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Two friends get together so that they can try things.

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Two friends get together so that they can try things.

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4.7 out of 5
69 Ratings

69 Ratings

Lana Torri ,


I’m giving you guys two gifts:
5 stars
Try this: Love Island

You’re welcome

acompletestranger ,

Very Genuine

I’ve been listening on and off since the start, usually binging multiple episodes at a time, and only things that I know I’ve already experienced or enjoyed. But that’s not really the point of this podcast in my opinion. I listened to the Sandman episode and it inspired me to finally go out and read the series after years of putting it off. I think this show is meant to get people out of their comfort zones. The reasons for the challenges are always interesting and the reviews are genuine. They don’t sugar coat their thoughts when they disagree with each other. I’m certainly going to follow along each week and attempt the challenges whenever they are feasible for me!

My recommendation for a challenge is a book series called “The Kingkiller Chronicles” by Patrick Rothfuss. The first book is called “The Name of the Wind” and I think it’s better than game of thrones. Also some tv shows and movies are in the works, and apparently Lin Manuel Miranda is heavily involved. This podcast would have some bragging rights if you talked about this series before it became a house hold name!

aarmour ,


Came for Jane the Virgin and Gravity Falls but stayed for allllllll the laughs. I originally skipped some of the horror-based episodes, but they’re just as funny if not more so. I miss the Charmed by Charmed bits though. I love hearing stories about their traumatizing childhoods. Best friendship ever. It makes my commute so much more delightful & gets me psyched for the day ahead filled with less fun people. My challenge for the guys to watch is The Magicians Season 1. I’d also love to hear some Buffy. More Jane the Virgin. The Flash. One Tree Hill. Just go through all of the WB/CW shows. I’m here for it all though.

ETA: Friday Night Lights- Season 1, Episodes 1-3. ❤️ please

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