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Prison, comics, pirates, dating, edible computers and caecilians. From Sydney's FBi Radio, we talk about the quiet ideas you haven't heard of. Yet.

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Not What You Think with Zacha Rosen FBi Radio

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Prison, comics, pirates, dating, edible computers and caecilians. From Sydney's FBi Radio, we talk about the quiet ideas you haven't heard of. Yet.

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    505: Quinceañeras (Gabriela Coronado) — SUPPORTER DRIVE SPECIAL

    505: Quinceañeras (Gabriela Coronado) — SUPPORTER DRIVE SPECIAL

    In Mexico and across Latin America, and Australia, a quinceañera is a celebration of turning fifteen. It’s usually a party, usually for a girl and you might have seen a version of one in Jane the Virgin, One Day at a Time, or even Sweet 15: Quinceañera. But there’s much more to this tradition than just pastel dresses and high heels. Though there are those, too.

    Doctor Gabriela Coronado is a Mexican-Australian anthropologist whose areas include the intercultural complexities of cultures. She’s been to a few quinces.

    Links for this episode:

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    Las Rosas launches September 29th on YouTube. Follow the show on Instagram, or join them at Casula Powerhouse for the series launch on October 6th.

    Adam Taub’s excellent documentary, La Quinceañera, follows one young girl and her family preparing for her quinceañera in Tijuana, Mexico. You can watch it online.

    Songs from Quinceañeras:
    La Cabezona — Cumbiamuffin
    Son Huini — Los Hermanos Rios
    Te Recuerdo Amanda — Victor Jara
    La Negra Tomasa — Caifanes
    Sobre Las Olas — Juventino Rosas, performed by Alondra de la Parra & Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas
    Sin Un Amor — Los Panchos
    La Resistencia — Nahuatl Sound System
    La Petenera — Colectivo Moyolo
    El Cascabel — Waiting for Guiness

    • 24 min
    504: Dinner Table Racism (Nur Alam and Yvonne Perczuk)

    504: Dinner Table Racism (Nur Alam and Yvonne Perczuk)

    People say some stupid stuff when they think they're among friends. "All Jews" are this, maybe. Or "all Muslims" are that. Do you confront casual racism when you hear it, in private places like the dinner table, from family or friends? Or do you bite your tongue?

    Two Sydney women weren't sure that straight up confrontation would work all by itself, so they helped write a play that worked it. Nur Alam and Yvonne Perczuk are part of the writing collective Abe's Babes, which wrote the play The Laden Table about casual racism around Sydney's Muslim and Jewish dinner tables.

    Links for this episode:

    Follow Abe's Babes on Facebook to keep up with future productions of the play.
    Bakehouse Theatre's production of the Laden Table has a short video of the production.
    Some short explainers, if you want to know more about the Nakba and the Holocaust.

    Songs from Dinner Table Racism:

    Poyeyu (feat. Mariela Gerez) — Selva
    Mir — Murcof
    Kravchenko – Fair (Guitar Version) — Richard Patterson (Little Odessa soundtrack)
    The Song From Venus — Stephin Merritt
    Cornfield Chase — Hans Zimmer (Interstellar soundtrack)

    • 21 min
    503: Making a Fashion Festival in Western Sydney (Thuy Ngyuen)

    503: Making a Fashion Festival in Western Sydney (Thuy Ngyuen)

    Just because you don’t see people like yourself up on stage in international fashion shows doesn’t mean you don’t want good fashion of your own. There are great designers making clothes that include Fijian design, hijabs or Vietnamese fabric. And all of those just in Sydney’s western suburbs.

    Filmmaker Thuy Ngyuen made the documentary Against the Grain about the Western Sydney Fashion Festival. She also helped make the Festival happen in the first place.

    Links from this episode:

    Keep up to date with the Western Sydney Fashion Festival
    See some of the designers we were talking about in Thuy’s short doco about the Festival, Against the Grain.
    The designers mentioned in this episode were:
    Bayvick Designs
    Amalina Aman
    Tiana Van
    Style of the Impressionism (Marky Dong)


    Songs from this episode:

    2 6 4 — Body Type
    No Quiero Crecer (reprise) — Eusebio
    Wrench and Numbers — Jeff Russo & The Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra (Fargo Season 2 soundtrack)
    We Had Coffee— Adrian Young & Ali Shaheed Muhammad (Luke Cage soundtrack)


    • 17 min
    502: Ordinary Drones (Peter Robinson)

    502: Ordinary Drones (Peter Robinson)

    There are exciting drones and there are definitely scary drones. But drones have quieter things going on as well. They’re already at work doing ordinary stuff: working in agriculture, in infrastructure, filming the news.

    Peter Robinson is a journalist at the ABC, and has been working on pioneering some of those moves for the organisation.

    Links from this episode:

    CASA’s Can I Fly There? app.
    Four Corners’ water theft story, with its drone-shot footage.
    The drone battery fire on board a plane at Melbourne airport.
    New York Mag writer Benjamin Wallace Wells described a drone as something that can move you “back and forth between the intimate and the vast.”
    Wanna buy a drone now? The Wirecutter has a guide to buying a cheapish one.

    Songs from This Episode:

    They Do They Don’t — Jack Johnson
    Homesick — Pavrov Stellar
    La Kebradita — Mexican Institute of Sound
    S.T.A.Y. — Hans Zimmer (Interstellar soundtrack)
    Lovely Raquel — Thomas Newman (Shawshank Redemption soundtrack)

    • 22 min
    501: Peace Journalism (Zainab Abdul-Nabi)

    501: Peace Journalism (Zainab Abdul-Nabi)

    War in the news is kind of hard to watch. Conflict gets presented like sports — two sides: one wins, one loses. Advocates of peace journalism think that war can be covered better than this. And, by reporting more to us than just a zero-sum game, it can offer ways of dealing with conflict that aren’t just about violence and who’s committing it.

    Zainab Abdul-Nabi is a former journalist who’s especially interested in using peace journalism to look at Al Jazeera’s coverage of the Bahrain pro-democracy uprising in 2011, during the “Arab Spring”. 

    Links from this episode:

    Zainab’s article looking at Bahrain’s uprising through the lens of Peace Journalism.

    Jay Rosen’s original piece on how some journalists seem to want to become political insiders.

    If want to know even more about peace journalism, the Peace Talks Radio podcast has a deeper dive.

    • 20 min
    408: Midwives, Doctors and Rabbits (Amelia Dale)

    408: Midwives, Doctors and Rabbits (Amelia Dale)


    • 18 min

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