are you wasting time again on computer games? 萊恩,你又在浪費時間打電動嗎?
    I've wasted some money, but not time. 我浪費了一些錢,沒有浪費時間。

    2. Time 時間。
    Time is more important than money. 時間比金錢重要。
    Well, I have all the time in the world. 我有大把的時間。

    3. Silly 傻傻的。
    These games seem so silly! 這些遊戲似乎都很笨!
    No, they're not silly. 不會,它們不笨。
    They're fun and good for young children. 它們很好玩,也很適合小小孩。

    4. Number one 第一。
    I want to be number one in tomorrow's race. 明天的比賽我想跑第一。
    Have you practiced? 你有練習嗎?
    No. 沒有。
    Well, good luck. 那祝你好運!

    waste 浪費
    time 時間
    silly 傻傻的
    number one 第一


    1. What is the Pop Cat game?
    A: A game to try to catch cats in the park
    B: An internet game
    C: A game you can play with your cat

    2. What countries does the story talk about?
    A: Thailand and Finland
    B: Korea and America
    C: Japan and South Africa

    3. Some people don't like the Pop Cat game. Why not?
    A: They don't like cats
    B: They don't like the internet
    C: They think the game is a waste of time

    1: B
    2: A
    3: C

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    Super Shrimp

    Super Shrimp

    Did you know there is a shrimp that can punch as fast as a bullet?! 有一種蝦子 揮拳的速度跟子彈一樣快?

    What? That's impossible, right? 怎麼可能?

    No! It's true! There really is a shrimp with a super punch! 這種超級蝦我們把牠叫做蝦蛄。

    This super shrimp lives at the bottom of the ocean… and when it is hunting for food… it punches really hard!

    In fact… this shrimp has the strongest punch of any animal in the world! It's not super big, but it is super strong! 蝦蛄的兩隻前腳長得就像拳頭,出拳的力量是所有動物裡面最強的。

    When the shrimp gets hungry, it gets ready to punch. Maybe the shrimp sees a crab… "Hmm, yum … dinner is here!"

    Then the shrimp gets close… and… The shrimp's punch is as fast as a bullet! 牠的揮拳可以跟子彈一樣快! Isn't that amazing?

    Some people like to keep a super shrimp as a pet… but be careful! Sometimes they punch so hard…

    They break the glass of the fish tank! Wow! 假如你想飼養蝦蛄當寵物,要小心,因為牠們甚至能打破金魚缸的玻璃! That's one super strong shrimp!



    1. Ocean 海洋。
    The shrimp live at the bottom of the ocean. 這種蝦住在海底。
    Yes, and it only leaves home when hunting. 對,而且只有在打獵的時候才離開家。

    2. Hunt 打獵。
    What food does it hunt for? 牠獵捕什麼東西當食物?
    It hunts for fish, crabs or shellfish. 牠會獵捕魚,螃蟹或是貝殼。

    3. As fast as 一樣快。
    You go ahead. 你先走吧。
    I can't walk as fast as you. 我沒辦法跟你走一樣快。
    Oh, I'm sorry. 真抱歉。
    I'll slow down. 我來放慢腳步。

    4. Careful 小心的。
    You want to be careful when on a boat. 你在船上時要小心。
    I know. I'll be careful. 我知道,我會小心。

    Okay, let's read the words together.
    ocean 海洋
    hunt 打獵
    as fast as 一樣快
    careful 小心的


    1. What is special about the shrimp in the story?
    A: It's super big!
    B: It can eat a whole elephant!
    C: It has a super-strong punch!

    2. How fast can the shrimp punch?
    A: As fast as a bullet.
    B: As fast as a train.
    C: As fast as a horse.

    3. Why should you be careful if you keep this shrimp as a pet?
    A: It can break the glass of a fish tank!
    B: It can eat you!
    C: It likes to sing very loudly!

    1. C
    2. A
    3. A

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    Candles that Smell Like Meatballs

    Candles that Smell Like Meatballs

    A candle that smells like a meatball? 嗄?一個聞起來像肉丸的蠟燭 Ha! That's really funny!

    I like candles… candles look so pretty. But… we need to be very careful. Children should never play with fire, and candles can be dangerous. 小朋友不要玩火,蠟燭有時候很危險的。

    We have some candles at my home. They smell nice. My mom and dad light the candles… and the house smells nice! 我爸媽點蠟燭後, 家裡就很香。

    Sometimes our candles smell like flowers. 有時候味道像花。 Sometimes our candles smell like the forest有時候像森林。

    But one company is making new candles… that smell like meatballs! Ah! That's so funny. They hope people smell the candles… and buy more meatballs! 這家公司希望人點了這種蠟燭之後,會買更多的肉丸。

    I don't think I want my candles to smell like meatballs! Maybe they could smell like candy… or ice cream… but not meatballs! 我希望聞到的蠟燭味是糖果味或是冰淇淋的氣味。

    I like things that smell good. Meatballs smell good… but I don't think I want my house to smell like meatballs. 肉丸很香,但你會想整個家有肉丸的味道嗎?

    How about you? What smells do you like? Hmm… A candle that smells like meatballs? So funny!



    1) Candle 蠟燭。
    Candles are so romantic, don't you think? 蠟燭好浪漫,你不覺得嗎?
    Indeed. They give light and a sense of warmth. 確實是,蠟燭會發光,給人溫暖的感覺。

    2) Company 公司。
    I hope to work in a big company. 我希望在大公司工作。
    A big company like Google? 就像谷歌那樣的大公司?
    Yeah, like that. 對,就像那樣。

    3) Nice 很好的。
    What a nice day! 天氣真好!
    Let's go to Yangmingshan! 我們去陽明山吧。
    It'll only be nice in the morning, 只有上午天氣好,it'll rain this afternoon. 今天下午會下雨。

    4) Want 想要。
    But I really want to do some hiking. 可是我真的想要去健行。
    Ok, then let's go. 好吧,我們就去吧。

    candle 蠟燭
    company 公司
    nice 很好的
    want 想要


    1. Why should you be careful with candles?
    A: Because fire is dangerous!
    B: Because candles smell like meatballs
    C: Because candles are funny

    2. What does "smell like" mean in Chinese?
    A: Hen Hao Wen 很好聞
    B: Bu Hao Wen 不好聞
    C: Wen Qi Lai Xiang 聞起來像

    3. What do some new candles smell like?
    A: The zoo
    B: Meatballs
    C: A wet dog

    1: A
    2: C
    3: B

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    Man Skates Across Canada

    Man Skates Across Canada

    Hi everyone! Do you like riding a bicycle? Or maybe a skateboard?

    What about in-line skating? Have you ever tried it?

    In-line skating 就是溜直排輪. It's fun. But be careful not to crash into anything!

    In Canada, there's a man called Zach, who must really like skating. 加拿大有個叫Zach的人超愛溜直排輪。

    He skated from one side of Canada, all the way to the other side! From the west to the east! 他從加拿大西岸一路溜到東岸。 And Canada is a really big country!

    Zach's sister, Rachel, went with him, she was driving behind him in a van. Zach 的家人開車跟在後面。

    From start to finish, their journey took almost 3 months, and was over 10,000 kilometers! 他們這趟旅行全程超過一萬公里,花了3個月。

    That's a new world record for skating! 那是世界新紀錄!

    They did it for two reasons. The first was to have fun! 他們想這麼做,原因之一就是為了好玩!

    The second reason was to raise awareness for the environment and for bees. 第二個原因是提升大家對環境保護和蜜蜂的認知。

    Zach says bees are so important for the environment. If we can help bees, we can help everyone!

    Great job Zach and Rachel. And congratulations on breaking the skating record!



    1. Journey 旅行。
    The journey took Zach 90 days. 那一趟旅行花了札克九十天。
    It's actually shorter than I thought. 其實比我想像的少。
    Me too. I thought the journey would take at least half a year. 我也是。我以為那趟行程至少要半年。

    2. Reason 理由。
    Zach's reasons are interesting. 札克的理由很有趣。
    What are his reasons? 他的理由是什麼?
    For fun and for raising awareness for bees! 為了好玩,也為了提升大家對蜜蜂的意識。

    3. West 西邊,East 東邊。
    There's a lot more air pollution in the west than in the east. 西部的空氣汙染比東部多好多。
    That's true. 這是真的。
    I think it's because all the big cities are in the west. 我想是因為大城市都在西邊。

    journey 旅行
    reason 理由
    west 西邊
    east 東邊


    1. What did Zach use to break a world record?
    a. A big car
    b. In-line skates
    c. A bicycle

    2. What journey did Zach make?
    a. He went from one side of Canada to the other side
    b. He went from Taipei to Kaohsiung
    c. He went all the way around Hong Kong

    3. Why did he make the journey?
    a. Because he doesn't like skating
    b. To help bees and the environment, and to have fun
    c. Because he didn't have a car

    1: B
    2: A
    3: B

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    Video Games Can Be Good for Your Health

    Video Games Can Be Good for Your Health

    Video games are so fun. I could play video games for hours!

    But my parents always tell me I shouldn't play video games for too long because it will make my eyes go bad and rot my brain. 我爸媽都說玩太多電動遊戲會傷害眼睛,對腦袋也不好。

    Well, guess what? I can prove them wrong!

    Some very smart researchers from around the world found out that video games can actually be really good for your brain! 有一些研究員發現電動遊戲其實對你的腦袋很好!

    For example, researchers found out that playing video games can actually help the brain remember more things. 可以幫助記憶。

    They can actually make you smarter, too! Researchers found out that some people were actually able to think better after playing video games. 研究顯示,打過電動之後,頭腦也會比較清楚。

    And guess what else? Some studies showed that people's brains actually got bigger after playing a lot of video games! 有一些人的腦容量變大了! All the parts of the brains that are in charge of memory, planning, and how you move your body… all got bigger!

    Isn't that amazing? The next time my parents tell me to stop playing video games, I'll just tell them that I should keep playing, because it will make my brain bigger, better, and smarter!

    It still might not be very good for my eyes though… Hmm…



    1. Researcher 研究人員。
    Researchers are people who study things. 研究員就是研究東西的人。
    What things? 什麼樣的東西?
    Like what's good for the brain. 比如說什麼對頭腦比較好。

    2. Brain 腦袋。
    Sleep is important for the brain. 睡眠對腦子很重要。
    Yeah, I know. 我知道。
    But you only sleep 4 hours a day. 但是你一天只睡4小時。
    How does your brain still work? 為什麼你的腦袋還是有用?

    3. Better 更好。
    I can think better after taking a shower. 我洗過澡之後比較能想事情。
    For me, walking is better. 對我來說走路比較好。

    4. Smarter 更聰明。
    My computer is getting smarter! 我的電腦越來越聰明了。
    What do you mean? 怎麼說?
    It just said I should take time off tomorrow. 它剛剛說我明天應該請假。

    Please read after me.
    researcher 研究員
    brain 腦袋
    better 更好
    smarter 更聰明


    1. What part of the body is talked about in this story?
    a. The face
    b. The brain
    c. The hands

    2. What did studies show playing video games did to the brain?
    a. Made them bigger
    b. Made them smaller
    c. Made them dumber

    3. What didn't researchers say in the story?
    a. Video games make your eyes bad
    b. Video games make some people smarter
    c. Video games make some people think better

    1. B
    2. A
    3. A

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    Robot Chameleon

    Robot Chameleon

    Which animals do you think are cool? I think a chameleon is pretty cool. Have you ever heard of a chameleon? It's a type of lizard that can change colors! 變色龍是一種蜥蜴。

    Sometimes they can become really bright and eye-catching. Other times, you can hardly see them! 變色龍有時候顏色很鮮艷,有時候很難找到牠們。

    Sometimes chameleons change colors to warm up or cool down. 換顏色有時候是為了調節身體溫度。

    But chameleons usually change colors to show how they are feeling, and to communicate or "talk" to others. 通常是為了表達情緒或是想要溝通。

    Some colors might mean: Hi, how you doin'? Come over to my tree.
    Other colors might mean: Hey! This is my tree! Get outta here!

    The ability to change colors is pretty special. 這種變顏色的能力很特別。Not many things can do that.

    But now scientists have made a robot that can. They made a robot chameleon! 科學家已經發明出機器變色龍!

    In the future, the color changing technology could be used for other things, like clothes!

    Maybe we could wear a shirt that's blue in the morning and red at night! 未來這個科技可能會讓我們的衣服 變色! Wouldn't that be cool!



    1. Change 改變。
    I'd like to change the color of my hair. 我想變一變頭髮顏色。
    Your hair looks fine to me. 你的頭髮我看很好啊。
    No, I want to change it to blue. 不好,我想把它變成藍色。

    2. Color 顏色。
    Blue is a strange color for hair. 頭髮藍色怪怪的。
    Then pink. Don't you like the color pink? 那就粉紅色。你不是喜歡粉紅色嗎?

    3. Warm up 熱起來。
    The chameleon is warming up under the sun. 變色龍正在曬太陽讓身體變熱。
    I can easily warm up by drinking coffee. 我喝咖啡就可以熱起來。

    4. Cool down 冷下來。
    Could you turn on the air conditioner? 你可以開冷氣嗎?
    I need to cool down. 我需要涼快一下。
    Of course. It's on now. 當然,現在打開了。

    change 改變
    color 顏色
    warm up 熱起來
    cool down 冷下來

    1. What type of lizard is mentioned in the story?
    a. Crocodiles
    b. Chameleons
    c. Geckos

    2. What special thing can this lizard do?
    a. Fly
    b. Change colors
    c. Roar like a lion

    3. What have scientists made?
    a. A robot that can change colors
    b. A square ball
    c. A car with no wheels

    1: B
    2: B
    3: A

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